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Yongnuo RF-603

David A. Selby 2:37pm, 30 December 2010
Yongnuo are bringing out something called the RF-603. Looks like an RF-602, but is a transceiver, gets rid of the proprietary ports and non-standard batteries, and has a hotshoe for using on-camera flash at the same time.

LR article (English): www.lightingrumours.com/yongnuo-rf-603-wireless-transceiv...
YN page (Chinese): www.hkyongnuo.com/s-detail.php?ID=282

Still 2.4GHz and 100m range, but it's not clear how many channels it has as the Dip switches have gone - maybe underneath or inside the battery compartment. No locking ring on the foot.

Edit: They are not compatible with RF-602s or RF-601s.

Price and release date unknown.
(1 to 100 of 147 replies)
MrDAT 6 years ago
Sweet. I'm more interested.
Edwin M Escobar 6 years ago
Just when I bought my 3rd receiver and 2nd transmitter so I can use them as a remote shutter they come out with a new one.
MrDAT 6 years ago
Welcome to electronics.
davetameling 6 years ago
I was JUST about to do the same thing Edwin.

Any word on if they're trigger our old 602 receivers? I can't scan those links from work...dang firewall.
Michael Stoop Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Michael Stoop (member) 6 years ago
LR link doesn't say much about compatibility, but:
"The RF-603 system is not claimed to be compatible with the original RF-602. It will have a range of 100 metres and use the 2.4GHz frequency band, with an unknown number of channels."

I still use Cactus v4's and one RF-602 transmitter + receiver combo (mainly to trigger the camera and one-light or optical setups).

So much happening in triggerland, I guess i'll wait for another 6 months or so to replace my sets...
/pete/ Posted 6 years ago. Edited by /pete/ (member) 6 years ago
oddly enough i was also just about to (almost did yesterday in fact) buy a 2nd xmitter and 3rd receiver :p i guess i'll wait for a bit now then.

@D.a.v.e.T that page says "The RF-603 system is not claimed to be compatible with the original RF-602" but would be a real shame if not compatible - plus i'm sure they'd get less sales from all the people who already have 602's...

edit: guess i was a couple of minutes too slow with that quote :P
davetameling Posted 6 years ago. Edited by davetameling (member) 6 years ago

I'll get some anyhow. As mentioned I need to do lights and shutter at the same time so if they aren't cross-compatible I'll be fine...huge bonus if they do though.

Too bad they didn't relocate the on/off switch. My only peeve is that I have to pull my flashes off to switch the receivers every time.
David A. Selby 6 years ago
On backwards compatibility, it's possible. The old CTR-301/P is compatible with the YN-04 & YN-04 II. The RF-601 is compatible with the RF-602, and it seems odd to keep the same naming convention if the RF-603 isn't.
☣ cUKi 6 years ago
The missing locking ring might be quite a deal breaker...
Kris This Is [deleted] 6 years ago
They had better be rf602 compatible!

If they are, Im game.

If they arent, then Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Kris This Is [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Kris This Is (member) 6 years ago
Yeah, no locking ring is a very serious omission when you can place another flashgun on top of the transmitter.

Still wont be able to turn them on and off with a gun on top either....

Also, with a transmitter with full pins on (to allow pass through), means they will have to drop the female threaded socket, so we now need pinching cold shoe mounts to put them on stands.....

More Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
David A. Selby 6 years ago
I've been informed that they are not compatible.

As for the mounting issue, you could use some of those new Frio coldshoe things.
TerryMc Photography 6 years ago
Does that mean that there will be some 602's going cheap to clear the old stock?

That wouldn't be a bad thing.
elv0000 6 years ago
Someone needs to tell them about the locking ring, its bad as it is now but with a flash on top that's insane.

Also they didn't move the on/off switch, thats the other main thing that annoys me about the 602's now.

The TTL pass through is great though and so is AAA batteries in both.
elv0000 6 years ago
Also @ David A. Selby - the Pixel Bishop is not a tranceiver as stated in the article. They are separate transmitter and receivers with a 1/4" threaded hole in the receiver shoe.

I'm beginning to see why now as its quite an added cost to put a TTL shoe and pass through on every unit (tx and rx). If YongNuo's way around that is to save a few dollars on the locking ring/pin we'd be much better off without the tranceivers. And as others mentioned it creates extra mounting (coldshoe) required.
alexanderGARDNER 6 years ago
Come on Elvis! It's only a problem when you forget to turn them on after you've set your rig up! (Which doesn't happen too often now)

elv0000 6 years ago
Hehe... no but I'm too lazy to take them off the flash foot! :-) I only do it because I have too to switch them off. (maybe the batteries won't go flat all that quick if left on anyway?)
dannyt. 6 years ago
Will they take higher voltage flashes?

Will a transmitter automatically propagate the flash signal for distance?

will this do away with needing two transmitters for flash and controlling the camera?

Now everything has a power switch YAY!

NO more CR2's YAY!

Bad marketing ploy not making them compatible BOO!
SeedyBee2008 6 years ago
I shoot for an hour at 9am, then back again at 12.30pm, and 4pm, and sometime 10pm.
I turn everything off between sessions, and the RF602s and the Pixel Knights are bloody nuisances. Curse the manufacturers.

If they are not turned off when all else is switched off, they tend to get left on, sometime for days. It's simply a question of good, competent practice.
Eddy Rademaker 6 years ago
No locking ring is insane. They also need to move the switch slightly forward as the YN-560 flash sits over top of the switch so you have to remove it to turn the receiver off.
I just bought another 2 receivers so I'm good for awhile but I would tend towards the Phottix Atlas triggers if this strobist thing becomes more serious for me.
CotswoldPhoto 6 years ago
OK. You still need 2 sets to do shutter and flash. That is because in camera there is a delay between shutter press and flash fire signal.

What not compatible? In with the signal to fire there is now a 'I'm the transmitter, you need to be the receiver' signal. That means more processing, meaning a faster processor is needed. Meaning a different processor to the RF602. And a different comms signal.

As to high voltage support. The wish list that we sent to Yong Nuo for the RF603 included many things. High Voltage support, universal flash hot shoe and locking foot were in them. So were AAA's all round, an on/off switch and 3.5mm jack. What we got was a compromise.

I too think the lack of locking ring is plain daft. And I said so. But is al about cost to these guys. Not using a ring meant they could use the feet from the RF602 TXs.

Where could the batteries go? The output socket was to be placed near the flash hot shoe (and is a screwlock PC, not the pin one from the Olympus that the RF602 uses. The top is full of stuff, so the battery bay is under and to the front (like the RF602 Receiver). So, where can you THEN put the on/off switch? If it goes on the side then the housing has to be wider and it will be located across the join of the top and bottom mouldings. Not a good idea. So, much as I don't like it, the on/off switch is where it most logically and cheaply can go.

The 3.5mm socket was too big to fit it near the hot shoe, and it was easier to use a 2.5mm jack like the old PT04s used.

One practice I would encourage for those who adopt this set. If you want the equivalent of the old RF602 set (1 x TX and 1 x Rx), get one Nikon and one Canon. The flash hot shoe is universal. So, if yo have a Canon, put the Nikon TRX under the flash. If you own a Nikon, do the opposite. Why? If you need to swap camera brand at a shoot, you still have what you need. Despite that the metal hot shoe is different, I would put coloured tape on to distinguish them (why not yellow for Nikon and Red for Canon?).

ceazeone 6 years ago
dammit i just bout another receiver! these look decent! not a huge improvement over the rf602's but a still very nice. i like the metal shoe mount but that doesnt do much since it doesnt have a locking ring. i knock my rf602 tx off of the camera every other shoot, wouldve been nice to have one. the pc sync port is a nice touch... still would like to see a 3.5mm port but thats asking for too much right?

ill most likely pic these up and use my rf602s as back up. hope theyre cheap!
No locking ring? That pretty much eliminates the biggest reason to upgrade from rf-602s

Who in their right mind would risk putting an expensive flash on top of such an unstable platform
Michael Stoop Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Michael Stoop (member) 6 years ago

OK. You still need 2 sets to do shutter and flash. That is because in camera there is a delay between shutter press and flash fire signal.

You need two "sets", but for your second trigger and receiver, you can just take two receivers out of your regular set. Kinda handy although if I got these I'd probably just use the current RF-602's to trigger the camera.

No locking ring is quite a pain though but I doubt I'd ever use passthrough ttl since my only flash that speaks TTL with my body is a Metz 36...
Kris This Is [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Kris This Is (member) 6 years ago
If they are incompatible, they had better not be a replacement for the 602.

One of the wonderful things about pocket wizards are the backwards compatibility of them all, even though they are on the wrong frequency (IMHO).
Kris This Is [deleted] 6 years ago
Pass through ttl is important for cameras that dont have pc sockets - such as Canon 60d.
speedyhabo Posted 6 years ago. Edited by speedyhabo (member) 6 years ago
Re: No locking ring?

There is no need for the locking ring. Why?
Have a look at this image: www.hkyongnuo.com/enlarge3.php?ID=282

No cold/hot shoe required, as you can mount it with the thread insert of the shoe stand of your flash.

Flash>>RF-603>>shoe stand of your flash>>tripod or light stand.

just my 2 cents
rudy__ 6 years ago
@speedyhabo - Your 2 cents falls a little short. The locking ring is needed for when the flash is on the RF-603 and the RF-603 is on the camera.
/pete/ 6 years ago
it might have been interesting to try a speedlight on top of the camera as fill (as well as off camera lights ofc) but the non-compatability with the 602's is a real shame. i'm trying to keep my costs down so i suspect i'll go for another 1 or 2 602 receivers and a spare transmitter.

unless i wanted to attach my 602 rx to the top of something like a syk5 optical receiver thing - to trigger the 602's optically from the speedlights triggered via the 603 - but that would be sick... i think :p
quackator2000 6 years ago
No locking ring is indeed a showstopper.
Do they handle high sync voltages?

What is their timing, enough for 1/250sec?

Oh sigh..... looked promising. But after losing several transmitters
for lack of locking, I'd be rather reluctant to increase the risk by adding
a flash on top.....
Class A 6 years ago
The forthcoming Cactus V5 will have a locking mechanism for the male hot shoe. They seem to have further advantages. As a RF-602, I'd hold off getting RF-603 until the Cactus V5 have been released (should be real soon).
Class A 6 years ago
Update on the Cactus V5:
Expected release is before February 2011. Check out this announcement for some cool features and a pointer to a review.
Kris This Is [deleted] 6 years ago
I think I will stick with the rf602s for now, assuming they continue to make them. They do everything I need for manual control with very few flaws, which these updates do not address.

The next big thing will be radio ttl at affordable levels, which I am quite happy to wait for.
petepixxx Posted 6 years ago. Edited by petepixxx (member) 6 years ago
Affordable TTL levels? Relative to $30 vs. $250 manual triggers? You must be pretty young to be able to wait that long!
Kris This Is [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Kris This Is (member) 6 years ago
I think the Pixel Kings look very promising, as do the Yongnuo radio ttl flashguns and triggers, which now need to be incorporated into triggers rather than their flashes.

I dont think either of them will be that expensive compared to the benefits, and if they are on the right frequency (not PW freqs) they could prove reliable over the RF interference.

At the very least we can still put the old Yongnuo 602 transmitter on top of this new 603 transmitter with passthrough to use triggers from 2 different incompatible systems without issues... I hope! :)
David Sr. - 6 years ago
Not going to dive into a new radio system that doesn't tolerate high trigger voltages, to many 283's. (and I currently use 9 receivers) Also, the last triggers I saw that were shoe mount (V2's I think they were) were quite flimsy. I understand 602s are better.

Treve mentioned High Voltage but didn't clearly state Yes or No

I don't care about the camera trigger feature, I have other units for that. So this feature is not of interest. I am looking at upgrading sometime, but not going to build safe syncs for all my radios... nope, not gunna.

So, when we get a YES on HV, I'll take a look.

/pete/ Posted 6 years ago. Edited by /pete/ (member) 6 years ago
i love the idea of the ttl hot shoe for on camera or to allow daisy chaning to my old 602's so i think i will bite and pick up some of these so long as they get released soon.

one time i was stupid enough to leave the battery in the 602 transmitter, it drained and took me a while to be able to pick up a new one. using the 602's as a backup or for when i want to trigger more flashes would be handy though.

edit: it's cool that there's so many new triggers being released soon, but i like the size (and price) of the current 602's and the 603's look nice and small too and hopefully not too much more expensive (?)
bik0z 6 years ago
RF-602 = proprietary connector
RF-603 = PC conector

RF-604 = 3.5mm miniphone jack?

Everyone can purchase a 3.5mm miniphone jack and make a custom cable. Tell me where I can purchase a PC connector to make my own cable.
lazersharp 6 years ago
I wish the would have put On &Off switch to another more accessible place.
scubajunkie PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by scubajunkie (member) 6 years ago
I would imagine that, as a tranceiver, the individual units would be more expensive than with the RF-602s. I don't need a half dozen transmitters. As for the proprietary connector goes, they are $5 each on ebay including shipping. You couldn't get them that cheap from FlashZebra (whom I DO use as a source, when I can)

EDIT... In other words... Since I already have a collection of RF-602 units, I see no need to switch.
bik0z 6 years ago

The problem with proprietary cables (and sockets) is not their price but the availability of connectors to make your own cables or to modify existing cables.

For example I haven't been able to find a decent way to connect my RF-602 receiver with my Nikon AS-E900 hotshoes, so far. Of course, a hack is still possible, but it's a not as clean as if I could cut one end of the cable and add a 3.5mm miniphone jack, which is what I would do with a PW or a cybersync receiver.
GNapp Studios 6 years ago
Once again, if they have a hotshoe on top...then put the RF-602 transmitter into the hotshoe and you have instant compatibility.

You could trigger the 602 and 603 receivers simultaneously.
dannyt. Posted 6 years ago. Edited by dannyt. (member) 6 years ago
I have to agree with others here that if I needed to change the Cactus v5 looks better. They are:

a 2 ghz transceiver (Apparently reliable)
with a locking ring
with AAA batteries
a 3.5 mm (or similar) jack
Channel is an easy to select dial
and High Voltage

Looks like they are listening....That said however I have no compelling reason to switch from 602's.
eedubz 6 years ago
Not sure if anyone has followed up on this or if there are any other topics relating to these, but feedback from YongNuo puts the RF-603 on the market around the end of Feb 2011...

Yong Nuo Photo Equipment to me


Thank you for your email.
RF-603 will be available until at the end of Feb.

Kind regards
gwh1bass2000 Posted 6 years ago. Edited by gwh1bass2000 (member) 6 years ago
Great, I ordered RF-602's mid November and still have not received them.. Obsolete before I even get them. I think I'm done ordering from Hong Kong.
Kris This Is [deleted] 6 years ago
RF-602s no longer available in their shop...


If they discontinue the 602s for the non compatible 603s then Yongnuo can go and swing for my money in the future.

More Grrrrr.
CotswoldPhoto 6 years ago
The RF-602 is not nor will it be discontinued. Some silly person bought a massive load of them when they had very little stock. hehe. They have had a situation where the factory was not making many due to holidays and the same applies to the upcoming New Year celebrations. All things Chinese are in short supply.
Blitz It Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Blitz It (member) 6 years ago
The RF-603 are on sale.

I noticed them today.
Kris This Is [deleted] 6 years ago

I think they have changed the design a wee bit.

Blitz It 6 years ago
I have heard the expression FLASH IN A PAN but never FLASH IN A SINK ;-)
Bluemonkey08 PRO 6 years ago
it is not a sink.
it is a soft box with good reflective material...

too bad they dont include the diffusion material :D
d_oracle 6 years ago
 Kris: and the price! even more expensive then the pocketwizards

Blitz It 6 years ago
Its also good for built in water effects. lol
eedubz 6 years ago
Here you go boys (and girls)! Not from the official YongNuo eBay store yet, but it's a good start ; )

jscalcio 6 years ago
So anybody order these or what?
I don't have any triggers so I ordered a pair to see how they do.
I'm sick of waiting.
CotswoldPhoto 6 years ago
Can't have the stock yet or they would say what shutter cable is included. There are 2 Canon versions and 3 Nikon versions. I have seen only the C1 (for the cheaper Canons) and the N3 (for the D90 et al). The C3, N1 and N2 are yet to leave the factory. Note that the flash trigger cable is the same 2.5mm to male screw PC cable that the CTR301 used, and is readily available for about $3 on eBay.
I still think the best bet is to buy a mixture of Canon and Nikon so you can lend it to mates at shoots.
Robbie Khan 6 years ago
These are now available on eBay @ £39.99 - Looks excellent going by the features and better than the Bowens Pulsar I use as you can attach a flash on top of the one on the body as well - Something I would like to do often.

I have the 602s and have used them over a year with no issue and at this price I think I will sell the 602 set and get 4 of these!
CotswoldPhoto 6 years ago
I would advise you not to pay more than £30 for a set of four, or £58 for a set of four, at least sourced in the UK and including delivery and tax. Anyone charging you more is ripping you off and you will be somewhat miffed when you find that out as sellers who list when they actually have stock (the rule on ebay and Amazon is you must have stock before you list, but there are naughty sellers out there) start to list them.
d_oracle 6 years ago
 Leo: I guess the new autosensing feature will need some serious compatibility testing!
CotswoldPhoto 6 years ago
Leo @ IM Hi Leo. From the discussions I have had with their R&D, the RF603's are not a good choice for Pentax et al. They are designed for Canon and Nikon. They are not simple triggers but TTL pass through and need the Canon or Nikon DSLR under them to work properly.

Held in hand, a (half?) press of the button is supposed to switch the TRX to Transmit mode, but it may take a (2s or more) hold to do this. This is because if the TRX has a flash mounted in it, and you obviously want it to be a receiver then, you can press its button to test fire the flash. Thus a simple press has to be (normally) reserved for use in receiver mode. I think a press and hold will force the TRX into transmit mode. It then signals other TRX's to go in to receiver mode. At least, that is how I understand it. Mine are in the Chek Lap Kok airport in Hong Kong, waiting for a flight.

__Dominique__ 6 years ago
Got mine earlier this week and I just tested them with Nikon D90,SB-800 and SB-900. They work fine and I am very happy with them.

However it is worth noting that they are not TTL pass through, you can only fire a flash in a non TTL mode. SB-600 owners be aware the manual states they are not compatible with SB-600.

The above restrictions do not matter much to me and as I said earlier, I am very happy with them.
Guitarman63mm 6 years ago
I will not be buying the RF-603s. The lack of the screw on the bottom is too big of a deal to me at this price point. I'm going to just stick it out with the 602s and move to RP units later this year when I get the money.

Obviously, Yongnuo missed their business class on avoiding planned obsolescence. Good way to REALLY piss off a large market niche.
__Dominique__ Posted 6 years ago. Edited by __Dominique__ (member) 6 years ago
Leo @ IM Thanks for your post.

Can anybody having SB800/900 mounted on RF603 with RF 603 mounted on a Nikon camera retain all TTL functions?
-nickon- PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by -nickon- (member) 6 years ago
"SB-600 owners be aware the manual states they are not compatible with SB-600. "

I'm not sure what that means. "manual states"? I use SB-600's and would like clarification on the above statement, please & thanks.
Guitarman63mm 6 years ago

I think that means that it won't wake up. My RF-602s don't keep my SB-600 awake, I have to go over if I stop shooting for a few minutes and hit it.
-nickon- PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by -nickon- (member) 6 years ago
yes, my RF602s work fine with the SB-600s with standby mode off, so i don't see how the RF603s would be any different. and they only work in manual, so 's statement makes no sense to me.
/pete/ Posted 6 years ago. Edited by /pete/ (member) 6 years ago
he was referring to a sb600 on the ttl passthru shoe mounted on top of a 603 ontop of the camera - so his question does make sense. ofc other recv'rs will be in manual (non ttl) mode...
__Dominique__ 6 years ago
@-nikkon- let me try and clarify.
I wrote that the manual (the Yongnuo instruction booklet which comes with the RF-603) states (says) that the SB-600 is not compatible. The exact sentence on page 7 is: "This product do not support the SB-600 flash".
This felt to me as an important piece of information to bring to the attention of SB-600 owners.
I do not own an SB-600 myself and cannot test the RF-603 with the SB-600.
-nickon- PRO 6 years ago
ha ha, ok, my bad. i get it now.
CotswoldPhoto 6 years ago
I have asked Yong Nuo R&D and they confirm that it is the wakeup of the SB600 that the RF602 and RF603 do not support. Otherwise it works fine. Chinglish strikes again.
__Dominique__ Posted 6 years ago. Edited by __Dominique__ (member) 6 years ago
@ cotswoldPhoto
Thanks for this. I would be interested to know what they say about TTL pass through.
In my tests with Nikon D90,SB-800 and SB-900, RF603 is only hotshoe pass-through, allowing on-camera flash and radio triggering to be used simultaneously, but the flash is not recognised by the camera as TTL capable. Actually the SB-900 switches from TTL to A mode when the shutter is pressed.
Márcus Monteiro 6 years ago
Hello friends. I'm new here, but I have followed a long

I have a great doubt and wonder if anyone can

I have a D90, SB 600, and a few flashes YN.

Wonder if I can use the SB 600 over the RF 603
mounted on the D90? I need to know whether to send the signal to
the receiver and trigger the SB 600 at the same time?

My question is why using an adapter and Pixel TF322, the
SB 600 and a PT04 YN set does not send the signal.

Could anyone help?

Sorry for the bad english.

Hugs from Brazil.

Ben Grubb 6 years ago
Hi all,

I've only just become aware that the RF-603's were available, and I've been following this discussion with interest...

I was thinking of getting a set of RF-602's (4 receivers), but after hearing about the 603's I'd look into them. It still seems pretty inconclusive judging by the posts here. It seems most people are debating whether to upgrade from RF-602's to the 603's or not, but what would people recommend for someone looking to buy a whole new set. I shoot with Canon and have a mix of Canon Speedlight and Yongnuo flashes.

Any input to help my descision would be appreciated. Thanks!
Younghwan Kim [deleted] 6 years ago
I got RF-603s from e-bay seller today.
I have RF-603C and I tested with Canon 5D, 5D2, 580EX2, Metz 58AF-1, and yongnuo YN560.
TTL path through is not working but Manual or Auto mode is working well.

I am testing it I can't change TRX to transmit mode.
I press a button for 2 more seconds but it's not working.
I can't fire without a camera attached.
How can I test fire it in my hand without a camera when I mesure exposer??
 Younghwan: TTL path through is not working but Manual or Auto mode is working well.

I understood that the RF603s *don't* have TTL pass through, they merely have non-TTL (two contact) pass through?
CotswoldPhoto 6 years ago
The RF603 does NOT have TTL pass thru. The top hot shoe is a simple fire only.

The button on the TRX will NOT fire flashes. It is to fire the shutter if used as a shutter remote.

The TRX will only work as a transmitter if mounted on a camera hot shoe, and then only if it is on a Canon or Nikon, and you have the correct version of course.
jscalcio 6 years ago
I'm no expert on wireless triggers but I just got mine today in the mail.

My gear is - Nikon D90, SB-900, 2 x SB-28

So far they wake up all my flashes and sync at 200.

I get a bar at 250 and it gets progressively worse as you would expect but would be usable at 250 if flipped over.

The TTL passthrough is interesting as it doesn't work but if you jiggle it the flash occasionally shows TTL. It reverts back to A when you press the shutter though.


I figured you can't go wrong for $80 for 4 of them when I don't have anything to begin with.
Eddy Effendi 6 years ago
I just received 2 sets of rf-603 from ebay 2 days ago.
I had the same problem that the test button can't fire the flash.

Can I use this trigger with my Sekonic L-358 for metering the exposure? If I can't use it, is there any method to meter with light meter?
Nick Haigh 6 years ago
I just got a set and can only sync at 160 on a 5DmkII ! very disappointed!
iRedeyez77 6 years ago
why do they advertise 1/320 sync speed when clearly it's not, but than again 60 quid for 4 transceivers is cheap as chips! As the same setup for pocket wizards is over a 1k and they are pretty reliable!?

I use a combination of CLS & RF603's, CLS when sync speed is important and RF's when I don't have no line of sight with my strobes.
iRedeyez77 6 years ago
Too bad for those canon shooters that don't have CLS to fall back on! Lol it was actually one of the main reason I went for Nikon
Canons for 2 years have had a CLS equivalent. Not really a selling point anymore, but understood.
Eddy Effendi 6 years ago
Can Cactus v5 's test button fire the flash so that I can use light meter? Thanks in advance.
indigostorm 6 years ago
Just got a set of 4 of these transceivers from Hong Kong via eBay. Ordered Saturday and they arrived the following Saturday, not bad. Got to say I'm most impressed. Well made and compact units. Tested out to 125m and fired 5 out of 5 times with D3 and SB-900 setup. Max sync speed I can get is 1/200s any faster and the rear curtain starts to make an appearance. But hey at 1/10th the price of the Pocket Wizards I'm not complaining!

Still use CLS for indoor shots, but if line of sight to the flash is a problem then these are your answer.
AlexBaugh 6 years ago
I'm really hoping to buy two pairs of these but am trying to figure out if it would work with my D80. I read on some site (shashinki) that an N6 cable would make it compatible... other than that I can find no mention of it working. I've never had any wireless flash transmitters so I'm not quite sure what to look for. If anyone has a clue on how I could make it work please let me know. Perhaps its time to upgrade my camera.
CotswoldPhoto 6 years ago
It WILL work. They had planned to make a shutter cable for it (the RF603 N2 cable), but they decided not to due to the declining population of D80s.
AlexBaugh 6 years ago
Awesome, that makes total sense. Thanks CotswoldPhoto!
photographyguy PRO 6 years ago
MrDAT 6 years ago
But sold by "cheaplights"
does RF603 supports the AF assist beam on 580EX or ST-E2 when its mounted on it?
drjlo1 Posted 6 years ago. Edited by drjlo1 (member) 6 years ago
I just got a pair of Yongnuo RF-603C (Canon), and it absolutely does not work! After following the instructions, including setting the same channel, I placed the RF-603C in Camera hotshoe (Canon 550D) and a flash into another RF-603C, and when you press the shutter half-way, the light on right turns green (meaning focused), but when the shutter is pressed all the way, the green light never turns red (fire signal) and flash never fires.

I switched the two RF-603's around and same problem. The two RF-603's ARE communicating to each other because when you press the test fire button on RF-603, the green light turns red and the remote flash fires. The camera simply cannot trigger the RF-603C into firing.

Tried Yongnuo YN-467, 460 II, and Canon 580EZ manual fashes with same results.

Can someone recommend a simple wireless trigger setup that is KNOWN to work on Canon 550D?

By the way, the RF-603 fits too loosely into shotshoes especially those small plastic hotshoe stands; it needs a shoe lock. Thinking it was not making good contact, I tried holding down the RF-603 on camera shoe but no luck.

Played with this some more, and it turns out the RF-603 does not work in Live Mode, which is how I initially tested the setup. Through the viewfinder, it does fire. Is this normal for other brands' wireless triggers as well? If prices are similar, I would prefer it to work in live mode and via viewfinder.

The lack of shoe lock is turning out to be a bigger problem, though. For big flashes like 580EZ, I have to tilt the flash a bit forward on the tripod/stand AND wrap a rubber band around the shoe to prevent it from falling out! If you have littles ones around, definitely cannot leave the setup attached.
GBHPhotoArts 6 years ago
Just thinking out loud - in the Menu, is flash enabled? Do the flashes fire when mounted directly on the camera (does anything work in the camera hot shoe)?

I don't remember exactly how the 603's are supposed to work, but do you have to set one as a transmitter and one as a receiver, or do they auto-detect?
Hutjeflut 6 years ago
@ drjlo1 did you get the C1 or the C3 version theres c1 and c3 versions of the RF-603 1 said to be for the 1xxxD/xxxD/xxD series and the other for the 7D/5D/1D series maby you have the wrong set ?
Theoalley 6 years ago
Hutjeflut it is my assumption that the C1 and C3 versions only differ in the cable included for the remote shutter release function.
Francesco Castro 6 years ago
has anyone tried if the RF-603 works with flash METZ 50-AF1 and METZ 58 AF2 ???

CotswoldPhoto 6 years ago
Yes and yes.
. Az PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by . Az (member) 6 years ago

I've just bought some of these frio to solve that problem..........highly recommended.
Hutjeflut 6 years ago
still no freaking local shop that bothered selling this cute device if they take any longer im gonna have to go for a set of cactus v5 triggers instead.
CotswoldPhoto 6 years ago
As an update to what Leo said about Pentax and the RF603. I think (and correct me if I am wrong) he used the Canon version of the RF603.

But guess what? The Nikon version works with the Pentax Kx and K5. The shutter release works on the K5 too, but you need the C1 Canon cable.
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