sasiharshav 1:31pm, 10 December 2012

I am planning to buy ETTL triggers for my canon camera and couldn't decide whether to go with Pixel king or Yongnuo YN622. Please suggest the best one.
Bobsden 5 years ago
I have the Yn-622. They have been very reliable so far and was much cheaper than the Kings when I was comparing. I bought 4 units for £102, my only thought was they could have been smaller but at that price I`m not complaining.
Theoalley 5 years ago
I have the pixel kings they are good but the build is not sturdy and they do not support ratios. If I did not have the Pixel Kings my clear choice would be the YN 622 becasue they are cheaper and do support ratios.
sasiharshav 5 years ago
Thanks Bobsden & Theoalley. Except size YN622 seems to be gud and fits the budget. Few reviews says that pixel king triggers crap battery door, No test button, Defaults to E-TTL HSS when powered off and on again, Plastic cold shoe mount on receivers. Any issues or cons with YN622 before i take decision to buy them.
Snappuppy [deleted] 5 years ago
I have the YN622C and the limited use I've had with them has been extremely positive. The focus assist beam isn't too goo though and the target is off centre, no major issue for me as the 7D focuses ok as is.
Myra Mains 5 years ago
I have four TN622s that I have used in every imaginable configuration, and they are almost perfect. My only real complaint is that they don't remember your ratio settings after being powered off, and because there's no USB port, it's not going to be fixed with a firmware change. You do have to be a bit careful when mounting flashes to ensure that the locking pin is engaged, and as mentioned previously, the focus grid doesn't work terribly well (for wide-angle lenses.)

Otherwise, if your camera supports control of external flash operations, the YN622 is hard to beat. Good battery life, good construction, and flawless operation so far.
McGuire_ 5 years ago
Does the YN work with the Canon ST-E2?
Theoalley 5 years ago
The YN-622 is a radio trigger and the ST-E2 is and IR trigger. I don't see how it could work witht the ST-E2.
elv0000 5 years ago
@ Theoalley - The Canon version Pixel kings now support ratios with the latest firmware update. But the YN-622C still have a lot more refinements, they lack of USB port the main negative. I put a detailed review of the 622c and kings up here -
doughboy fresh 5 years ago
@McGuire_- The YN-622 is used instead of, the ST-E2. You might be able to use the ST-E2 in conjunction with the YN-622 but I'm sure of how practical that would be.
elv0000 5 years ago
No they won't work together as the 622C is already the master unit.

You can use most manual radio triggers on the 622C pass through hotshoe though, and fire those in sync just in manual.
lot16ca PRO 5 years ago
I have the 3 pair of RF-622 and I am very pleased.. Performance so far has been excellent, only negative is using them close range with the focus grid. It may be well above the target.
FateDenied 5 years ago
I can echo above feedback on the YN622Cs. At a price which would leave me willing to accept some weakness in build quality, they have very little.

Aside from the observation that the focus grid is straight forwards from a raised position, and misaimed on some units, I note that I still prefer it to the one on my speedlights when shooting unlit in dark conditions, because it is considerably better within its limited range (center point only, basically).

I guess it's worth mentioning that I find a little more rotational play in the top hot shoe than in some I've seen. Never a feeling that it might fall out, but some small movement.

The camera-mounted unit will act as a pass-thru and a remote trigger at the same time, which is something I didn't appreciate until I needed it.

Worth reading the instructions, by the way - there is a mode for each reciever in which it won't pass along the zoom instructions, and you will probably want different zoom settings on different flashes, if using multiples (press and hold the channel button for 2 seconds, IIRC).

Never used pixel kings, but I can't see how they would do any more for me.
Theoalley 5 years ago
Thanks for letting me know about the update for the Pixel Kings. I will have to update them this weekend. I am looking forward to having ratios.
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