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This image is a favorite! I found this in

***Springtime Memories International***

You are invited to follow
this link and add it in the
Your Faves ~ ***Springtime
Memories International***
~ Gallery.

(Post 1 ~ Award 1)

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Remember, these photos must be appearing in the group with an invitation on it to appear in this gallery. This is not an invitation gallery. This is an award gallery.

How to do this...

1 - Go to the right of the twitter icon.
You will see a little down arrow, Click on that.
2 - Click on 'Grab the HTML/BBCode'.
3 - Select the Medium size under the HTML code.
4 - Copy the 'HTML code' for your photo.
5 - Paste this 'HTML code' into this discussion thread.
6 - Save your entry with the 'post now'.

To post a video or slideshow to ANY thread in ANY group, copy and paste the URL (Web address) of your work between these brackets [ ]

Please post in medium size to show off the beauty of your photo. Images appearing below without this award will be deleted from the gallery. Thanks for your understanding in this matter, the Admins

Note: Be sure you have joined the group to get the discussion thread's comment box to appear. Some people add their photo using the add it now button and never have joined the group. If you have not joined the group, the box does not appear where you can post it into the discussion/gallery.
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