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elv0000 4:22pm, 21 December 2009
Just received the new 8 cell PIXEL TD-381 Battery Pack for Canon (others available) and I'm pretty impressed.

Firstly their stated claims -

- TD-381 use a dual circuit charging system, charge time twice as fast as any other battery pack.
- More convenient design, you can use 4 or 8 AA batteries, when using 8AA batteries, faster doubled.
- Uses a new method of charging, standby current of less than 25% of the original power consumption. It can be used for more types of battery.

I can't say whether it is twice as fast as any other pack but it is fast even with my fairly ordinary old batteries. On my 580ex with Energizer 2500mAh cells normal recycle is around 4 to 5 seconds. With the pack I'm getting around -

1.2 seconds at full power
0.5 seconds at 1/2 power
0.0 seconds at 1/4 power

The bonus is you can use just 4 cells in the pack if needed instead of 8 and still half the recycle time!, around 2 seconds at full power.

No dought you could get even better times with a good set of
Maha Powerex 2700mAh batteries or similar.

So I can confirm - " can use 4 or 8 AA batteries, when using 8AA batteries, faster doubled " :-)

I don't have a Canon pack here now to test, the only fair comparison would be to use the exact same batteries in each pack and compare the times. Its certainly possible it is twice as fast but I can't confirm that.

PIXEL TD-381 Batter Pack for Canon

The battery tray fits and secures well. Its designed as 2 sets of 4 batteries, one set goes in on top the other on the bottom so you won't mix them up. The batteries also only go in one way so you can't put any in the wrong way around. They are easy to insert and remove and nice and secure.

The battery door opens with a push of the button and slide of the endcap and locks back in to place nice and tight.

PIXEL TD-381 Battery Pack for Canon

The pack has 2 LED's on the end, one for each charging circuit. They blink constantly while on standby and turn solid while recharging the flash.

When using only 4 batteries in the pack it doesn't matter which side you put them in, the LED on that side will double blink to show there's only the one circuit with batteries running.

I tried putting a nearly flat set of batteries on one side and a fully recharged set on the other and the LED's showed exactly which circuit was doing most of the charging (the recharged set).

PIXEL TD-381 Battery Pack for CanonPIXEL TD-381 Battery Pack for Canon

Image above shows the one set of 4 batteries loaded, it doesn't matter which side you put them in.

The padded case opens from both ends so you can remove the battery tray without taking the whole pack out of the case.

The padded case has the usual belt slot on the back and 2 holes on the top so you can still see the LED's.

PIXEL TD-381 Battery Pack for CanonPIXEL TD-381 Battery Pack for Canon

The bottom of the pack- it has the camera screw mounting hole for attaching to the base of your camera etc but did not come with a thumbscrew. EDIT - They now come with thumbscrew included.

PIXEL TD-381 Battery Pack for Canon

The pack doesn't apear to be affected by radio triggers, TTL cord, using as a remote slave etc. I don't think radio triggers will be much of an issue with the Canon version.

If you have followed the later 8 cell YongNuo packs the main problem has been off camera use with the Nikon model for SB-24, 26, 28 etc in conjunction with some radio triggers. That is becasue they have a cord going to the PC socket on the flash from the battery pack. The PIXEL pack for those Nikon flashes also have the same with PC cord so its yet to know if they will have the same issue. You can see more about that with the YongNuo pack here -


If the Nikon version is more succesfull with the SB-2x's it would make a fantastic budget pack so you can throw away the slow and heavy Sealed Lead Acid batteries. In the mean time these look like a great inexpensive option for the later 550/580ex and likely the Nikon SB900 version.

Just a bit of background also for those that may be unaware - these packs still require a set of batteries in the flash just to power the controls LCD etc. The battery pack plugs into a socket on the flash and bypasses all the normal circuitry delivering very high voltage straight to the flash capacitor! This is how it delivers such fast recharge times. The battery pack itself has complex circuitry which transforms the low voltage batteries into over 300volts going into the flash! So its not safe DIY territory in any way.

You may think at first another set of batteries in the flash is a waste but its actualy quite handy becasue you can plug the pack in and out and still go on using the flash as normal regardless. It also means the flash won't start messing up TTL exposures and communication between flashes as the batteries get low because the ones in the flash will still be well charged (flash custom function must be set to recharge by external source only in that case and a set of Eneloops or similar that hold their charge for a long time are ideal for in the flash itself as they don't need recharging very often).

The original Canon/Nikon versions of these packs have become standard for many wedding/event photographers, they go all day with one battery tray change at the most. At a fraction of the price these packs are now a lot more accessible and really put and end to the need for the old budget lead acid packs with dodgey wires comming out the battery door.

Time will tell how well they hold up!

I bought the pack from ebay -

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elv0000 7 years ago
@ PictMark - Thanks for the information. Its a shame about the SB-26 not being compatible, though its kind of a surprise the SB-28 is then (which is still good news).

DealExtreme are very cheap and fine when all goes well but if it comes to return or exchange issues etc that's when it gets very painful. I personally look for other ebay sellers first, there apear to be some with similar prices for these packs.

Are you trying to return the Nikon pack with Pixel? I'm not sure what else they could do than refund or offer a discount.
PictMark PRO 7 years ago
@elv: I plan to keep the battery packs. I have sb-28s that I can use them with, so I am not planning a return. Sold one sb-26. Since they had clearly advertised the TD-383 as working with the sb-26 (without testing) I would appreciate a 'sorry we messed up' rather than a 'sorry for your inconvenience' from Pixel, even if it might not be the 'business' thing to do. If they put some meat behind that with a real discount on another item, that would make me feel even better about them and increase the likelihood of looking for other products of theirs I might enjoy using.

I try to take responsibility when I mess up. It feels good when others do the same. I also try to choose my battles carefully and this is matter is not battle worthy. Situations like this help in separating the OK from the great.
chinesechef Posted 7 years ago. Edited by chinesechef (member) 7 years ago
I've got the TD-383 and tested with the SB-24 and SB-28 with wireless triggers (PT-04II) with some different results that others have stated.

When I connect the speedlight (through the power plug and PC terminal) and battery pack with the wireless trigger on the hot shoe it won't charge from the battery pack. This is when triggering wireless.

If I just test fire from the speedlight's button then it will start charging from the battery pack which is indicated by the lights on the pack (and the speed).

Edit: Just a little more investigation. If I lower the power to 1/4 on the SB-24 then it appears to work fine. But for the SB-28 it's the same no matter how low I set the power.

Trying to mess a little around it appears it would be trigger dependent. So the triggers I have doesn't stay "high" long enough when triggering the flash. Because of this the battery pack can't pick up on the signal from the PC terminal.

If I short circuit the PC terminal then I can get the battery pack to activate.
Received my TD-381 the other day and had a couple chances to use it so far.

Overall, definitely worth it for the price.

I own the Canon CP-E4 and have always loved it. I picked this one up for the faster recycle times, and while I haven't had a chance to try it out (I was on lower powered output), I never needed to "wait for it", even during burst sessions.

I have to say that the overall quality leaves a bit to be desired. The thing seems a bit smaller than the CP-E4, and seems to have tried to copy the look of it, but all of the materials (case, plastics, even the little buttons) seem to be of much lower quality. I guess I didn't realize there were multiple levels of quality, even in "cheap plastics" :)
It feels much more fragile - in a "If I drop this, I can easily see it not working any longer", whereas the CP-E4 feels that it can take a beating.

One of the creepy parts was the constant ticking once plugged in. The CP-E4 never did this. The tray itself is also redesigned (rather than 8 on the top, it's 4 on each side). The CP-E4 was nice in that it was easy to pop out/put in new batteries within about 20-30 seconds. This one seems to take much longer due to the layout it uses. With trays costing so much (to have a backup ready to go), I see this as a negative (although with the number of flash outputs its rated at - 500+ at full power?) I can't say how big of a deal it is to keep fresh batteries in it. My experience with the CP-E4 was that if the batteries weren't full, the recycle times dropped significantly (after a couple hundred flashes (not full power), you see a big drop in recycle speeds).

I havent had a lot of time to spend with it, but those are my impressions over the first 2 days shooting with it.
Malowz Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Malowz (member) 7 years ago
received mine today. very nice.

wen i plugged the 8 batteries, one led was flashing. after read the manual, it said when charging circuit is in standby.

then, i removed the batteries and put again. now both lights stay on.

i guess was a bad contact, cause the polarity was ok.

removed/insert the batteries about 8 times to make sure all lights are on. no problem.

also, someone mentioned the ticking noise, its normal right, or it have a bomb inside about to go off?? ;P
SeedyBee2008 Posted 7 years ago. Edited by SeedyBee2008 (member) 7 years ago
The ticking is "normal" but annoying.

The case can be opened and the spring tension on the battery contacts checked for contact. I have needed to extend the springs a little to get good contact on the middle two contacts.
PictMark PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by PictMark (member) 7 years ago
I ran into a cheap sb-24 and picked it up. I thought it was strange that it was reported as working with the TD-383 when the sb-26 does not (even if are problems with one of the triggers). I tested it without a trigger - confirmed it works fine at all power settings. I tested it with RF-602 - again no problem at all power settings. PW triggers also work well at all power settings.

Re. ticking on the TD-381: When attached to the camera I find it a bit irritating when I bring it to my face for a picture. Attached to my belt it is no big deal for me.
Malowz Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Malowz (member) 7 years ago
i did a few measurements:

in idle (lights on, ticking) consumes about 70mah. with eneloops for example, it will last about 25-30 hours without firing.

after fired a flash, it pulls a peak about 9A, then falls fast. so, its best to use ni-mh LSD battery types (eneloops and similar, they can handle high currents better)

with flash off/disconnected, it consumes 0.03mah. so, remove the battery only if you will not use for more than 1 week (when discharged amount becomes significant) ;)

after using a bit, i found the time to recycle flashes only with internal batteries unusable. this thing is very addictive. ;P

EDIT: i also made a better holder for belt use. original place wiggle and too "loose"
PIXEL TD-381, better belt holder by Malowz
Paul Hara PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Paul Hara (member) 7 years ago
I've been testing the TD-383 with a Nikon D3, SB800 flash, PocketWizard Plus II's and also Nikon's SU800 Wireless trigger. Although the battery pack works with the PocketWizard it does not work with the SU800. By "not work" I mean that when the SU800 is installed in the camera's hot shoe as normal, and the battery pack is hooked up to the flash, the flash will take its charge from the internal batteries, not the TD-383.

I have two packs and they both work the same way. They work with PocketWizards, but not with the SU800. This is a major disappointment.

I wonder if they work with RadioPoppers since they use the SU800?
Jerry P. H. 7 years ago
Are you sure? I recently got them and had no issues with CLS, but there was a caveat when using SB-800s, it was:

"There is only ONE caveat in the whole thing... and that is that when using the SB-800 (dual wire TD-383) model, The Pixel unit takes the only sync port that is available on the that SB-800, SB-80dx, etc... and needed to plug the PW Plus II in for OCF. The fix for that is extremely easy... attach the PW wire to a hot shoe adapter and plug the battery pack into the sync port on the flash... and it works perfectly!"
ac12basis 7 years ago
Welcome to the club.
I was at a family mothers day party and pulled out my HV pack. Clumsy, but I did not worry about recycle time. It is only the cables that bug me. I still have to figure out a good cable layout for all the cables.
PictMark PRO 7 years ago
Just an update regarding my communication with Pixel (Jack): Some time went by, needed to send a reminder email, but Pixel expressed appreciation for information provided both in words and with a real discount. So I will be getting another TD-381. Thanks Jack.
Paul Hara PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Paul Hara (member) 7 years ago
As I said, My system works fine with the PocketWizard using the technique you outlined. Of course it also works fine when I put the flash in the camera's hot shoe. But for some reason, when using the SU-800 to trigger the flash the flash will not charge with the external battery pac.
You say you have no problem with CLS, can you explain your setup?
Are you using the SU-800 for your CLS?
Paul Hara PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Paul Hara (member) 7 years ago
Here is an update to my last post. I received this reply from the vendor regarding performance of the battery pack when used with Nikon's SU-800 trigger.
"... when used with SU-800 does not support the charge mode.However, to change the flashes in flash mode,it could lead to flash mode changed to not accept the use of charging battery pack."

I take this to mean that the TD-383 battery pack does not work when using the SU-800 wireless trigger.

I have asked for a refund. We'll see what happens next.

Update: PixelHK will not refund. 'They will only exchange for a defective product. So now I am stuck with packs that will only work for me in manual mode. I will never again buy cheap Chinese gear.
whowillhewill [deleted] 7 years ago
After reading this thread I went ahead and purchased a TD-381. In summary it works very well with the Nissin Di866 (for Canon).

It does make a distinct clicking sound when in operation, but it's not too loud.

Recycle times are pretty fast: a little less than 2s at full power and a 1/4 power or less, instantaneous.

Also, while it doesn't affect performance, I was impressed by the pouch. It looks really professional.
Malowz 7 years ago
as my cam have a antenna on the side, i put the first loop of the cable there, so it does not bother too much (with the cable loose, it keep sliding to the lens rings)

also, this make the wire not bend too much in the plug this way.
chikabelley Posted 7 years ago. Edited by chikabelley (member) 7 years ago
Ordered 1 will see how it works with my 580ex II. Fingers crossed.

Come check out the 10K of photos or so on StrobeAust: Australian Strobists organising local strobist meets www.flickr.com/groups/aussiestrobists/
chinesechef 7 years ago
I think the reason the battery pack is not working with CLS is because CLS doesn't trigger the PC-port.

If the PC-port isn't triggered then the battery pack isn't activated.
Blaise - Mariages 06 7 years ago
I've been using the Canon model at an outdoors wedding this week-end and love it. Never thought I would be needing something like this, but now I'm hooked.

Full power on the 580exII takes about 1.2 second recycle time as elv0000 pointed out.

Works perfectly as well in HSS and with the RF-602 trigger (why would it not?).

I put a bungee cord around it to fix it to my lightstand bracket.
Jerry P. H. 7 years ago
Hey guys a little update on this. I was exchanging some FMs with phara442. In his case, he has a D3 with two SB-800s and the TD-383 battery pack units. he FMed me and let me know that he could not get his remote SB-800s to use the TD-383 battery packs on the remote slaved SB-800s while in CLS mode. Using Pocket Wizards, it worked just fine though.

I went and told him that mine worked fine in CLS, but then I thought about it a few minutes, wasn't sure about it all and so I did some testing.

My setup is a single SB-800 that I use as commander ON MY CAMERA, and two SB-900s that I use as the remote slaves. In this setup, let me assure you that with battery packs on all flashes, they packs function fine shortening recycle times using PWs and it works with Nikon's CLS.

However, the moment I placed the SB-800 as the remote CLS slave, it did flash, but it DID NOT use the battery pack.

For some reason, the battery packs are not used if your flash is a SB-800, you have the TD-383 unit. and are in CLS mode. Kinda strange because it does not do this for the SB-900 flashes.

With the SB-900s, they will use the battery packs when set up as a remote slave using CLS and/or pocket wizards without issues.

So, to reiterate, there are 2 things that we must watch for when using the Pixel power packs in a Nikon world... if you use a SB-800 or SB-80dx flash or any other flash that requires a connection to the setup via the on camera sync cable, if you need another sync port to connect your external receiver to it, you need a HOT SHOE adapter and connect your receiver there. The sync cable on the flash uses the Pixel sync port to work.

The second caveat is that in the configuration of specifically a SB-800 as the remote CLS slave, it will fire the flash, but not use the battery pack. This is particular to the SB-800 only... and if you use a SB-900, this issue does not exist. Also, if you do not use CLS but external triggers, the battery packs work just fine on a SB-800.

My apologies to phara442 (and all here), as he went and bought the pixel battery packs based on what I said... it was NOT my intention to mislead anyone, I simply did not test out all combinations possble. Of course, the one configuration I missed because I use my SB-800 only on my camera as the commander, was the one that does not work.

So be aware of the issue and know that CLS, SB-800s and the TD-383s are NOT compatible.
JohnVPhotos 7 years ago
I shot a wedding with the TD-381 this weekend and battery packed performed flawlessly!

Loaded up Duracell 2,650mAh rechargeables, placed the TD-381 on my belt, plugged into my 580EX and started shooting. Out of 700+ flash shots only missed one flash frame. I totally forgot I was using it after an hour or so and just shot away with no worries of waiting for the flash to recycle.

I just tested the recycle time with manual full power flash and it's a touch under one second. That's dang impressive after 700+ flashes.

The Duracell 2,650mAh rechargeables were the batteries I had trouble with a different eBay battery pack model a few months ago as they heated up to the point were I couldn't get the batteries out because of heat expansion of both batteries and plastic. I don't foresee the TD-381 having that issue as the battery tray/compartment is better design for sure.

Only issue I had at times was the coiled power cord catching on the front of my lenses lip and had to pull the coiled cord off the lens before shooting. Also I'm a little concerned about the thinness of the power cord itself where the power cord meets the battery pack. Seems like after repeated stress it could eventually pull out. All in all really happy with the TD-381. I'll be adding at least one more unit as backup.
Digital Dennis PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Digital Dennis (member) 7 years ago
Pixel TD-383 review see link below.


This will answer all you questions regarding compatibility with SB800 and Nikon CLS.

Pixel TD-383 For Nikon
elv0000 7 years ago
Thanks for the video review Dennis.

It may confuse people a little though, becasue if you see JerryPH's comment above the TD-383 does not work with the SB-800 as a remote CLS slave.

Also the other Nikon pack without the PC cord attached to the power cord (TD-382) is not an old pack but the current pack designed specificaly for the SB-900.
Digital Dennis PRO 7 years ago
TD-383 does work fine with Nikon CLS I use these packs all the time for automotive work including SB800's set as remote CLS slave and no problems at all. Works fine no problems at all.
SeedyBee2008 7 years ago
Digital Dennis - It would help others if you could confirm that the statement "the TD-383 does not work with the SB-800 as a remote CLS slave" is false. Is there some configuration trick that can be used to get the pack to work in remote CLS Slave mode?
Paul Hara PRO 7 years ago
Well since Digital Dennis has not replied all we have so far is that the TD-383 does not work with the SB-800 in remote for two people and that it does for one person.

I have tried every configuration that I can think and it doesn't work for me in remote mode.

If you decide to chance it, keep in mind that they will not refund your money.
Just want to ask how everyone using these with the SB-900 are getting along after some extended time out on the market. Looking to invest in a couple of these and your input is greatly appreciated.
The Lighting Academy 7 years ago
Hello All.

I actually just posted a similar review of the Pixel Enterprises TD-382 for Nikon SB-900 flash. You can see the review with detailed performance analysis here:


And you can see a performance comparison between the Pixel TD-382 and the Yongnuo SF-18 here:

elv0000 7 years ago
Thats a great comparison (and review) thanks Robert.

Really shows up a considerable difference after a few shots.
Ron.Parker66 7 years ago

I watched the video review for the TD-382 (Nikon version) and now have some questions. There are 2 cords to attach to the flash on that version one for power and one for TTL capability?

As far as I can tell the Canon version TD-381 only comes with one connection for power and no TTL.
Will I be able to use ETTL?????

I need an answer on this soon. I ordered 2 last night and discovered this possible deal breaker this morning!

Sam Jae Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Sam Jae (member) 7 years ago

it's a battery pack, no wireless triggering solution. I can't imagine the pc-port is usable as TTL-connection. So, no TTL here :-)
SeedyBee2008 7 years ago
@ Ron.Parker66 - You are ok. Canon Speedlites require only the single cable with the special 3-pin plug. As Sam says, TTL is not involved. It's just that some Nikon Speedlights need a work-around.

You will need a supply of good rechargeables, AND a good quality charger. :)
Let me know if this pixel td383 is defective. I've made a video to forward to pixel HK. Thanks!

elv0000 7 years ago
@ Marloon_EOS - the SB-26 was scratched from the compatibility list so I wouldn't expect much there.

The SB-28 from reports above seems to be working ok for most, except chinesechef commented his will only recycle from the pack when using the flash test button and not the triggers (PT-04II).

My guess would be its probably just not going to work like that. I'd try the test button first, but also connecting the trigger via a hotshoe if possible. It may just be the SB-28/cybersync/TD383 combination is not going to work?
rudy__ 7 years ago
What I would do is to take the triggers out of the loop and try it first with the flash on the camera. Simplify the setup as much as possible first. See if it will work in this setup. If it does not then you have taken the cybersync out of the equation and then it is just a SB28/TD383 issue.

Or/and try the same but triggered with the camera's PC port with a cable. Again, reduce the setup and see if it does or does not work.

When i get home, I will do a video for the following combinations.

SB28 + TD 383
SB80Dx + TD 383

I will test two TD 383 packs to make sure that I haven't had a defective unit. If they perform similarly, and i am satisfied with the expected results, i will release my YouTube video publicly to make sure that no one else makes this same mistake. I just don't want anyone wasting their money.

I am going to try to get my hands on an SB800. I will hand it off to my friend if it works fine on his flash. If it doesn't, I'll be sure that this is a defective unit.

I have already contacted PixelHK, and Edward from Cheetahstand (a US distributor of the Pixel TD packs). Both companies are now doing a more thorough tests with the SB28/TD383 combo. I have yet to hear from them.

I have also contacted the original ebay seller, and it is going back for an exchange (maybe i will just ship it back for a refund, I have yet to decide as to what to do).

I bought a NEW battery pack from a different reseller. I hope that everything works out the way i want it to. I would really like this battery pack to work.
siebelxe 7 years ago
I need something like this for my Sunpak 444D. It has an external power port. I believe the connector is different than a Nikon or Canon though.
talicuranmil 7 years ago
Would it be possible to use the SB 800 Battery pack with an SB 600 without going totaly Rambo modifying either of the units?
Jerry P. H. Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Jerry P. H. (member) 7 years ago
No. The SB-600 has no external battery support so going all "rambo" is the only way.
pavlinbl4 7 years ago
Hi. I used battery pack very active and damage it. It was hot and now it isn't work. Have somebody information how to repair it? I understand that price is not very high for it.
jaysondtalag 7 years ago
my TD383 came yesterday and I'm testing the unit
I do have some issues though:

- the flash fires as expected with great re-cycle rate when the flash head is pointing straight at a right angle but the moment I tilt the head up and turn it around, it definitely miss fire

- the flash "hangs"... like i can't even turn it off or do any thing, i have to remove the batteries to turn it off

it was tested with 2 SB800s and freshly charged batteries
Burrenscapes 7 years ago
I used my TD-381 for three jobs spread out over a six month period. It was not used intensively. The pack stopped working properly after the third shoot. It now only provides power with four batteries, necessitating frequent battery changes and partly negating its purpose.

When it did fully function it did a great job, which is why I would like to have it fixed. I've emailed the seller (ebay) and Pixel's website on several occasions over the past three months, but have not received a reply.

I'm posting this as a cautionary tale for any would be buyers. It was so cheap to buy that I did not have high expectations, but I did expect it to last longer than three days !!!.
Jerry P. H. Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Jerry P. H. (member) 7 years ago
Hey guys, to bring back a little bit of a zombie thread, I had a cool comment added to one of my recent flickr pics by phara442.

Remember the fact that one could not use these battery packs in a remote situation with SB-800's?

Well, phara442 found a pretty cool way around it... using a FlexTT5, the flash is in TTL mode, not remote mode, just as if it was sitting on a camera, so now, the Pixel battery packs work on remote SB-800 flashes using the FlexTT5 triggers!

Ok, its not a cheap solution but it *is* a solution and that is very cool.

It is something that I am going to definitely try today and very likely use this coming weekend for an E-session!

Edit: Just tested it, and yup, it does indeed work! Also to add, above jaysondtalag mentions that the SB-800 hangs when the head is pointed up or twisted... I just tested that with the SB-800 on a FlexTT5 and it works perfectly. I just took about 20-25 shots of the head tilted/twisted in various angles and did not see one misfire at all.

Thanks to phara442 for being the one to discover this! :-))

Overall I must have used these about 10-12 times now and they are still working as advertised. Maybe I was lucky, but I am pleased with my units (2 for the SB-900 and 1 for the SB-800 or SB-80dx that I have)
I just picked up several of the TD-383's. As far as I can tell, from reading through what people have previously posted it is compatible with the SB 24 and 28, but NOT the 26. I was hoping someone else had tried these with an SB-25. I just tested it with three different SB-25's and even switched out the batteries but after firing the flash once the whole screen freezes up and the flash doesn't fire at all. Anyone else have any experience using the TD-383 with SB-25's?
StrobistAdventures Posted 4 years ago. Edited by StrobistAdventures (member) 4 years ago
3 questions:

1) Is this compatible with the Mitros?
2) Overheating issues?
3) How do you prevent it from dangling? Velcro to the lightstand/monopod?
Jerry P. H. 4 years ago
1 - No idea.

2 - Oh yes! It lets the flash recycle faster, hence overheat faster. The hottest part of the flash is never the batteries, but the flash head, an external battery pack is going to help you destroy any flash if used irresponsibly. I use it to increase # of flashes per single charge, not to machine gun my flashes into smoking heaps of melted plastic.

3 - The case comes with slits. I slip some Velcro through it and hold it to the light stand.
StrobistAdventures Posted 4 years ago. Edited by StrobistAdventures (member) 4 years ago
Jerry P. H.:

I actually need faster recycles. I used to shoot with Yongnuos and their recycle is bloody amazing. Switching to the Mitros gave me centralized lighting control via the Phottix Odin but it has killed my recycle times and made them really slow. Now I end up getting a lot of dark frames of couples smiling when I go for a burst of 3 at 1/4 power.....I find I need to machine gun for about 3 frames or so to get that perfect frame where both people have good smiles, eyes open etc etc. So you say you wouldn't recommend it for such a practice?
Jerry P. H. 4 years ago
Well, a 3-bursts sequence at 1/4 power is something it will do easily and that of itself is not going to hurt anything. I suppose what matters is how many of those 3-shot bursts you will do sequentially.

Different flashes react differently when pushed hard, some slow down, some turn off and some just end up broken and costing you money, and this is something that I am sure you don't want.

I'm basically saying that this is easily doable and also VERY easy to go a bit too far, so know your equipment and be careful. In my own experience, it was a simple matter of taking 2 photos too many that pushed my SB-800 into a damaged state and a nice invoice from Nikon. I know the limits of my equipment a lot better now. :-)
StrobistAdventures 4 years ago
tomKphoto 4 years ago
Really wish someone would make a slam-duck lightstand / monopod mount for these boxes
Orthogonality 4 years ago
a) velcro, as jerry mentioned, or b) put a manfrotto superclamp ( www.manfrotto.com/super-clamp-without-stud ) on your light stand and put the pack on the superclamp with the included 1/4" thumbscrew.

I've been doing b), but am going to switch to a) to reduce weight and bulk.
Jerry P. H. Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Jerry P. H. (member) 4 years ago
C) they come with a hole that goes right through the middle of the case and the same under $2 DIY PW bracket that holds the PW can hold the external battery pack easily enough. The only change would be to use a bit longer 1/4-20 screw:


The velcro holds it solid enough for me on day long sessions reliably, but for those that want an alternative option... here you go. :)
wbyoungphotos PRO 4 years ago
Very neat, Jerry!
I don't have a PW, but it is great to have a built-in socket for the mounting bolt...
StrobistAdventures 4 years ago
Jerry P. H.:

Very cool
axn2@ 4 years ago
to answer revivalist question: YES it works with sb-25 and SB28 with note. I'm using SF-18 similar alternate made of YoungNuo for nikon version. I use it off and on camera, wired and wireless. But at the time being my SB-25 freezed won't fire off after a month off break in my drybox (i posted in separate discussion). One of my guess causing this is the usage of this high dose voltage supplied by this pack, i interested to hear what you think about it. Please reply in my separate discussion post if you have experience or thought about it..
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