Tattoo Gallery 2009 [deleted] 7:16am, 20 February 2009
How many tattoos do you have/want ?
K U - G 9 years ago
i have 2 tattoos.
...Rutter... 9 years ago
I really really want a tattoo but i am only 15 =/ so i cant...
DugJax PRO 9 years ago
I have 8 and I want lots more!
hayley_marie907 9 years ago
I have gotten 3 over the span of 9 months. I'm addicted, gonna have about 8 total
mellow_fairy 9 years ago
I have 5 and want more. If it wasn't because of work and other people I would probably have sleeves...I love them, they are the coolest.
Dotwork Damian 9 years ago
i always think this is an odd question, i have no idea how many tattoos i have, but am probably around 30% tattooed.
Lucifer109 9 years ago
Yeah i agree, the further my back gets tattooed the more tattooed i am, but i wouldn't know what to say when people ask how many. I just say its always growing
Ayresome Angel 9 years ago
Have four – want more!
HistoryN_DaMakiN 9 years ago
4 in the last year since i turned 18 ..i want many more
KapitiK [deleted] 9 years ago
oh so sassy tattoos [deleted] 9 years ago
im 17 & i have three. well two decent ones and one drunken mistake i did myself.

i have so many ideas, i'm just going to stop when im content! :)
TickledPinkbyJ 9 years ago
I have 5 and am going to get my 6th one in about a week. I'm finally going to start on a partial sleeve that I have wanted to do for YEARS and so I'll be getting many more in the future :D
SmkPhotography [deleted] 9 years ago
ive got 6 and have 5 more drwan up and planned so far wana get a sleeve but still debaiting =]
ekometti 9 years ago
5 total now ... Right sleeve took 6 months. Debating on having my left arm finished ... Have a partial have sleeve and a pin up cover the whole back forearm down to wrist. .... I like to use various artists as well. Started with my first in Florida, then on to Seattle, Little Rock and ended up in Boston.
char0_07 9 years ago
I don't have any right now. But I want one for sure and I am kicking around 3-4 other ideas.
tattoo74 9 years ago
at the moment, i have two sleeves, my chest, one on back of neck, one on leg, portrait of my daughter and wife together on my back... do i think i'm finished yet??????? na not just yet.
guyhefner 9 years ago
i have one tattoo and i want 3 more
Tanya Pharsicna! 9 years ago
I have one and i'd like 4 more
mariabarletti 9 years ago
I have three and I can think of three more that I want (at least). Really, if I could, I would have lots.
through-pan*flashing 9 years ago
I have two, one on the underside of my right wrist and the 2nd is a 1/4 back piece that creeps up over my shoulder and onto my chest. At this point, I want one more, but who knows! I wasn't planning on the 2nd one!
Emanuelle Bengez [deleted] 9 years ago
4,and then i stop:)
Emanuelle Bengez [deleted] 9 years ago
i love the religious thing..the classic one
JonMorgan. PRO 9 years ago
I have
1 on my neck
1 on my wrist
and between both arms which are now full sleeves a total of 16 large pieces and around 15 cherry blossoms plus shading...
Mhor75 9 years ago
2 - but after my 2nd one I thought I was done (it took about 16 hours to complete) but nearly 1 year later and I want more - it will probably take a few years for an idea I love enough to come to me though - has to be as original as what I already have or will look silly to me...
Mr. Cleen 9 years ago
Only got three for right now. Plan on having full back, working up sleeve designs now, left side planned out already, some chest work...
S Pfeifer 9 years ago
Right now I only have one but I've got a near full back planned. I just need to save up to add part one of four of my Egyptian homage.
Face hands,head, full body...Inked
harman146 9 years ago
i got 4 tats in under 5 hours and im going for 3 more at the weekend woo lol
t2pstaff 9 years ago
i have on that starts on my wrist and ends on my ass
MR. MEYERS [deleted] 9 years ago
I have 1 full sleeve,1half leg,my right hand,my neck and I have four and can say I got no reason not to new school my skin to tunes.
sunshine8870 9 years ago
I currently have 4 tattoo's & want a couple more.
Yo soy tatuador y tengo tattoos por todo el cuerpo... En el pecho en los brazos, en los dedos, en la mano izq, en las piernas, en los pies, en la espalda... No los puedo contar porque son muchos....
Ahhhh!!! Me olvidaba del tattoo que me hizo mi novia en el gluteo derecho....Ja!
CJGREENphoto 9 years ago
I got half my back done on right shoulder, and a half sleeve on my right arm.

I want two 3/4 sleeves, full back peice, chest piece, forearms and legs from knees to ankles done.

Arkanus XV 9 years ago
Two in my head, one in my chest, one in my tummy, two in my left arm, and one in my right arm and one in my left leg...

I want a lot a tattoos in my body... A LOT
MUSE9 9 years ago
I have a total of 5 and can't wait to get more lol. an anklet, one on my calf, one behind my ear one on my thigh and a new butterfly to cover up part of my anklet. I want a really large tinkerbell tat on my back.
svempa61 9 years ago
I got a total of 9, but I am going to have many many more...
My dream is to have all my body, except head, tattooed.
I have always looked at my body as a canvas, and my wife is also sharing the same interest.
Akira Malooga 9 years ago
I have 8 Tatoos so far, I love them!! Its so addictive and my man has 1. I def want at least 2 more and I want my lower back tat extended and Stephen is concidering a new tat of our Tegu Sosza.
Irishfd [deleted] 9 years ago
I have 7 but still need at least a firefighter tattoo to cover all my bases
lucki4u_18f 9 years ago
I have 9 tattoos 10 if you count a cover up. I am looking to get my whole back covered and then I will work on my left leg.
I have three currently. 2 of them I plan to get covered. I got em when I was 16, I guess that's why you are supposed to wait until you're 18 to get inked. lol. I have a back piece drawn up, I plan to get a half sleeve and a coy on my side (ouch! but I love that curvy part on a woman and I think I need a tattoo there :) )

Hubby has nautical star on his elbow, a bleeding blue rose (awesome) on his forearm, a skateboard guy (logo from his old band) on the underside of his arm and his drum kit (Heather) on his leg.

This is a draft of the back piece.
My Tattoo
shinealight 9 years ago
I'm 17 and I have one... definitely planning more!
i want two or three. :]
taste.the.chaos 8 years ago
I have one, but I doubt it'll stay that way :P
Danielle Nichole 8 years ago
I have two but I want so many more.
gaytattooed 8 years ago
I knew when I was 10 that tattooed men were a great turn on, I was just going to have one on both arms, but the bug got me & I am fully sleeved, I just knew I'd never be happy unless I was sleeved,never looked back
bandit818 8 years ago
I have 12,.. And ima ink my whole body!
kimraz 8 years ago
I have 2 , and I want lots more. LOL! I am planning to get some more soon. In fact I have been thinking about designs.
kurt_hanson Posted 8 years ago. Edited by kurt_hanson (member) 8 years ago
Im pretty much covered in Ink, except my back.and my left leg, I have some skinhead tatts but im way laid back now so dont hate on me please. Im a nice (bad boy!!! I have friends who slang ink so I have hardly ever paid even half of the cost of my work.
I started in 1986,when I was 15 and it was totally frowned on, NOT Cool like now. you housewives! hahaha
bizzygirl17 7 years ago
I'm currently at 6 but talking to my artist in the next 15 minutes to get my 7th. My younger brother is at 8. He got one from PINKY (San Jose, CA) and even went to Ireland this year and got one done from the very first Female Tattoo Artist!
Bio Hally 7 years ago
i have about 30 but thats a ruff estimate but i am working my way to only having the one lol
Jadeh Jasmine 7 years ago
I have 6 atm... have another 3 or 4 planned.
guitardude24 7 years ago
I have three right now. I plan on adding more to one and getting a back piece done also.
Jeff_Drum 7 years ago
I am working on second sleeve (1st dragon, second grim reaper), with a little in between work on my neck and feet (Rose on Neck , Sugar skulls on both feet)
Cecilia Adolfsson PRO 7 years ago
I have one so far, but I have planned two more. Just do not know where to place them...They might be the beginning of a sleeve on my left arm.
Somedudelooking 7 years ago
i love large ink.. addictive because u get more detail and such. I have 5 tattoos, but close to 25% of my body is tattooed. No regrets on any, they are all my life, latest was full left sleeve, shoulder, close to 1/2 my hack and side chest to my waist.. over 25 hours, only 5-6 hours more to go now.

likely get another in time, unsure what... likely get a upper thigh/butt cheek and part of back.. dunno.. all similar thems for the most part.. i have 5 dragons that represent some facet of my life. now if only there was a way to perserve the $5K ish its cost....

Important items are proportional tattoo to area, fit/layout and artist quality. Other than that, have a design or theme in mind, and use an artist u cAn trust, and listen to his advice. They know what they are doing if they are good, and they are the artist. I now trust mine to the point I can give him a them, some style wants, and then let him draw and ink me. BUT,m don't be afraid to say if you don't like something, its your body, you have to live with it.
mikesteve1 Posted 6 years ago. Edited by mikesteve1 (member) 3 years ago
only had my first one done in 2004 at the age of 56 now have 11 1 on top each arm 2 on my chest 1 on left leg and rest on back and hope to get 1 on my right leg this year l and would like to get rest of my back done
VooDooOne 6 years ago
Three completed, one in progress and one more planned.
smokernikki 6 years ago
I got my first when I was 50. I didn't intend getting any more, but you know how it is! I now have 4....getting one for my birthday is becoming a bit of a tradition.
edwardgangi 6 years ago
I really want a sleeve on my left arm.
Stiller Beobachter 3 years ago

I have one tattoo on my left upper arm, a wolfs pawprint in a tribal style. I designed it myself . Maybe I'll get a counterpice on the other arm, but first I have to convince my wife. :D
hehakawicasa [deleted] 3 years ago
So far, I have four tattoos, but I am going to end up with many, many more. I'm going to get another in about a month. :) My wife is getting her first sleeve finished up this weekend.
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