slowrider97 PRO 6:41pm, 10 November 2012
I am just curious. I have been seeing these Cannon printers
all over the place mostly new and in the box for what I
consider a bargain price. Is there something wrong with
these printers? They seem to get good reviews from what I
have read.
AtlantaTerry Posted 5 years ago. Edited by AtlantaTerry (member) 5 years ago
very likely they are trying to move them for the Christmas shopping season.

Also, it's possible Canon is bringing out a new model (that happens all the time with electronic devices) and the firms with inventory don't want to be caught with "outdated" inventory.

One way to save money on ink is by using a bulk feed system or refilling the ink cartridges. A bulk feed system uses micro-tubing to constantly draw ink from a small bottle into specially connected ink cartridges.
Moon C Photoworks 5 years ago
It's an excellent photo printer! I use Canon Pro Platinum paper with it and do minimal softproofing before printing - monitor calibration is needed though.
Rasmus_hald 5 years ago
The cost of a printer is not really the actual printer, but the running cost of the actual printing you do.
I actually bought this model around a year ago for 200$ on a sale ( demo model ) but returned it when I found out it didnt have the print head and after checking the ink cost.

Printing is fun, but you dont do it to save money, the running cost are pretty high, and unless you go up in the pro printer class like Epsons 4900 the ink cost is really high.
francoismi 5 years ago
This printer is often bundle with Canon camera deals which is why you see them barely used often. I have one and it makes beautiful prints. Ink is pricy but if you use the printer regularly and don't lose a lot of ink to head cleaning it is pretty efficient and conservative on resources. I'm very happy with mine.
kc8pql Posted 5 years ago. Edited by kc8pql (member) 5 years ago
I suspect that Canon is closing out the 9000MKII.
They've introduced a new printer at the same suggested retail price:
I also have a 9000MKII. It does make excellent prints.
Could be a good time to pick one up if you don't have to have the latest and greatest.
slowrider97 PRO 5 years ago
Thanks for the replies. You guys are right, people are purchasing Cannon cameras and getting them with their purchase. I just saw a 9000MKII for $150.00. I think I'll pick
one up.
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