Mapplets Galore

Peter Konnecke 1:59pm, 12 July 2007
Those of you who have kindly GeoTagged thier photos and have added the tag "auspctagged" can now see their photos in a Google Maps Mapplet. Visit the following page to see the result.

More information about Mapplets and Google Mapping can be found via the Google Maps Mania blog at
Happy tagging all.
Speedy_MSD PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Speedy_MSD (moderator) 11 years ago
Hi Peter, I got the map but no photo information, is there another step?

Ok, I should have read the instructions - Go to Add Content then log in it looks like.
s2art PRO 11 years ago
» Awesome, thanks Peter.
AdaMacey 11 years ago
You want to know what's really cool? On the group photo page they've snuck in links to KML files for the pool, so you can view geotagged group images directly in google earth

That's some cool stuff!
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