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Hungary, officially in English the Republic of Hungary, literally Magyar (Hungarian) Republic), is a landlocked country in the Carpathian Basin of Central Europe, bordered by Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenia. Its capital is Budapest.

In the past decade, Hungary was listed as the 10th most economically dynamic area and one of the 15 most popular tourist destinations in the world, with a capital regarded as "one of the most beautiful urban landscapes in the world". The country is home to the second largest thermal lake in the world (Lake Hévíz), the largest lake in Central Europe (Lake Balaton), and the largest natural grassland in Europe (Hortobágy).

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beyondthejupiter 11 years ago
the early smena gets the worm

Smena Sunset
- Ronski - PRO 11 years ago
Split Angle
mserena 10 years ago
budapest, sunrise

Budapest sunrise
∆ toma ϟ PRO 10 years ago
| S u n s e t |
yanosso PRO 10 years ago
Bocsek 10 years ago
dj.bp 10 years ago
Budapest Sunset
Ronald's Life Journey 10 years ago

dettyplease 10 years ago

fertődi hajnal
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Sunset at Fertőrákos – Napnyugta Fertőrákosnál
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Statue in the sunset 10 years ago
black trees
U.G.fotó [deleted] 10 years ago
fire in the sky
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"Time Goes By... So Quickly" by dj.bp [?]
Time Goes By... So Quickly
greentzatziki 10 years ago
Thirteen seconds
TimF2008 10 years ago
Balaton Sunset

Lake Balaton, Hungary
artemisia77 9 years ago
Sunsent on Balathon Lake (Keszthely)

A window

Like a paint
r.ariaans 9 years ago
Sunset in Budapest
Danube Sunset
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Lake Balaton of course...

farrowjames 9 years ago
Lake Balaton sunset (Siofok)...

Lake Balaton sunset silhouette by farrowjames
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szokásos búzamező, de most valahogy jobb mint eddig
ebertek 9 years ago
LeventeSimon 9 years ago
somogyibarbara 9 years ago

Sunset / Lake Balaton 1
nadjones 9 years ago

Royal Palace em Buda by nadjones

Ponte Széchenyi by nadjones
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Sunset at Balaton, Hungary
..o..z.. 8 years ago
Sunset on the lake

Budakalász, Hungary
suexID 8 years ago
The only death what's beautiful... by suexID

Bükfürdő, Hungary
Vane Delpech 8 years ago
Budapest by Vane Delpech

Budapest. 2007.
Vane Delpech 8 years ago
Budapest by Vane Delpech

Budapest. 2007.
Istvan PRO 8 years ago
Budapest, Zugló, Sunset

Budapest, Zugló, Korong utca
Mitoscat 8 years ago
Sunset at Lake Balaton
Lake Balaton
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Budapest, Zugló sunrises.

Four are dawn miracles.

Budapest, Zugló napkelték.
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Sunset over Budapest

Mark Pataki 8 years ago
Sárospatak, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén
Evaly** 8 years ago
Near Kaposvar
Red Ball
Near Esztergom

Danube (Duna) at Sunset by BlueVoter - thanks for 1.9M views
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Budapest - Barconi sul Danubio by Alessandro Grussu

Sunset in Budapest.
kasmil 8 years ago
Buda sunset...
Buda sunset...
cauda.equina 8 years ago
sunset over the danube

immi60 8 years ago

Hatvan, Hungary
A. Schrammel 8 years ago

Balaton, Siófok
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Dunaparti napnyugta

Vác, Dunapart
Aaron Dallos 7 years ago

lumpy79 7 years ago
Sió sunset panorama by lumpy79

Sió channel, Siójut
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balaton déli part
Magyoz 7 years ago
Napfelkelte by Magyoz

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Budapest sunset in January

tree of sunfire - sunset by VKaresz
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p.dave 7 years ago

Velencei-tó / Lake Velence
p.dave 7 years ago

A fishing lake near Budapest (capital of Hungary)
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Windy Blustery Day at the Lake

Windy day Siofok
Marinyu.. PRO 7 years ago
In Budapest, Zugló

Égbolt..and lightcorona
sonic182 6 years ago
HDR :)

Sunset HDR
p.dave 6 years ago

Lake Balaton
István Simon 6 years ago
13 more minutes by István Simon

Dawn by István Simon
redailia1 6 years ago
November 1.
senga91 [deleted] 6 years ago
Siófok, Balaton

Mariann Horvath 6 years ago
sunset 2

sunset 1
vizcsap 6 years ago
After a long, hard day...

Dávid Sutta 5 years ago
Mártély - Sunrise
 by Dávid Sutta
Faalma 4 years ago
Megyeri bridge, sunset

Highway to the sunset
Peter Hostyanszki 4 years ago
Gánt - Sunset

A good day ending
Liya Mirzaeva 4 years ago

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Leaving Budapest

Budapest: Margaret Bridge (Margit hid) At Sunset
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