admin PRO 11:43pm, 7 June 2009
Ok group members, lets see what is your most Interesting pic is from Temora Aviation Museum. (pls post in Medium size)
admin PRO 9 years ago
Spitfire Mk VIII

This Spit pic is my No1 TAM pic and is No3 in my Interesting pics, with 899 views & 12 favourites.
Craig Hall Photography PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Craig Hall Photography (admin) 9 years ago
According to my site stats, this my most viewed TAM aircraft. 555 hits taken at the ADF Adelaide airshow in 2007

Temora Museum Hudson Bomber
Nick Foss PRO 9 years ago
This Is My Most Tam Interesting pic With 187 Views And 1 fav.

wise haircut [deleted] 9 years ago
most interesting TAM image and #12 overall with 252 views, 3 favorites and 7 comments:

Cessna A37B Dragonfly
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