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Winner - Naemick - Photo Comp - Formation flying!

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naemickpics.com is a group administrator naemickpics.com says:

The topic is "Formation Flying"

Enter your best Formation shots - Temora Aviation Museum aircraft or visiting aircraft!

Submit your best shots .The more colourful the better.

Voting open till 24th April

Please place a number above your photo with the next ordinal number preceded by a hash. e.g. #1

To submit a photo, go to the photo's page on your photostream.
* Click the "All Sizes" button along the top of the image
* We prefer medium, so click the "medium" link up the top.
* Then copy the text in the "1. Copy and paste this HTML into your webpage:" box just under the photo
* Paste that text into this thread after the appropriate entry number (eg. #1) and click the post now button.

Limit of 2 entries per person

NB. Don't forget that if you submit an entry in this comp you are expected to vote in this comp and if you don't vote then your image is not eligible to win this comp. Voting will be open for 7 days
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