stepin in bumb shit 1:46am, 23 November 2009
hey so i took a swoon piece from a boarded up building just ripped the board off now i have it in my room
defeated library [deleted] 8 years ago
I'd say it's yours to enjoy.
carnagenyc 8 years ago
street art belongs on the street.
Wenye Fang 7 years ago
I don't think it is right. The piece was meant to create an experience that was to be shared with the community. So if you steal it, you steal from the community.

I would be much more satisfied with watching it weather away and taking some pictures.
maggie jones. 7 years ago
You should have taken a photo, blown it up, and put that on your wall. I only say that because I'm jealous!
It seems to me that you would not ask the question if you felt that taking this piece was completely right.
As a street artist myself - and one who sometimes adheres solid plaque pieces to the wall - I accept that my pieces will sometimes get taken; however, I tend to agree with what Wenye Fang says. These things are put up for everyone.
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