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How many Swedish car brands are there?

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Michiel2005 says:

At this moment I can think of Volvo and Saab, but are there any more?
8:10AM, 13 July 2007 PDT (permalink)

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Saabhuy.net says:

Yes ! I just add some pics of Koenigsegg the fastest car of the world and the most exclusive Swedish cars !
ages ago (permalink)

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Golfhunter says:

Hi Michiel , good to see you here .And natural
ages ago (permalink)

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saabrobz says:

Hello, Jösse car is one more swedish car brand, they dont make any more cars. i think they only made about 45 of them .They make them out of volvo(engine) and saab parts, mostly volvo parts.
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nègFoto says:

There is also the koenigsegg
here is the link: www.koenigsegg.com/

Top Gear did a stint on it, here is the link: www.metacafe.com/watch/539363/the_koenigsegg_swedish_car/
ages ago (permalink)

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stapaf says:

Is Saab still swedish??? (GM??)
ages ago (permalink)

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kenjonbro says:

How about Reva? en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reva_(Swedish_car)
And kit cars? Dala 7 www.dala7.se/ , Gox Teknik www.sportscar.se/ & Pagano Kit Cars www.pagano.se/
Originally posted 107 months ago. (permalink)
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FreakyLeo says:

There are no swedish car manufacturers :P (Except for custom cars)

Saab is owned by GM
Volvo by Ford
and Koenigsegg partly owned by the norwegian Bård Eker.

But we do build quite of lot of trucks....
107 months ago (permalink)

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A.K.S Photography says:

hey freakyleo!! saab is now bancrupt, but back in when the was owned by gm, the cars was produced on the trollhattan factory...so will call it swedish..and if you swedish you should be proud!
73 months ago (permalink)

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Renato D Piereck says:

@FreakyLeo That's the same as saying Opel and Holden are American car manufacturers since they're owned by GM, which is clearly not the case.
68 months ago (permalink)

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anyett says:

There was Kalmar verken. They made a car nicknamed Tjorven, used by swedish postal service in the 70s
48 months ago (permalink)

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navarzo21 says:

Scania still exists - making trucks and maybe other things. Saab isn't owned by GM - it's owned by NEVS. Volvo is owned by Ford.
42 months ago (permalink)

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Trucks and nature says:

Volvo is owned by a chinese company now, sadly.
42 months ago (permalink)

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