Sebastiao P Nunes 5:30am, 22 January 2015
Lots of cameras nowadays bring already the SUNSET setting which is quite effective - I refer mainly to the several Lumix that I owned. But more professional cameras don't have the setting pre-set. Question is, what is the best setting like for a Canon 70D for taking great sunset shots? Splashy colors, unusual sub-colors and all the sparks that come with it. I would appreciate anyone sharing their experience. As to the ASA settings, shutter speed and DOF, what are the ideal ones?
Cactinae PRO 3 years ago
I use no such set rules for engagement other than what appeals to my eye through the lens. If I see what appears to be a great sunrise/set approaching, but through the lens is just ordinary. I may skip it altogether or blast away an see what becomes. I rarely if ever use a preset scene on any of my cameras simply cause I feel like I am tied down and unable to move. I like to under expose and over expose equally the same but deliberately. Just try different settings on something that your not really going to miss if you get it wrong once or twice. Finding whats works may only apply to one shot as the eye is constantly changing and syncing your camera to match is a never ending endeavor.
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