MiBook84 3:16am, 30 June 2007
It seems like EXIF data is removed from pictures when sent from iPhone with the built in Mail-application. I guess that the EXIF-data only stays in the picture if it is downloaded via iPhoto and then uploaded to Flickr.
Nick Humphries 10 years ago
Hmm, that is weird.
ptelford PRO 10 years ago
Yeah, seems like it should be there. I've filed a bugreport with Apple.
Martin Gordon PRO 10 years ago
I've noticed that emailed pictures are resized to 640x480. I wish there was a way to upload the full-res on the move rather than having to sync with iPhoto.
sandrino PRO 10 years ago
I performed a test of this situation. I sent a picture from my iPhone and I also uploaded the same picture from my computer. The one sent from the iPhone is reduced to 640 x 479. The original is 1600 x 1200.
samgrover PRO 10 years ago
Ah, I wasn't aware of this. Good to know. I hope they remedy it.

@ptelford: Is there a bug report ID so that we can look it up and add a "Me too!" comment?
ptelford PRO 10 years ago
There is, but the current security settings mean you won't be able to view it (this is common -- I can't even view it anymore).
nariposa PRO 10 years ago
Everyone who has this problem report it, or it won't get fixed:
JohnnyC! PRO 10 years ago
If you've jailbroken your phone (which really does make it a MUCH more versatile device) you can install "SendPics" available for free, through
- It allows you to attach full size images to email that you send from the iPhone.

There is also a "SendSong" app that, as the name suggests, allows you to email songs from your iPhone's music library.
ptelford PRO 10 years ago
> Everyone who has this problem report it, or it won't get fixed:

Actually is a better place since that goes directly into Radar, Apple's bug tracking system. That said, there is already at least one (and probably more than one!) bug report on this problem. Filing additional bugs may help let the developers know that is important to people, but it doesn't automatically mean that it will be fixed any faster.
ptelford PRO 9 years ago
FWIW, this is fixed in 2.1. Emailed photos now preserve EXIF data!
ShannonRawls 9 years ago
Thank goodness Apple fixed this. I applaud the developers. While I never reported that I needed it, enough people did and I know allot of people are happy that it's fixed in version 2.1 now.

I send my flickr photos via email using my iphone and no longer do I have to manually set the map/location anymore.
grandwebmasterflash PRO 9 years ago
There's unfortunately some apps that are partially broken by the 2.1 upgrade. Mostly seems to have issues with apps that were submitted to the store before the new release.
jowie 8 years ago
Strange if people say this has been fixed... I just bought a 3GS and I have this problem. Photos are renamed and lose their EXIF data when exported from Mail to Photos... I have sent a bugreport to Apple. Anyone else still getting this?
selfee 8 years ago
I've read that it's an issue with the iPhone OS, but I don't know any of the technical details or whether it's supposed to be different in 3.0.

I use the Mobile Fotos app. It's integrated pretty well with Flickr, supports short links for e-mail and Twitter, and preserves location data. Well worth $2.99, IMO.
nategrossman 8 years ago
I use Darkslide(used to be called exposure) to upload all my photos. They're full size but with no exif data. It's a free app though, worth a try.
Absolute_Krissy 8 years ago
i use flickit to upload my pictures and all the exif data is there
I'm not getting any EXIF data from my iPhone photos at all, even when I load the iPhone photos into iPhoto & then use Flickr Uploadr to get them to Flickr.
rutty 7 years ago
I have a feeling that it's the Flickr uploader itself that tends to remove my EXIF. If I used the Flickr iPhone app the EXIF is preserved
Skywaaker Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Skywaaker (member) 7 years ago
It seems that this will probably be fixed in iPhone OS 4, so I removed my image.
Mikki_1 7 years ago
Upholstered Headboard pro says:

yes mikssy, you're right and i totally agree with you
Ben Bunch PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Ben Bunch (member) 7 years ago
Here's a solution everyone. Instead of sending an email with the photo using the normal "send email" button, instead hold down your finger on the photo, select Copy, and then paste into the email. This maintains EXIF data and full quality. I only do this method when i need to edit on the computer though...lately I've been doing post on the phone and just using the flickr app (or just throwing them on flickr, downloading, reediting, and reuploading/replacing.)
PDQuesnell PRO 5 years ago
When I use the Flickr iPhone app, the EXIF data goes to Flickr. However, when I use the USB cable to transfer pix from iPhone to my PC (opening the iPhone like a Windows folder) the EXIF data is lost.

I want to the EXIF data on my PC. How can I get is there?

Thanks in advance.
russcfee 3 years ago
This thread is mighty old, but I've been trying to figure this issue out (and it appears it's been ongoing for some time now). I find the EXIF data is retained regardless of how I bring an iPhone photo into Flickr, but it is NOT if the image is edited in any way. I've just been editing within the photos app itself so I haven't tested other apps. Quite frustrating.
Dan's Perceptions Posted 3 years ago. Edited by Dan's Perceptions (member) 3 years ago
I have the same problem. The only way exif is retained is if I sync the original into iphoto on the computer and then I can edit it and post to flickr. If i edit at all on the phone or upload on the phone all the data is gone.
(Jessica) PRO Posted 3 years ago. Edited by (Jessica) (member) 3 years ago
This is an issue I have noticed with iOS 8. If you edit the photo at all in the native app it will delete all exif data. I spent hours on the phone reporting it to higher and higher levels of tech support. Eventually I got an email back claiming the engineering team says that's how it's supposed to work, which I don't buy for a second - it's stupid, and iOS 7 didn't do that. I suggest people keep on reporting it to as a bug and/or feature request. Meanwhile, since it isn't obvious at all, keep warning people ... I posted this in all the iPhone groups:

IMG_3979.JPG by (Jessica)

Note that if you revert to original the metadata comes back. You can edit in other apps and not lose the metadata (depends on the app) but then you have to export back to the camera roll, creating a duplicate. That's what I've been doing. If you use any app through Extensions it will still lose the metadata, regardless of that app's normal behavior.
(Jessica) PRO Posted 3 years ago. Edited by (Jessica) (member) 3 years ago
UPDATE: Apple called me back again about my support request, and said that they do know this is a bug and they ARE working on fixing it for an upcoming update. Yay! They were super helpful over the phone and I'm really happy to hear this is getting fixed, though I don't know exactly when that update will come out.
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