Old Nikon Rangefinder shooter 5:54pm, 20 January 2012
Has anyone seen one of these units ?

There must have been some "proto-types" at a photo convention some where.


This product is actually a continuous light source....right?
Nionyn_ PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Nionyn_ (moderator) 4 years ago
Yep, it's LEDs.
Not terribly bright either for $499.90, it would seem from the specs: "EQUIVALENT WATTS: 150 watts (compared with quartz halogen)."
Alfredk PRO 4 years ago
Not terrible exciting for $499.00
strvngartst01 PRO 4 years ago
If you want a nice portable strip light like modifier this might work out bette for you if you already have some off camera flashes.

AtlantaTerry 4 years ago
not to worry. Some Chinese company is working on a knock-off that will be on eBay for $25.
WOW ! I am impressed with this group's knowledge and cutting edge technology. Thanks for your input. Especially the alternative, saberstrip. I have not seen this unit before.
alohadave 4 years ago
Apparently, there is a version of this that police use that costs much less, and is already available.
^M^ 4 years ago
IMHO ....better off with Saberstrips www.saberstrip.com/what-is-it/ $150.00 delivered ....

RexGRP 4 years ago
Using a Saberstrip will be a lot different unless it has a modeling light.
Wayne Stevenson PRO 4 years ago
New world marketing. They make their money on the hype, not on the performance of the equipment. Anyone that purchases it and questions it and the price in online forums will be publically flamed by the cheerleaders / fans and will be linked to his portfolio to see what what you can do with it. As it that were the issue. ;)
alohadave 4 years ago
Wayne Stevenson That's a curious accusation you are making.
Wayne Stevenson PRO 4 years ago
Curious indeed. We'll see if everyone's sentiments ring true here about a $500 LED light when people start buying it. Heh.

I know we're all looking to own lights with "insane" quality and brightness. I can only imagine that owning the Ice Light will put me in "such a creative zone" as well........

I know I get giddy with a tea-light candle myself. Heh. So I better brace myself when these new Westcotts hit the shelves.
Nionyn_ PRO 4 years ago
Wayne, although you have three sentences there and they seem to make grammatical sense, I have absolutely no idea what point you're trying to make. Sorry. :-(
Wayne Stevenson PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Wayne Stevenson (member) 4 years ago
Heh. Just referencing the Ice Light twitter feed. ;) Then threw in more of my own nonsense in there. :P

I think a guy like me should probably be medicated. ;)
Nionyn_ PRO 4 years ago
LOL! Fair enough. Thanks. :-)
JohnMilleker.com 4 years ago
I wouldn't use either, but if you *need* a modeling light in a Saberstrip it looks like one of those small aluminum LED flashlights will fit in the housing with the strobe.
The comparisons to the saberstrip are a bit odd. They might share the same shape, but this is a small, portable, continuous light source. It serves an entirely different purpose. They aren't substitutes for another.
^M^ Posted 4 years ago. Edited by ^M^ (member) 4 years ago
^ I re-read through a couple of times ... where are the comparisons ?

Addendum: I mentioned my opinion as to what I think would be a better choice.... Rex mentioned that they would be "a lot different", and JohnM mentioned a way to add a modeling light to the Saberstrip.

Again, IMHO ... I'd rather have a strobe that I can dial down than a LED that is underpowered to compete with my strobes and speed-lights. I guess if I were in the continuous light forum, I'd have a different opinion.

But as for a comparison, I do not see one.
tj.schoffner 4 years ago
nickaro, I'd have to agree. i stopped by westcott's booth and attended jerry's seminar at imaging usa a few weeks ago. outside of shape. there's not really a comparison to the saberstrip or anything else from what i can find on-line. how about anyone else?

i think i found the police model mentioned in the thread, but from what i read on the police site about the internal makings. that would be like lighting a model with a birthday candle or using a bang-snap as a strobe. there's also a ton to be said for daylight balancing when getting things right in the camera.

attending the lecture at imaging usa makes me a tad bit biased, but i was able to find the final model images jerry displayed during the seminar. they were all captured a few days before the show in new orleans. very impressive. he doesn't have the setup shots on-line but he did share them during the lecture. if i remember correctly all of these shots were with 1 ice light, except for 1 or 2 of them when he used two (#5 for sure). www.theicelight.com/gallery

i flipped back thru my notes and jerry shot all of those images between ISO 640 - ISO 1250 and shutter speeds at 1/100 and up. not bad for constant lighting in the field. he did say he was rarely shooting at full-power on the ice light. he pulled up the exif data to show a flash didn't fire and the settings. that's all i have here about that shoot.

i still argue the output is only 150 watt equivalent, because one of the shots has his models 4.5-5 ft away from the ice light he was using. i own a bescor-180 watt that i paid ~$200+ for a few years ago, and it i could never shine anything that well from 5ft away, power nor spread. if someone knows jerry, or anyone at the manufacturer, they may have the setup shots to share with the group. the battery life was well over an hour at full-power and being able to vary the light output was pretty bad-ass when he showed it at the show.

i was just googling places selling the ice light to get more specs, but I'm glad i ran across this thread. I wanted to share my notes from the show and lecture. plus, it made me open a flickr account which I've been putting off for years. don't ask. back to looking for additional specs on the ice light.

dgungadoo 4 years ago
Yea, I've used this unit last week... See www.flickr.com/photos/gungadoo/6976202751/in/photostream
dgungadoo 4 years ago
The LEDs themselves are made by CREE, and the IceLight is NOT assembled in China.
David Sr. - 4 years ago
Well sheesh people! "They come with an internal battery that lasts 60 minutes"! And "Are dimmable from 1.5 - 15watts lol

@dgungadoo, care to share ISO/A/S data on those shots??
Alfredk PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Alfredk (member) 4 years ago
What is the sence of shooting with these things if you have to use ISO 800 and more!
Your comment about the 150W not being correct is rather funny, at these ISO ratings, you don't need a light at all, might as well shoot available light with a 60W light bulb :))

It's one hell of an expensive LED light!

Very impressive!
But did you notice that the ambient lighting is brighter than the ice lights?
I thought I'll just mention it!

Sorry guy's but snake oil like that gets me up the wall!
rudy__ 4 years ago
Got to keep those snakes employed.
Alfredk PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Alfredk (member) 4 years ago
You've got that right!
You noticed, no one is giving any meter readings?

ISO 400, f1 @ 6 inches heheheheheheehe
Nick Arora - nickarora.com Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Nick Arora - nickarora.com (member) 4 years ago
Wedding photographers often use video lights / small continuous light sources like these because of their their ability to add depth, dynamic, and beauty to an otherwise flat image -- quickly and easily.

So, yes, even if you have to shoot at ISO 800 (or even ISO 1600) -- there is a time and place where a light source like this can be extremely useful.

For Example.
Mr. Speedlight Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Mr. Speedlight (member) 4 years ago
SPAM Alert!

There have got to be much better LED lights for far less than $500.00.
alohadave 4 years ago
You may not like the price, but that doesn't make it spam.
Javier Rivera Photography Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Javier Rivera Photography (member) 4 years ago

I just found out about the ice light from Wescott and here are my thoughts after checking out a few videos and also reading the information.

1- Small- good because it is portable, but bad for light, what happens with the rule the bigger the source light the softer on the subject, I am just saying.

2- Lithium Baterry, ok but what kind? can I buy it from my local Bestbuy or Walmart or I have to order a replacement from Wescott for the life of the ice light?

3- Continues light, great for photos and video, ok but the battery last 60 minutes at full power, between 0 minutes and 60 minutes do I have to adjust my camera aperture every now and then because the light decrease? with a flash no matter your batteries are low power if you set your flash for 1/2 power your will get 1/2 power at every shoot until the battery die.

So I bet the "Battery Charger/Power Cord" is very useful

4- Following my # 3 - you can use the "Battery Charger/Power Cord" to charge the battery and you could use the Ice Light at the same time you charge the battery so is very useful if you want to keep the same amount of light for 60 minutes and keep your camera settings without changes (aperture). SO SAY BYE BYE TO YOUR "PORTABLE " ice light IS NOT SO PORTABLE.

5- CHARGE TIME 2.5 hours, OOH yes 2.5hr so you are on the street and your battery die so you can hummm get a 2.5hr lunch while the ice light charge, maybe go shopping after all you have 2.5hr to do what ever you want but finish your photo shooting.

I remember the old time pre ice light when you used to walk into any store and ask for 4 AA pack and then continue with the photo shooting, those were good times

6- DIMMABLE RANGE -1.5w -15w (anywhere in between) - ANYWHERE but my camera language is in F-stops and my light meter language is in F-stops too. what I have to do if I need one light at 1/2 power and the second light at 1/4 power just guess it?

7- "soft and evenly wrap-around light source" WRAP-ARROUND, the only wrap-around happening here is a wrap-around your mind they try to put that thought in your mind. the principles of photography haven't changed, you want a beautiful WRAP-ARROUND light get a 60" umbrella for exmple put it close to your subject and that will give you a good WRAP-AROUND.

Ok after all that, don't get me wrong I think this is a good design with some imperfections.
When I compare this with another similar device, it solved something that really bothers me from the similar device, the light source is paralel with the face where the light comes out, the similar device the light source is at one side and as far I know the light travels in straight line so the ice light having the lights paralel with the face where the light comes out you get the most of that light source.

About the price $599.90, WELL IS $600, the sky is the limit, as long the people pay that amount they will keep selling the Ice Light for $599.90.

In my opinion The Ice Light is not for me, not for the price, because have to many imperfections and problems for the price wescott expect me to pay for it.
Nick Arora - nickarora.com Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Nick Arora - nickarora.com (member) 4 years ago
The $500 price tag is largely due to the "sleek design" and Jerry Ghionis's endorsement. There are other dimmable, rechargeable, lithium battery based LED lights on the market.

Obviously not as sexy, but similar specs for $90

I imagine if you shop around, you can find something you're happy with for $150-$200.
Alfredk PRO 4 years ago
hehehehe what looks so sexy about the look of a regular shop light, just every car mechanic has one in his box, well, not quite as $500 sexy!
Alfredk PRO 4 years ago
Mr. Speedlight 4 years ago

That's what I was thinking but I was too lazy to post an example.


You may not like the price, but that doesn't make it spam.

I looked at a link to a photostream and thought shills and cons. I also read this comment to a photo..

☣ cUKi:

If the IceLights were the only lights, we couldn't see Schmelzer's face and hands, now could we. Also, by the big shadow on the girl's cheek, the key light on her seems to be behind the soft box (you can't get short lighting from a light source right in front of the model's face). Just my 2p.

It made sense to me last night.

inked1 4 years ago
Found this gallery of Ice Light images on the Westcott blog. They look good, but I still wouldn't spend $500 out of my pocket for the Ice Light.

Karian 71 4 years ago
I work at one of Canadas largest camera retailer and there is westcott products I think are brilliant, but also things I don't like at all. Before getting the Ice Light in the store for the first time, I was extremely sceptical to this product although I love using continous light for both product and/or portraits myself. I was very positively surprised with the light though, to my amazement. I am definitly contemplating buying one, and store discount doesn't hurt :)

Curious note. If a pro shooter buys one, they usually come back to buy at least another light.
Brad, Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Brad, (member) 4 years ago
I work for a Westcott dealer and got a product bulletin from them that included a voluntary recall on the Ice Light.

RE: Ice Light
We have started to ship Ice Lights that had been ordered prior to their offical release through sales resulting from various trade events. In this shipping process, we discovered a potential battery depletion issue in certain Ice Light units that contain a circuit board manufacturered by a third-party supplier. It appears an electronic pathway on the circuit board has a tendency to maintain a slight frequency when not in use. This interaction causes the battery to slightly deplete over the course of 48 hours until exhausted.

For these units, Westcott is voluntarily recalling the affected units and providing customers with a replacement component, free of charge. To view complete program details, please visit fjwestcott.com/exchangeprogram/ Due to this discovery, we are re-testing all units and will start shipping backorders early July. We are very excited to report that the reviews, editorials and blog posts on the Ice Light have been very strong in both the photo and video markets. Once our inventory levels are built up, we will be launching a vast marketing campaign followed by a potential Ice Light tour in the Fall.

Thank you again for your business, support and patience.
☣ cUKi 4 years ago
Brad, said:
This causes the battery to slightly deplete over the course of 48 hours until exhausted.
Nice wording. It's slightly totally depleting the battery :))
Joyce van Dijk Photography Alice Springs Posted 3 years ago. Edited by Joyce van Dijk Photography Alice Springs (member) 3 years ago
Just bought this
90-60-30 LED light with stand, works great!
it is in 3 stands 30-60 or 90 lights on


it is rechargeable too
Joyce van Dijk Photography Alice Springs Posted 3 years ago. Edited by Joyce van Dijk Photography Alice Springs (member) 3 years ago
What is the Kelvin light temp for white LED light?
Hang on I found something:
Tim Kamppinen Posted 3 years ago. Edited by Tim Kamppinen (member) 3 years ago
Magical Mystery Color

Usually with an unhealthy dose of green tossed in.

One of good things about the ICE Light is that it has a standard, useable color temp (and high color rendering index) right out of the box without having to do weird white balancing that will mess up the ambient light or having to experiment with stacking various gels to get a good result.

That said, I have a $100 312 LED fotodiox video light from amazon which isn't bad, but still needs some color correcting. If I was a full time wedding shooter who worked with an assistant, though, I would put down the cash for a couple of ICE Lights in a heartbeat.
misaelnevarez 3 years ago
Roscoe litepad
alohadave 3 years ago

Got something to contribute besides the name of a different lighting product that was worth bumping a thread for?
DavidJ Stanley PRO 3 years ago
LED parcans are alot cheaper and can have a higher light output they either use small LEDS or high output LEDS barndoors and a full rang of gells and gobos from lee filters are available. You can also get high output bulds that you can use in softboxes etc TRi colour LED pars make good colour effect background lights
I use a 21 LED desk light for the odd still life
and a wide angle LED torch as a modelling light

poundshop classic [ LED Lamp ] by DavidJ Stanley
SimonELLINGWORTH.com 3 years ago
I'd love one, why not make your own using glow sticks:
mjgill 3 years ago
I'm in the process of building my own if anyone cares to see... should be finished by next week... tested the output visually against an Ice Light and this will be brighter. Total build cost is less than $150

sommervillephoto 3 years ago
good idea but way over priced
mapaolini PRO 3 years ago
After reading the various comments here, I realize people were needing a posted some first hand experience. So I'll give that a go. By way of disclaimer, I don't work for any lighting or photography gear company, rather more a hobbyist that is lucky enough to happens to also make money on his hobby.

I borrowed an ICE Light from a dealer for a few days to try out back in December. At the time I stunned by the quality of the light. Simply put, it's crazy wonderful. Also spot on for color balance and excellent at bringing out the colors in the subject. I was also impressed by the versatility brought by the shape (long and thin) which allowed more subtle and flexible lighting than you might realize if you haven't tried such a shaped device. The size and weight and portableness are all right in the sweet spot for me, and frankly constant light is a joy to work with, never mind a non temperature constant light. It's a huge time saver. From the reverse of the lens, the light at it's brightest is just on the edge of too bright to look at from the subjects point of view, but thanks to the diffusion, not quite crossing that line.

And yes you need to be within a few feet of the subject with the unit, but that isn't really an issue since closeness increases the relative size of a light source making it softer - and if you have decided you are using an Ice Light you have also decided you want that softness (and paid top dollar for it). Also this tool from it's size, weight, and shape is meant to be held an manipulated by the photographer, in my opinion in the left hand while shooting.

Likewise I wasn't troubled by shooting at higher ISO's as today's cameras can easily handle these if given good, consistent, quality of light.

For those technically oriented, if placed at 18 inches or so from the subject in pitch black I landed about F3.2 at 1/100th @ISO 640 shown in this this photo (which I also posted with my initial thoughts www.flickr.com/photos/siliconprophet/8106018273/in/photos... ). A second example during the afternoon is posted here: www.flickr.com/photos/siliconprophet/8063584538/in/photos... - again about the same distance, and settings (f3, 1/125. ISO 900).

For me, the output of the device is strong enough. In fact I would not want to go too much stronger since at that point it would become painful for the models eyes and start to effect the image. Again this is where the choices in balance they made such as brightness, size, and shape really show they thought about it.

There were a number of things I disliked about it:

First and foremost is pricing which seemed too high for what was delivered - and I'll come back to that, because 2 months later I think I may have been wrong, and maybe it is the correct price.

Second was the embedded battery. It means you can't change the battery in the field when it runs out to a fresh one, or replacement it as they age and lose charge capability - without sending it off somewhere (and being without it). This to me is a very real design issue that needs to be addresses. They messed this one up big time. It also means you really want more than one ICE Light if you are relying on it in the field - so now the price is really $1,000 - which is crazy considering all the things $1,000 can buy.

Third was the user interface - there is no read out on the power setting and the setting is not retained between power cycles of the device. This means is if you dial in the power for the shot against the ambient, you better have been counting button clicks up and down on the ICE to be able to replicate it - and this is made worse since the tendency is to turn the unit off to save power given the non-chanagable battery (which is always in the back of your head when it's on).

So at the time, I took a pass on the Ice Light - essentially because $500 seemed too much for what was delivered (after all it's less versatile than a flash isn't it?) Well maybe not. Over the last 3 months though, I've been actively investigating alternatives to the Wescott ICE Light. What I've found is nothing matches the quality of the light the Ice Light produces and that is really the net net. All the other cheaper solutions from DIY to Home Depot to video LED visibly inferior, producing a lessor quality and color of light, and a less desirable result.

That's why at the beginning I said I'd revisit the price discussion. This is a professional product that produces the best possible results. And while the too high a cost point echo'd here, and everywhere, that to me is really an indication that everyone seems to like this new the idea and device for lighting, but really wish it was more affordable so they could justify owning one (or more). An additional thoughts here - innovation must be paid for. Also, just as you as photographers like to be paid for your work, and feel that frequently people miss the qualities in your images that justify your price point and that other's images frequently lack, well that same thing is going on here too with the lighting. If you think daylight balanced LED's are all the same, that devices like the Fotodiox LED Light Panels (just to pick a popular example - and one I also tested and returned as essentially missing the mark) produce similar quality of of light (or even color or color response), well there is a good chance your missing the subtleties of what is being produced or that you simply don't care about them. My suggestion would be to take the time to try and work with an Ice Light and understand it.

To be sure, I'm still on the fence about owning one or two, but that is only because I don't shoot every day AND because the battery situation really bothers me. If they make a V2 where they address it, I'm in. Even without a V2, I may still break down and buy one when my funding permits because having used it and the competitors, I now understand it's value and see many new opportunities to use it.
Nionyn_ PRO 3 years ago
mapaolini: Good, detailed and balanced review.
mrgaboj 3 years ago
Hi.when i saw a wescot ICE LIGHT.cool.
Price not soo cool.so i decidet to build my own.so i did.
It cost me under 20 €.
The tube cost me 3€
1.5 m of led strip whater proof .6500 k.8€
4 pieces of 18650 li-on batery 3,7 v 3000mA 4€ -from ebuy
Li-on battery charger 2.5 € - FROM EBUY.
2 micro swich local harware store.1.5€..
I cut led strip on 3 same leght and tape it inside the tube.put the micro swich.
So i have option light 1 OR 2 OR 3 LED burning in side.the cosumption if led strip all 1.5 m is 600 mA.so at all 4-5 Hour cosist liight.
If any body want to see.contact me at senadphotography@gmail.com
philaw123 3 years ago
The saberstrip doesn't produce light. You need to stick a flash in it. $150 + Cost of the flash + cost of batteries and you come pretty close to the cost of the icelight. And since the icelight is rechargeable, it may come out cheaper in the long run. Not that any of those are cheap. Lots of cheap Chinese LED lamps floating around on fleabay right now and they do a good enough job at a price that's well within reach.
=Paul 3 years ago

Why not just a pic or two of your build?
mapaolini PRO 3 years ago
Update: It's 6 months later, and I think I've tried about every possible LED light out there. The current reality is that none of them had the quality of light the Ice Light does.

They all have color shift (green or magenta), or don't cause the full color spectrum to be seen. Likewise the defusion and brightness just aren't the equal of the Ice Light. They all got returned.

Looking around I was able to find a discount at my local photography shop that dropped the price to around $450 on the Ice Light, and I have purchased one (and a spare battery). Now the issue is, I think I'd like a second....
mad_1_spider 3 years ago
I just saw a comment on this from Rick Sammons Blog!
There is a Contest and they are giving away this Wescott Light!!

Go here for more Info!
friscogo Posted 3 years ago. Edited by friscogo (member) 3 years ago
Looks like the clones are starting to show up. Some one probably will do an excellent one, since I bet Wescott is using someone else's LED's to light. Here is a clone. www.led-video-lights.com/516-led-handheld-bicolor-dimmabl... Trying to find a real review.

That said, the Wescott Ice Light is amazing.
Rich Baum 3 years ago
We use an Ice Light for weddings and its great. Yes it is a little to much $$$$ but its first class.
Gustavo-Cabral Posted 2 years ago. Edited by Gustavo-Cabral (member) 2 years ago

I think one of the first "replicas" of the Ice Light is on the market: LS 516AS
516 LED Handheld Bi-Color Dimmable Light by yattixyi

I just can't find any review or it, besides a negative review on amazon: www.amazon.com/516-LED-Handheld-Bi-Color-Dimmable/dp/B00C...

The pricetag is around 240 USD...
Anyone knows if it's really an alternative?
loyoxy 2 years ago

Just found the review on Amazon. But take look at the guy's all reviews. Nearly all negative and low stars.

Are there some other feedback ?
shando. PRO 2 years ago
At those prices I'd rather try and make my own, I also read user reviews on the Saber Strip when it first came out and it too sound way overpriced for what it actually was, if I remember correctly the actual tube was made out of cardboard! Anyway, LED strips are cheap enough nowadays www.ledhut.co.uk/led-strip-lights.html
photonburst PRO 2 years ago
Does anyone know what the Ice Light's battery charger specs are? I happen to have two chargers that are nearly identical (including the connector size) but one is 12V @ 8A and the other is 24V @ 3.75A. The one that is 24V appears to be slightly closer to the product shots, but not really having a desire to fry my light, it seems prudent to ask.
Alfredk PRO 2 years ago
I think that the best place to ask this is the distributor of the Ice LIght!
BigIronCruiser 2 years ago
A Canon/Nikon speedlight with a trigger/receiver is roughly $700, so while $500 for a decent quality LED light isn't exactly chump change, it doesn't seem unreasonable in comparison. My only nit, which has been stated by others, is that the batteries aren't user-replaceable. This means we'll eventually be stuck with a $500 light that won't work simply because we can't replace a $50 battery.

The back side of the charger lists the output at 8.4V, 1.5A.
Vigorotaku 1 year ago
I had a colleague pull one of these out at a wedding.

Uh - What a joke! Seriously! The average flashlight is better. It is like lighting with a fluorescent tube, except that it puts out so little light. I tried to make it work for her shots, but to get the light needed, the light had to pretty much be in the shot. (Notice in the sales shots - it always is in the shot...)

This is yet another toy to sell to the photographer who doesn't know how to use a flash. It is far too weak to do any good most of the time. If you want a continuous light source of comparable size try the Miniplus series from Litepanels. I don't recommend either for photos, but the Miniplus will work in a pinch for video.

Don't waste your money. They go for sale used constantly, but don't waste your money on that either.

I hope that you find this helpful.

Dan at Vigorotaku
Tim Kamppinen 1 year ago
Uh - What a joke! Seriously! The average flashlight is better. It is like lighting with a fluorescent tube, except that it puts out so little light. I tried to make it work for her shots, but to get the light needed, the light had to pretty much be in the shot. (Notice in the sales shots - it always is in the shot...)

If you think a flashlight would be better, you're the joke. I just picked up a couple of ICE Lights and I love them. I've only used them at one wedding so far but they are awesome. If you needed the light "in the shot" then you were doing something wrong like shooting at too low of an ISO or (foolishly) trying to overpower bright ambient light. These are made to be used indoors, at night, or on severely overcast days. They are not going to overpower the sun and they are not made for shooting at ISO 100.... and the same is true of any similar continuous light source. The only reason they put the light in the shot for advertising is to show off the product itself (that's the point of an advertisement, duh).

Here's an ICE Light shot from my first wedding with it:

Nick and Taran 01

I've had a Fotodiox 312 LED panel for a couple of years now and I hardly ever used it because it was frustrating trying to get good skin tones with it and the light was very harsh. The ICE Light has great color (just set daylight WB and it looks perfect, although for the shot above I warmed it up a bit to match fit the mood with the fire in the foreground) and it's twice as wide as the LED panel which makes it softer in the long dimension and you can control the shadow quality by holding it horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. I'm loving it and using it whenever I get a chance.

Obviously any light source is softer and more powerful the closer you have it to your subject so yes, most of the time you're going to want to use it close up, but the claim that you can't get decent light without having it "in the frame" is totally bogus. Check this out: www.theiceculture.com/gallery/viewed and you'll see what's possible.
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