badminton boy 1:59pm, 17 November 2012
My father works in a meterological.because he working relationships.I got
a long photographic task,YES,it's photo rocket car.accurately,photo rocket.If possible rainfall weather.the rocket car will be according to the command to launch site.the air control consent,rocket car into reloading test,each a rocket car once can launch four rocket,when the rockets into the air about 3000 meters,missile explosim,the missile's silver iodile spread in the air in the air to water vapor condress into water droplets,achieve the effect of rain.through the rain wash suspended in the air pollutant,to achieve the purpose of the clean air,like people feel the air clear gereral.
this is common as less than, for me it is precious,If shooting success,will be very spectacular and shock.I have never shoot such a big scene,the missile launch very fast,I also very excited,I want to ask everybody ,have the experience,should how to ease?how to set camera?how to set flash light?my camera is 5D MK2, I have two flash (580II, yinyan by--32tfz).lens is EF17-40and EF 50 1.4
Scott Strehlow 5 years ago
Your flash will be useless for this unless you are close. Too close for when the rocket is launched. So you could use it to get static shots on the pad. Use the normal OCF strategies here. If there is some sun, then cross light it.

Once it launches, you will get no benefit from the flash. If you have a few launches to shoot, do a few different things. Like a long shutter on one, rapid burst shooting for another, etc.
badminton boy 5 years ago
if i used Ambient light ,I mean the rocket high after the heat produced by the light .I use high ISO.Big aperture .Use flash light to play bright rocket after the smoke .This is feasible?
pat22043 PRO 5 years ago
How "high" do you mean? You might get 100 feet (30 meters) from really strong lights such as the big monoblocks that DH used to light the opera singer in the woods.

The inverse square law will prevent you from going much farther without lots of really expensive flashes.
badminton boy 5 years ago

May I express the wrong. Not the rockets. Is rocket launch scene
Bippa1 5 years ago
badminton boy 5 years ago
Ah, test. Ravel! If you have personal fly on-site guidance, this much good
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