Rich Baum 4:45pm, 16 January 2013
The weather here in Sacramento CA has been below freezing for the past week (in the morning) and something came to my mind yesterday. I keep / store all my batteries and chargers in my garage which has no heat and now wonder if that can be bad for the battery's? I know that many people keep batteries in their fridge but wondered if the cold affected battery life and charging speed?
I have Quantum Turbos, Eneloops and a Vagabond Mini...


ac12basis 4 years ago
COLD does affect discharging speed / flash charging speed...makes it slower.

As for storage, it depends on the battery chemistry and specs.

Per the spec sheet for a PowerSonic Lead-Acid Gel-Cel (your Quantum Turbo)
charge -4F - 122F
discharge -40F - 140F
So you can charge it in the cold, don't know how faster/slower it would be compared to charging at standard 68F.

Whenever I have pulled batteries out of the freezer, I leave it sitting for about 6 hours, to "thaw out" before using it.

Actually I would be more afraid of the summer temp. You would have 100+F temp in the summer. Heat IS bad for battery life, the battery will self discharge faster. And you do NOT want to let a lead-acid battery get below 60% charge, or the battery may not be able to be fully recharged.

I don't have the specs for a NiMH battery (Eneloop and maybe the Vagabond), but I would presume that they would be OK in the cold and similarly not like the heat.
Mr. Speedlight Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Mr. Speedlight (member) 4 years ago
I read that NiMH batteries should not be charged below 59*F or they may off gas shortening their useful life. I'm on a cell phone and can't verify now.

Dave Hartman

Try here...
Mr. Speedlight Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Mr. Speedlight (member) 4 years ago

Both storage and charge information at above.
strobe right 4 years ago
The Vagabond II has a Sealed Lead Acid Gel-Cell also. The Vagabond Lithium is the only one with the lithium cell.
ac12basis 4 years ago
Until the advent of LONG shelf life alkaline batteries, I always put my new AAA, AA, C and D alkaline cells in the freezer. This slowed down the chemical reaction in the batteries so I could buy in bulk and have them available whenever I wanted them. The new alkaline batteries have such long shelf life that I don't need to do that anymore.

Once I start using a battery, it stays out of the freezer.
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