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iPhoneographer of the week [WEEK #9]

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Sam Cornwell iPhone pics is a group administrator Sam Cornwell iPhone pics says:

Details, details, it's all in the details. Serial iPhoneographer Marco La Civita is one of the iPhone photographers' best kept secrets. I first spotted his incredible stream last week and have been in constant awe since. For such a wonderful array of architecture and building detail shots, with incredible geometric composition, he doesn't appear to have made many friends yet... .

Minoru Yamasaki: Torre Picasso by MarcoLaCivita

SOMOS Arquitectos: Vallecas 51 by MarcoLaCivita

Tetris by MarcoLaCivita

Oberplast by MarcoLaCivita

Mechanical shop by MarcoLaCivita

The sky in a no-parking zone by MarcoLaCivita

RGB (Rust, Green, and Blue) by MarcoLaCivita

Yellow submarine (unplugged) by MarcoLaCivita

Strolling in Malasaña 4/4 by MarcoLaCivita

Take a look around Marco's photostream and see if you experience the same eyegasm that I do when viewing his incredible artwork.

Marco La Civita ~ iPhoneographer of the week.

Finally, if you have any other recommendations for next week's iPhoneographer of the week, then drop me a line and I'll make room for them sometime this year.

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Originally posted at 4:54AM, 8 March 2010 PDT (permalink)
Sam Cornwell iPhone pics edited this topic 113 months ago.

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Ape Flavored says:

Stunning work!
113 months ago (permalink)

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mikkers! says:

i love the vibrant colors!
113 months ago (permalink)

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rutty says:

I found the brick one last week but then neglected to look at the rest of his stream. Criminal! Such good work

(This is starting to be my favourite group btw)
113 months ago (permalink)

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Amazing, very colorful.
113 months ago (permalink)

hollow cup [deleted] says:

Nice color ! it's very beautiful !!
113 months ago (permalink)

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craigemorsels says:

Wow, yeah. Great stuff!
113 months ago (permalink)

pink suggestion [deleted] says:

Marco you have an amazing eye for colors, textures and composition. J'adore!
113 months ago (permalink)

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bOw_phOto says:

Excellent work!
113 months ago (permalink)

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MarcoLaCivita says:

Thanks Sam, and thanks to all the others for the comments! It looks like that I am not going to be a "secret" much longer though ;). Yesterday I was featured on Lenscratch too!
113 months ago (permalink)

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Sam Cornwell iPhone pics is a group administrator Sam Cornwell iPhone pics says:

A technical error (on my part) means I accidentally lost all the text that went with the OP. If anyone happens to have it cached, could they please mail it to me so I can reinstate it.

Apologies, Marco, it's been a long long few days.
113 months ago (permalink)

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