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If you have any questions about how this is all going to work please feel free to ask. We aren't trying to do anything too cumbersome here, just a fun little way to involve our readership more.

Thanks and have fun!

Here are some examples of how photos will appear on the respective sites.

Facebook cover specs

TBB Twitter Cover Diagram
~Carson~ 5 years ago
How many images can we submit per month?
zonked record [deleted] Posted 5 years ago. Edited by zonked record (member) 5 years ago
For right now we are only limiting submissions to one a day. However, we are definitely looking for quality over quantity so keep that in mind.

If we find that the group is being flooded with 'subpar' submissions we may limit it further, but for now will see how things go.
Hayden, 5 years ago
If you you see something you like, but don't choose it, does it get blogged, just 'cos you like it?
zonked record [deleted] 5 years ago
I am not sure if I completely understand what you are asking. But if you mean that we will blog things from within the group whether it will be selected for a cover photo or not, I can't speak for all the contributors, but I yes I would. If I see something in this group that I perhaps missed elsewhere, I will certainly feature it on TBB.

Long story short, adding something to the group will not 'disqualify' the image from being featured on TBB independantly from the Cover Photo Contest.
Dunechaser PRO 5 years ago
Right, what TR said.

Speaking personally, yes, I'd blog something cool I saw here that I'd missed somewhere else, but the best ways to get blogged are still the usual ways: How to Get Blogged on The Brothers Brick, in 3 Easy Steps
porschecm2 PRO 5 years ago
Right, I concur with both Tromas and Dunechaser: I'll blog something cool, regardless of whether I found it by browsing Facebook, flickr in general, Brickshelf, or this group. Getting your model blogged won't disqualify it from being chosen here, and being chosen here doesn't necessarily mean we'll blog it.
Hayden, 5 years ago
Right, your combined answers answers ,my question very well. Thanks :)
4estFeller Posted 5 years ago. Edited by 4estFeller (member) 5 years ago
You guys are going to have your work cut out for you, there are so many great submissions to choose from.

Question: Are you looking for recent builds, or could something a few months(or even years) old be featured as well? I was wondering since the blog itself usually features recent stuff.
Zemata 5 years ago
Sounds fun! I have a question. When the months slection period ends can we resubmit a photo if it wasnt featured? Can I try the same entry again next month if it doesn't win this month? Just curious.
Dunechaser PRO 5 years ago
No kidding! What an amazing set of builds in just the first 24 hours! Yes, anything goes -- new or old.

Given all the fantastic builds we're seeing (and yet we can only pick two), we'd be silly not to let people resubmit in another month -- especially after this first month, when people are submitting some of their best. Just remove your photo from the pool at the end of the month and add it again at the beginning of the next to "bump" it.
'LL' 5 years ago
Hello, I would like to say some words about a limit.

I think that this group will be very, very pupular soon and many Lego builders will join so they will post really lots of creations. I think that there should be harder limit, e.g. one per week.
I am afraid that you will anyway miss some cool creations from here because of many creations which will be posted here.

Also thanks for create that group!

Dunechaser PRO 5 years ago
We're thinking about it. We plan to keep things at 1 per day until the first selection, and then we'll reevaluate at that time.
zonked record [deleted] 5 years ago
Also I just took a quick sift through the pool and it appears that there are not really multiple entries per person. For now it looks like it is simply a lot of people of submitting one picture as opposed to a few people submitting a bunch. Which is good because that is exactly what we wanted :)
'LL' 5 years ago


Haha, just wait, just wait :).
LukeClarenceVan 5 years ago
Regarding the aspect ratio, do you want us to edit our photos to specific dimensions or is it just something to keep in mind while choosing photos to submit?
zonked record [deleted] 5 years ago
Nah, just keep it in mind. They will automatically be cropped to the appropriate ratios when we upload them to FB or Twitter.
LukeClarenceVan 5 years ago
Sounds good, thanks!
Dunechaser PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Dunechaser (admin) 5 years ago
<Totally off-topic bits of the thread snipped (with the blessing of the parties involved)...>
NWC Trades 5 years ago
hi Chaps

Just a quick question,

I looked but can't seem to find what the Ideal aspect ratio's for submission are,

I know you chaps have the technobobbins to crop etc. but thought it would be nice if we could take shots ready to go?

Sorry if this is a redundant question!!


Hammerstein NWC PRO 5 years ago
[Bueller] Anyone? Anyone? [/Bueller]
LukeClarenceVan 5 years ago
Any chance that one of Nnenn's creations could be a cover photo in November?
zonked record [deleted] 5 years ago
Hammerstein NWC:

Sorry for missing your question...I am not sure of the exact ratios, but we don't have to crop anything, both FB and Twitter do it automatically. The biggest thing is having it landscape orientation with subject matter spread throughout the frame. I have found things that have the subject matter localized to the centre are not good for twitter at all, but can be for Facebook. An exact crop isn't as important as having something that will be interesting across the entire frame even with logos and text overlaid.

LukeClarenceVan: That is a good idea, although I am not sure of the legalities as none of his photos will be in the group and therefore haven't agreed to the terms of use. But definitely something to look into.
IronBricks 5 years ago

That's a great idea!
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