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conceptDawg 8:20am, 13 May 2005
I saw that there are some PS actions for doing LOMOing but they don't seem to handle multiple sized images well. I threw together this PS script to handle multiple sized images as well as non-flattened images.

It creates a history state when it starts so that you can always go back to your original version. It also creates a layer set to hold the work that it does so that your document stays tidy. It has a single setting that you can change in the file if you want to (it basically allows you to change whether or not it does a time-intensive lens blur on the images). You can also set it to prompt you each time. See the comments. By default it is set to do the blur layer without a prompt.

To use scripts in PS you just go to File->Scripts->Browse and select this file once you have downloaded it. You can also put it in your PS scripts directory and it will show up in the Scripts menu.

CHLomo Script
And there is a Holga script there too:
CHHolga Script

Please let me know if you have problems with it. I've tried it on many images and it has worked fine so far.

If you use it and want to thank me and have a pro account to give away, I'd be much obliged. If not, then no biggie. Use away.

v1.1: I edited the script to make all of the layers parametric so that they can be changed after it is finished (i.e. I got rid of the static selection layers and replaced them with gradient layers). If you have the newest version it should say v1.1 at the top.

OH.....and since it uses gradient layers and scripting it probably needs Photoshop CS or newer. I can't remember what version those were added.

Put the script in the following location in your Photoshop directory: [PS Directory]/Presets/Scripts

This script uses CS-specific features for many effects. This script will not work with pre-CS versions of Photoshop. For those, you need the PS7 version posted farther down this thread.
(ed.: Eee also Faking the "Lomo Effect".)

Installation Help:

When you click on the links it will show you the actual commands of the script. These are written in Javascript, but you don't really need to know that. When you click on it and see the script just go to your File menu and select Save As. Then save it as a useful name somewhere on your computer (the best place is under your Photoshop directory in the Presets->Scripts directory so that they will show up in the scripts menu automatically).

Once they are saved you can run them on an image from Photoshop by going to File->Scripts->Browse... (or, if you installed them in the above location then they will just show up in the Scripts menu already).

Oh...you'll have to restart PS before they will show up in the menu. If you put them somewhere else on your drive and use the Browse... method then no PS restart is required.
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Iguana Jo 11 years ago
WOW!!! Great work done... I just tried it, and it works wonderfully!
Thanks for sharing it!
G-Me 11 years ago
Eh... sorry i must be stupid.. Where do you find the scripts option in photoshop (PS newbie here)
Download the file above.
In Photoshop look in the File menu. You should have a menu item labeled Scripts. In that submenu you should be able to select "Browse" and it will ask you to pick a script to run....select the file that you downloaded.

Your Photoshop installation should also have a Scripts directory somewhere (mine is in the Presets directory on OS X). You can drop this file in there and restart PS and it will show up in that Scripts menu without you having to browse for it each time you want to use it.
G-Me 11 years ago
Ahhh.. I have photoshop 7 for PC would this make a difference? I presume your on Mac
Beau Vincent Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Beau Vincent (member) 10 years ago
Great work! I didn't know you could have scripts in Photoshop.

This would go along great with my Cross Processing Curves:
Cross Processing Curves
nice work - where does one learn how to write these scripts for Photoshop?

I had ran into the same problem with other Lomo actions and some other actions I am working on.

BTW: I looked and there's no Scripts directory for Photoshop 6, but I'm not sure about 7. I have CS on both Mac and PC, but I haven't tried this script yet in CS on a PC.
P!ndaro PRO 11 years ago
I feel like a complete idiot.

I've been working with Ps since v.3.5 and now I'm running ps7 on OSX.3.9 and I'm unable to find either the script menu netiher the directory.

I figure more people will have the same problem.

would be neat if you could turn this into a "style" (.asl) or an action (.atn)

thanks for the effort though

What Photos Look Like PRO 11 years ago
scripting is an add-in for PS7 (it's included with the distribution) and is standard in CS and CS2
Ryan Brenizer PRO 11 years ago
I look forward to trying it, but the download is timing out.
What Photos Look Like PRO 11 years ago
BTW, ConceptDawg, I get a time-out when trying to load this script.

rfinn, there are dfetailed scripting guides in PDF provided with CS and CS2 -- there's at least one book on scripting PS and Illustrator as well.
chadmiller PRO 11 years ago
Why start a new topic? Was this one ( www.flickr.com/groups/topic/12082/ ) not good enough?
conceptDawg 11 years ago
Sorry for the timeouts. You gotta love Comcast's service. Hopefully it will stay up now.

As for starting another thread...it is because after 127 posts on the other thread it gets hard to read in this forum. Just noise management. Posts about this script would be scattered among posts of people's trials with LOMO, etc.
Wow. Fun. Simpler than doing it by hand! thanks.
mike p
mikep lomofied
R&R Finn 11 years ago
love the shot, jason - the swimmer really does POP with the Lomo. :)

bjorke: thanks, in the hours since my first post I did some research and found that yes, PS7 has a plug-in and CS includes scripting, but the syntax is slightly different in CS (you have to add "app." in front of references to things in Photoshop).

pindaro: This script is much better than an action, because all the actions I tried (or tried to make) were not usable at all from resolution to resolution. Of course, nobody claimed that to be the case, but this is a much more ellegant solution. :) If you look, however, there are a few examaples of Lomo actions here and elsewhere on the Web.

conceptDawg 11 years ago
The other thing that this script gives you over all of the actions that I have seen is that it allows you to change all of the LOMO settings of of the image even after it is finished. Since each image is different, this lets you tweak the LOMO to get the best result.
What Photos Look Like PRO 11 years ago
Got it!


I've been doing a fair amount of scripting myself for 3d-graphics texture generation, MIP mapping, etc -- it's astonishing how little scripting info and even fewer examples can be found on the web.....

Thanks CH!
Ryan Brenizer PRO 11 years ago
Awesome script, it's a fun tool.

You can take it a bit too far, though:

Bryce Fields 11 years ago
I'm getting the following when I try to load the script:

Error 1302: Error #1302
Line: 28
-> var docRef = app.activeDocument;

I know nothing about PS scripting. Any clue what I need to do?
Bryce Fields 11 years ago
Never mind. I'm an idiot.

No active document, no scripty worky...

As you were. :)
conceptDawg 11 years ago
Sorry about that...I guess I should do a check for that. Maybe for v1.2. heh.
Hilary (curioush) PRO 11 years ago
woo-hoo, I love this! thanks for posting, concepDawg! so far it's very fun. nice work.
sarae PRO 11 years ago
I'm getting an error when I choose "browse," claiming I don't have the required javascript plugin.. grr!!!
lazaro 11 years ago
kudos. no problems here. I have been playing with it on several images to just see what they look like. great work.
samgrover PRO 11 years ago
This is great! Thanks!
OskarN 11 years ago
Thanks for the script, cool effects and still ajustable afterwards which I really like.
Red Label 11 years ago
Love it! Thanks!
geørg PRO 11 years ago
There are pics it works great with, and some it doesn't. Any idea what the secret about Lomofying is?
samgrover PRO 11 years ago
Thanks for the script. I just used it on this photo.

The Portlandia (Faked Lomo)
I've heard that Elements 3 is capable of running scripts, but I can't find out anything about it. Mention is made of Actions, but they use .atn files, not .js files from what I can tell. Does anyone know how to run the Lomo script in Elements 3?
evilkenevil 11 years ago
I love the results of your script. I already loved this picture, but the filter really made it something special.

ckemp 11 years ago
How to Canoe with Class.. 2

oops ignore- problem solved
ahdont™ 11 years ago
anyone knows why i get this error2: app undefined? i am using photoshop 7.0
Thanks for the great script. Here's my first attempt ...

adrianadesigner 11 years ago
I've used a few other Lomo scripts and this is by far my fave.

I love your script, but I tend to use it to get a basis for adjustments. I usually turn off some of the layers to make the effects more subtle, or adjust the transparency on some of the layers.

like on most of this set:
the university crematorium
gabriel paulus [deleted]
Just a quick question about this. I just got Adobe Photoshop CS and when it comes to the part when you're supposed to switch the Gradient type to Spherical, I do not have that option. My options are linear, radial, angle, reflected, and diamond. Any ideas on what I can do? I'm trying Hugo VT's tutorial.
touching light 11 years ago
I used radial, didn't have the spherical option either.
this script is really great, i don't actually know how it works since i dread programming and scripting, hehe,


here's a try, this could really make something of your shot
sandinista7 [deleted] 11 years ago
I'd like to thank conceptDawg for his script. I just opened a flickr account a few days ago and this is what i did today with LUMO: flickr.com/photos/hiatt/23253555/
sooneravenged [deleted] 11 years ago
fake lomo
vs. the original
sooneravenged [deleted] 11 years ago
i actually like it!
Wzrdry 11 years ago
Thanks for sharing this! Having fun with it so far...
MusicMan75 PRO 11 years ago
Can't seem to download the script anymore... Anyone have a copy of it they can repost??
anthropy 11 years ago
I'm using CS2 but get a message: JavaCode is missing, when I try to load the script...
Could somebody help me?
MusicMan75 PRO 11 years ago

Still no luck downloading the script. Does ANYONE have a copy they would be willing to post???

r o m p 11 years ago
If someone could send me the script I can post it (I have two good servers available).
MusicMan75 PRO 11 years ago
Yes, someone PLEASE send romp the script..... :) If I were smarter, I'd write the script, but, alas, I'm not....

Thanks for offering, romp!
Inghilleri 11 years ago
romp you got a messagge
Inghilleri 11 years ago
sended :)
r o m p 11 years ago
Silly me -- my server blocks script files (.js, .vbs, etc). Please rename or ZIP the file and resend. =)
r o m p 11 years ago
Okay, the script is available now here.

If anyone has connection problems let me know and I have a second server I can load it to.
Inghilleri 11 years ago
ole' :)
mym 11 years ago
The two I've just added to the pool are before and after lomo effects, I found that the photoshop action wasn't quite what I wanted, and the script version had different flaws - so I combined the elements from both that I liked via cloning :)


Junjan 11 years ago
MusicMan75 PRO 11 years ago
romp- you rule!!! Thanks so much for the repost!!!

Off to try the script.... YAY!
bitterlysweet 11 years ago
I totally have fun with the script, thanks all!
Kreuzer 11 years ago
I just downloaded the script and unzipped it but when I browse to find it on the desktop it is grayed out and I can select it. I am using CS2 on OSX. Any suggestions? This looks like a lot of fun!
tf5_bassist 11 years ago
just popped this into CS and i think this is going to be one of my new favorite toys. Thanks for the posting!


conceptDawg 11 years ago
Kreuzer: When you download the script it should be a .js file. This file should be available from within Photoshop when you go through the menus:
File -> Scripts -> Browse.

Select the script (you should have an image open already) and it should do its magic. Send me an email if you have problems.

Hufse: The fact that you change the layers when it is done does not upset me at all. That's why I left the layers seperated and available after the fact. I usually edit them to fit the image also. Have fun.

Everybody else: I'm glad that you like the script. Always good to be of use to someone. Send me a message if you feel like something needs to be changed or you have problems.

The server was down for a little bit because of the recent hurricanes on the Gulf coast of the US, but all is well now. If (when) we have more hurricanes there might be more outages as we run like sissy boys for dry ground.
Penforhire 11 years ago
I think I got something similar directly in RAW (NEF) conversion by just compressing levels and boosting the shadows (D-Light in Nikon Capture, but should work similarly in PShop).

Let's see if I can figure out how to post a pic in a thread --

Butane Tank, extreme  519
geørg PRO 11 years ago
Burg Mauterndorf
eric.r 11 years ago
from where i'm from
Hilary (curioush) PRO 11 years ago
been meaning to try this for some time. thanks much, conceptDawg!

jwk [deleted]
Thanks for the script, conceptDawg! I really like the look the LOMOscript adds, although occasionally I find it blows out a little bit too much detail in the highlights for my taste. It's easy enough to fix though -- just make a duplicate of your original background layer; move it on top of the LOMO set; set blending to "Multiply" and then reduce the opacity to something like 50% (or whatever suits your taste).

Queen West

Space Invader
garywfoto PRO 11 years ago
wow. great work
jwk [deleted]
I'm trying hard to resist the urge to use this script on everything, LOL. This photo turned out really good, though. The bills look very weathered and old, even though they are not.

I'm rich, baby!
twob 11 years ago
Great script, thanks a lot! here's my first test using it:

Field: before

Field: After fake-LOMO
conceptDawg 11 years ago
Some of these are turning out rather nice. I've had a hard time finding picts that look nice with it, so I'm glad that you guys (and gals) have found some.
Skinnyde 11 years ago
It turned this dark windmill:
Pitstone Windmill

Into something more lively:
Pitstone Windmill

Thanks for the script
Ndesh 11 years ago
Love your script!
Here's my first try!
apolci PRO 11 years ago
My first try.

Before / After:
IMG 3939 Lomo
Nicolas Hoizey PRO 11 years ago
So fun!


This is great!

Post processing:

How to turn a dull photo into something more interesting!
I didn't use the script as I couldn't get it to work but I was able to do this manually in Photoshop.
atomtigerzoo 11 years ago
Thanks for this cool action!
I made a set of Lomo-effect photos >

Here are two samples:

Lomo #16
pyrodonic 11 years ago
If you want to print these photos, be careful not to wash out the white or black areas completely...100% white or black patches will really stand out on a print.
Magali Deval 11 years ago
I'm probably going to ask a stupid question, but my Photoshop expects an *.atn file when I try to load a script... what can I do? Thx
atomtigerzoo 11 years ago
@ally: Do you use CS or higher? If I go to File > Scripts > Browse and can open the .js file I donwloaded here.

Here's another one from me :) I think its very cool with the effect!


The Lomo:
Backflip in the sky
mhusson 11 years ago
Okay, for everyone using CS2, you have to save the script as a jsx file. How do you do this? When you are downloading the file change the filename from CHLomoScript.js to CHLomoScript.jsx (just type an x at the end). You can save it to c\:Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS2\Presets\Scripts and it will show up automatically when you do the File > Scripts menu. Hope this helps.
mhusson: Not true at all. I'm running CS and CS2 and both use the .js extension just fine (at least on the Mac side...I can't say for sure that this is the case on Win). No changes to the script are necessary. The file location that you list is, of course, correct.
antmoose PRO 11 years ago
*sigh* It doesn't work for Photoshop 7.1. All that lomo goodness, so near, and yet so far!
Iamateur 11 years ago
great script. anyone know where i can find more scripts to use with photoshop?
shawnhoon PRO 11 years ago
conceptDawg, thanks for the script. Its great. This is my quick hack by trial and error for PS7. Seems to work mostly except for lens blur which is not included with PS7.

OK, I just found something out that was kind of interesting.

I took the original image (at left), and put it through shawnhoon's lomo script (centre). However, it looked too harsh -- colours in the lighter range were too bleached out. So I took the lomo image, pasted it into the original as a new layer, and set it to "multiply". Here is the final result, which I think keeps the lomolicious effect, with popped colours and more drama, but without quite as much bleaching in the lighter range (rightmost image).

orti sophie in the greenhouseorti sophie in the greenhouse lomoorti sophie in the greenhouse layered
Britt Lindley [deleted] 11 years ago
Just curious if anyone happened to have a copy of this script, as the original link seems ot have gone dead. I'd been wanting to try this out, but only today had a photo I thought it would fit.

conceptDawg 11 years ago
It's there. Lost power for a few hours today, but the server is back up. It happens.
conceptDawg 11 years ago
Big lightning storms here....and the electricity is going out every once in a while. If you can't get to the script then just try back in an hour or two. The server will only be down for power outages (once the battery backup goes down) and maintenance. Other than that, the script will be available at all times.
i am your hero 11 years ago
Wasn't able to use the script, as I only have 7.0. Hmph. Well, I used the instructions linked at a post way up there, here are the results.

Caterpillar part deux
shawnhoon PRO 11 years ago
mathis000, you can try this script for 7.0 and see if it works for you.
Gavin Wilson Cumbria PRO 11 years ago
I`m pleased with these results
MicheleM_ 11 years ago
Great effects!



Thanks to ElFriqui for the shot.
Well done! Thanks.

clickykbd PRO 11 years ago
Anyone done this with PS7? I don't even have a scripts menu item.
matthewnorth 11 years ago
I hate to add myself to the dunces that can't seem to make this work. (on a mac) I'm doing the 'save linked file to desktop', saves as .js, doing the file>scripts>browse, then i get the 'Error 1302: Line 28'
Very new to flickr and photoshop cs. anyone have any ideas?
antmoose PRO 11 years ago
Clickykbd, to get the scripts menu item you need to download an update for PS7 from Adobe.com and install it. The option appears in the File/Automate drop-down menu, and you need to download shawnhoon's script a few posts above and shove it into the "scripts" subfolder" in your PS directory. Done!
conceptDawg 11 years ago
matt: And anyone else posting problems: What version of Photoshop are you using? It sounds like you are using v7. Notice that the CS/CS2 script will not work on 7. Shawnhoon has changed the script for PS7 users so that it doesn't use the new features that the CS version of the script does. I'll take a look and see if I can do an update to the original CHLomoScript that is 7.0 compatible.
conceptDawg 11 years ago
OH! And I wanted to tell everybody that another Hurricane is projected to hit the house on Monday so the server may be down while the power is out (typically only a day or two....but has been known to take weeks (H'cane Ivan last year)). In the meantime, we'll be boarding up and getting the heck out if the projections show it coming our way (Mobile, AL). I'll leave the server on, so it will last as long as it can until the power goes out and the battery backup is depleted.
hessiebell PRO 11 years ago
if you get the following error:

Error 1302: Error #1302
Line: 28
-> var docRef = app.activeDocument;

try it with an image open first. that's what fixed it for me.
Hilary (curioush) PRO 11 years ago
wow, best of luck to you, conceptDawg.
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