tophermartini PRO 10:38pm, 26 October 2011
Putting together a Top 50 List for Stuck On Earth is a unique opportunity, so we wanted to have a topic to review some best practices and lessons learned along the way…

The Top 50 List FAQ is the best place to start, so be sure to read through that thread first ;)

When curating images from other photographers on Flickr the big three criteria are geotags, Large Size images, and Creative Commons licensing so that everything looks amazing in the app.

When submitting your own images please make sure they're geotagged and have a Large Size image available.

There are some additional tips to highlight that can make your submission for a Top 50 List really stand out:

Accessible Locations

For Top 50 Must See and Secret Spots Lists location is everything… Many people will see your images and want to go explore the same location for themselves!

Wherever possible choose locations that everyone can access. Resist picking a location that is impossible to find in real life or requires special access.

Photo Titles and Descriptions

The photo title, description, map location, follow link, and additional information are displayed when viewing photos fullscreen with the Stuck On Earth app. Photos with great descriptions make a huge difference, especially if it calls out more details on the location or interesting facts.

If you're choosing between two or more similar photos from a specific location, selecting the photo with the best description is recommended.

Flickr Tags, Sets, and Galleries

Selecting 50 photos from Flickr can be a time consuming task and the workflow for curating a Top 50 List is open-ended for guest curators.

Flickr Tags, Sets, and Galleries are the three popular methods for sharing the photos you'd like to see in a Top 50 List.

We're here to work with you… if submitting a Top 50 List using a Set / Gallery instead of Tags is more preferable go right ahead :)

Got a Question?

Be sure to ask it in the thread below and we'll add it to the list!
dkaye PRO 5 years ago
Suggestion: Having trouble finding 50 great images in your area? See if you can find a local photo club. I asked the president of our local club to email the members with a description of what I'm looking for, and I think it's going to yield better images (and with a lot less work on my part) than if I had spent all my time searching Flickr the hard way.
tophermartini PRO 5 years ago
@dkaye that's a great tip, thanks! Can't wait to see the photos :)
TheFella PRO 5 years ago
I have question for I have a question about the licensing. I know that the app uses the 'large' size (1024) and needs to be creative commons, but if I change them from all rights reserved to cc, the original size becomes available for anyone to download. I'd rather not have this.

Is there no way to keep it rights reserved, but to give explicit permission for use in the app?
tophermartini PRO 5 years ago
Hey @TheFella!

All images will link back to the original source so people will be able to download the hi-res image.

For images from other Flickr photographers please use Creative Commons, but the app is non-commercial (free w/ no ads ;) so for your own images please use the licensing you feel is most applicable.

The app is essentially a very elegant and intelligent web browser for Flickr, and we can't wait for everyone to check it out! :)
TheFella PRO 5 years ago
I've started a few lists, but it's hard getting 50 good images! I'll spend more time at the weekend.
digital-dreams PRO 5 years ago
i try tp upload images but get an error msg
We can't add that to the group because it's either already in the group, is in too many groups, or doesn't follow the rules of this group.

the image I'm uploading is geotagged and has all the exif data to it. yet i simply can't upload, no matter which one i try it fails.
TheFella PRO 5 years ago
And your sure it's not already in the group? How many groups is the image currently in?
Matt. Create. PRO 5 years ago
When it comes to the top 50 selection, is it OK to have the same subject from several different angles, or try to avoid this?
tophermartini PRO 5 years ago
Hey Matt, do you have an example of a Top 50 List from several different angles?

Do you mean like the Top 50 Waterfalls on Earth or something different?
Matt. Create. PRO 5 years ago
An example would be the Statue of Liberty...
1. As seen from NYC
2. As seen from NJ
3. As seen from NY harbor
Same subject, several different angles.

Or when curating a city, do you want 50 unique sites?
tophermartini PRO 5 years ago
Sometimes the same spot from different POVs can be insightful, but it's a slippery slope for too much of the same thing :)
Peter Bryenton 5 years ago
50 shots of New York City are easier to assemble than the same number made in a rural hamlet in England.
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