Craig Hall Photography PRO 9:36am, 8 August 2014
I have been approach by the Museum and asked of I'd be interested in letting them taking over the exclusive administration of this group.

I expressed my concerns and sought that as members of this interest group that it would be good that from time to time that members would be given some advantage e.g. Special positions for getting that photo from a unique location or access when lighting gave a better/ different perspective.
Anyway I told them I'd put it to you the members.

So come on everyone let me know your thoughts?

Wes Eggins Images 4 years ago
I only just became a member of this Group on Flickr, having been a keen visitor to Temora. My name shows up under Members but after a week none of my photos are showing up - awaiting moderating?

Anyway, I'm surprised that your question put to Members has (apparently) attracted no replies, especially as it was posted 3 months ago.

Anyway, I'd like to know if this Group is still active or what.


Wes Eggins
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