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Yongnuo YN560?

Matt Bostock Archives 1:27am, 25 May 2010
Does anyone have any info relating to the YN560 flash?


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R.S. Photo. 7 years ago
got the brand's triggers (CTR's) and they work excellent.

dont know much about their flashes though.
Pixtiva 7 years ago
Looks interesting - manual, two slave/delay modes?

You know, what would be REALLY interesting, if they go with a "size is not an issue" concept...

More power, and CHEAP power - C-cells or D-cells? Or 8 AA batteries?

A hole and lock-screw for an umbrella.

3/8" /1/4" insert hole for tripod/light stand mounting, with swivel dealie.

The PC is nice - how about a built-in radio trigger?

Velcro already mounted.
jsv_foto Posted 7 years ago. Edited by jsv_foto (member) 7 years ago
This looks nice...could be a contender for the overpriced Nikon SB's...

It appears they've finally listened to the complaints of the older YN flashes...

Flimsy door looks redone (looks sturdier and like it won't snap off), external battery pack is now possible without mod, zoom head goes from 24-105 zoom (a nice touch, but it looks electronic, not manual, no biggie), locking head? (there's a button like the Nikon SB's), pc sync (now I don't have to bother modding these in, but why pc sync and not a 3.5mm jack?)...

Now the big question...what's its guide number?

Kurbster? Where you at? Get your hands on one of these and let us know if it's worth the money? Speaking of which there's the other big question...how much are these? If they're under 100US, they may be worth the trouble (unless they still have the stupid mushy button problems of the older YN's).
Malowz 7 years ago
its a cheapy 580ex clone? ;P
Selbosh II [deleted] 7 years ago
Though the caption says "TTL Speedlite", there isn't a TTL mode in the picture.
Malowz Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Malowz (member) 7 years ago
High GN (wishhhh), power pack in, zoom head, manual only?

count me in.
Selbosh II [deleted] 7 years ago
Change the "e-" to a "c-" in the URL and you get the Chinese version, with full specs:

Straight Google translation
TTL flash YN560

YN560 One section is a newly designed professional creative-type flash, and YN460-II and YN460, it has the following new features:
Ø new look
new series of exterior look more beautiful, more dignified, more comfortable, more professional.
Ø increase the electric zoom
buttons on the via flash can make lamp cover in the 24 ~ 105mm focal length changes between.
Ø GN58 @ ISO100, 105mm
never promise to give a higher flash YN560 index, hot shoe flash to the mainstream level with the One.
Ø Improved wireless trigger sensors
John Snow as YN560 improved wireless trigger sensors, making S1, S2 model can work in the outdoor environment, wireless trigger sensing distance up to 15M.
Ø voice prompt
call back after filming finished, the flash will issue a prompt drop of sound, allowing you to concentrate on the creative process (Note: sound can be turned off).
Ø increase the external power outlet
YN560 increased external power outlet, call back a higher speed to satisfy your needs.
Ø increase the PC sync port
YN560 increase in the standard PC sync port, so you more easy to use PC sync cable for flash sync.
Ø speeding call back
call back all the time light output only 3 seconds, even if not using the new battery can also be termed a call-back experience, only 4 to 5 seconds; from this you can completely get rid of the evil anxiously waiting for call back dream, you can also use an external charge box on the call back time again accelerated.
Ø to support high-speed continuous shooting
at 1 / 8 and less brightness, YN560 can support high-speed continuous shooting 8FPS.
Ø improved power-saving features
John Snow as YN560 designed power-saving mode, the power-saving mode, the flash will be faster hibernation and automatic shutdown; not in non-power-saving sleep mode, flash idle longer, automatic shutdown.
Ø more precise brightness control
YN560 brightness control is more precise, from 1 / 128 to 1 / 1, each level there are eight fine-tune flash brightness of small files; combination lamp zoom, YN560 so you can get almost all of the desired lighting effect.
Ø Automatic Save Settings
YN560 to automatically save your current operation settings.
Ø Rapid action
YN560 allows you to get the fastest operating speed, just press the corresponding button, buttons in the current state of the corresponding function will be effective immediately.
fransener 7 years ago
Just posted some observations about it: speedlights.net/2010/05/25/yongnuo-yn-560-discovered/

Funny that I just wrote a 580EX II review, it's really a clone ... and this will be the successor of the YN-460 mk2.

As lightingrumors says this looks like a new gen flash line, will be pricier than the existing ones (why would you come up with a new design and then be cheaper, does not make sense, right?).

It has some features the 580EX II can't compete with:
- recycle "beep" (optional)
- optical slave modes (Canon only w/in wireless E-TTL)
- dedicated zoom buttons
- faster setting of manual output level
Kris This Is [deleted] 7 years ago
Very interesting indeed.

Still missing, imho:

Built in 2.4ghz trigger.
Remote control (cheap infra red, how difficult/expensive can it be?)
Built in umbrella mount.
I think the way Yungnuo are going, the integrated items will appear very soon. I expect them to release something soon with built in Trigger and power adjustability. They seem to be pushing things harder than Canon or Nikon.
The24thman 7 years ago
This along with the new tt5 copies they're working on are very exciting.
jsv_foto 7 years ago
So it's as powerful as the SB800...interesting...still waiting to hear the price on this...if it's anywhere near the sb800 price range...forget about this toy...
ar_chee_v2 [deleted] 7 years ago
I want to know more on EXT battery pack.
Zerung 7 years ago
The price will be cheaper in comparison, I think. However will it be remotely as good as the 580?? Perhaps not?

Yongnuo does many battery pack, cheap and ok. I think they will put another socket to their existing one...

The24thman 7 years ago
Will they be as good? Who knows? They'll be made from similar parts. IMO, the rf-602's are better build quality than PW's and just as reliable.
fransener 7 years ago
There is no YN-560 on eBay yet, just did a search. The price will be higher than the 55-60 you pay for the YN-460 mk2.

Most expensive YN is the 468 to date, which costs 110$. I guess the new one will be in the middle of these 2.

I think it will be a good one, they have quite some experience now. The one thing I'm not too thrilled about is the size of it, a Canon 580EX II = the unit it's modeled after is quite a monster compared to the 46x Yongnuo's.
Cem K. PRO 7 years ago
These guys are getting too good, it's scary.

They might become the go-to brand for shoe-mount flashes in the very near future.
dulgee v.2.0 [deleted] 7 years ago
$60-$75 shipped to US sounds like a decent point
Snappuppy [deleted] 7 years ago
These look very promising. nice to see the pc-sync and battery socket. Not sure why there's a multi directional dial, can't see it's use.
steveblackdog PRO 7 years ago
Just a guess based on previous layouts, Left/Right to adjust output between 1/1 and 1/128, then Up/Down to fine tune the 8 power points in between.
Pure speculation at this stage of course :)
Pixtiva 7 years ago
Sizewise, heck, it's smaller than a set of Normans...

I'm sure they've got someone reading this - be interesting to hear from them - hint, hint?
Kurbster [deleted] 7 years ago
I'm waiting on 2 units to come from HK for testing, and a blog review
about 10 days to go still...

The Kurbster
Matt Taylor | Amateur Photographer [deleted] 7 years ago
Howmuch were they each Kurbster?
CotswoldPhoto 7 years ago
EY Photo wrote
$60-$75 shipped to US sounds like a decent point
He has it almost perfectly bracketed there, and that's official. Shipped from China.
Kris This Is [deleted] 7 years ago
Crikey, that is cheap.
CotswoldPhoto 7 years ago
Kris You should see them on eBay before the end of this month.
darkblue2010 7 years ago
580 EX II 's manual edition? when will it being launched?
Mark@Bondiphotos 7 years ago
When these things have built in triggers, they will be THE go to flash.
Can U buy shares in YN :)
Chema Cobos 7 years ago
Before the end of this month?

tomorrow then...
CotswoldPhoto 7 years ago
The official launch date is 'Next Friday'. That's when the stock shipments are embargoed until. Then dispatches will commence. I had understood that would be the end of this week, but it might be the end of the following week. But very soon ...
Pixtiva 7 years ago
I wonder when someone's just going to ship a container-full (or a few really big boxes...) across the Pacific...
steveblackdog PRO 7 years ago

You wouldn't like the prices :)
Kris This Is [deleted] Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Kris This Is (member) 7 years ago
One thing I really like about Yongnuo is that they dont do vapourware. RadioPoppers, Alien Bee etc should take a leaf out of their book.

These look like the perfect replacements for my Canon 540ez's.
Kurbster [deleted] 7 years ago
From HK Yong Nuo
The YN-560's will be released Next Friday 06/04/2010

I have 2 of them coming by UPS 3 Day Express

So I should have them by 06/08/2010

Make sure you guys get the pc sync cables for your RF-602 receivers
Luckly I already have 4 of them

Thanks Kurbster
Pixtiva 7 years ago
I dunno... You take the shipping price, and divide it by a few thousand pieces...

Of course, I don't have any idea how much customs would tack on... I've bought audio gear (tube amp type stuff) from HK before, and three-day shipping was nasty, but the initial price was very low...
steveblackdog PRO 7 years ago

Then you need to factor in US postal charges, taxes,packaging, returns and admin fees to mention a few.
You would also need to be competitive with the ebay sellers from China/Hong Kong, or at least close to their prices.
I think Yongnuo sell in boxes of 200 units, so not a huge outlay to give it a try ;-)
Photopaul65 7 years ago
I know I'd pay up to 30% more to get from a US distributer who would handle warranties/returns domestically. The return shipping and month turnaround back and forth to China is still the dealbreaker for me.
Pixtiva 7 years ago
I wonder what it costs to ship a container...

Oh, and I'd also be taking a gamble that the boxload of 460s wouldn't be obsoleted by a different flash... Don't forget that one...
cyclo4 7 years ago
the YN560 looks interesting but I won't upgrade
steveblackdog PRO 7 years ago
Pixtiva says:
I wonder what it costs to ship a container...

No idea, but it would take about 38,000 Yongnuo flashes to fill a 20 foot container. Probably a few more as I left a bit of space for packing and padding, LOL.
Kris This Is [deleted] Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Kris This Is (member) 7 years ago
Looking carefully at the images, I think the head may tilt downwards from straight forwards, just like my 580s and 540s.

Would anybody else agree?

If you manage to handle one soon, could somebody please confirm this for me? Its important to me.


Selbosh II [deleted] Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Selbosh II (member) 7 years ago
The Phottix Foton has a 580EXII-like head also, and the specs say it will have a 7° downward tilt just like the Canon. It's probably a safe bet to assume the Yongnuo will too.

Compare the Phottix and the Yongnuo

steveblackdog PRO 7 years ago
Certainly looks like it has the minus 10 degree tilt in line with the rest of the yongnuo range. Probably have to wait until the Kurbster gets his hands on one to be sure though. For some reason, they never seem to include this in the specs, though a lot of the ebay sellers do.
fransener Posted 7 years ago. Edited by fransener (member) 7 years ago
looked at the instruction manuals of the 4 YN models I have again. YN460 says neg tilt is zero; the other 3 (460-II, 465, 468) say that negative tilt is from -7 degrees. But for all four models, the real negative tilt is -10 degrees as I just re-verified (took photos at 0 and neg tilt and rotated in PS until upper edges met).

Yes, they never include negative tilt in their specs. I bought a 2nd YN-460 some time ago and even this one has a negative tilt now, and my YN-465 and YN-468 both have negative tilt. The YN-560 will most probably have negative tilt too. But we'll see.

Complementing selbosh's overview, here's a comparison of YN-560 with Canon 580EX II:

CotswoldPhoto 7 years ago
I have finished writing the English version of the manual now, it anybody wants it.
☣ cUKi 7 years ago
CotswoldPhoto I' guess I'll really miss the fun of automated translations... Do you have a download URL for the manual?
CotswoldPhoto 7 years ago
Here you go:

It's missing the Front Cover and content pages, and the dimensions are ???'d out. But the GN table etc. is all there.


Malowz Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Malowz (member) 7 years ago
tnks CotswoldPhoto.

so, if the SF-18C is compatible with this unit (its for 580ex and ex2), should work also with pixel battery pack for canon! nice! ;)

cheap, powerful, and fast!
Jarvis Chau PRO 7 years ago
This new flash looks promising. Anyone know if that wireless trigger will also be compatible with the PT-04TM wireless trigger?

So still no words on the pricing?
BoldPuppy 7 years ago
The speedlites.net article says that the guide number of the 580 is 36... maybe when it's zoomed all the way out. It has a guide number of 58 (m @ 105mm/iso 100). (www.the-digital-picture.com/reviews/canon-580ex-ii-speedl...)

There are a variety of other features, both good and not so good, about the 580 that aren't mentioned in the speedlites review. Reading the speedlites review, one could come away with the impression that the two of them are roughly comparable... I'm not so sure that's the case. The YN-560 will be very nice for strobist work, don't get me wrong, but it's a very different unit than the 580.
Pixtiva 7 years ago
Jarvis, I think it's just an optical slave wireless trigger... It'd be nice if they would build a "set" with poverty wizards built in...

I still think a battery-powered "monolight" would be interesting... Think a case full of D-cells, and three-four flash heads around a hole for an umbrella...
fransener Posted 7 years ago. Edited by fransener (member) 7 years ago
Hi BoldPuppy:

Regarding GN: you're right, it is 58 at 105mm. I look at the guide numbers always at the 35mm setting and there it is 36 (m). There is a "manual flash" GN table on p. 54 of the instruction manual (download from here: www.usa.canon.com/consumer/controller?act=ModelInfoAct&am...

I also re-read the whole post and found that I introduced an error into the text with a revision under the "On-camera features" section; it said:

Both models are not really designed as dedicated accessory shoe flash units, but they can be used that way if you’re fine with shooting in manual mode. The difference here can be found in the flash head section, the rest is identical.

This is BS naturally :-) It should say (corrected now, sorry for that):
This second table here now looks at features and functionality you will be able to receive if the flash unit is attached to a camera or supporting wireless TTL mode. The YN-560 will be working in manual mode only: there is no E-TTL or i-TTL support although it will fire with the shutter release.

The 2 flashes are indeed very different, no question about that!
Pixtiva 7 years ago
Hmmm.... So, what I'm thinking for a "recommended Nikon battery" is a YN-465 (for those times where you just gotta plug in), a YN-560 for power, and a YN-460-II for the #3 light... Add in a poverty wizard setup for $75 or so, and you're darn near at the cost of an SB600... Thinking that this'll be a good "B-package."
BoldPuppy 7 years ago
Ok - that's better. Thanks for making the correction! I was trying to figure out how it could have a faster recharge time when I noticed the GN difference.

As an aside, I have an issue with using guide numbers for strobist work - you don't use the 105mm setting in an umbrella... for my PLM umbrellas, I go as wide as possible by pulling the wide angle panel over the face of the unit (I've even experimented with the fong dome, but that sucks too much power for this) ... my 580 is certainly not putting out a GN of 58 in that scenario! This becomes a bunch of marketing mumbo-jumbo to me ... deliberately making it harder to do a legitimate a to b comparison...
CotswoldPhoto 7 years ago
That's why the manual has a table for each power level and each zoom setting of the GN's.

The speedlights.net article was written before I had finished writing the manual, and so the numbers quoted were guesses, wrong as it turned out.
strobist PRO 7 years ago
I am very excited about the hot shoe flash offerings dropping in over the next few days. I have been a beta tester with the LP160, and it is most definitely a great little flash.

Excited to get my hands on a YN560 when they come out, too, as it appears to be very off-camera lighting friendly as well.

Pretty darn cool when you realize that barely a year ago we were limited to used Nikon units from eBay and/or a relaunched Viv285 that is a shadow of its former, robust self.

Exciting times!
Pradeep Raghunathan 7 years ago
Really looks like a promising product. Hope it is reliable.
fransener 7 years ago
The data in the speedlights.net DB (that feeds the articles) is now updated with the official data in the instruction manual from CotswoldPhoto - thanks!! And I hope I'll be able to write about the new LumoPro too, I really like the double flash ready lights for example!
dulgee v.2.0 [deleted] 7 years ago
ugh, why screw lock pc and not 1/8" audio... dont they get the strobist blog in China?

steveblackdog PRO 7 years ago
[https://www.flickr.com/photos/eyphoto/] About as much chance of that as the US joining the rest of the world and using metric measurements.
The Strobist blog hasn't changed the industry standard yet :)
CotswoldPhoto 7 years ago
Launch delayed until 15th June ;-(
dulgee v.2.0 [deleted] Posted 7 years ago. Edited by dulgee v.2.0 (member) 7 years ago
maybe they're switching to 3.5mm mono sync port.... :P
rebel_x_x 7 years ago
@Cotsworld: At least it's not like the vapourware radiopoppers.
Pradeep Raghunathan 7 years ago
murphy works over time doesn't he? :)
rn-photographer 7 years ago
Can't wait for the ttl version of this flash hopefully before Xmas!
whowillhewill [deleted] 7 years ago
This is exciting. If the price point is lower than the new LP160, it'll be fantastic - especially because of the high-voltage external power supply.

I use a combination of high-voltage packs and 6V SLAs with my speedlights and in terms of weight the 8AA HV packs are far more convenient to use in the field.
steveblackdog PRO 7 years ago
Well it looks like it is going to be less than half the price of the LP160, if the info above is correct and it does come from a creditable source, so no reason to think otherwise..
Kurbster [deleted] Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Kurbster (member) 7 years ago
The Kurbster thinks they be going for in-between $64.95 - $69.95

Now we need Yongnuo to throw in a pc cable for their rf-602 receivers to go along with these.

The Kurbster
Ps. I was also notified that my 2 units will not be shipped out till June 15th. That's a Bummer, but hey at least I'm getting 2 of them.. Looks like I might be having a give away for 2 older YN-460's when they come
jsv_foto 7 years ago
Don't make us wait too long Kurbster...my ebay trigger button is getting itchy...
phillip_nguyen 7 years ago
phillip_nguyen 7 years ago
btw, i made an offer for 70 shipped each for two units.

i'll let you guys know if it gets accepted or not.
phillip_nguyen Posted 7 years ago. Edited by phillip_nguyen (member) 7 years ago
lowest seller will go is 95 shipped. says they're in stock too.
Kurbster [deleted] Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Kurbster (member) 7 years ago
One problem with this seller...
(No warranty offer or stated)
I'll wait for the release from HK Yongnuo before trying to grab one at this price.
Someone just jumped the gun and is just trying to make some quick extra cash.

(To me a warranty means everything)

The Kurbster
phillip_nguyen 7 years ago
yeah, i didn't end up buying.

i'd rather wait and get them for much cheaper.
phillip_nguyen 7 years ago
wow, he started at 90 shipped, now went up to 110 shipped.
Kurbster [deleted] 7 years ago
Have you also noticed (0) Items sold, Just 2 offers

The Kurbster
CotswoldPhoto 7 years ago
I spoke to YN and they said they haven't shipped any to anyone. This person has no stock. One of many issues with the bay. Buy from trusted sellers like YongNuo themselves.
whowillhewill [deleted] 7 years ago
I won't be using that seller, fly-mydream, from the ebay link above.

Talk about unscrupulous; the text of the listing is lifted from speedlights.net/2010/05/25/yongnuo-yn-560-discovered/ Admittedly, in the listing it's quite funny to read about how the flash compares poorly to a 580EX .

So they have no knowledge of the product, no products, no warranty and no stock. So, no thanks.
Kurbster [deleted] 7 years ago
Just got this email from Chong at HK Yongnuo Photo Equipment

"Hi friend,

Thank you for your letter.

YN-560 is in my stock now, but the quantity is not very much.

I will send it out to you today.

For this buyer, I'm not sure why he has it so earlier, maybe I think he just listed this item in ebay first, and he would send the item out once he have the YN-560.

Wishing you a good day.

Thank you and best regards,

So they are on their way now...

The Kurbster
fransener 7 years ago
Wow, this fly-mydream guy just used Yongnuo's own description and copied parts of my post plus the data table.

I would not buy from this person, and have asked him to remove the parts taken from speedlights.net immediately incl the link to my site.

Don't want it to appear that I'd be associated with this person - don't know them at all.
CotswoldPhoto Posted 7 years ago. Edited by CotswoldPhoto (member) 7 years ago
YN just told me that the first 100 units have arrived, to be sent out as evaluation models (ie 1 or 2 here and there). That means Kurbsters will be going out to him, but sellers will have to wait a few days more.

@fransenerThe only way you will get him to take that off is to report him to eBay and hope they do it.
fransener 7 years ago
thanks cotswoldphoto - that's what I did, reported it to ebay. no problem with using and passing on info, but in this case where it is so dubious - no thanks!
deep blue2 7 years ago
are you going to be stocking any for us UK buyers?? If so what's the likely price?
CotswoldPhoto 7 years ago
@ deep blue2

Read the lightingrumours.com article:


I cannot make any comments about any commercial activity we may or may not be involved, on flickr. I would get a slap if I did.

I limit any comments to help, clarification, etc.
arginventor Posted 7 years ago. Edited by arginventor (member) 7 years ago
The YN-560 is now available on Amazon
I used this seller twice before,so I don't think It's fake.
deep blue2 7 years ago
oops! sorry my mistake!

Wouldn't want to get you in trubble!
jsv_foto 7 years ago
It ships in 6-10 days from that Amazon vendor...sounds like yongnuo Amazon (are they related to the HKYongnuo?) doesn't have any in stock...will be patient and wait for the kurbster to review this...and for the review of the LP160 to come out...a comparison between the two would be nice...
arginventor Posted 7 years ago. Edited by arginventor (member) 7 years ago
I think it's the same seller that's on ebay.

Actually it ships in 2 days, check the seller's page.
I ordered from him twice, the first time shipped in 2 days, the second shipped the next day.
At least that's what happened with me :)

Edit: It says 2 business days.
phillip_nguyen 7 years ago
so does this mean retail price is 86 shipped?
arginventor 7 years ago
For some reason, that Yongnuo seller on Amazon always has the prices more than those on ebay. So I think it would be for less on ebay once it's in mass production. I wish I was able to use ebay :(

So it's probably cheaper than that $86 shipped that's on Amazon right now.

We'll wait and see :)
phillip_nguyen Posted 7 years ago. Edited by phillip_nguyen (member) 7 years ago
probably because they offer a 1-year warranty.

meking studio just listed a handful of auctions for 75 shipped.


edit: seller told me he doesn't have them in stock, says 'maybe later'. lol
fransener 7 years ago
thanks phillip, i had the same question for meking but no reply yet, so i'll wait.
CotswoldPhoto 7 years ago
Eager beavers, aren't you?
phillip_nguyen 7 years ago
lol, i'm waiting on YongNuo themselves to list their auctions (so i can use Bing Cashback before it ends)

just posting links for others ;)
Kurbster [deleted] 7 years ago
Come on now,
We know eveybody's looking to grab one. But what you are forgetting to look for is the 1 main key word (Warranty)

That should be the main selling point to look far, Not the lowest price.

If I where you, I'll wait for HK Yong Nuo to list it's price first, They might be a couple dollars more, But then there will be that one key selling point (They will have a warranty) and respect it...

The Kurbster
CotswoldPhoto 7 years ago
Kurbster Well said. But on eBay, even they (HK Yong Nuo) don't offer more than a month, do they? Admittedly, you hear horror stories of eBay sellers who NEVER honour warranties, let alone offer them. People often think they get EU like (12-24 month) warranties when buying on eBay from HK or China. Dream on. So you take a risk and buy cheap, or ...
phillip_nguyen 7 years ago
i thought YN offered a one-year?

i know there are some other eBay sellers who offer the same also, but i wouldn't trust their one-year warranty though unless it came directly from the manufacturer.
Kurbster [deleted] Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Kurbster (member) 7 years ago
HK Yong Nuo offers a 1 year warranty on all thier flashes

From their ebay store:
★We offer 1 year warrenty for this unit

You will see that in their return policy

The Kurbster
CotswoldPhoto 7 years ago
Ah. so they do. Hadn't seen that. My bad! Good to get there then.
rogermbyrne 7 years ago
Just as a side note while you are talking about suppliers and since they aren't allowed to toot their own horn, I had the pleasure of dealing with CotswoldPhoto recently, starting with some Lightstands (CLS65, Nano copies) I ordered two but only one showed up and after 3 weeks still no sign of the second.

Trevors email reply to me was great "What would you like? A full refund?, A new one sent when I get new stock OR You tell me?"

I opted to wait a little longer as anyway I wanted the stand and would need to wait for his new stock but luckily the 2nd stand turned up shortly after.

I like dealing with people who offer this kind of support and service so will be buying my 560's from Trevor ;)
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