kevingeary 1:37am, 24 November 2012
It blew over today when I was shooting in a field. Landed in tall grass. Didn't look like it landed hard at all, but one of the spokes bent and now the square isn't completely square.

It still opens and closes but it's slightly lopsided now. I tried bending it back and it doesn't seem to be helping.

I was hoping they'd be a little more durable than this. Anyone else have an issue?
AtlantaTerry 5 years ago
can the bent spoke be removed? If so, contact the manufacturer. Surely you can't be the only photographer who needed a replacement spoke.

Was the light stand secured with weights and three ropes as has been discussed in this group many times before?
It's just Mark PRO 5 years ago
@ Terry. Of course the light stand wasn't secured. It fell over...remember?
Have a little sympathy. Don't berate him. Sheesh.
If it was it wouldn't be flying around I am guilty of not securing mine either :D

If the rods are removeable Call the manufacturer and order a new one I had this happen to my Photoflex octabox and ordered a new rod..
kevingeary 5 years ago

I was on my way over to it with the sand bag. I usually have my assistant hold it but I was doing a self portrait and was alone. There was only an LP160 in it. If my einstein had been in it, I would have brought the bag over first.
kevingeary 5 years ago
Kevin -Flushing Michigan:

I don't think they're removable.
Rangefindergeneral 5 years ago
I feel your pain, I never have a bag on my stands and this is always happening to me, sand bags are such a pain.

The best you can hope to do is gently bend out the rod till its straighter, you might need pliers to hold the rod at the bend. Good luck.
Ivan Sorensen | PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Ivan Sorensen | (member) 5 years ago
Welcome to the official, Club of Bent Apollos. When I bought mine, for some strange reason I included a $14 no questions warranty from the store. I am now on my third Apollo in a year. They will bend back to almost where they came from but because they are stamped metal will have a permanent weak spot at the kink and will bend again if you look at it cross-eyed.
DavidJ Stanley PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by DavidJ Stanley (member) 5 years ago
I have not tried this but i think there is a tool for straightening bent spokes on bicycle wheels with a gentle touch it might help. I usually use brute force a meter ruler and pliers to ease out the kinks.
You could always use a spoke from any umbrella with a little DIY
Nikonparrothead 5 years ago
I had that happen to my Apollo Orb day one. I think since it's umbrella based you can't just remove a spoke. Insurance would be a great idea with this kit.
Snappuppy [deleted] 5 years ago
Thing with the Apollo is its made from petty soft steel, and is only curled, not a solid rod. Straightening it won't get the kink out nd will make i even weaker. That's it's biggest weak point for me even though I love the thing.

I have one of those Chinese knock offs which, to be honest, is better built. It used fibre glass ribs which won't bend.
AtlantaTerry 5 years ago
I never thought about the bent rod issue before but my soft boxes from both Chimera and PhotoFlex are made with pockets along the edges into which removable rods fit.
dkmurphypr PRO 5 years ago
Might not be a bad idea to pick up a LumoPro LP605 stand or two. They have spikes on the legs which can be driven into the ground and provide good stability.
AtlantaTerry 5 years ago
hmmm... OK, I looked at the LumaPro light stand. IMHO sandbags and three ropes would be better.
kevingeary 5 years ago
I'm looking into the chinese knockoff to replace this thing and I'll just use the bent one as a rim light. It still works perfectly, but it's uglier now.

Bet none of you bitches are rocking the Apollo 28" Triangle are you?
dkmurphypr PRO 5 years ago
"hmmm... OK, I looked at the LumaPro light stand. IMHO sandbags and three ropes would be better. "

That's because all you've done is looked. You haven't used. I have.

Obviously, the LP605 isn't suitable for use with a studio strobe and a giant softbox in 40 mph winds, but it is well suited for use with a speedlight and, for instance, a 60cmx60cm softbox. And it will stay in place while you're securing it further with sandbags and ropes, if conditions warrant.
Easy Mark 5 years ago
I think if you already have light stands you might be able to pick up some tent stakes for not too much $$$s, especially since camping season is over now...

"I have one of those Chinese knock offs which, to be honest, is better built. It used fibre glass ribs which won't bend. "

Which one??? Do you have a link by chance???

Thanks in advance.
Snappuppy [deleted] 5 years ago
Old Nikon User:

Micansu Speedlite Ezy Up Umbrella softbox, you'll need to go a google for it

I think there's a video on YT too.
Easy Mark 5 years ago


I will have to look for a seller here in the us.

The fiberglass rods sound appealing.
AtlantaTerry 5 years ago
the one time early in my career when I had an umbrella + Balcar 1200 head take flight, the wind lifted it UP. I believe the LumaPro's stakes would have pulled out of the ground in that situation.

If I had been smart enough to use sandbags and ropes, my rig would have been held down. It was an expensive lesson to learn.
It's just Mark PRO 5 years ago
You know what works better than sandbags?
A Voice Activated Lightstand. Not a Chinese knockoff,though. A high quality one. :-)
PVA_1964 PRO 5 years ago
+1 ^

Welcome Back Mark
PhilM Photography 5 years ago
Same thing happened to me.... Piece of thin timber dowel and zip ties... Fixed! 5 years ago
- "A Voice Activated Lightstand. Not a Chinese knockoff,though. A high quality one. "

I had one of those.

Everytime I said "Light" they moved one step to their right.
Ivan Sorensen | PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Ivan Sorensen | (member) 5 years ago
Rangefindergeneral Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Rangefindergeneral (member) 5 years ago
Your just a load of camp old boyscouts with your ropes and tent pegs, photographers are supposed to be cool...!!!

Nick we will discuss your joke later... :-)
Leo @ IM 5 years ago
The new model Apollo 28" plus its big brother the 50" have fibreglass ribs so are much more likely to survive a fall.

You should be glad the speedlight survived, prevention is the cure. My favourite method is to ball bungee my camera bag to the light stand, it saves carrying sandbags.
Too late now, but putting ty wraps (cable tidy) around the struts in 4 places on each strut improves their strength (
kevingeary 5 years ago
Leo @ IM:

Where is this new Apollo 28 you speak of? I just got mine not long ago and it didn't have fiberglass ribs. My 50" does, but not the 28.
Leo @ IM 5 years ago
Kevin, its a running change on the 28s, so depending on the retailer they may have the old style, new style or a mix of both in stock. We have a bit of both and are running out the old ones at a lower price than the new ones.

The 50" always had fibreglass ribs to the best of my knowledge.
kevingeary 5 years ago
Leo @ IM:

Same price for the fiberglass ribs version?
petepixxx Posted 5 years ago. Edited by petepixxx (member) 5 years ago
I've used those little metal rods that hold the neon flags in grass showing where the water/gas lines run. Available at Lowes (with flags). I just slip the rod into the bent part (after straightening) and JB Weld the ends and middle. The ribs remain flexible and the fix isn't visible.

Good Luck!

P.S. Apollos are on sale now for Cyber Monday...

edit: Oops! OP was talking softbox not umbrella. Anyway, if the ground is soft those dog leash screw in spikes are quite strong.
FateDenied 5 years ago
Hmmm. Tent pegs. I have loads of those. Would work a treat with stand designs that have horizontal legs. Angled appropriately, of course (use 6, with two on each leg at opposite 45 degree angles - won't pull out that way).
Note to self: go to hardware store to buy a duffel bag to carry tent pegs and 45lb sledge hammer then stop at drug store to pick up some Robax to keep the back from seizing up after lugging all that shit to the shoot location.
It's just Mark PRO 5 years ago
You can always use the duffel bag full of pegs and hammers as a sandbag......
dilleyo725 PRO 5 years ago
here's the video to what a few already mentioned about using ties to strengthen the rods
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