Drennen 6:51pm, 1 November 2009
Im sitting here testing the recycle time on my LP120. The batteries are fresh off the charger.

The result was:
Full power: 8 seconds
1/2 power: 8 seconds
1/4 power: 1.5 seconds

Im surprised that 1/2 and full are the same and they are both way more than 1/4

Is that normal?
brownie114 7 years ago
Not for Nikon anyway:

SB-28 Sanyo Eneloops - some batt charge use

Full Power: 4 sec
1/2 power: 1.5 sec
1/4 and below: can't tell, ready light never goes off
wallfort 7 years ago
my lp120 isn't that slow.
petepixxx Posted 7 years ago. Edited by petepixxx (member) 7 years ago
What kind of batteries? What kind of charger? Eneloops (the current standard), I hope. Have you got NiZN to try also?
Drennen Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Drennen (member) 7 years ago
As far as I understand it, the Eneloop advantage is in self-discharge (going dead in the bag). With all the devices around this house, thats not a problem, we are CONSTANTLY charging and depleting batteries on a 10-cell fast smart-charger.

I could try some of the others I have, the ones tested above are NIMH 2600mah Tenergy. I have no idea what their discharge rate is.

Even if I could improve the performance with a different cell, what explains the exact same recharge time for 1/2 vs full?
DefJux921 7 years ago
i just timed my lp120 set at 1/2 power. 2.6 seconds until fully red. eneloops - not fresh, not full. if you really want, i'll test it with my other batteries (duracell and rayovac)
Drennen 7 years ago
Im going to test my Sanyo 2500s (not eneloop) here shortly, so yeah, whatever you got would be helpful.
petepixxx Posted 7 years ago. Edited by petepixxx (member) 7 years ago
You are having Non-standard, and even for you, unbelievable results...

So I just want to know if the comparison test has standard-ish or at least known-ish items. Eneloops have better thruput also, I think. ;-) It's a known-ish quantity for more people. Don't know about Tenergy batts, and fast charges do weird things to batteries. But whatever...
Drennen 7 years ago
non-smart fast chargers can be bad for batteries yes. Smart chargers sense a change in the voltage delta and "know" when the battery is fully charged, they then switch to trickle (slow) charge. I come from an R/C background and actually own several pretty high-tech chargers.
petepixxx 7 years ago
Great! Then you'll know that (based on the limited information you supplied) the condition of at least one of your batteries (which could result in your stated problem) is in question. so...
Drennen 7 years ago
that hypothesis doesn't hold up based on using two sets of identical batteries and getting the same numbers. Add the fact that my charger reports bad cells. I'm continuing to test other cells (as soon as they charge) and am interested in hearing more reports of recycle times with the LP120.

Either the tenergy cells just have a lesser discharge rate (which affects the time to charge the flash capacitor) or my LP120 has a problem. More data will bear that out.
Drennen 7 years ago
Man. Looks like I've got a problem. I did some test shots. The 1/2 power and the full power are the exact same amount of light. I don't think my LP120 has a 1/2 power setting.

Time to check into warranty service I guess.
petepixxx Posted 7 years ago. Edited by petepixxx (member) 7 years ago
Ah Hah! Switch problem! Call them! MPEX has great customer service. I think they said a very low ( 2ish% ?) LP120 return issues problem (it's on the thread somewhere). They will send a new one right out, I'm sure!
midwestphotoexchange 7 years ago
@Drennen: Give us a call and we'll see if you need a replacement. Haven't heard of this problem before.

Also, recycle time should be different for full and 1/2. Full should be 5-6 seconds, 1/2 should be 2-3 seconds. If anyone else is experiencing this issue, please let us know.

Hans Wijnveen 7 years ago
I'm having similar experience using the LP120 with my Pentax K10D.
At 1/1 (full power) it gives virtually the same amount of light as 1/2.

I used non-rechargeable batteries, tried two different brands (Varta and Duracell), both the high-energy type. Same results.

I've been to my store with this. Got a new flash, no questions asked.

Shop told me to use 2700mAH NiMh's. So I bought these, charged them fully and guess what? Same results for 1/2 and 1/1.

I'm clueless... Anyone got the answer?
DefJux921 7 years ago
@hwfoto - u have a light meter or how are you coming to the conclusion that your getting the same amount of light as 1/2? same shot, same exposure? or?

the type of battery isn't the problem here.. the type of battery will change your recycle times and increase or decrease the number of pops you get, but shouldnt have any affect on light output. maybe there is a problem with the switch? is it only between 1/1 and 1/2?
Hans Wijnveen 7 years ago
I've taken similar shots in manual with exact same exposure.
I see increasing light from 1/8 to 1/4 to 1/2 and then no more than 1/2 in 1/1.
Tried on two different occasions with different sets of batteries...
DefJux921 7 years ago
hmm how long ago did you get it? have you contacted mpex?
Vibrant Photography PRO 7 years ago
hmmm mine seems to recycle rather slowly with 2500 energizers. trying to find a stockist of the NIZN's to test them.
DefJux921 7 years ago
amazon.com here in the US
Hans Wijnveen 7 years ago
I got the flash mid-december, here in the Netherlands.
Replaced it last saturday.
DefJux921 7 years ago
ok just got my nizn's delivered from amazon and thought i'd do some time tests. i used eneloops that were already in the flash (but not used much) and the nizns are fresh out of the package but have not been charged

with lp120

1/1 power with eneloops - 7 seconds
1/1 power with nizns - 3 seconds
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