byNeil™ - PRO 8:04pm, 23 April 2012
Please post your pics by 12pm Tuesday April 24, 2012
funkyuk Posted 5 years ago. Edited by funkyuk (member) 5 years ago
I'm in with this effort....

Harsh against a stormy sky

Good luck Chris!
chris_florio PRO 5 years ago
Duke Gardens - Flowers and Such

Best of luck funkyuk!
gets my vote. Love the colours and separation.
Jhascrapmom PRO 5 years ago
my vote is for funkyuk. i could not figure out if it was a model or for real. i am still not sure, but it caught my interest. cool on black.
Dani_Girl 5 years ago
Love that crazy-coloured bokeh. I am a sucker for saturated colours.
LISA M G Posted 5 years ago. Edited by LISA M G (member) 5 years ago
chris_florio gets my vote cuz I'm a sucker for beautiful flowers every time. Especially pink ones like this! Plus the bokeh rocks too!
redagainPatti PRO 5 years ago
My vote is for If I am posting this correctly... anyone else had to stop to think how to do this? I love flowers and the background.
Love, Lisa 5 years ago
I like the bokeh in the background and the interesting color combination. My vote is for .
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