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Fantasyfan. ADMIN July 7, 2009

Now, what kind of group invite we should have?

Rules change! Now one must give at least two tags per shot you post in a pool and you can have two shots in the pool

This is calm group. You won't get tagged out in few minutes and it might take some, but still, enjoy the game.

And if you have anything unclear about the rules, please ask.

Group Description

Translations of these Rules
Traduction du Règlement
Vertaling van de Spelregels
Die Spielregeln auf Deutsch
Le regole del gioco
Pelataan hippaa-ryhmän säännöt
Reglas del grupo

Just like the child's game and the name of the group.

Members add 1 photo at a time to the group pool. Other members within the group "tag" the photos they LIKE.

For example, I tag you... I leave a comment like "I really like those colors, tag1" and in your tag area put "tag1". Remember to do those both. And to make a comment!

Admins of this group are checking that everybody does their tagging. This is not your group if you just want to get free opinions and not give any yourself. Most important skill in this group is to see the good sides of photos. We don't need any negative feedback unless it's constructive.

When a person has gotten 3 tags...that picture is "out", they tag that photo "TAGGEDOUT" and they remove that picture from the pool and replace it with another, then the game continues. Getting taggedout fast is a GOOD THING - it tells that your photo is a good one.

You can remove your shot anytime, but once you have removed it you can't post it again to this group. Resending photos to get in the first page is also against the rules and unfair. There is no rush with shots.

Remember only 1 photo at a time until that photo has been tagged 3 times. And please remember to tag other people's photos. Tagging photos more often makes this group work better. If you don't want to tag other photos, please don't send your own photos here. You should tag about the amouth you get tags for yourself. More is better, but the minium is that you have to tag two shot per shot you've posted.

If you want to see those photos that are tagged out there are two ways. First you can browse them by tag "taggedout" and the second way is to check out the group for tagged out photos - The tagged out graduates


1. it is Clearly Stated in the Title or Caption/Comment Area (directly below the photo ) - that it isn't their photo/art/painting, etc ... and they should give credit to the person. - AND

2. They have been given permission by the original photographer/artist to do so. For example, a friend could take a photo of you, but that could still be placed in your photostream (even though technically, the photo wasn't taken by yourself - but it should be stated as such).


3. It is placed in a Mosaic (and a tribute to various flickerites) - but it MUST BE CLEARLY STATED THAT IT ISN'T THEIR PHOTO OR ARTWORK. (credits should be given in the description area)

Our MAIN EMPHASIS would be on ACKNOWLEDGING THE ARTIST (if they know who it is, and even if they don't - they should clearily indicate it isn't their painting/photo, etc ... - otherwise people naturally assume (mistakenly) that it is the photographer's art).

N.B. This group is family friendly, with a number of young members. So - please don't post photos that border on pornography or could disturb children.

Translations of these Rules
Traduction du Règlement
Vertaling van de Spelregels
Die Spielregeln auf Deutsch
Le regole del gioco
Pelataan hippaa-ryhmän säännöt
Reglas del grupo

Optional: If you wish, you can add this tagline with the number of your tag in the place of the #.

Tag # from <A href="">Let's Play Tag</a>

It should look like this when cut and pasted:

Tag # from Let's Play Tag

NEW! a group invite

Please come and join us in a <A href="">game of "Let's Play Tag" </a> where you actually get to comment those shots you like

Group Rules

When posting a photo in the pool you must tag at least two shots in the pool. It's better to tag theree times per shot, but we do really like those who like tagging more. We want you to give credit to those photos that has something you like.

You must read the bigger version of the rules from the main page. Those who do not tag will be banned.

Please enjoy! :)

Additional Info

  • Members can post 2 things to the pool.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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