Stuck in Customs PRO 7:17pm, 5 August 2009
Hey everyone.

Feel free to post your photos from the event below!

(Well, it hasn't started yet... I'll remove this parenthetical bit after it does)

Also, if you choose, you can put the photos in the Facebook Event at
Apogee Photography PRO 7 years ago
Thank you so much Trey for putting this together and thank you for all the other volunteers who helped make this a great event!

I have to say I was a bit disappointed when I got home and realized my camera had been in P mode rather than A mode.

HDR doesn't work very well in P mode...

Here is a shot that I took of John while he was taking a shot.

Austin Photo Walk
Thelonious Gonzo 7 years ago
Big thanks to Trey and those who helped in putting together tonights efforts. Very generous. Here is my attempt. More brave than awesome.

In the middle of the road
damclane 7 years ago
Well, you did invite beginners, so hopefully this won't be the only beginner-level shot posted:
Austin Capitol HDR by damclane

Thanks for arranging the walk; it seemed like a pretty good turn out to me! (An extra-special thanks for your excellent tutorials, as well.)
Thank you Trey for hosting this great photowalk, good to finally meet both you and David Wilson :) Hope to do this again sometime in the future.

Here is my first image that I've processed:

Capitol at Dusk
Stuck in Customs PRO 7 years ago
Hey thanks everyone for coming! - I hope you all had fun!

I put up a quick report of the night at

Here is my submission to the thread --

The Capitol on the Night of the Austin PhotoWalk
brillianthue 7 years ago
I think my favorite photo of the evening is this one, but can't totally decide:

Like Father... 3 by brillianthue

The rest are here:

Thanks for organizing this!

Mark Gilmore 7 years ago
This was awesome. Trey's work's been a big influence since I first laid eyes on his stuff. Whodathunk I would move to Austin one minute and be shooting with Trey Ratcliff the next. Did I say "awesome?" Awesome. And awesome some more.

My two bits (yeah, mister off-assignment, that's me):

Rotundabunga by Mark Gilmore

Driskill Bar by Mark Gilmore
Weston's Photos 7 years ago
Thanks for setting this up Trey! I took a LOT of photos, this one turned out the best but it's a bit noisy. Anyone know a good free noise-reduction package for the Mac? I'd love to get Noiseware but I can't afford it right now.

Mother in front of the Capitol by Weston's Photos
Here's my first, hastily processed, image from last night's photo walk:

Driskill Longhorn
weiss eubanks PRO 7 years ago
Handheld HDR

Frost Horseman
gdsjenny 7 years ago
HDR Newbie here. Thanks for the experience.

HDR Photo Walk by gdsjenny
Frank Jaquier 7 years ago
Thanks for organizing this event.

Texas State Capitol by Frank Jaquier
Lisas Lounge 7 years ago
Thanks Trey! This was my first time to do anything like this. What I really enjoyed was getting out and taking photos down town. I've lived here my whole life, and I haven't taken advantage of all the photo ops Austin has to offer.

Texas State Capitol Building

This one reminded me of a haunted house...

Creepy looking lights at the State Capitol, Austin Texas
Stuck in Customs PRO 7 years ago
Very cool all !

I'm enjoying seeing this stuff.

And feel free to post MULTIPLE photos in here if you like... no need to just do one. :)

AND, I should have mentioned this in my talk -- but you don't just have to post HDR shots - all photography is good! :)
Well everyone, here is my first processed shot. Feel free to provide feedback, good or otherwise. Trey - thanks for the event. It was great.

Darkness on the Texas Capitol by Jim Nix / Nomadic Pursuits
Taylorman2 Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Taylorman2 (member) 7 years ago
I am a beginner- I don't even own a DSLR yet- but I saw Trey on the news yesterday and invited my friend Seabrook who is a photographer to come last night- so we shared his camera and tripod. We got Photomatix, and had a blast afterwards processing our shots. I don't know how to use Photoshop, so after adjusting my shots in Photomatix I did a little more touching up in iPhoto. I didn't do any masking and only cropped one of my shots. I tried to dance on the edge of real/surreal in some of my choices- obviously going for surreal in the balcony shot that night - with an accidentally dirty lens.

We had a great time- and now are both big fans of the process. Thanks Trey for being so generous and collaborative with your knowledge and time!

Church Front HDR LTB by Taylorman2

Capital Center HDR LTB copy by Taylorman2

Balcony Moon Cloud LTB by Taylorman2

BoldPuppy 7 years ago
I haven't finished processing the hdr shots I took.... but I did post some of the 'regular' shots..

Trey Explains by BoldPuppy

On Guard by BoldPuppy

Congress Ave by BoldPuppy

Peek a moon by BoldPuppy

On the way by BoldPuppy

Watching the watchers by BoldPuppy

Any my first HDR with a new program:
Typical Ceiling... by BoldPuppy

I first changed the white balance in all of the individual photos, and then combined 5 shots in Qtpfsgui (it's free...) to make this shot.
BoldPuppy 7 years ago
This one is a combination of 5 exposures, weighted towards the shadow side, to get the details to come out...

Looking up... by BoldPuppy
This was my first time shooting the Capitol Building. Thanks so much Trey and everyone! My son Andrew and I had a blast!

TX Capitol At Sunset
BoldPuppy 7 years ago
Defender by BoldPuppy

The other one.
atxryan PRO 7 years ago
Texas Capitol HDR by atxryan

Here's the one image I've processed from last night. I had a ton of fun!
van.sutherland 7 years ago
Okay, not the capitol, but I like this image from the photo walk. Thanks for organizing this, Trey, it was a lot of fun!

Golden nights in the heart of Texas
Michael-Ann Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Michael-Ann (member) 7 years ago
Wow! A lot of great shots were taken! Nice to see what an inspiration "Mr. Stuck" is to so many folks. I wish I lived in Austin, would have loved to tag along on this.
van.sutherland Posted 7 years ago. Edited by van.sutherland (member) 7 years ago
Don't mean to repeat myself, but here's a color corrected version of my earlier post.

Golden nights in the heart of Texas, take two...
Suarez PRO 7 years ago
Had a great time, Trey. Thanks for putting this on. I met a lot of great local photographers. Hope to see a lot of you at the next CapMac Advanced Photography SIG meeting.

Texas Capitol
atxryan PRO 7 years ago
I LOVED the blue sky as the sun was setting. Suarez' shot captures the rich colors perfectly!

My own capture of this hue:
Texas Capitol Dome by atxryan
weiss eubanks PRO 7 years ago
One more Handheld HDR..... Really kicking myself for not bringing the tripod.

Mark T Porter 7 years ago
Here is a hand held HDR. Thanks for the photo walk Trey, I enjoyed it.
HDR Photowalk by Mark T Porter
Mark T Porter 7 years ago
Here is one more. Thanks again.
South side of Capital by Mark T Porter
Cliff_Baise PRO 7 years ago
I had a blast last night. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. Thanks for the experience!

Chromius Maximus
Here's my second image. I know it's cliched but I love the geometry.

Texas State Capitol Rotunda
Cliff_Baise PRO 7 years ago
I hate to be the one who's all controversial and everything, but I thought this was an interesting scenario.
Donation Today
BoldPuppy 7 years ago
Heh - love that double meaning...
van.sutherland 7 years ago
Okay, these are my final images from last night. We need to do this again some time!

Texas State Capitol

Texas State Capitol

Driskill Hotel lobby
Cliff_Baise PRO 7 years ago
Did Trey say "Another photowalk in the Fall"? I'm in! But we're gonna need a bigger boat!

The Eyes of Texas
Thelonious Gonzo Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Thelonious Gonzo (member) 7 years ago
A bunch of thirsty photog's can be seen in the back ground.

Dipping the beak in the Driskell

Taken after the photowalk on my way back to the car.
Sixth and San Jacinto
Definitive HDR Photography PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Definitive HDR Photography (member) 7 years ago
My 2nd image of the night:
Captiol Assignment

I think I'll take more time on it though and see if I can correct the haloing around the capitol.
MilesBintz 7 years ago
I'm reluctant to post my shot with all the other great shots in this thread!

Nice and simple... not even HDR:
Texas Capitol at Sunset by MilesBintz
atmtx PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by atmtx (member) 7 years ago
Thanks again, Trey. My son and I had a great time.

My favorite non-HDR shot.
Path to the Texas Capitol by atmtx

My favorite HDR shot.
Texas Capitol - Gleaming by atmtx

Dueling photographers at the Driskill
Dueling Photographers by atmtx
Skyfisher 7 years ago
Really Enjoyed the Event. Thank you.

Dome after Sunset by Skyfisher
Narno06 7 years ago
here are my first experiments with HDR processing:
Capitol by Narno06

Capitol by Narno06

infanterie by Narno06

Artillerie by Narno06

Fountain by Narno06

Capitol by Narno06
A Great Way To Relax by Eleazar Paradise Photography

I decided to kick back a cold one after meeting a hero.
weiss eubanks PRO 7 years ago
A non-HDR :) On my way back to the truck.

How bout some more:

Everybody Take A Picture
Everybody Take A Picture

Texas Dome

More Bars In More Places
More Bars In More Places
Evan Gearing (Evan's Expo) PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Evan Gearing (Evan's Expo) (member) 7 years ago
OK, here are my feeble attempts.. Lots of great shots out there. I'm ready to do it again! Thanks Trey for putting this together!

Texas Capitol and Streetlight

Capitol Cowboy

Capital and Atrium
Finally, an image that I am pretty sure John didn't take before me :-)

John Rogers in Action
Cliff_Baise PRO 7 years ago
I walked up Brazos for the first block and got this one.

2010 Porsche Carrera
Taylorman2 7 years ago
Another shot from that night- HDR made this Bike really pop out.

LTB 2 by Taylorman2
I went inside for the first time since an Elementary field trip many years ago. Taken about an hour or so right before the Photowalk.

House Chambers
PaxTaru Posted 7 years ago. Edited by PaxTaru (member) 7 years ago
Ooops forgot this thread... I don't have any HDR photos (sorry, slacker didn't bring his tripod...) but here are my favorites. It was great meeting everyone! Hope to see yall in the next photo walk :)




Here's all the photos on flickr:
Didn't post all my pics on flickr, some pics are just on facebook:
Gordon McGregor 7 years ago
I only took one picture. Well I suppose I took about 250 really, but it ends up as one.

Cliff_Baise PRO 7 years ago
Found at the Driskill

Found at the Driskill
Definitive HDR Photography PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Definitive HDR Photography (member) 7 years ago
I'm breaking away from the Captiol shots for today and posting up something a little different :)

Small Man In A Big World
Cem + Lena Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Cem + Lena (member) 7 years ago
I enjoyed the night , Thanks for all the tips from fellow photographers.

Here's another from inside the capitol.

Capitol Corridor
BoldPuppy 7 years ago
David - that's a great shot!

The best part about this shoot was meeting some really talented photographers and making some friends! I look forward to the next one.
Here is my next image from the photowalk :)

The Side Less Taken
OK, this was technically taken an hour before the photowalk, but I thought it was fun nevertheless.

Absolute Demolition
John Frierson PRO 7 years ago
My first attempt at HDR processing:

One more and my last. I hope Trey is OK with it....

Trey Ratcliff at Austin Photowalk 2009
alamosbasement 7 years ago
I didn't do any HDR. Didn't have my tripod, and it's a little more involved than I want to get right now.

I consider myself somewhere between beginner and amateur, closer to amateur. ;) The hardest part for me is the post-processing! Takes a lot of time to learn.

A couple favorites:

Austin Photo Walk by alamosbasement

Austin Photo Walk by alamosbasement

Here's my smallish set. I cut it down from close to 200 shots fired.

Skyfisher 7 years ago
A straight shot - No HDR.

Framed Dome by Skyfisher
My absolute last image from the photowalk :)

There's a Beetle at the Capitol!!!
centanni 7 years ago
My first attempt at HDR following Trey's tutorial...

 HDR - Ford at the Driskill by centanni
centanni 7 years ago
HDR - Texas State Capitol 1 by centanni Posted 7 years ago. Edited by (member) 7 years ago
centanni 7 years ago
HDR - Driskill Longhorn by centanni
Anyone know of any classes for Beginner Photoshop that are good in Austin?
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