Tolka Rover PRO 1:36am, 11 April 2006
I sometimes use this technique to create a photo that is partially colour and partially black and white. It is not as general as the cut-out technique because the colour you are selecting cannot appear anywhere else in the photo, but it is a lot easier because it does not require skilled mouse-work to "draw" regions.

This is very simple to do, and perhaps is already well known.

I do this in GIMP, but I assume there are similar capabilities in Photoshop.

(1) Open your photograph in GIMP

Decide what primary and secondary colours you want to keep and which you want to convert to black and white. Say for example you want to keep the blue sky as the only colour then you will keep BLUE and CYAN, and desaturate GREEN, YELLOW, RED, and MAGENTA.

(2) Select from the menu: "Layer -> Colors -> Hue-Saturation ...". Click the radio button for GREEN and move the Saturation slider all the way to the left until it reads -100. Then click the YELLOW radio button and move the Saturation slider to the left in the same way. Do this for GREEN and YELLOW too.

(3) If you want your blue to be even stronger you can click in turn on the BLUE and CYAN radio button and move the saturation slider a little to the right. But check the preview picture, because sometimes making these colours too saturated will cause undesirable effects if you have a little of the BLUE and CYAN scattered elsewhere in the photograph.

Here is an example that picked out the BLUE and CYAN of the sky:
The Back of The Thinker

Here is another example that picked out the RED:
Golden Gate
Drift Words 12 years ago
I think these are 10 times more satisfactory than mask-based desaturation, as those tend to look gimmicky. OK for tacky commercials I s'pose. These are nice though.
Anton! 12 years ago
Nice! I like the effect more on the bridge. My first try:

Now I will have to practice some more. Thank you for the easy to follow technique!
mary_cabbie 12 years ago
Thanks for the idea, here is my attempt:
Time's Toll
Minimuffin 12 years ago
loved it.
easier and looks better
Minimuffin 12 years ago
Cut Out

I just didn't like some leaves, they look orange now
Onelog Photography PRO 12 years ago
sweet, this is how I do most of my partial b/w's. Good job!

DSC_8695 copy DSC_6593 copy DSC_5560 copy
This one was tough, had to find the channel for that...
DSC_1639 copy
Onelog Photography PRO 12 years ago
oh, and to minimuffin. You can add another hue/saturation layer, desaturate the whole thing, mask the whole thing, and then selectively desaturate the leaves you don't like.
Minimuffin 12 years ago
thanks rockpuppet!

I'll try that :)
cisley PRO 12 years ago
for the ultimate cutout video, check out the new adicolor movie...
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