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What do you think??

"Temora Aviation Museum is changing the format and timing of its flying days to enable more flying opportunities and provide visitors with a more in-depth experience. In the past, flying days have been held every eight to ten weeks and typically included most of the Museum collection. From July this year, we plan to fly twice a month in a completely new format titled Aircraft Showcase Days where we will fly two or three of the Museum’s aircraft and showcase them in detail. This will allow many more visitors to experience our flying activities.

Aircraft Showcase Days will be held on the first and third Saturday of every month with the aim of providing visitors with a personal, interactive and in-depth experience with two or three of the Museum’s aircraft. Visitors will witness the aircraft being towed from the hangar and watch the pre-flight inspection, servicing and refueling as it takes place in front of them. The pilot will strap in and start the engine and then the flight will take place. The flying display will vary from a simple handling display to aerobatics or formation flying. The aircraft will land and taxi back to the visitors where they will have the chance to have a chat with the pilot, take photographs, and inspect the cockpit and engine. Audio-visual presentations both in the cinema and the Display Hangar will enhance the stories of veterans who will be invited to share with our visitors their wartime experiences. At the conclusion of the flying activity, the Engineering Hangar will be open to all visitors. We have rarely allowed access to the workshop areas, but now visitors will be able to take a closer look at the most diverse range of aviation engineering activities anywhere in the world. Our Engineering Team will demonstrate the projects they are working on and the unique processes, materials and techniques required to keep this fleet of vintage aircraft flying.

Education Program
We are also announcing an expansion of our activities to include an Education Program, which offers special curriculum experiences to high school students studying Australia’s involvement in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Schools will have access to a tailor-made Temora Aviation Museum excursion program. In the coming weeks, the Museum will post on its web site a History Education framework document. Students visiting the Museum will also have access to excursion work sheets and materials, which will assist in their studies and understanding of Australia’s role during World War II, Korea and Vietnam

In planning for the upcoming Museum changes, President and Founder of Temora Aviation Museum David Lowy said: “I am really excited about these new initiatives. We have had 10 very successful years and now there will be more opportunities for visitors to see our historical aircraft in flight.

“We are also enthusiastic about broadening the scope of our activities to include an educational component that will provide students of Australia’s history the opportunity to touch, hear and see our history in action”.

Aircraft Showcase Days will take place on the first and third Saturday of each month commencing Saturday July 3rd 2010. As our flying calendar has been reallocated in support of Aircraft Showcase Days, our previously scheduled June, August and November Flying Weekends will not take place. Some of our visitors will need to alter their travel plans and we apologise for this inconvenience "
Hmmm not sure how this will work out with only two or three aircraft flying This will make for a very long day. I'll be interested here the feedback from those of you who attend.
Nick Foss PRO 8 years ago
All that way to see 2 or 3 plains fly that SUXS :(
jimwebb333 PRO 8 years ago
Not happy.
hark40 PRO 8 years ago
Much as I love seeing the planes flying, the photography is a key element of my enjoyment on a flying day. For 2 or 3 aircraft, it will be a long day, and no where near as enjoyable as seeing 12 or so aircraft flying. Visits to Temora may now be very few and far between now...
admin PRO 8 years ago
just received:

Following our major announcement last week we would like to thank everyone who took the time to send us their thoughts, comments and compliments regarding our flying format changes. We do appreciate your feedback as it enables us to understand what you – our visitor – values about the Temora Aviation Museum.

One aspect made very clear is that our new format will make it difficult for visitors traveling from a long distance to see the entire collection flying together. So today we would like to announce that in addition to our Aircraft Showcase Days we will hold at least one major airshow event each year, which will include visiting aircraft and aircraft from our own collection. We plan to announce the first date in a few weeks which will give all of our visitors plenty of time to make plans to attend.

Aircraft Showcase Days
Our first Aircraft Showcase Day will be held on Saturday July 3rd, 2010 here at the Temora Aviation Museum. The Museum will open at 10:00 with the flying program commencing at 11:30. The admission for Aircraft Showcase Days will be Adults $12, Adults over 65yrs $9 and Children 3-18yrs $6. We will be posting on our website an advanced schedule detailing which aircraft will be flying to enable our visitors the opportunity to plan their visits accordingly.

For the July 3rd Aircraft Showcase Day we will be featuring and flying the RAAF Sabre, one of the Museum’s Spitfires and the Tiger Moth. Stay tuned to the website over the next few weeks as we release more details on Temora Aviation Museum’s Aircraft Showcase Days!
I am not sure this will do it. I suspect this new programme will hit hard in revenue and support.

From the first annoucement the intent is to increase and focus on education of the young and new but my thoughts with such a restricted air componant this will not occur.

Maybe it's all about cost of stageing and thus the significant cut back.

The future will tell us if this will be a successful change
fisher2fisher PRO 8 years ago
After reading the comments and attending Temora a couple of times in the past I will be rethinking any trips south to what I believed to be the best show in Aus.
The change means that I might forget Temora and look at other shows that the aircraft may attend, as with most of us it’s the photo shoots that we can get on a given day.
Cost would be a major factor as it is for me when doing trips around the country to see our aviation history. Because the Museum is a non-profit organization which receives its funding through private donations it may find the backlash from the public not attending to see 2 or 3 aircraft flying will hurt the flying operation as much as the running cost.
The idea of one Showcase Day a year may also have an effect on the local community that over stretches all the local support; accommodation, food outlets parking etc.
I do hope that the Museum's policies set by the seven members Governing Committee does listen to the public for they hold the power.
wise haircut [deleted] 8 years ago
I heard of the Museum's change to flying days last month...

through contacts at Defence, I now understand the changes are as a result of a slowing down or cessation of funds from Government/Corporation/private individuals which caused the Museum to lay-off 3 or 4 engineers working in the workshops.

this loss of experienced technical staff of due to the financial pressures are probably the only reason for the reduction and changes to flying days.

....and, like others here, I will not be making my way out to Temora for a 2-3 bird "showcase day".

of course, the township of Temora will suffer... it's is a great place, but let's be honest, most visitors drive/fly out there because of the Museum and it's flying days, not Saturday morning shopping.

my family and I have been regular visitors and overnight stayers since 2002, that will no longer happen, so along with the Museum missing our business, now the township does as well.

maybe it is time for the town of Temora to step up to the plate for the Musuem, like the Museum did for the town back when it started operatons?

my 4c worth... cheers
vigorous room [deleted] Posted 8 years ago. Edited by vigorous room (member) 8 years ago
I agree . and the others .... and it does Suck

Im not happy .
Ive been to only one show this year and as I don't go through the Pay Gate ,,,I found it dead boring .
Im a retired Qantas (and other) Eng and standing around listening to somebody tell me how things work on an aircraft ....leaves me a tad cold .

Each to their own on that statement though ,,kids have got to learn and maybe get the` Aviation Bug` then try to get into flying and engineering as I did many years ago ..

Its a shame ,I used to love the full day of flying and shooting .

Its got to be the economics of it all .

I didnt get my Annual Pass this year .

I would just go over the back and shoot ,being so close to the long strip and as such, close to aircraft (that are unique in this World) is not only good for the Camera Lens ,,but good for the sole .

I will sadly miss the good old days ,sitting on the fence ,walking or riding my pushie up and down the dirt road waiting for the next `Rare Bird` to come by .

Just to think, I took my mountain bike in the back of my car ,all my photo gear ,my lunch and a chair and had a great do in the sun ,with no body pushing me around ,no undue noise ..How goods that ...

But I might take my gardn Kids there one day soon, they love all the Museum and Hanger stuff ...

I just loved getting out in the middle of the field with the Pros and getting up close with the aircraft .

Its interesting what an `Orange Safety `vest will let you do and where it will let you go , try doing that at any other airport in Oz ,,on a show day !! ( a big DSLR and a large lens helps to )

BUT I got thousands of fantastic shot and met some nice `like minded `people ...

Ah well back to boring Albury/Wang/ Mangalore/Melbourne airports for a days shooting every now and then ,,,,,,not happy .. I enjoyed Temora
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