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Xavier Donat ADMIN October 3, 2012

:: Check the country list in the group description, use the thread: Country List Questions & Answers for any question / remark

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Group Description

Sunsets and sunrises around the world. Get yours at

A few words about this special group
The concept here is very simple: share with us your Best Sunsets and Sunrises from all around the world.
Post your photos and link them to one of the corresponding thread bellow. If ever you could not find your country in the list then don't hesitate to start your own thread. I will then take care of adding it to the list here under.

We are a free of rules group also just please respect the theme.

Now please, enjoy our massive stock of warm and pleasant sunsets and sunrises, have a look at all the destinations we offer, discover new places and let the others enjoy your art and inspiration.

Cheers and welcome to the new joiners.

Thanks to the brilliant idea of Christine Lebrasseur your photos can be referenced into one of our thematic thread. See the impressive list of countries and themes bellow. Please participate, this really makes this group so much more interesting.

How to post your photo in one of our thread?
You want to add one of your great sunset or sunrise photo to one of our thread. Good :)
First of all check out our list of countries or themes above and see if you find the right spot for your pic. If you think your country is not represented, check twice by doing a search with the name of the country you could not find. If you still cannot find the right spot then it's your chance to create a new thread.

Now here is the process to add your pic in your post:
1. Go to the photo in your photo stream
2. Click the 'All Sizes' button located on the toolbar just above the pic
3. Select the 'small' button link from the download page
4. Scroll down, copy the code and paste this into your new comment box .
5. Click preview to check the right pic appears with the right size.
6. Enjoy and let us enjoy your pics :)

There is no limit, no restrictions, you can post as many pics as you want in a post. Just remember to post your best shots.

Your photo might have been removed from this pool with or without notice
Even though we claim being a “free of rules” group we still try to keep a certain quality level here. Also I or one of the moderators might perform some clean-up from time to time. In this process, your photo might have been removed. Maybe was it for one of those reasons:
- your shot contained non natural looking colors like a green sky or a blue sun or HDR that we considered non natural,
- your sunset contained too much dead parts like more then half of the picture is completely black,
- you posted several identical photos at the same time, remember we want your BEST shots only,
- we did not see any sunset or sunrise, a vague reflection of orange light is not what we expect here,
- your photo was too badly framed or had a very bad quality, contained spots, was blurried, etc.
- your sunset was badly exposed: too dark or too white,
- you made a nice photo of the sun but we would like a sun rising or a sun setting,
- you made a photo of your dog, not a sunset photo,
- you made a nice portrait, not a sunset photo,
- we simply considered that your sunset or sunrise didn’t had the quality the other shot have.

** be kind enough to not re-post the removed photos **

Now if you really don't understand why your photo has been removed feel free to send me a message you'll see I am an open minded guy.

Here is an old thread about this topic you could read it.

We have now 121 represented countries / territories ! Thanks to YOU.
updated the 13th of April 2010

NOTE: The following list might not be up to date, also if you don't find the country you want to post your picture please search the name of this country using the discussion search feature.

North America (2)
/ Canada
/ United States of America, thread #1, thread #2, thread #3

Central America and the Caribbean (13)
/ Barbados
/ Belize
/ Bermuda
/ Costa Rica
/ Cuba
/ El Salvador
/ Guatemala
/ Honduras
/ Jamaica (island nation)
/ Mexico
/ Panama
/ Trinidad and Tobago
/ Dominican Republic

South America (11)
/ Argentina
/ Bolivia
/ Brazil
/ Chile
/ Colombia
/ Ecuador
/ Paraguay
/ Peru
/ Suriname
/ Uruguay
/ Venezuela

Africa (16)
/ Angola
/ Botswana
/ Egypt
/ Ethiopia
/ Ghana
/ Kenya
/ Madagascar
/ Mauritius (island nation)
/ Morocco
/ Mozambique
/ La Réunion (France)
/ Seychelles (archipelago nation)
/ South Africa
/ Tanzania
/ Tunisia
/ Uganda
/ Zambia

Europe (Central, Southeastern & Northern Europe) (37)
/ Albania
/ Austria
/ Belgium
/ Bulgaria
/ Croatia
/ Czech Republic
/ Denmark (Danmark) includes Faroe Islands and Greenland
/ Estonia
/ Finland
/ France
/ Germany
/ Greece
/ Hungary
/ Iceland
/ Ireland
/ Italy
/ Kosovo
/ Latvia
/ Lithuania
/ Luxembourg
/ Macedonia (Republic of Macedonia)
/ Moldova
/ Montenegro
/ Netherlands
/ Norway
/ Poland
/ Portugal
/ Romania
/ Russia
/ Serbia
/ Slovakia
/ Slovenia
/ Spain
/ Sweden
/ Switzerland
/ Ukraine
/ United Kingdom: England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland)

Middle East (11)
/ Iran
/ Iraq
/ Israel
/ Jordan
/ Kuwait
/ Lebanon
/ Oman
/ Qatar
/ Syria, officially the Syrian Arab Republic
/ Turkey
/ Yemen

Asia & Eurasia (25)
/ Afghanistan
/ Azerbaijan
/ Bangladesh
/ Bhutan
/ Borneo
/ Brunei Darussalam
/ China / PRC - People's Republic of China (Taiwan)
/ Cambodia
/ Cyprus
/ India (2)
/ Indonesia
/ Japan
/ Kazakhstan
/ North Korea Contact the admin to create this thread.
/ South Korea
/ Laos
/ Malaysia
/ Maldives
/ Mongolia
/ Myanmar
/ Pakistan
/ Philippines
/ Singapore
/ Sri Lanka (island nation)
/ Taiwan, see Republic of China
/ Thailand
/ Vietnam

Australia and Pacific (6)
/ Australia
/ Fiji (island nation)
/ Guam
/ Northern Mariana Islands (commonwealth)
/ New Zealand
/ Vanuatu (island nation)

Special Topics
/ = NEWS FROM THE ADMIN = please read
/ From: Overseas
/ From: 30'000 ft
/ From: Above & across the oceans and continents
/ BestOf: What's your own fave sunset/rise (you took)
/ BestOf: The world's best sunset
/ Sexy Sunsets
/ Your tips about post-processing Sunsets & Sunrises
/ Sunsets and Silhouettes
/ Swap your Sunset / Sunrise Moo Cards !!

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 1 thing to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe, Moderate
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