fisher2fisher PRO 8:13am, 2 July 2010
I have been reading with interest the Temora's Site News and the pump and building up of the sales pitch for the coming Flying weekend.
So to all who are attending from the group: could you post your comments after the show as to how you thought it went, did you think the desplay's were longer ?where the A/C showen at there best?what were the numbers like?
To post your comments may encourage others to travel the distance and for some it's a 2 day drive.

Looking forward to your comments

Tom Fisher
I thought i read somewhere their last show only had 400 people attend. I would also be interest to hear what those who attend think.
admin PRO 8 years ago
How did it go??
Nick Foss PRO 8 years ago
It was Ok some good and some bad will write all about it tonight ?
Nick Foss PRO 8 years ago
Well here it is . first off all you go into the main hanger where the aircrafts not flying are on display and they put a movie on then you go outside and thay showcase the aircrafts thay are flying the displays are about the same in time ( maybe becouse it was frezzing cold and the engine took alot longer to warm up ) thay had the Hudon And Wirraway And Spitfire on the day When that is all over then you go into the enginees hanger where thay do a diplay on what thay do this was the part I wanted to see There would off been about 200 to 300 Pepole there on the day ( Not Good )I think The Temora As a hole is going to suffer with this new format. i would of liked a bit more in the enginees hanger The day was ok and it will improve maybe in time I cant understand why thay changed it thay had a great thing going.
David Fulton 8 years ago
In the July/Sept issue of the Aero Australia magazine, David Lowy is interviewed and asked about the reasons for the change. I will attempt to briefly summarise what he said-

a) He said when the museum was first opened, they would fly monthly but as the number of aircraft has increased and the aircraft have got more complex, this has decreased to where they are now only flying 5 times a year. This is because it is now taking almost 2 1/2 months to service the aircraft after a flying weekend. This means that the pilots aren't flying very often and aren't current to perform a low level display by the time the next flying weekend comes around. Only flying every couple of months means the pilots need to have a couple of practice flights between flying weekends and it has got to the point where 30 - 40% of the flying (and costs) is now practice flights when no one is around to see them.

b) He said the museum was built to accommodate 500 - 750 people at a time; not the 5000 it might get on a flying weekend.

c) He also said the town of Temora isn't really big enough for the number of people attracted to a flying weekend, eg motels get booked quickly, streets get crowded, shortage of parking, etc.

d) He also said it was about trying to return to the original aim of being an aviation museum, rather than an air show.

It's a fairly long article so I apologise if I have left something out or haven't represented something accurately.
hark40 PRO 8 years ago
Like a lot of good things, they have been a victim of their own success.

Just found a couple of (badly) scanned photos I took on my first visit in October 2001 when the (ex-)RNZAF-ex-RAN Skyhawks made an appearance. What is now the Engineering Hanger was the only hanger. Somewhat less people..

nikon boy1 PRO 8 years ago
I have to agree to everything Nick says,

I live in Melbourne and have been attending a large proportion of the flying weekends and have friends around Aus that were also, but we will NOT be travelling all that way for a small event like they have at the moment, its just too far for such a small event

They can put all the spin on it they like but the proof of the pudding will be in the eating and it must be hurting the local businesses big time

Lowy and all can give all the varied explanations they like but i feel we are yet to know or indeed may never know the complete truth for the reasons behind the changes
Nick Foss PRO 8 years ago
fisher2fisher PRO 8 years ago
I thank all who have commented and hope that your comments will help those of us who live a great distance away assist in the planning of our trips to Temora.
I for one will have to try and include other shows and fly ins with any planned trip south.
Again thanks to those who have commented.
Tom Fisher
vigorous room [deleted] Posted 8 years ago. Edited by vigorous room (member) 8 years ago
Ive been going for many many years now ...may have to find something else to shoot ...

Its a very very unique well patronised airshow and professionally run museum ,,,,but not for me anymore .

I will attend the next `big show` though.

When I listen millionaires speak I sometimes hear Taxation Deduction ,it may not be worth the while anymore .

Check out ,,,for lease or sale signs on the Big House next door
JT might take it over ,we could squeeze his Seven Oh Seven in ?
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