machen und tun 9:07pm, 30 July 2011
Hi there, i know some of us are making more than the 12 QAL blocks to get a bigger quilt. What about collecting these designs here to inspire each other?

I´ll start with my first two, # 1 Denise`s Star

summer sampler block B

# 2 Wild Duck

summer sampler block A is a great source to find blocks. Though it is a bit hard to navigate you can look for 12" blocks! They end up to be 12,5" incl seam allowance so they fit perfectly.
katie@swimbikequilt 7 years ago
I'm so glad you did this! I'll post mine after... I finish making them :)
Silke Scheller PRO 7 years ago
I`d like to sew 20 blocks. I thought about sewing some of the blocks twice. But to have other blocks (with tutorials) is much more better!
Thank you
machen und tun 7 years ago
here is another one i made called Borrow and Lend. Very easy and pretty at the same time:

summer sampler block C
katie@swimbikequilt 7 years ago
Love your blocks!
I am going to make duplicates of some of the Summer Sampler Series blocks, too. I don't think anyone will be writing up additional tutorials, but if I make additional blocks, I will include measurements :)
mennikelly 7 years ago
Here are two that I made.

Five Spot
Five Spot by mennikelly

Key West Star
Key West Star by mennikelly
It can be made with the templates from the Evening Star since the Quilter's Cache is for an 8" star.
machen und tun 7 years ago
oh i love those! especially the first one, i consider making that one, too. thanks for sharing :-)
GeorgiaMcDonald 7 years ago
Thankyou for posting all of these! I think I Might add some to my quilt too. :-)
crafting with loove PRO 7 years ago
I'm still working on extra blocks.
I will make 20 blocks so I still need to make a few more.

Here is my latest one. It's called four corners.

extra Block: Four Corners
machen und tun 7 years ago
and some more, links where to find them are in the picture

summer sampler qal extra blocks
katie@swimbikequilt 7 years ago
Ooh, I love everyone's blocks. I had a few I was going to make, and then had the opportunity to long arm my quilt this week, so I decided to make blocks I already knew how to make. :)
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