Bryan in NYC PRO 9:51pm, 21 October 2008
We all have to do something, right? Sorting our rubbish into different boxes and changing a few light-bulbs won't stop the world warming up. Not that this doesn't help, but the positive effects of these actions are mostly non-direct.

The more we recycle, the more sustainable products we purchase, the louder the message we send back trough the markets. The message is: we want change, and we're willing to pay for it with our efforts and our cash.

The current financial crisis and the depression it has spawned is already diverting attention away from more pressing climate issues. The short-sighted perspective of our leaders will see us lifted out of recession and into a bleak world damaged beyond all recognition.

We must engage people in the struggle for a sustainable future. A good photograph has the ability to reach deep into the minds of those who see it and to leave an impression that motivates us to act.

This discussion is intended to find the poster children for a sustainable future. Images that drive the world forward.

There are two types of images that will be submitted to this discussion -- negative and positive. Negative images show us how stupid and callous we are being -- they highlight the destruction. The aim of a negative image is to shock people into action. A positive image is based on the assumption that everyone already knows about the issues, and provides a happier, more uplifting view of our future.

Positive images will probably be in the minority in the early years of this group but I hope that as we progress things will get brighter.
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