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conceptDawg 8:20am, 13 May 2005
I saw that there are some PS actions for doing LOMOing but they don't seem to handle multiple sized images well. I threw together this PS script to handle multiple sized images as well as non-flattened images.

It creates a history state when it starts so that you can always go back to your original version. It also creates a layer set to hold the work that it does so that your document stays tidy. It has a single setting that you can change in the file if you want to (it basically allows you to change whether or not it does a time-intensive lens blur on the images). You can also set it to prompt you each time. See the comments. By default it is set to do the blur layer without a prompt.

To use scripts in PS you just go to File->Scripts->Browse and select this file once you have downloaded it. You can also put it in your PS scripts directory and it will show up in the Scripts menu.

CHLomo Script
And there is a Holga script there too:
CHHolga Script

Please let me know if you have problems with it. I've tried it on many images and it has worked fine so far.

If you use it and want to thank me and have a pro account to give away, I'd be much obliged. If not, then no biggie. Use away.

v1.1: I edited the script to make all of the layers parametric so that they can be changed after it is finished (i.e. I got rid of the static selection layers and replaced them with gradient layers). If you have the newest version it should say v1.1 at the top.

OH.....and since it uses gradient layers and scripting it probably needs Photoshop CS or newer. I can't remember what version those were added.

Put the script in the following location in your Photoshop directory: [PS Directory]/Presets/Scripts

This script uses CS-specific features for many effects. This script will not work with pre-CS versions of Photoshop. For those, you need the PS7 version posted farther down this thread.
(ed.: Eee also Faking the "Lomo Effect".)

Installation Help:

When you click on the links it will show you the actual commands of the script. These are written in Javascript, but you don't really need to know that. When you click on it and see the script just go to your File menu and select Save As. Then save it as a useful name somewhere on your computer (the best place is under your Photoshop directory in the Presets->Scripts directory so that they will show up in the scripts menu automatically).

Once they are saved you can run them on an image from Photoshop by going to File->Scripts->Browse... (or, if you installed them in the above location then they will just show up in the Scripts menu already).'ll have to restart PS before they will show up in the menu. If you put them somewhere else on your drive and use the Browse... method then no PS restart is required.
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(201 to 300 of 402 replies)
brief root [deleted] 15 years ago
Im in the same boat as ectomorfo (3 posts above)
Any help would be much appreciated
enlahood Posted 15 years ago. Edited by enlahood (member) 15 years ago
@ ConceptDawg,
Thanks so much. I love it!

Here is my first attempt:


RMEIKLEJ 15 years ago
Thank you, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!

I really love the Holga affect:

And the Lomo affect just plain makes me smile.
Flying high on a rainbow in the cloudsLOMO

Tina P. 15 years ago
Thank you so much for this. I'm going to have a lot of fun playing around with it! Here is the first picture I applied to it.

The Shining
dry yarn [deleted] 15 years ago
hey cool script man, check it:
Echeveria Lomograph
Jose+Euge 15 years ago
Great, the more I use it, the more I like it.
Barcelona - Lluvia - Lomo
beanario 15 years ago
Nice script, i still have to learn to tweak some of the pics after the script. Some just came out great without messing with anything. Here is one example. Thanks.
ralphventon 15 years ago
I'm having the same problem as ectomorfo and lightscameraaction; the script looks by far the best Ive seen (I use a lomo myself) but I can't use it because photoshop is looking for a javascript plugin to run the script.

anyone know where I can find one of these - ive searched high and low (Im running photoshop CS on OSX10.3.9)
Cheers, and great script conceptdawg
enteryourscreenname 15 years ago
Thanks for the script!

Here is my first result from running the script.

lily lomo effect


lily original
Jose+Euge 15 years ago
My last one. I was ready to scrap the picture, but thanks to the LOMO script I recovered.
LOMO - Casa Sant Cugat
jaime m 15 years ago
I also want to thank you. Great script.
equal grass [deleted] 15 years ago
Thanks ConceptDawg

Script works fine - but my wife is divorcing me

Joolz got Lomoed, TT got busted
Seuny 15 years ago
great script would love to write something like that.
enormous knife [deleted] 15 years ago
I think everyone's done an excellent job with the lomo simulations that are shown in this discussion.

I use photoimpact 7.0, and so i'm wondering if anybody's got the steps using photoimpact.
Rikka.Marie 15 years ago
Okay, maybe I"m retarded, but for EVERY image I've tried this on I get a very dark black vignette..which is NOT what I I need to set my primary and secondary colors to something before running the script?
J.Ruth 15 years ago
Thanks for the steps! Fun new toy to play with!
G0Da 15 years ago
My attempt at this using the holga script then undoing a few things.

Robot - Enhanced vision
Re-Tweak of Robo eyes.
ronet Posted 15 years ago. Edited by ronet (member) 15 years ago
It's wonderful!
The lomo script works fine
Lomo-ised moorings

but when I run the holga script i get the following

"error 8800: General Photoshop error occurred
no additional information available
Line: 775
-> executeAction( id14986, desc3076, DialogModes.NO );"

I am using cs on xp. Anyone else get this or know how to fix?

UPDATE - It was something to do with the photo, I tried on the others and went back to the original (out of the camera - unretouched) where it worked fine
Holga-ised moorings
*Louise** 15 years ago
Thanks for the great scripts. For someone as useless with Photoshop ( and mybe not having the patience to learn in details) it is ideal... I played around with this photo I took in Paris a couple of weeks ago. i think it looks pretty neat... :)
Paris 1912
felix.h 15 years ago
My little contribution:

boats at Mindelo coast
jibone 15 years ago
Thanks for the script, i love it!

this are some of the stuff i did with it:-

Fake Lomo: Genting Boat Right
second_coming Posted 15 years ago. Edited by second_coming (member) 15 years ago
Just started messing with the script... and I like it !


Sunlight (manipulated)

best one I've done so far:
Downtown Capetown
snoopygirl 15 years ago
just thought I would say thanks! I haven't done much yet but this is my start:
Photoshop Scripts
killthebird 15 years ago
thanks for the awesome tip

sell by july 12
Benzadrine 15 years ago
Benzadrine 15 years ago
More fake LOMO
onlyb1 15 years ago
Thanx very much for this wonderful script.
God bless !
GeertMania 15 years ago

Just stumbled upon this discussion group and I am already having fun with the Lomo script.

Thanks for sharing!!


No I have to find out who this Holga guy is.....
seriykotik1970 15 years ago
Great fun- they certainly spice up boring photos.

The "Holga" effect on a colour photo
Leningrad Hotel-Holga style

The "Lomo" effect

Dark day, frozen river
~Mark 15 years ago
adrianadesigner 15 years ago
judepics 15 years ago
Thanks you for sharing these scripts, I'm really enjoying playing round with them!
Astronomical Clock

Astronomical Clock Face
=Thomas= 15 years ago
If you get the error message:
"error 8800: General Photoshop error occurred......
then check if you are working in 8 bit mode. I got this error when working in 16 bit mode.
Shirley Von-Kübler 15 years ago
Works really well. Hr, what I miss are the lens distortion and light leakage. Are there any plugins that do this?
EssjayNZ Posted 15 years ago. Edited by EssjayNZ (member) 15 years ago
My second attempt with the holga script. This is such an awesome tool - thank you conceptDawg.

holgaised zebra's

I love this effect so much I have created a whole zoo set
J.Ruth 15 years ago
I love fake lomo! The script worked great for me.
Payton Lomo

Food Factory Lomo2
Skulleigh 15 years ago
ConceptDawg: sorry it took me so long to come back and reply. I was keeping PS in the forefront when I was getting errors.

I recently bought the upgrade to CS2, so I need to try the scripts on it and see if there's any difference with the Holga script. Still having fun playing with the lomo script in the meantime :)
james_michael_hill 15 years ago
Hey guys

im really really new to all this advanced photo editing (I dont even understand layers!) but I love this effect. Ive got Paint Shop Pro 8 - would the script work in that? Im guessing no...
- maverick - 15 years ago
is the link mentioned still active? i tried to visit the site several times, but failed. :(
Uttamote 15 years ago
I can't download, neither! I'm very exciting to try
peter_panamint 15 years ago
I can not download it eitther. Could someone send it for me in email? Or pls, give me a new web address to these really cool scripts! THX!
conceptDawg 15 years ago
It will be available from my original server within the next 24 hours (depending on how long your DNS caches entries). I just went through a major move and the server has a new IP address.
peter_panamint 15 years ago
Great, it is online again! THANK you conceptDawg. :)
borealnz 15 years ago
Thanks so much conceptDawg, I just love this lomo conversion I did of some crocus and everyone else seems to agree :-)
gigantic zephyr [deleted] Posted 15 years ago. Edited by gigantic zephyr (member) 15 years ago
wow....great great great thing to share...thank you again. I wish i could learn to write a script. Any tutorial on that? Where should i start. I would love to create a script for my b/w and share it....thanks again.
peter_panamint 15 years ago
borealnz: nice!
ectomorfo 15 years ago
Does anyone know how to sort the problem mentioned by me, lightscameraaction and ralph_venton above? Any help would be much appreciated... I'm *dying* to try this out. Thanks.
Cpt@ 15 years ago
This is probably not the best example of a Lomo-shot, but I really like the effect that your script had on my photo.

dark night

I have to fool around with it a bit more.....
dee_r 15 years ago
here it is...a year later...and I discovered this script today...
very popular thread! And rightfully so...hope you have recovered fully from last years, Katrina Hurricane! is my first attempt using the Lomo script...
thanks again.

Rainstorm Flower Lomo
well-groomed soup [deleted] 15 years ago
thanks, from one dog to another, it TOTALLY made this shot:

4thParty Posted 15 years ago. Edited by (member) 14 years ago
here's my holga and lomo script. thanks.

by the way, how do you make the photos smaller when posting pics here?
simplyjake 14 years ago
Phoenix of Labor
I did the colors pop first and then two different Lomo effects.
the jangal book
Albee Bennett 14 years ago
Building Patterns
decoder420 14 years ago
This is friggin great! Thanks!
whitney.dedic 14 years ago
i actually have filters for my holga camera, and i use them on my digital camera...they work pretty well. i use them quite often. but the only holga effect i dont acheive from them are the vibrant colors. but i can easily change that in photoshop...
birdtoes 14 years ago
This LOMO thing is cool! :) And it's also fun to play around with the photo after you've applied the LOMO script. Here are my first attempts.
Bitmap in Lomo

Lomo Desk
chadyj 14 years ago
First off thanks to ConceptDawg for the great Lomo script. I have been having lots of fun playing around.

I have noticed something odd though - the vignette seems to be so much stronger and pronounced on the landscape shots, but OK for the portrait shots. I often have to tweak the landscape shots as it looks too dark with a light spot in the middle, but the portrait ones always come out great with only small bleeding around the edges.

I know ConceptDawg has mentioned the fun is playing and editing the effects because it is setup that way, but I was hoping perhaps the script could determine if the shot is portrait and landscape and apply different vignettes? I think portrait is fine, but landscape is too severe.

Has anyone else noticed the difference in portrait and landscapes?
decoder420 14 years ago
Here's my first try! Great script! Thanks again!

See El Photo 14 years ago
thank you, thank you, thank you all that helped and contriutied to this tread, thanks for a wonderful scrip :)

Spirt of 76 Lomo

[carlo cravero] 14 years ago
great stuff. thank you.

felix.h 14 years ago
ficus Posted 14 years ago. Edited by ficus (member) 14 years ago
Thanks for the scripts. Been trying it on a few images, but think this worked better than others I've tried....

quick rosie
numerosept 14 years ago
hi, thanks so far for sharing this great script, so here is my 1st try:

njhiker43 Posted 14 years ago. Edited by njhiker43 (member) 14 years ago
thanks so much for sharing this script-it's awsome. Here are a few that I just tried out real quick! (note to self-cannot spend al day on PS playing with this script!)
mailbox lomo

lomo church

liquor sign lomo
[Back to the Future] 14 years ago
Gyeongbok Palace Gyeongbok Palace [Lomo-fied]

ChrisCarpenter 14 years ago

Thanks for posting the scripts , I had been struggling trying to geit this effect with layers, manually for some time now. This is awsome!
calm silk [deleted] 14 years ago
Here is one I applied the lomo script to, after a little tweaking

Monday Black&Blue
numerosept 14 years ago
another nice tutorial on the subject found on the istock photos web site

but with this great script I assume we dont need it :-)
devilinsidela 14 years ago
Anybody know why some people's shots get those lovely vertical dark smears? This script never does that to any of my photos...

Benzadrine 14 years ago
m o b i l a t o r
bewilderedbeast 14 years ago
For those of you getting an error at line 775 on the Holga script, I changed line 775 to

executeAction( id14986, desc3076, DialogModes.ALL );
(Note the "DialogModes.ALL")

and I was able to have the script complete by suppling what appears to be the number of pixels. For some reason #Pxl is apparently not valid at this point in the script, though it appeared to be earlier in the script. I haven't done any further debugging since I'm perfectly fine providing the script with a number between 1 and 200 each time I run it but your mileage may vary.

Great scripts by the way.
JKiesow 14 years ago
I think I'm in love! Thank you!!!
Ryan Yam 14 years ago
I've used this script with a lot of my photos and I really love it! It's great to those who don't have a Lomo camera but want to achieve the look.

Window Latch

Biscuit Eye Alien

Looking Out
onlyb1 14 years ago
john_bolin2002 14 years ago
arnet 14 years ago
Holga script

thanks conceptDawg for the script
snoopygirl 14 years ago
I guess my photo was popular, here it is used without permissoin on txp magazine!
my photo used without permission.
Dickiejones33 14 years ago
i am addicted to the lomo script! many thanks for posting it.

Lecture Chair
conceptDawg 14 years ago
Snoopygirl, thanks for the post about TPX magazine talking about the script. They hadn't mentioned it to me either, so it's nice to know when someone is talking about me. I had to go check it out.

DickieJones.....nice image. That one really puts the script to great use without blowing it out.
Jimmyjoesjimmy 14 years ago
I would love to try the Holga script but I'm getting an error that says:

Error2: app is undefined
Line: 19
- > Var docRef =app.activeDocument;

I'm using Photoshop 7. PLEASE HELP!!!!
shadowbox 14 years ago
Just a note to anyone who's encountering a crash with the Holga script when run in Photoshop CS3 beta, the fix described above by bewilderedbeast seems to apply to CS3 as well.


For those of you getting an error at line 775 on the Holga script, I changed line 775 to

executeAction( id14986, desc3076, DialogModes.ALL );
snoopygirl 14 years ago
hey ... strangely I find I am no longer able to "erase" any of the layers other the blur layer. I'm going crazy trying to figure it out. Any ideas? It has worked fine up until about 3 days ago. I'm using CS

the TXP page took my picture down. Almost disappointing, I would have been really flattered had I been asked.
conceptDawg 14 years ago
I've had that problem once in PS also. I couldn't delete any layers in an image file (it wasn't one that had been LOMOd). Once I quite PS and reopened the image it was fine.
superbengs 14 years ago
thank you for posting the lomo and holga scripts. the saturation and contrast are a little too much for my preferences but i can adjust those myself. thanks again, i love the scripts!
episodik 14 years ago
I was having the problems with the holga script at 775 and shadowbox's suggestion above worked.
violet profit [deleted] Posted 14 years ago. Edited by violet profit (member) 14 years ago
I am not sure i like the loss of contrast
it does make the colors more vivid. but it seems to loose a lot i sharpness. Is this how all Lomo shots look?
smelly monkey before Lomo ScriptingSmelly Monkey After Lomo scripting
SteveFE 14 years ago
Eheh! Sharpness isn't exactly what Lomo's all about ;)
fumbling copper [deleted] 14 years ago
Thanks...this is one of my more popular results from the lomo script:
akimera 14 years ago
I tried the Lomo Script on a low resolution pic that I did want to post on
Flickr, but then the result was fantastic! Thanks for posting the scripts and having me
recovered some of my pics :-)

photosbyae 14 years ago
Hi Guys,
Very cool script. ps is just so powerful!!!
Thanks for the tips.
freakdog 14 years ago
Great scripts
I'm very impressed.
Wish I could write scripts like that!
Lizaralde 14 years ago
mmm, interesting
Ghost of Kuji 14 years ago
LOMOshop #1

Pixel Punk 14 years ago
Sometimes it's best to attack something in your own way. This script is great but you can develop it into your own style!

Holga Fake
Dave Mc Nally 14 years ago
Really adds punch to a dreary day ~ thanks!!!

Toksu Palace
conceptDawg 14 years ago
tcat-john-steele: I agree completely. When I wrote the script I intentionally kept the layers separated so that each person can modify them to suit their needs. In fact, each image NEEDS to be given individual attention...every image is different. Thanks for pointing this out.
orenhayon 14 years ago
God, this is outstanding. Thank you so much. Of course, now all of my leisure time has vanished, but what the heck. :O)

Happy Lil Fella

Happy Lil Fella - Lomoized
MizzChievouz 14 years ago
Thanks, I can't wait to try this out, this looks exactly what I've been looking for.
cheynesd 14 years ago

Really want these scripts but just dont get how? Read the WHOLE thread and cant figure what you mean by "download" these scripts, they are just links? Copy/Pasted the text into apple script editor but it wont let me save. Please tell me what am I missing??????? I know it is something obvious but cant fgure it out.

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