chelseagirl 3:15pm, 19 September 2012
Hi everyone

Sorry to be a 'stranger' for a while. Does anyone know of a place that does in-house (or fast) repairs on cameras-- lenses specifically?

Someone knocked my camera off a table and the thread mount on my only lens is broken. I am going on a big trip next week and hoped to use it of course. I have read that the repair is easy and fast but don't wnat to do it myself.

I've asked Henry's, Toronto Camera service, Downtown Camera. They all ship out to Nikon so it will take too long.

Many thanks for any leads!
PaladinPhil PRO 5 years ago
You might try Toronto Camera Services. I don't know how fast they are but they do in house.

There's also Sun Camera. I don't know if they do Nikon Lenses though.

And then there's Vistek. You might call and see if they do in house repairs.
found fotos Posted 5 years ago. Edited by found fotos (member) 5 years ago
I've gone to Nortown Photo Service in Burlington for Nikon repairs. Not the cheapest place to go, but reasonable and they do a good job. You'll need a car unless you enjoy a longish walk from the Go station

It's likely too late for you, but this is also a just in case suggestion, and for future reference. Nkon Canada referred me to them.

The "about us" tab on their website includes a map.
larrysy.geo PRO 5 years ago
Hi chelseagirl, my lens thread mount broke today while on a photo walk. Where did you finally have it fixed and how much was it? I'll also check out the places suggested by Phil and found fotos. Thanks
Daniel DG Photo 5 years ago
I'm not sure if they do Nikon, but Sun Camera is great. I used them twice, great price, lens and camera were ready in a day, very friendly.

I also brought my camera to get a check up after I dropped it and they didn't even charge me.

After doing all my research of repair shops in Toronto, Sun Camera is the ONLY place I would ever go to.
Studio-Eleven 5 years ago
There must be a lens virus going around.My thread mount broke as well.
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