Craig Hall Photography PRO 1:30am, 13 February 2010
Hi everyone, being one of the more active aussie aviation sites i thought i might be able to get some feed back from you on the above.

Therefore If you were to purchase a canvas print of an aircraft what size would you prefer it to be, and what would you think you would be prepared to pay for it?

To assist you i have listed same sizes and cost from a print house for Canvas prints

1. 12x12" canvas Price A$59.95 Price B $50 Price C $45
2. 16x16" canvas Price A $89.00 Price B $70 Price C $60
3, 24x24" canvas Price A $169.00 Price B $150 Price C $130
4. 30x30" canvas Price A $239.00 Price B $210 Price C $180
5. 40x40" canvas Price A $299.00 Price B $250 Price C $200

Obviously we would all want to pay the least but please try and be realistic i just recently got some quotes and to frame a print it ranged from 12x12" @ $40 to the 40x40" @ $150

Finally would you want a picture that is even larger again, and if so how big and again how much would you be prepared to pay for it?

your feedback is greatly appreciated

Thanks Craig
admin PRO 9 years ago
Hi Craig
The place I get my canvas prints prices follow:
12x12 $55
16x16 $75
24x24 $135
30x30 $175
40x40 $255

Panoprint - 24x60 $295 (note sizes are all inches)
fisher2fisher PRO 8 years ago
Sorry Craig
I havn't looked into this as I just print my own hard copies as required, now If I was single then the walls would be covered in prints not paint then we would be into prices but the B price seems to be on the mark. Most of the copy shops are around that figure.

Thanks Tom and Mike, I appreciate your feedback.
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