ceruleanverde PRO 11:30pm, 3 May 2013
The Synergy Project is a collaborative effort featuring the work of multiple designers. We aim to produce themed collections that can be readily combined in sewing projects, while at the same time promoting respect for intellectual property (IP) rights of others and proper enforcement efforts that do not overstep bounds. As a customer, you can be confident that anything you produce for sale using fabric purchased from our collections is IP-safe as well as color/theme compatible.

We highly stress creativity, a good sense of humor and the willingness to help fellow designers grow. Participants in the Synergy Project tag their designs and apply common descriptions so that all related designs in a collection can be easily found through each others' designs. We also assist each other in maintaining the integrity of each challenge by providing mutual assistance on color corrections and review for potential IP issues.

If you want to join us, check out the rules here.

You can read our threads to find out how we work and join by sending a request to the Admin for this forum.
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