rey® 3:19am, 15 January 2013
Is this power enough for the PLM 86"? I plan to get one.

depends on your situation, but yes, a plm if well designed focuses a beam of light.

Wanna overpower the sun and you are in england, or in Atlanta..sure it's probably fine.

Wanna over power the sun in summer in Dubai....maybe, just maybe, you might need a stronger light (probably not)
rey® Posted 4 years ago. Edited by rey® (member) 4 years ago
Is there any advantage at all when using the 86" PCB PLM with a 400ws strobe? Because if there is none, I'll just get the 64".
Bigger the lightsource, softer the shadow. Probably beautiful output from that light. Assuming though, will see what other people say.

Plus imagine how much more pro Mary Poppin's would look if she flew in with a 86" pcb.
Kris This Is [deleted] 4 years ago
The 86 is very large, and you need a large space in which to use it correctly.

Also, watch out for the weird multiple shadows behind your subject from the multi panel PLM.

I have other multi panel silver umbrellas, but the shadows from the PLM are unique!
Severin Sadjina 4 years ago
So much depends on what you wanna do with it!
I use a 53" Octa with the 400Ws Elinchrom Quadra. Gives me f/10 at ISO 100 at 2m distance. For me, that's enough to be using it in bright summer sun (in Norway though, but that's still f/14 or f/16 at ISO 100 and 1/200s) as a key. But won't be enough to overpower the sun for full body shots or group shots.

Maybe that helps.
trainerKEN. PRO 4 years ago
Kris This Is:

+1 on the size of the 86"... You really need the room (ceiling height) for it... when opened, in a standard 8' ceiling room, it's literally only inches from the floor and inches from the ceiling... in an outdoor environment, it's basically a big sail, so you'll need a LOT of sandbags or people to hold it down. So, ideally, it's really meant for indoor/studios with high ceilings
Severin Sadjina 4 years ago
, excellent point! You really need to think about the wind when shooting outdoors. A light breeze can be enough to tip the whole thing over.
Jerry P. H. Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Jerry P. H. (member) 4 years ago
It won't fall over, it just lifts you away and drops you off on some uncharted island in the south Atlantic... lol

PS. I chose the 64" reflective PLM instead. Of itself it is also huge, just more manageable than the 86" version for my needs.
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