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Well another flying weekend is on theis weekend....

We have had four exciting aircraft join our lineup for this weekends Flying Days (10th & 11th April). David and Carolyn Salter’s Gypsy Moth has been in our Display Hangar for the last couple of weeks and you will be able to see it fly this weekend. Built in 1925, this aircraft is the oldest airworthy aircraft on the Australian register.

Alan Arthur has confirmed that he will be attending with his magnificent P-40 Kittyhawk, which is painted in the imposing Shark Teeth scheme. The P-40 will fly during the program on both Saturday and Sunday.

Three World War II era Harvards will conduct a formation display over the weekend. These aircraft are being provided by John Raynor, Doug Hamilton, and David and Carolyn Salter.

RAAF 4 Squadron are bringing two PC-9 aircraft for static display on Sunday. 4 Squadron operates PC-9s in the Forward Air Control role. 4 Squadron history includes the operation of Boomerangs during WWII in the Army cooperation role which was the precursor to Forward Air Control.

The weather forecast for Temora this weekend is for mostly sunny skies with mild temperatures. Here at Temora Aviation Museum we are busy preparing for a huge weekend. So pack up the family and come and join us for what promises to be an exciting Flying Weekend.
jimwebb333 PRO 8 years ago
Not this one Mick.
hmm wish i could, enjoy and great shooting
admin PRO 8 years ago
Geez... you blokes are putting the pressure on.....

hope a i get a decent shot!
Nick Foss PRO 8 years ago
Not This One Mick Just Got Back sorry next one lookig forward to seeing the pics :)
admin PRO 8 years ago
loving your Wanaka pics Nick - fantastic!
No pressure Mick, but yes we live through your lens. LOL no seriously
Nick Foss PRO 8 years ago
LOL Craig
admin PRO 8 years ago
well... no pressure.... we live through your lens! :)

pics on line tomorrow!

too tired tonight & my great wife has bought some top gear DVD's!
Hmm poor excuse, shows a lack of real commitment. LOL enjoy. We look forward to seeing them.
admin PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by (admin) 8 years ago
morning guys....

well the uploading process has begun!

a new pic every 15 mins is scheduled into the system!

Gives me time to work on the next 680 or so! Twas a difficult day with lighting... generally darkish... but then the sun would break through! Gypsy Moth did not fly..... bugger....
wow now your putting production pressure on yourself. LOL

At last an average weather day that cannot be put down to my attendance.

Thanks Mick, we appreciate your efforts
Mick great collection as always. Thanks for posting
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