☣ cUKi 3:35am, 20 June 2012
The specs sound great for the price, it's allegedly a Canon Wireless / Nikon CLS compatible flash - in both Commander and Slave modes! They also include pretty much all the bells and whistles (no HSS though). The Canon version implements group ratios, also accessible via the camera's menu.

Here are the manuals for the Canon version and Nikon version. I'll come back with comments after I get the chance to read them.

Anyone brave/rich enough to give one a try? They're available on Ebay from £106.62 (Canon) or £116.89 (Nikon).

Oloong SP-660II are about £65, they offer wireless TTL slave mode only. A short video review here (what's the language, Thai?).

Lighting Rumors
petepixxx Posted 3 years ago. Edited by petepixxx (member) 3 years ago
YN-565EX / SB-700 clone! The lower price iTTL battle is ON!

Couple very quick weirdnesses in the Amzon/eBay listing:

Looks like the Amazon distribution gives it 5 stars! Surprise!

Guide number: GN 50 (ISO 100 180mm) -- Kind of low

and Huh?:
Flash times: 1/800-1/20000S
Flash duration: 1/200 ~ 1/20000s

As always gotta wonder how long they endure! Should be fun to watch if for no other reason than being able to say Oooo-long!
☣ cUKi Posted 3 years ago. Edited by ☣ cUKi (member) 3 years ago
But it's not just iTTL, it's CLS. Not E-TTL II, but almost complete Canon Wireless commander. Maybe the SP-660II is similar to the YN565EX (but it's also about half the 565EX's price). The SP-690II is almost in the top class.

Flash times/duration: maybe they've badly translated t.1 and t.5. The figures kinda' match.

GN50M is not great, and the lack of HSS is definitely not great. I guess we can't expect greatness in this price range - not yet :) The slogan should be "The lower price CW / CLS battle is on!"
petepixxx Posted 3 years ago. Edited by petepixxx (member) 3 years ago
OK! You can take it to the CLS camp. I've never found line-of-sight stable enough for me, so never used it.

As with any newly released flash we'll need to sort out the BS marketing:
recycle time alkaline (NiMH should be faster):
alibaba => 2sec (niMH) (& 5 sec alkaline)
dealextreme => 5sec

GN 50 @180 is about a stop under the 580EXii/YN560 (58 @105).

Per manual:
pg10- Low batt indicator
pg12- CP-E4 Canon external power source.
pg12- Overheat mode entered with 25 shots @full power.
pg14- Manual mode 1/1 - 1/128, L-R Full steps, U/D 1/3rd, default 1/16
pg15- Canon Strobe mode
pg19- No Auto or Repeating Mode (Nikon).
pg24- Front/Rear curtain sync
pg25- AF Beam - not defined for number or spread
pg26- Built-in Bounce card
pg26- Wide angle reflector (can't find Wide width setting).
pg32- GN list

Is there a quench pin on the bottom for RP Cube?

will add above as I see them.
OK, that's all the interest I have in this flash till I find out the build quality.
-nickon- PRO Posted 3 years ago. Edited by -nickon- (member) 3 years ago

I was this close to buying the original SP-690. There weren't many reviews for the SP-690, so I held out. It's clearly more of a Nikon SB-900 clone than a YN-565EX clone.

I might just fall for this latest Oloong iteration...

mjkzz (a.k.a zwdeal) Posted 3 years ago. Edited by mjkzz (a.k.a zwdeal) (member) 3 years ago
Someone in Chinese edition of this group converted this into a 150WS flash by adding capacitors and mounting Sunpak 120J style flash tube to it. And all TTL stuff still works.

☣ cUKi Posted 3 years ago. Edited by ☣ cUKi (member) 3 years ago
The pictures are not showing (Err. 404) and are not linked either. But it sounds cool, maybe Oloong will try that too. A cheap Q-flash wouldn't be such a bad thing.

With wireless flashes, one stop of GN is not that important after all. We're not supposed to bounce them off cathedral ceilings.
mjkzz (a.k.a zwdeal) Posted 3 years ago. Edited by mjkzz (a.k.a zwdeal) (member) 3 years ago
oh really? I can see it fine. But anyways, here is the actual link to the article, it is in Chinese, but the pictures are universal :-)

☣ cUKi Posted 3 years ago. Edited by ☣ cUKi (member) 3 years ago
Yep, it looks very cool. I'm not sure how well it works or for ho loong, but a fully-featured wireless flash with a 150W bare bulb for ~118 quid (1180 yuan) is definitely not a proposition I'd ignore if it was factory-made.

If someone from Oloong is reading this, I wonder if the innards of the 690-II can't be transplanted into a small Bowens-S compatible body...
☣ cUKi Posted 3 years ago. Edited by ☣ cUKi (member) 3 years ago
You're talking about the SP-660II, right? [astrowar's message is gone, I take it as "yes"]

For how long did you use it?
☣ cUKi 3 years ago
David Selby at "Lighting Rumors" has just let me know he's soon moving for a while to HK - I can't wait for proper hands-on reviews on all the new gear that's being produced!
www.PaulAylettPhoto.com PRO 3 years ago
I've seen them on eBay for $109 but lack of HSS is a deal breaker for me.
strobelight1 3 years ago
never hear of "Oloong but it looks good for $100
ksporry Posted 3 years ago. Edited by ksporry (member) 3 years ago
Got it, used it, and dumped it. Sure, if it's on-camera, or if it's PC triggered via a radio trigger, then it's quite acceptable. Otherwise it's an expensive paperweight. It's too slow to operate as an optical slave (both manual and in TTL). Haven't tried as on-camera master, but that's not what I bought it for. in the dumpster and lets get myself a discounted 580EX II instead...
petepixxx 3 years ago
I can't defend the flash as I've never seen it, but TOO SLOW? LightingRumors says it claims a 2 second refresh with NiMH (assuming Eneloops as they are the best with lowest internal resistance). Can you explain how you reached that conclusion?
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