zonked record [deleted] 10:27pm, 6 May 2013
Just a quick update on the procedures of the group. We are doing away with the ‘End of Selection Period’ bookmark and instead will simply have the entire group pool open for selection each month. However, in order to make the group pool as ‘user friendly’ for us as possible I will be going through it from time to time and removing the photos that simply won’t work for either our Facebook or Twitter pages. This is typically with respect to the orientation of the photo and/or the general shape of the subject matter

To be clear, we have been super happy with what everyone has been submitting, unfortunately some of the photos we love simply would not fit properly for a cover photo. So if you notice that a photo you had previously submitted is no longer in the pool, please don’t take any offence. It will simply be the fact that it would not have worked for our cover pages and is in no way saying anything against your model.

As a reminder, Landscape orientation works, portrait doesn’t. Also large titles, logos, or lettering of any kind tend to get in the way. Please review the general posting guidelines and example photos on the group cover page.

Thanks for everyone’s understanding.
Dunechaser PRO 5 years ago
I've done a quick pass myself just now. Sad to see a lot of great LEGO models go, but I've only removed ones that won't work as cover photos on Facebook and Twitter. :-)
Siercon and Coral PRO 5 years ago
"Landscape works, portrait doesn’t."

Let's remember this people and try to make their life easier :)
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