cheridlr 2:53pm, 23 January 2013
Hi guys! I'm just new to this and I'm currently in the process of buying my first light modifier, which is the umbrella. In one of the online shops that I was looking, I stumbled upon a 2-in-1 detachable umbrella.

It says that I can remove the black cover so I can use it as a shoot-through umbrella & I can put it back on to use it as a reflective umbrella. So I hope you can give me suggestions if I should go and buy this umbrella or not.

I am also aware that shoot-through umbrella's are more versatile than reflective. Am I going to need a reflective umbrella in the future?

Please please reply :)

Thank you! No haters please! :)
It's just Mark PRO 4 years ago
I'd recommend getting a variety of umbrellas. I have heard reports that some people have a problem getting the black cover back on after they take it off, but YMMV.
Alfredk PRO 4 years ago
It's the only type of umbrella I use and I use it in reflective mode far more often than in shoot through!
I don't like shoot through because the light gets scattered everywhere and I like control over my light, if you like to do a black background you will find out what I am talking about!
gryphon1911 [A.Live] 4 years ago
I've never really been a big fan of reflective umbrellas.

I do have shoot through umbrellas as well as umbrella boxes(softboxes that deploy like an umbrella.)
I use the shoot throughs when I want a light source I need to get really close to the subject and light spill is not an issue or potentially desired.

I use the umbrella boxes for those times when I need to control teh spill but want that big, soft light source.

What you eventually end up with is going to be very personal to the style you shoot in. Having said that, umbrellas are a good place to start and just get your feet wet.
LayerMask Posted 4 years ago. Edited by LayerMask (member) 4 years ago
The details vary quite a lot.
Some white brollys with separate black backs will not collapse with the backing still in place - meaning you have to re-apply the backing with every (reflective mode) use.
Other reflective brollys have a plain white, not satin finish & have permanent backing.
Also the shafts vary - some are really feeble while some are solid.
Then there's the number of spokes etcetc.
ScottJ 4 years ago
I love the convertible umbrellas. I use mine in reflective mode more often, but sometimes a shoot-through is just what you need for a product photo or low-key shot. One caution ... when you use a shoot-through umbrella, the shadows of the umbrella ribs are very distinct, and this can sometimes create a spidery-looking catchlight in eyes and other reflective objects.
camcleat 4 years ago
I have a Wescott 60 inch 2 in 1, and I really like it. The black back is easy to add/remove. My opinion is that these are good value for the money and give a number of useful options...good for starting out.
ImageWorks123 [deleted] 4 years ago
I got one of those convertible umbrellas. It saves you space and gives good results. The backof the black umbrella is silver so when you bounce off the white umbrella insides it it gives you some white reflections instead of the hard silver look and it give great distance lighting. I plan on using it now more since I bought an alien bee strobe.
Rangefindergeneral 4 years ago
Convertables are great if you want to do that half and half thing so the brolly lights the face and upper body but leaves shadow on the lower half of the subject..
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