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Michael Stoop 11:50am, 17 June 2012
Apparently they are releasing these.

Look quite interesting especially since they are transceivers. Knowing Yongnuo they might be quite cheap.

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pette34 4 years ago
looks like the ojecoco :D
DazJW [deleted] 4 years ago
Looks like the battery door is a bit thicker than the playing card Pixel have used for the Kings.
Kris This Is [deleted] Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Kris This Is (member) 4 years ago
Hmm, interesting.

I guess the Yongnuo angle would be price, and hopefully cheap.

Unfortunately, the transceiver design means only a hotshoe underneath (no 1/4 female), necessitating silly clamping cold shoes to attach to umbrella brackets.
☣ cUKi Posted 4 years ago. Edited by ☣ cUKi (member) 4 years ago
WOOOW! Now that's good news! I just hope their prices will be lower than Pixel's.

People on LR seem a bit sceptical about its use value, but I'm quite thrilled with the specs as described there! What exactly does it misses? I can't wait for it to hit the market!
SeedyBee2008 4 years ago
It looks like a re-cased Pixel King, including the specs. Hopefully, it has more EPROM memory than the Kings and can store a wider set of compatibilities.

I am puzzled by references to "transceivers". The Kings are that, as are the earlier Knights. It's not that they are transceivers, but that the RF-622s auto-switch between controller and receiver modes. For shooting safety, I have two King TXs, but the second one may never be used. It's an expensive backup.
☣ cUKi Posted 4 years ago. Edited by ☣ cUKi (member) 4 years ago
SeedyBee2008 said:
It looks like a re-cased Pixel King, including the specs
If it does group ratios as it says, 3 manual groups and combinations thereof, plus FEB and modelling, then it's feature-wise almost* in the Odin/RP/PW league, not in King's. Canon Wireless' distinctive feature is group ratios; no complete wireless E-TTL implementation can skip that (I did some reading and understood that the Kings only provide a single-group E-TTL with FEC, or 3 groups in manual).

* I wish it also did 3-group FEC (à la Nikon, like the Odin), but it probably doesn't. I guess the camera's flash menu couldn't even display that. I also wish it did Multi.

Yes, auto-switching Tx/Rx mode would be a better designation, but I guess we're stuck with "transceivers".

SeedyBee2008 4 years ago
Hopefully, the claims will be proven, and the RF-622s will be a major step on in providing a radio link between flashes and camera flash control menus.

I like the sound of "all Canon" flashes - I am still rankled by Pixel's dropping of support for 550EXs. They simply did not provide large enough memory to store firmware for old and new models.

Mis-using "transceiver" screams "uninformed, mistaken"! :-)
mjkzz (a.k.a zwdeal) 4 years ago
I am going to wait a while until all of your guys have it in your hands . . . heh
elv0000 4 years ago
It will certainly be interesting if they have really added ratios and a pass through hotshoe. But then they originally said the RF-603's had a pass through hotshoe when it never did either.

The biggest issue would be lack of USB port. These will end up like the original Pixel Knights with a heap of different updates and variations with different firmware and no documentation of what works with what.
strobelight1 4 years ago
looks interesting, will also wait for the reviews
☣ cUKi Posted 4 years ago. Edited by ☣ cUKi (member) 4 years ago
Aren't you in China and good at electronics? This would make you the ideal tester for all the new gadgets. There must be some place in Shenzhen where you could give them a try :)

Someone should also give the new Oloong 690-II a try, wouldn't you volunteer for that?
mjkzz (a.k.a zwdeal) 4 years ago
@cUKi, hahaha, no, I am not going to test a hit and miss product, because if I get a good one, write something about it, then people who get the bad one will yell at me :-)
ImagesbyEduardo.com PRO 4 years ago
Interesting how these always come out first for Canon...
☣ cUKi Posted 4 years ago. Edited by ☣ cUKi (member) 4 years ago
Let's put it this way: if you hit a bad one, you'll warn people and spare them a great deal of disappointment. If you hit a good one, you'll testify that there at least are good ones to be found (for instance, plenty of people, myself included, are happy with their YN flashes). Also, you could report on the perceived build quality, and that's quite important.

What's the policy there, can you return a product if you buy it and you're not happy with it? If you can't, I'm sure at least you can try it in a shop. Think about it, photographers in the whole world depend on you!
mjkzz (a.k.a zwdeal) 4 years ago
No, if I do that, it is YN who depends on me . . . ;-)
☣ cUKi 4 years ago
Well, whatever your decision is, I'm sure you'll do the right thing eventually :)
lianggc Posted 4 years ago. Edited by lianggc (member) 4 years ago
I am the develop engineer of yn-622c.

@cUKi, yn-622c does support ettl ii group ratio/feb/modeling flash. also support 3 group fec in a way. as you know, we can't do that in the camera menu, but 622c support flash fec also. when you set fec on the flash, 622c will calculate it with the fec set on camera. for example, fec on a flash is -3 and fec on the camera is +3, then acutal fec for that flash will be +0.
☣ cUKi Posted 4 years ago. Edited by ☣ cUKi (member) 4 years ago
lianggc Wow, welcome to this group! I can promise we'll provide valuable feedback on all your projects at Yongnuo. Such a collaboration could only be in our mutual benefit.

Thanks for the clarifications on the 622c. 3-group ratios, manual control, HSS, 2nd Curtain Sync and E-TTL pass-through are all great features. (I also hope its PC port can act as both output and input). The additive FEC is a nice idea too. By those specs, it's pretty much the radio trigger we've been waiting for! Depending on its price of course, it promises to be a very successful product, I can't wait to give it a try!
lianggc 4 years ago
Thanks! PC port can only output for 622c due to some limitation.

We will send out free samples for websites/magazines to review soon. And the products will be available on our ebay store at the end of this month. Please stay tuned!
elv0000 4 years ago
Hi lianggc - can you confirm that you can set an ETTL ratio from the camera menu? If so is A:B C or just A:B.

Also can you confirm there is an ETTL pass thru hotshoe on the Transmitter so that you can use a flash on camera as well in ETTL as well?

lianggc 4 years ago
Sure, 622c supports all 3 modes (ALL/A:B/A:B C) in ETTL/M/Multi modes. Flash on transmitter can be triggered in ETTL/M/Multi also.

I promise everything listed in our spec is true. Actually, there are several more features that we don't update on our website.
elv0000 4 years ago
Thanks lianggc - while we have you here could I confirm a couple more things we likely won't find in the specs.

The test fire button - is it correct there is no test fire for the remote slaves, only for the flash on camera? Is there any way then to trigger a light meter when using the slaves in remote manual?

You mention there is Mixed Mode ( ETTL and manual), but you need to set these directly on the flash. In this mixed mode can you adjust anything from the camera in the way of manual power setting or ratios?

Also should we assume MK II Canon flashes are required for any camera menu options (like manual power setting and ratios) to work (apart from YongNuo flashes)

Thanks again.
lianggc 4 years ago
The test button - it can fire 7 combination: A/B/C/A,B/A,C/B,C/A,B,C. When pressing the test button, you can change the test group with GP button. It takes effect immediately. The flash on top of transmitter is always treated as Group A. When used with Nikon cameras, slaves are triggered with the same way as test groups. PC port will also output test fire signal.

In mixed mode, only fec/feb/ratio/shutter sync can be set in the camera side. M/Multi output need to be set on the slaves side.

ETTL (FEC/FEB/Ratio) works for MK I flashes as long as your camera has a built in menu. M/Multi output adjustment isn't supported for MK I flashes.
☣ cUKi Posted 4 years ago. Edited by ☣ cUKi (member) 4 years ago
Thanks for your answers so far!

Could you please confirm that the 622 is working with Canon 600D cameras? There were issues reported with the compatibility of this camera's hot shoe communication with previous third-party accessories (including but not limited to YN ST-E2). Do you know what did they change in the hot shoe protocol with the 600D (change which presumably will be effective with their upcoming camera model as well)? What if Canon decides to change their specs once again, is there a way to update the firmware of the 622?

The input PC port would have been useful for triggering the flashes from devices without hot shoe (like light meters in FLASH-C mode, for instance, or special use sensors). This omission is surely not a deal breaker for most users, but it's still going to require an extra adapter.

As seen in the pictures above, there's a round hole in the bottom-left corner of the unit. Am I correct in assuming that's simply for attaching a lanyard, and it's not a jack port?
lianggc Posted 4 years ago. Edited by lianggc (member) 4 years ago

622 works perfectly for 60D/600D/650D/5D Mark III. I couldn't describe in very detail about the protocol. Usually, 3rd manufacturers make ettl-compatible products by reverse engineering. If the work isn't completed, there may be compatible issues with future products. However, if the work is done well, compatibility is not likely to be a issue. After all, 600d works smoothly with canon's st-e2/580ex/580ex ii etc. Canon doesn't provide firmware upgrade for those devices either, right? There may be compatible issues with our earlier products, but now, we are more and more confident.

On the other hand, we prefer to provide a product that just works with a reasonable price, rather than provide a expensive beta one and make users to upgrade and upgrade again.

Regarding to pc input, we know someone need this but we couldn't add this feature easily due to pcb design. sorry.

Yes, the round hole in the bottom-left corner of 622 is for attaching a lanyard rather than a jack port.
☣ cUKi Posted 4 years ago. Edited by ☣ cUKi (member) 4 years ago
lianggc Thanks!

Do you plan to follow up with a Nikon version too?
Kris This Is [deleted] Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Kris This Is (member) 4 years ago
Could I request that you stick to the same frequency/backward compatibility in the future across product lines?

Imagine the number of customers you would have for these products, if 602 owners could use their existing dumb receivers with the 622.

PW managed it with their ttl triggers, after all.
lianggc Posted 4 years ago. Edited by lianggc (member) 4 years ago
cUki, we are still estimating the Nikon version. We want to make something different/competitive, so it may not come too fast.

Kris, thanks for your suggestion. This is a historical issue that is a bit out of my control. We will try our best to improve this.

For now, there is a way 622c can work with 602/603. Just slide a 602/603 transmitter onto 622c, then they can work together. The drawback is that the work range may be impacted somehow.

By the way, we plan to release a manual trigger that's compatible with both 602/603 this year.
Kris This Is [deleted] 4 years ago
Now up on the official Yongnuo stores on ebay for just £63 UKP.

BTW, Yongnuo call them the YN-622 rather than the Rf-622, if the OP could rename the thread for future search optimisations.
Nionyn_ PRO 4 years ago
I've edited the title. Thanks Kris.

If Michael (the OP) would prefer to edit it differently himself he would be welcome to do so, naturally. :-)
Kris This Is [deleted] Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Kris This Is (member) 4 years ago
Thanks, it was a bugger finding this thread.

Kept getting Sunpak 622 search returns! :(

The .pdf manual is taking an eternity to get down...

Kris This Is [deleted] Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Kris This Is (member) 4 years ago
Ahh, 60 pages long @ 25mb.

Going to stick it on the tablet for a little bed time reading....

OT Edit:

Seeing as YN622s now require cold-shoe adapters, anybody have any experience with the blue fishy things and can recommend them over the standard cold-shoe adapters you get in the box with the flashguns?

SeedyBee2008 4 years ago
(Actually, the device is called YN-622C for Canon - see image at top.)
Kris This Is [deleted] 4 years ago
Been to pedantic school today?

That actual device might be called yn-622c, but the general term is yn-622.

Now, please use your knowledge and time wisely and go around all the pocket Wizard threads and correct them to MiniTT1-Nikon, FlexTT5-Nikon etc etc.
elv0000 4 years ago
I have to agree with Clive on the terminology of this one, much better to call it the 622C, because the 622N (for Nikon) will likely have quite different functions (saves a lot of pain when searching later).
petepixxx 4 years ago
pe·dan·tic[ pə dántik ]
1. too concerned with formal rules and details: too concerned with what are thought to be correct rules and details, e.g. in language
pe·dan·ti·cal·ly ADVERB
Synonyms: finicky, plodding, obscure, arcane, dull, doctrinaire, sophistic, hairsplitting, nitpicking, fussy
SeedyBee2008 Posted 4 years ago. Edited by SeedyBee2008 (member) 4 years ago
Kris This Is - Not only being accurate (I know it is not your style), but important for search engines.

A search for YN-622 or YN-622C (for the competent among us) will find YN-622C, but YN-622C will not find YN-622. EDIT: I thought that this would be blatantly obvious and therefore this explanation was not required. Sorry for the over-estimation!

There may or may not eventually be an N, and if such a device is released, it is likely to be quite different in functionality and may therefore be given a different number anyway.

I had not been aware that the Language Police had determined that the device will be called "yn-622". How did you hear of that, and not YongNuo?

Careless, imprecise speech leads to much confusion.
SeedyBee2008 4 years ago
petepixie - Not pedantic, useful and accurate. The moderator's amendment to the subject was to aid people searching. My suggestion had the same aim. Or do you want only the "in" group who know the approved terminology to be able to find this thread?
Kris This Is [deleted] Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Kris This Is (member) 4 years ago
Seedybee -
"Kris This Is - Not only being accurate (I know it is not your style), but important for search engines.

A search for YN-622 or YN-622C (for the competent among us) will find YN-622C, but YN-622C will not find YN-622. EDIT: I thought that this would be blatantly obvious and therefore this explanation was not required. Sorry for the over-estimation!

There may or may not eventually be an N, and if such a device is released, it is likely to be quite different in functionality and may therefore be given a different number anyway.

I had not been aware that the Language Police had determined that the device will be called "yn-622". How did you hear of that, and not YongNuo?

Careless, imprecise speech leads to much confusion. "

You know nothing about me whatsoever, and apart from your pathetic pedantic tendencies and veiled personal insults towards me, nor I you. Thankfully.

Let's keep it that way, shall we?

More importantly, anybody here have the YN-622s on the way?
SeedyBee2008 4 years ago
Kris This Is - I do know how you have come across over several years, just as you know how I do. You disparaged me, and I reacted. I should not have, and apologise.

I will continue to endeavour to be accurate in what I say, even if you see it as "too concerned with detail" (Petepixxx's quote)..
Anthony HB2007 PRO 4 years ago
Ok Ladies, - can we please keep this thread about the > "Yongnuo RF-622 TTL triggers"!!!
Michael Stoop 4 years ago
Thanks for editing Nionyn_, I missed the change... Just in case more interesting things pops up, feel free to edit more.
k2focus.com 4 years ago
Still waiting on actual reviews. I would LOVE to buy a set of these, but I want to make sure they work as advertised.

I've heard horror stories about yongnuo products, but I know that my yn560 hasn't had one problem in over a year, but I might have been one of the lucky few.
 Kris: Seeing as YN622s now require cold-shoe adapters, anybody have any experience with the blue fishy things and can recommend them over the standard cold-shoe adapters you get in the box with the flashguns?

I can confirm that the genuine Frio adaptors are blue, excellent and not fishy. :-)

I haven't used a 'normal' cold shoe since getting a couple of Frio's - one lives permanently on my Gorillapod and makes a really great, compact 'light stand' out of many things (Trees, tables, shelves etc). They're very secure, very fast to use, and very small. Really great product IMHO.

The Frio's are only ~$15 - small price to pay if you're hanging a $550 SB900 (or similar) from it. I'd be cautious about the cheaper 'fishy' copies...
JesseWillson 4 years ago
Hi all,

So looks like this is the first hands on review. Let us know if you find any others :)

dkfx photography PRO 4 years ago
if you guys have any requests for testing for the yn622's let me know

ps ; i made that video :)

dkfx photography PRO 4 years ago
also, made a group here : www.flickr.com/groups/yn622c
Thank you btmlinedan for your review :) Just ordered a set on the strength of it!!! Now will just have to wait for the slow boat!
~Jamesy~ PRO 4 years ago
Thanks for posting the review.

Did you happen to try out the AF assist feature on the YN622's? Have you tried out the pass-thru feature yet?
~Jamesy~ PRO 4 years ago
Why do the YN622's require a cold shoe adapter? Am I missing something?
CotswoldPhoto 4 years ago
Because they are a TRX.
~Jamesy~ PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by ~Jamesy~ (member) 4 years ago
Transceiver, right? I still don't follow. A remote flash would get triggered via the hot-shoe on the YN-622 and if you did pass-through on camera the flash would be mounted right on the trigger.
I don't recall seeing any cold shoe adapters in the video review above.
MadMick PRO 4 years ago
because the yn622 does not have a 1/4" thread, thus to mount on a stand you need a coldshoe mount with a 1/4" thread
~Jamesy~ PRO 4 years ago
Ahhh, that makes sense. Thank you for clarifying!

I got a Frio in Buffalo on the FlashBus tour but do not use it all that often but it would come in handy for this application. They are very good build quality indeed!
Kris This Is [deleted] Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Kris This Is (member) 4 years ago
Indeed. No 1/4 thread for my manfrotto studs on the umbrella brackets. unlike the rf602s. I wish they had both hotshoes and 1/4 threaded female holes on the yn622s, but that is probably asking too much from the casing.

I have always hated metal clamping coldshoes, like the stroboframe, so will now have to investigate the plastic alternatives like the frio.

The frio has alternatives itself mind, like the blue fish, although some might complain about IP infringement.

~Jamesy~ PRO 4 years ago
Interesting about the knock-offs, I guess all good ideas end up being knocked off. The only thing I found with the Frio and likely the knock-offs too is the rubbers weather sealed lip of a 580EXII gets in the way when you insert the flash and you really need to push to get it on the cold-shoe.
SeedyBee2008 4 years ago
Jamesy - I have only just started using the Frio. Love its hard plastic and quality finish. The flash or trigger locking ring rotates smoothly until thoroughly tight. And my devices are secure and solidly mounted.

They were not needed with the Kings as they have a dedicated RX transceiver that can have a 1/4-20 insert. The 622s auto-select the TX or RX mode, and therefore must have full hot-shoe and foot capability.

I had to modify my dual bracket when I got the 622s because the Frio adds about 15mm to the assembly thickness. Well worth the extra cost.

I removed the 580EXII skirt when I found that the Kings had contact problems with it on. By the way, the assembly clearances on the YN-622C are much tighter than the Pixel Kings, and are likely to be less affected in light rain.
Leo @ IM 4 years ago
We have a demo pair, so far I'm not impressed. I'm using a 30D and 430Ex as test devices and exposure is all over the place... miles different to the same scene lit with the flash on camera. Sometimes way over, sometimes way under, even if I put the flash on the RF622 on camera...
SeedyBee2008 4 years ago
It's user error!

I hope. That behaviour can be observed with many of the complex triggers. A bad battery, or dirty/loose flash-pin contacts, etc can cause problems in reading the data streams.

The 30D and 430EX are both outside the principle design gear, but within the limited capabiities they offer, the combination should still work. Can you get the 622s to work with newer gear (released in the last five years)?
Leo @ IM 4 years ago
I have freshly charged eneloops in the triggers, and the flash & camera work fine otherwise. Generally older models of flash & camera work OK with third party stuff as its easy for the manufacturers to test this. Models released after the triggers came out are the challenge...

If someone pops in with some later Canon gear I'm happy to try that as well.
LayerMask 4 years ago
Since these are in the wild now, when testing, it would be useful to know all the relevant settings, including, cam body, SS, speedlite type, is the cam's flash metering set to Eval or Average, are you using a distance reporting lens and is the speedlite in its 'cobra' / non-bounce orientation or is the flash-head straightened out / otherwise in a bounce style configuration?

We don't really know Yn's approach to all these variables that can influence ETTL. Tx
Yorgos Pentzikis 4 years ago
I sold my knights and ordered them a couple of days ago. I hope there aren't any issues with 5d mk II 580 ex II. I will try them with Metz 76 mz-5 as well and I'll report.
aka_ituner 4 years ago
Today sold his kit Pixel King and ordered the YN-622
I am also concerned about stand mount.
There is a very cheap ABS hot shoe adapters.
Today I bought a couple of these on eBay, to check the quality.

sorry for my english
SeedyBee2008 4 years ago
aka-ituner - Cheap, and usable, especially as the 622s have metal feet. But any slackening off will see your flash on the floor! The Frio provides considerable safety, even when the foot clamp on the flash has not been applied. Compare cost of Frio with JaikKong's clamp plus a new flash.

I have needed to modify lightstand fittings to provide for the 15mm extra thickness and change of stud types.
svenbluege 4 years ago
If just received my set of YN-622 triggers. I did a review and tried to compare them against the Pixel King triggers.

Review YN-622
drjlo1 4 years ago

Nice review. Since I have "issues" with my Pixel Kings, one of which is King attached to Canon 5D MkIII hotshoe makes the camera underexpose by 1/3-1/2 stop EVEN if the King is turned off.

Could you take comparison photos with YN-622 in hotshoe (but turned off) and YN-622 taken off the hotshoe to seee if there is a exposure difference?

Also, testing YN-622 compatibility with newer Canon cameras like 5D MkIII and 1DX would be awesome if possible, maybe by someone else.
SeedyBee2008 Posted 4 years ago. Edited by SeedyBee2008 (member) 4 years ago
drjlo1 - I understand that the 1D X has not yet been tested by YN. The 5DIII has passed their compatibility tests, and several users have reported good performance. There has been one problem reported, and fixed by keeping Wireless mode enabled. Apparently there is a syncing shift if Wireless is disabled.

I have produced a reworked user guide rather than a review:
RobZphoto [deleted] 4 years ago
im glad everyone else is testing them out of us...Im not one to buy right away I usually let people test then I buy...I dont get too excited when I see a first release of anything
The Nosaj 4 years ago
I'm thinking about getting these, but new to all of this, have questions I'm keen to get answers on.

Let's assume I want to run:

- 2 off camera flashes
- all through ttl
- and use remote shutter trigger

B. as above, but with on camera flash added, ttl

C. As above but add HSS

If 622s are on flashes and camera where req - what's the best option to achieve a, b and c above? (assume 580ex ii are flashes)

I know you can run a rf-602 or rf-603 on top of a yn-622c to get shutter trigger - but can you do this with everything in ttl still?

... And flash on top of 622 and 603 on camera?

...and is HSS a different mode entirely or possible with ttl?

Appreciate any help! Thanks
elv0000 4 years ago
Nosaj - You can do all of that.

HSS works with TTL or Manual, you select HSS separately in the camera menu (assuming type A camera) and then select TTL or Manual as you like.

The shutter release is not connected to the 622c in any way, its only connected to the shutter release port of your camera. You could mount an RF-602 receiver (I'm not sure about the 603) on top of the 622c on camera but its just sitting in the shoe for somewhere to mount, you need to connect it to the shutter release port with a cord. So you can use any wired or wireless shutter release as normal.

See Seedybees doc above or my review here for some more info -http://flashhavoc.com/yn622c_review/
strobelight1 4 years ago
thx for the review
Van-HungTran 4 years ago

Does anyone know if the trigger works on a Canon 1Dx?

Yorgos Pentzikis 4 years ago
According to various reviewers, the last batches come with the 1Dx compatibility problems fixed.
SeedyBee2008 4 years ago
Last word from Yongnuo was that they had not yet tested the 1DX model. In another thread, someone has a 1DX and is waiting for the 622s to arrive. Hopefully, he will report.

This is a different question than the 1D series compatibility, which was fixed in August.
arphoto.pl 4 years ago

I've been reading this topic for a while and one thing is still unclear for me - is the yn622 able to sync flash for a 1/1000s [ie fomei panther mini 600, alien bees, canon 580ex ii, yongnuo 568ex]. I know it has HSS, but i don't want to loose any flash power. I'm looking for something like hyper sync from pocket wizard.
SeedyBee2008 4 years ago
arphoto - the YN-622C uses "Supersync", firing the flash early when the shutter is faster than x-sync. However, there is no user-adjustable timing.

Use the PC-sync port - it delivers a 1st curtain, 2nd curtain or pre-shutter signal.

Only hotshoe flashes with HSS (flat light) built in can be driven by the 622 HSS capability.

The two types can be mixed.
Snappuppy [deleted] 4 years ago
Second curtain sync issue.

I got my triggers last week, there's a video on you tube. Anyway I have an issue with second curtain sync, I can't set it to scs on the 7D and using a 430EXII or 430EX, if the flash in mounted directly I can select scs.

Anyone one else had this issue?
SeedyBee2008 4 years ago
It could be due to the way the YN-622C interacts with camera menus. Especially as many settings are remembered during power-down, and impose themselves on the camera when the 622 is mounted on the camera.

Test by mounting the 622 on the camera, and then using the menus to set Wireless-disabled, and sync- 2nd curtain. Test fire. at 1.0S shutter on ettl - preflash; 1 sec; main flash.

If that works as it should, then turn off 622, unmount, remount and power up. Check menu settings - should still be same.
Snappuppy [deleted] 4 years ago

Bingo, such a simple thing as having wireless enable turned off 2nd curtain sync. Turning it off and it's back.

Thank you SeedyBee.
tomKphoto 4 years ago
Thanks in advance.

I have six 622's. I'm able to get full off-camera E-TTL II, Manual, and MULTI on only one of my camera bodies (a 7D). My other 7D, and my 60D will only allow E-TTL II for the distant flash.

I've been through every menu setting bringing 100% parity with the fully functional 7D (the 60D menus are a little different).

What could it be?

To make set up easier, I'm just using one off camera flash, a 580exII. Three bodies all with 622's but only one works as expected.
SeedyBee2008 4 years ago
1. Inadequate charge in batteries.
2. Poor contact between hot-shoe and hot-foot, including the inside of the rails. (Most common.)

There is another aspect. Each 622 remembers its last settings. And, when a unit is placed on the camera, it changes the camera settings to match its settings. That can lead to unexpected results. Check all menu settings after installing a 622, or dedicate one marked 622 to the TX role.
lianggc 4 years ago

Disable MIX mode and use Remote-Control mode instead.
SeedyBee2008 Posted 4 years ago. Edited by SeedyBee2008 (member) 4 years ago
Lianggc makes a good point.

If the CH indicator stays on during standby, the TX/controller 622 is in Mix mode. If the CH LED is off in standby, then the 622 is is in Remote mode.

This setting is held individually by the 622, so it depends on which one is mounted on the camera.

PS - more info: docs.google.com/open?id=0B77OmmGIg0gMVFpqNkpBYXBHajA
elv0000 4 years ago
I would definitely do a factory reset on them all first, that alone may clear up any issues (you could otherwise be chasing needlessly).
tomKphoto Posted 4 years ago. Edited by tomKphoto (member) 4 years ago
FIXED — I'm guessing it was the reset, but I'm sure new alkalines, and cleaning all the contacts didn't hurt.

Thank you all so much — that missing manual is quite a document!
tomKphoto 4 years ago
so ... three bodies all have 622's with on-top speed lights. What's the workflow to stop the on-top flash from being set off by a distant camera (also with a 622)?
DmitriyE 4 years ago

I have the same problem and it is no solution right now the way I understand. May be Yongnuo will make new version of 622 and Mr. Liang will bring us good news.
tomKphoto 4 years ago
Clive, is this your experience as well ?
SeedyBee2008 4 years ago
TomK - Yes. It is in The Other...Guide, somewhere. What is new, as Dmitriy said, is that this use of the triggers will be addressed by YN. GuanchaoGC said "watch this space". (I imagine that YN are concentrating on the imminent YN-622N at present.

Of course, it brings up the question of how to update the firmware!
tomKphoto 4 years ago
Alrighty then. As they say, nothing's perfect. Have a great weekend!
DmitriyE Posted 4 years ago. Edited by DmitriyE (member) 4 years ago

I don't think that we will be able to upgrade current version of YN-622 because of the absence of USB connection. If company will make YN-622C Mark II version fully compatible with current units plus include USB input for firmware updates and trigger designation I will be happy to buy them.

For now, most of the time, I am happy with my Youngnuo triggers.
riulian83 4 years ago

Does anyone knows if the trigger can work as a master trigger for YN 568EX (off-camera flash), or I need another YN622C on YN568EX flash, in order to be able to trigger it?
Because my built in camera flash cannot be used as a master (doesn't have this feature), I'm thinking to try the combination with YN622C.

LayerMask 4 years ago
They work as transceivers.
Which cam body will be driving your setup?
SeedyBee2008 4 years ago
Camera + 622
and 622 + YN568EX
= 2 x YN-622C.

Look up the camera capability on p.4 of "The Other YN-622C User Guide" at:
riulian83 4 years ago
I will use them with my Canon SX40 camera. So it looks I'll need to buy two of them. Thanks.
DmitriyE 4 years ago
I see some "interesting" behavior of YN-622. In situations where I want to use my on-camera flash only, I simply switch on-camera YN-622 to other channel. At this time my exposure from the flash drops if I have WIRELESS set to ON in camera. If WIRELESS is set to OFF everything is fine. It is happens in "A:B" and "A:B C" flash group modes only. If I set flash group to ALL exposure is the same.
The way I understand, software in YN-622 calculates pre-flash and than sends commands to the flashes based on the ratio setting. In my case if WIRELESS is ON than amount of light from on-camera flash will be fifty percent or less than necessary. It is normal.
My question: why I don't see the same behavior in "ALL" mode?
SeedyBee2008 Posted 4 years ago. Edited by SeedyBee2008 (member) 4 years ago
What you are describing is normal Canon flash behaviour.

The YN-622C does not calculate flash exposure or ratio values. It receives the commands from the camera and produces the radio comms needed to implement the commands. The calculations are Canon ones. The 622 does handle some commands differently than Canon expects, to make the facilities more photographer-friendly.

The on-top flash behaves like the flash-head part of a Master flash. It has its own data commands from the camera. It reads some settings from the Group A settings but is not actually a group A member.

So, in Wireless Mode, Canon assumes that the off-camera lighting is the main lighting, and the on-top flash is for fill only - at a lower exposure.

The same for ALL/Wireless Disabled - Canon thinks that the on-top flash cannot be for fill. Its locked to the same settings as off-camera flashes.

By the way, Canon ratios are much more than just a power level ratio. It is a fully metered-by-group evaluation of the actual light reflected from the subject through the lens. For example, if effective ambient light is stronger on one side, Canon will compensate for that and at 1:1 produce an even exposure on the subject. A 1:1 power output setting would provide uneven lighting.

And you should expect that All (A+B+C) will produce a different lighting pattern than Ratio A:B, especially when B appears to produce minimal lighting.

Then there is the Canon NEVEC technology, and the different camera behaviours with flash processing in Av or Tv mode, or Wireless Enabled/Disabled.

The point is, these are all Canon camera matters. The 622 just communicates the camera's decisions (very well).
DmitriyE 4 years ago
Clive, thank you for your explanation.
I just started experimenting with Speedlite OCF (before I used Lumedyne and Quantums only) and, of course, began to appear a lot of questions
SeedyBee2008 4 years ago
There have been questions about particular behaviour of the YN-622s. A new user has found a solution. "The Other YN-622C Usewr Guide" p.10 has had added the following:

Two-Shooter Setup (bonzl technique)

A second shooter can share augmenting flashes. There is a problem – preventing the zooming and firing of the other camera’s on-top flash.
• Camera 1 set to E-TTL or Manual, and Firing Group A:B at some ratio/power.
• On-camera 622 set to Remote mode and Group C, with an on-top flash.
• Camera 2 set up the same.
• Enhancing flash stand with remote 622 set to Group B, plus flash.
• When either camera takes a shot, it's on-top flash is treated as Group A, the augmenting flash as Group B, and the other camera as Group C. Group C is not enabled in Firing Group A:B, so does not fire.
DmitriyE 4 years ago
Clive, thank you.
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