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eduardo_frances 7:12pm, 9 October 2009
Let´s do something that can be easier for the people searching info about this radio trigger, post a reply with your camera brand, model, hot shoe flash brand and model, max sync speed you can achieve and distance.

Good Examples:
(not actual data it is just an example of how to present your info)

Nikon D300
Nikon SB 900 and SB 600
Max sync1/250th
No problems as a remote for the camera
Issues: none 50 feet tested


Canon EOS 5D
AB 800, Vivitar 285v,
Max sync 1/200th
No problems as a remote for the camera
Issues: no banding, no misfires, 100 feet tested


Pentax K20D
Elinchrom RX 600
Max sync 1/100th
No problems as a remote for the camera
Issues: can´t get the camera´s max speed, no misfires, 20 feet tested
(again this are only samples of what should be written, not actual data)

Bad Example:

My uber Nikon D3x was connected to the RF603, I was using a super great SB800 which is super awesome, but my cat got in front of the receiver and the static interference did something, blah, blah, blah, blah...

Please don´t do this:

"I don´t know how to connect it to my camera?"
"How do I change the batteries?"
"(input question answered in strobist 101)"

If you have questions about RF 602 do them in another thread please :).

Edit: thanks for adding your info the more the merrier :), Now you can do ctrl + F and type your camera brand and model to search info about it.
(1 to 100 of 141 replies)
indyphil 7 years ago
Pentax *istDL
Bought the Canon style Tx unit recommended for Pentax
Works fine as a shutter trigger.
My Tx wasnt wired correctly as recieved, so I took it apart and fixed it.
Cameras max sync is 1/180 but I catch the second curtain a fraction at that speed.
Best so far with RF-602 is 1/125 - green light doesnt come on with the half press which is likley why I dont get max sync
going to try a Nikon Tx and rewire if needed.
No misfires.
Used friends RF-602's. Mine are still in the mail.

- Canon 40D
- Nikon SB28 and Vivitar 285HV
- Max Sync: 1/200 (Same with PT-04 on my camera)
- 100% within studio range, haven't tested extremes but don't really feel the need to as I'll never be shooting football fields away. My friend tested it in his house and it still triggered through 3 walls and the length of his house.
-_m_- [deleted] Posted 7 years ago. Edited by -_m_- (member) 7 years ago
this will be nice for people, i was looking for info b4 i bought mine, that 9 page thread is brutal.

Nikon D40
Nikon SB-80dx's and SB 25
Max sync1/800
No remote input on D40
Issues: none so far

Nikon D90
Nikon SB-80dx's and SB 25
Max sync1/200
***Haven't tried the remote yet, although brownie was kind enough to mail me the cord!!!
Issues: none so far-- actually, rx would not fit on my soft box setup as there was not enough room. not really a legitimate issue, and i got a workaround already anyway.

only real issues i had is they sent me 4 shutter release cords??

***EDIT: I just tried the shutter release cord today on my D90, worked flawlessly, as everything has for me with this product. I'm so impressed by these triggers.
m0n5t3r 7 years ago
I modified 2 of my cables with 3.5mm mono plugs (you want the red wire and the screen/ground), since their choice of cables is a bit... non-practical (4 remote cables, one with a huge 6.35mm jack and an adapter to 3.5mm)

On to the testing:

Nikon D60
Vivitar 285HV, modded Nissin Di622 (connected to the test button), some lightbulb-type optical slave with a sync port
Max sync: 1/250
got the D90 package, so no remote
Issues: none
Distance: 150m tested, had to phone gf to tell her to stop walking

Nikon D90
same as above, max sync 1/160 on mine, 1/200 on the gf's, remote working just fine
Frame rate: 4.5fps, as long as the flash can keep up

Fuji S9600
tested just for fun, max sync 1/500
Greg Marshall PRO 7 years ago
Canon EOS 450D
Vivitar 285hv,
Max sync 1/200th
No problems as a remote for the camera
Issues: no banding, no misfires, 204 meters tested

MockingTruth 7 years ago
Nikon D40
Nikon SB-27 and SB-600
Max Sync 1/800
no remote shutter
issues - need to disable standby on the sb600 as you can not wake it on the receiver - the flash becomes non responsive and the receiver makes a ticking sound - hold zoom and minus until the functions show - then navigate to auto using +/- and change it to ---- by pressing zoom.

can use both sb27 on pc sync cord and sb600 on receiver at the same time.
wallfort Posted 7 years ago. Edited by wallfort (member) 7 years ago
Nikon D200
Nikon SB-800 + LumoPro LP120
Max sync - 1/250 (D200's limit)
Problem - The Tx stays on sometimes even if the camera is off, this might be a faulty Tx.

I also tested using this as a repeater. I took the RF-602 Rx, and added an old PT-04 Tx on the hotshoe of the RF-602 Rx, and added a corresponding PT-04 Rx attached to an LP120, and it works. There is a small decrease in max shutter speed though.
kenkyee 7 years ago
Pentax K20D
Nikon SB-28
Max sync - 1/125 (slight gray band at 1/160 and really dark band at 1/180) tested via taking a picture of a beige wall with the flash bounced off the back wall
using Canon TX (non-Canikon users have to list which TX was used) which doesn't have the green LED light up when you press the shutter down halfway.
Steve.Korn 7 years ago
Canon EOS 5D MK II
AB 800, WL 1600, Canon 580EX, 430EX, Profoto Compact 600
Max sync 1/160th w/ Pocket Wizard Plus II's
Max sync speed 1/200th w/on-camera flash and ST-E2
Issues: no banding, no misfires, tested many times
wallfort Posted 7 years ago. Edited by wallfort (member) 7 years ago
I thought this was all about the RF-602? Or were you using them in conjunction with PWs?
Biggzie 7 years ago
Pentax K20d, K10d & ist-DS
Pentax AF540 FGZ, Sigma EF 500 DG Super, Vivitar 285Hv, Yongnuo YN460, Acheiver 300
Max sync 1/125th with the Canon Tx that comes in the Pentax kit
No problems as a remote for the camera's
Issues: Doesnt Sync at Pentax max Sync of 1/180, Not compatable with Pentax flash sleep mode (have to disable sleep in flash unit), no misfires, No half shutter press signal (green light on Tx) so wont wake up other brands of flash from sleep (tested witha Canon 430)Tested to 30+ metres

Pentax K20d
Pentax AF540 FGZ, Sigma EF 500 DG Super
Max Sync 1/180 with Nikon Tx
Issues: The Nikon Foot has a smaller size that wiggles while in hotshoe. This causes flash fires when bumped/moved & also the Tx looses the half press (green light) if not in exactly the right position causing the Sync to revert back to 1/125
Captain Buckfast 7 years ago
Canon EOS 1000D
Metz 45CL4 & CT4, Canon 540EZ
Max sync 1/200th (only tiny barely noticeable feathering at 1/250)
No problems as a remote for the camera
Issues: no banding, no misfires, not sure on distance tested.
will_hl PRO 7 years ago
Camera: Canon 50D
Trigger: RF-602
Flash: 430EX, SB-24, SB-25
Max Sync: 1/250 with all flashes (only short range testing so far)
Issues: No banding, 100% reliability. Wish the transmitter has a locking screw.
Interesting note: Can trigger flash at 6.3 fps. Also works well as a remote shutter release.
jimborange 7 years ago
Nikon: D700
Nikon: SB 600
Max Sync: 1/250th
Issues: These can't seem to wake up my SB-600, the contact points between the flash and the receiver seems to be making buzzing sounds when trying to wake SB-600 up. Alternative solution is to turn off standby mode. Worried these receivers will fry my flash!
Schnorschel Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Schnorschel (member) 7 years ago
Camera: Casio Exilim EX-F1 (electronic shutter)
Camera's max sync with on-camera or built-in flash: 1/1000s
Trigger: RF-602 (Canon version)
Flash: Sunpak 383 Super, Yongnuo YN460,
Max sync: 1/400s, 1/640s with half-button press on transmitter
Need to make DIY adapter for remote trigger
Issues: none, not distance tested, flash exposure progressively dimmer above indicated max sync speeds
Santacruzjc Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Santacruzjc (member) 7 years ago
camera: Nikon D90
Flash: SB-600
max sync: 1/200
my safesync not working(need help with them, different topic) so i didn't test my other HiVol Flashes.
distance: ? not tested
Issues: one of the receivers was DOA, talking to YN about that.
besides that everything is nice and dandy
samples: ( I was too excited when I received the set so I didn't setup my camera's WB and flash level was @full blast)

EDIT: after carefully looking at some photos taken in near darkness I found out that even @1/200 still gets a little banding, almost unnoticeable.
so I guess max sync speed on D90 is 1/160.
eduardo_frances 7 years ago
pepez@flickr Posted 7 years ago. Edited by pepez@flickr (member) 7 years ago
Camera: Canon EOS 450D
Flash: Canon 430EX II
Max Sync: 1/200th
Tested indoors only so no range or other tests yet.
TwomasC 7 years ago
Camera: Panasonic LX3
Flash: YN462
Max sync: 1/620s
Comments: Short range. My PT-04IS will sync at 1/2000

I've also observed the same issues as the other pentax users here.
Spencer H. 7 years ago
Outstanding. I have a 5d and the 602s are looking better by the minute. One more glass of wine and I may just hit Buy Now!
www.dpjphotography.co.uk Posted 7 years ago. Edited by www.dpjphotography.co.uk (member) 7 years ago
Canon 400D
Nissin 360TW, 1 attatched to hotshoe, 1 using cable to miniphone plug.
Nissin 3200GT (hammerhead style) using safe sync to miniphone plug.
Max Sync - 1/200 with no banding, 1/250 with around 2mm of banding which is easily cropped out.
Will keep up with max frame rate of 3.6fps. Will be trying 50D soon to test max frame rate.
Range is around 250 feet at the moment, haven't found anywhere big enough to test further. No issues with interference, even tested with my IPhone strapped to the flash.

NB - blown one r/x due to using on an older Sunpak minilight, ested around 14volt output, so guessing 12v is max limit on r/x's.
Dave Schlier PRO 7 years ago
Pentax K110D using the Canon kit listed for Pentax
AF360FGZ, Sunpak 444D, JTL Mobilelight 300, JTL Versalight 300
Max Sync - 1/180 although the vast majority of shots I take is at 1/160. 1 misfire in ~700 shots (significant band at 1/160).
No issues as a shutter release
AF360FGZ doesn't wake up on 1/2 press.
Range is greater than 100 ft in indoors.
eduardo_frances 7 years ago
adampad 7 years ago
Nikon D700
Max Sync 1/250

Nikon D300
Max Sync 1/250

Nikon D40x
Max Sync 1/200

SB-800 wakes up fine in standby mode. Shutter release works great.

Issues: I first tried using my SB-600, but it didn't work. Then I realized my SB-600 won't even fire on my camera! I don't know if these caused the problem or not. But the flash had been working fine until now.

I also tried a SB-25 that has some issues itself, but it doesn't fire with the RF-602s. It seems to "lock up" after I try to fire it. The buttons on the back won't resond until I push the red flash button on the SB-24. Even if I turn the flash off, it will stay on until I push that red button.
canon 40d
(2) nikon sb-28's
sync 1/200

no issues whatsoever. haven't tried to use them at a huge range, but within the standard sized rooms i use them haven't had a problem with range.
will_hl PRO 7 years ago
@ DPJ Photo's:
The 602's keep up with the 6.3fps on the 50D.
Cheers WILL HL ;)
Hugo Vincent 7 years ago
Just had an opportunity to really torture-test my set of RF-602s, so here goes:

Nikon D700
SB-800, SB-600, SB-26, and SB-24
Sync @ 1/250th

SB-600 doesn't wake from standby, but the others do.

Had my range-related first issues since I've been using these triggers: shooting at about 100 ft, through a stone-and-metal bridge over a river, I got about 60% misfires. The receivers were directly on the stone floor of the bridge, behind the stone side walls, so probably any receiver would've struggled. FWIW, my shooting buddy was using Elinchrom Skyport receivers in the same location, and got a similar mis-fire rate. I think if the receivers were separated a little bit from the ground (ie on light stands or something), it would've worked correctly at this range - certainly it does in open ground at 200-300 ft.

(Although I had previously considered it unnecessary, I'm going to have a go at some antenna modifications after this experience :-)

Also, I had a few instances over the several-hour shoot where the transmitter fell off the hotshoe of my D700, when it was slung off my shoulder. (Again, the Skyport transmitter had the same problem).

Also, we tried a ghetto-repeater setup (a second transmitter on a different channel slaved to a receiver on the first channel), which worked, but it dropped the sync speed to about 1/80-1/125 (unreliable timing).
Mojo 1 7 years ago
Nikon D-40
Sync at 1/800 1/4 power or less, drops to 1/640 at 1/2, checked twice.
Wakes the flash from standby, no misfires in @ 600 shots, except some testing around 200'.

Haven't needed to use it through walls, but it has done fine inside when hidden in fridge, etc.

No cables sold for D40 remote, so none used. Still on original batts.
I do remove the battery from the Tx while it is in the camera bag, since there is no switch.
Spencer H. Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Spencer H. (member) 7 years ago
Canon5D Mk I
550EX, 430EX, Vivitar 283
max sync of 1/160th at close range for all flashes.

Tried fresh CR2 in the transmitter to no avail. I have 4 receivers and they all max out at 1/160th. The 5D is capable of 1/200th and both the hot shoe and PC cord pass that sync speed test with flying colors.

A bit disappointed.

Also, one of the shoes was mis molded, so it causes a flash to sit wonky when it's mounted to a stud or stand. I'm seeing if I can get that replaced.



for examples.
WB - CMH Posted 7 years ago. Edited by WB - CMH (member) 7 years ago
Spencer H. Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Spencer H. (member) 7 years ago
Elinchrom Skyport? This thread is for Yongnuo RF-602 trigger experiences... :)

edit: no sweat WB, just keeping it real... Though I have to say, I do wish I had 1/750th synch speeds with my setup!
WB - CMH 7 years ago
Only with the D70. Can't do it with the D300. The reason I won't trade in my D70.
Little update - i think i have blown my transmitter as it is no longer firing my r/x units. Have ordered another set to be delivered sometime soon, postal strikes in the UK suck. Will update again once i get the results.
Selbosh [deleted] 7 years ago
Camera: Nikon D700
Flash: Nikon SB-600, Sunpak 30DX, Nissin 360TW
Sync speed: 1/250 sec (max for D700)
Issues: same issues everyone else has had with the SB-600. Does not wake up from standby, makes ticking/buzzing noise.
eduardo_frances 7 years ago
Bump up!
Oaky, new T/X and 2xR/X pack turned up today, and good news, my triggers are working again, so faulty T/X unit to blame. Also, one of my R/X stopped working but it is going again now. So i have 5 triggers for 4 flashes. Massive thanks to Cotswold Photo for the great service especially with the postal strikes going on ;o)
eduardo_frances 7 years ago
Great to know your problem is solved :)
Canon EOS 50D
580EX II, 480EX II, Sigma 500DG Super, Yongnuo YN 462
Max sync speed - 1/250s with all 4 flashes (yes, 1/250sec)

No problem yet

Here's my unfinished review:
to-mas 7 years ago
Camera: Nikon D3
Trigger: RF-602
Flash: SB 800
Max Sync: 1/250 with little banding, almost unnoticeable.
Distance: not tested
No problems as a remote for the camera
hadai 7 years ago
@Spencer H: You sure you have a Canon Transmitter ? With a Nikon transmitter on a Canon 5D you only get 1/160 and not 1/200.

Camera: Canon 5DII
Trigger: RF-602 with Canon transmitter
Flash: SB28, 430EXII
Max Sync: 1/200 with no banding, only 1/160 with Nikon TX
Distance: not tested
No problems as a remote for the camera
mylhainen 7 years ago
Camera: Nikon D700 and D70s
Trigger: RF-602
Flash: SB-27
Max sync: D700 1/250 with tiny bit of banding, D70s 1/800. Nothing at 1/1000
Distance and other issues not tested.

I have CyberSyncs also, and they seem to sync a lot better. With D70s I get 1/2000 and D700 I get a little bit of banding at 1/320 and never at 1/250. Oh well, I keep RF-602's as back up and remote trigger for the camera.
microbug_de 7 years ago
Camera: FujiS5pro
Trigger: RF-602
max sync: 1/250s
Flashes used:

YN-460, 465, SB-28DX, Metz 54MZ-4i, 40MZ-2, 32CT-2, Braun 370BVC, Soligor TIF-380LCD.

wakeup works only with SB-28DX, even YN-465 does not work. I'm trying to understand the wakeup feature by analyzing the hardware ATM but I need to do some more research.

As the S5pro ist identical to Nikon D200 in camera part the max sync is the same.

If you have 2 sets and like to have more than 100m in distance: just put a trigger on the receiver to work as a repeater. Will work with mixed dedication (you can mix canon and nikon triggers, RX are suitable for all) and will do both steps as well as wakeup feature.
This works both for camera and flash triggering.

Also possible: syncro triggering of 2 and more cameras. The triggering camera must have TTL flash contacts if AF triggering is needed (so eg a FM2 does shutter release only), my S5pro could be focused and triggered by F-301 without problems.
scubajunkie PRO 7 years ago
I've done a little cross-brand testing recently... at least between Nikon and Canon. The transmitter foot pin arrangement is very different between the Nikon and Canon variants, just like one would expect when comparing the feet of a Nikon and Canon TTL flash. The receiver, on the other hand is identical for Nikon and Canon RF-602s. I had no problem waking Nikon or Canon flashes from either Nikon or Canon bodies so long as I used a Nikon transmitter on a Nikon body or a Canon transmitter on a Canon body.

If I put a Canon transmitter on a Nikon body, or a Nikon transmitter on a Canon body, I can still trigger and sync the flashes, but they do not honor the wake up. So in this cross brand configuration, if a flash goes into standby, half press will not wake it, full press will only wake a Nikon flash (but flash does not fire), full press will wake and fire the Canon flash, but it does not sync). Then the next time the shutter is fired, flashes will fire and sync correctly.
microbug_de 7 years ago
sure, this could not work, but if you trigger the first step manually per Tx button press it will also wake up all flashes.

ATM I do not know exactly how the wakeup works electronically, I only found out that on Nikon it uses the pin on the upper rigt side for this, not the TTL pin. I'll go deeper in that next time:)
swotai Posted 7 years ago. Edited by swotai (member) 7 years ago
Canon 40D @ 1/250s
SB 28, 580 EX 2
both work flawlessly, no misfire, and can wake up standbys.
these are Canon version triggers.
Tron Høgvold Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Tron Høgvold (member) 7 years ago
Canon EOS 500D, Canon Speedlite 580EX, Canon Speedlite 430EZ, Vivitar 285HV: 1/200 sec.
Curtain visible on 1/250 sec, but still usable with a little croping. More visible curtain on 1/250 with my old PT-04T.

Edit: Seems like 1/250 works fine when all units have fresh batteries.
Selbosh [deleted] 7 years ago
D40 gives 1/800, as others have found.
Spencer H. Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Spencer H. (member) 7 years ago
hadai You sure you have a Canon Transmitter ? With a Nikon transmitter on a Canon 5D you only get 1/160 and not 1/200.

Yes, I'm sure. Verified by the seller and pin arrangement. Turns out it syncs fine with my wifes XSi, so... After I've lived with these for awhile, I've tempered my disappointment. For what I do, a third of a stop of extra ambient occasionally isn't the end of the world. Overall, I'm pleased with the radio performance. The only minor complaints are two-fold; first, the on/off switch (it's buried under a 550EX, so a bit difficult to turn it off when I want to leave everything set up overnight or something). The second minor complaint is how the male shoes on the receivers are a bit thinner than the little flash stand's receptacle. Need to put a piece of paper or tape in there to it doesn't fall off.
dr.rece 7 years ago
Camera: Nikon D300s
Trigger: RF-602
Flash: SB 800, SB80dx
Max Sync: 1/320 outdoors 1/250 indoors [the little banding at 1/320 is unnoticeable outside because only the sun lights the extremes of the frame]
Distance: tested up to 20m /60ft
Reliability: no misfires at 8fps, misfires only if the flash can't keep up.
Durability: they can take some hard light stand falls [won't brake as easily as the cactus v4s]
John Lemieux PRO 7 years ago
Camera: Nikon D700
Trigger: RF-602
Flash: SB 600, Vivitar 285hv
Max Sync: 1/250, sometimes I get a tiny bit of darkness at the bottom of the frame @ 1/250th but if I use x250 it goes away.
Distance: tested up to about 60', no problems
Reliability: never had any issues
Durability: I've dropped the Tx a few times and it's doing fine, the plastic bottom of the Rxs could be better. Overall tough enough
scubajunkie PRO 7 years ago
Here's a little trick I learned to "thicken" plastic. WARNING: I have used this technique a number of times, but not for this particular application. I have not tried this on any of my RF-602s as I either screw into the bottom of the receiver or use stroboframe shoe clamps. (But I may give this a try tonight)

Get a little clear fingernail polish and apply a thin layer to the bottom of the foot on the receiver. Let it dry thoroughly before attempting to mount it in a shoe of some sort. Repeat this process again until the shoe fits snugly in your foot of choice. If you decide to remove it, you can usually peel it off with a razor blade. With use, it may come off by itself. Don't use nail polish remover, it might eat the plastic.

A word of caution, try the polish on a small part of the plastic first to make sure the polish you are using does not deteriorate the plastic. I'd use the middle of the inside of the battery cover. (But I've yet to have a problem)
KirkOls PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by KirkOls (member) 7 years ago
Camera: Canon EOS 450D
Trigger: RF-602
Flashes: Sunpak auto30DX;
Do not use a Vivitar 2800! It appears to fry the receiver.
Max clean sync: 1/200th Slight shutter visible at 1/250th
Tested indoors only, no long range test.
xxom PRO 7 years ago
Camera: D300
Trigger: RF-602
Flash: SB-800, SB-600, SB-28, YN460

Have done shoot both indoor and outdoor for over 1000 pictures. 1 or 2 misfire. Overall, I am very happy with the performance. Max sync at 1/200th. Slight problem with 1/250th.

Issues: The only issue I have is that 602 can't wake SB600 from sleep mode.
petepixxx Posted 7 years ago. Edited by petepixxx (member) 7 years ago
Camera: Nikon D200
Trigger: Canon RF-602 to 1/4" jack.
Flash: Flashpoint 320A mono

Monolight set up in living room. Walked outside, shot thru one thin wall, till misfires. Consistent in four trys to about 25 yds, the distance across a small swimming pool or banquet hall.

Issues: ~100% to 25 yds. Short of 300 ft specs but better than I had expected.

Had to do several tests because I started testing using my *backup* flash I've only used a couple of times this year. The *got flash* signal fired but the flash itself didn't. Good thing I tried it out! It needs further checking, probably easier handling also.

I had the same results with eneloop AAA as with alkalines. Except for longer life will any other battery (lithium?) make any difference? I tried to find a AAA size niZn for just a *kiss* more voltage, but amazon doesn't have them.

edit: Both my Flashpoint monolights work 100% with Cybersyncs. Don't know why the one didn't like the RF-602. Hmmmm.
ferlan 7 years ago
Guys with SB-600, is it safe if the flash is making a ticking sound when the trigger button is half pressed? I guess it's the flash that's making the sound not the receiver.
Jon Whitton PRO 7 years ago
Canon 50D
Canon 580EX2 and 430EX2
Max sync 1/200th. Some banding at 1/250th
No problems as a remote for the camera
Issues: none, but would like to see a thumb wheel lock for the TX
danlward PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by danlward (member) 7 years ago
Nikon D80
2 - SB 800's and 1- SB 600
Max sync was 200. Banding started at 250
No problems as a remote for the camera
Issues: none 50 feet tested

Ordered on Dec 11th. Arrived today, Dec 31st. A little slower than I expected, but it is holiday season and we've had some weather issues. All four remote receivers tested okay out of the box.
Kevin -Flushing Michigan Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Kevin -Flushing Michigan (member) 7 years ago
Sony A700
2 HVL-42AM's RF-602's
MAX sync speed 1/250 th 1/200 before half press
Slight banding at 1/320 th it is banding though slight or not
I use HSS above 1/250th anyway
TrueSpiritMedia 7 years ago
I don't see any mention of using the RF602 with a Canon 5D Mark II in this tread.
I ordered the RF602 from ebay and the description did show the
Canon 5D Mark II, I hope that wasn't a mistake. Please stay tuned, for my results later in the week when they arrive.

Using my CTR301 til then.
ChasWG PRO 7 years ago
Triggers: YN RF-602 (of course)
Camera: Canon 40D
Flashes tested: Canon 540EZ, Zeikos 680EX, Chinon 360 Auto-S
Max Sync: 1/250, no banding until 1/320
Camera Remote: no issues, works well
Range Tested: 100 + feet. It was cold out!

The only issue I've seen so far is that sometimes the Zeikos flash unit won't wake up. But that is more of an issue with that flash unit. Sometimes it won't even wake up while on the camera. ??? New batteries in the flash seem to help. So far so good. I love using these little buggers. And for the price, For get about it! They get tested for real this coming Friday night at their first Basketball game! We'll see how the do there. That's really why I got them.
gooner1969 PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by gooner1969 (member) 7 years ago
Nikon D700
Nikon SB600
Max Sync: 1/250th (banding occurs above)
Indoor testing only, triggering reliable at all ranges tested
Issues - failure to wake up SB-600, I get a buzzing sound once the flash is in standby, as reported by others. Will try with SB800/SB900 tomorrow

SB800 & SB900 work fine, no problems waking from standby
TrueSpiritMedia 7 years ago
Canon 5D Mark II
Canon 430EX
Yongnuo YN460
Max Sync ... from memory - around 1/250th
All devices seem to work with the RF602 that I received today.
Indoor testing only here in NY state.
pakman00 Posted 7 years ago. Edited by pakman00 (member) 7 years ago
Canon 40D
Canon 580EX II
Canon 430EX
Vivitar 285HV

Max sync 250

Haven't tested max distance as I'm just playing around with them indoors.

Wakes the Canon strobes from standby.

Compared to my old cactus/pt-04's, these have been very consistent.

Also if I put the receiver on my 580EX II, I can then just use the 580EX II as master to control the 430EX as slave (without receiver) and have the ability to set the 430EX manual power from the 580EX II. I can't recall if the old cactus/ pt04's allowed that since I didn't use the shoe mounts then.
Pascal Scheffers 7 years ago
5D mark II
Canon 550EX
Canon 430EX II

"Sometimes almost" at 1/200
"variable" at 1/160
Reliable at 1/125

Needless to say I'm underwhelmed - and scratching my head. At 1/160, a couple of frames are good then the banding in one frame was just a sliver, in the next it was half the frame.

What I do know is that I was testing very near a bunch of wifi devices, wifi networks, dect phones and bluetooth devices. I'm going to test this in a field soon, with my iPhone in flight mode. See what happens.
On a PC cable, the 430EX will sync to 1/250
Schnorschel 7 years ago
You guys need to try the half-press-on-transmitter trick to try to boost max sync speed.

I pointed this out to a photographer in the Yongnuo group who only got 1/125 sync with his RF-602 set and his Sony camera. With the half-press trick he got up to full sync speed of 1/250s.

I am able to boost my camera's 1/400s max sync speed to 1/640s.

Read the details here.
Biggzie 7 years ago
Schnorschel - The half press has been discussed in quite a lot of detail in the other RF-602 thread here.
Schnorschel 7 years ago
So? The poster prior to me doesn't seem to know about it, so I put a pointer in the spot where it would help the most.
dannyt. 7 years ago
danlward PRO 7 years ago
Borrowed my old original D70 from my daughter for this test. The original model, not the s version.

Nikon D70
1 - SB 800
Camera is supposed to synch up to 500
Max sync without banding was 800.
Totally blacked out banding at 1000.
Issues: none discovered
Pascal Scheffers 7 years ago
No, I didn't know about it - thank you. With half-press, 1/200th is reliable, 1/250th shows consistent banding.

So, either the cheap stuff is slow in waking up or the 5D2 triggers relatively late. Well, I knew I was buying cheap stuff. Reliability is very, very good though. No misfires yet.
Kevin -Flushing Michigan Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Kevin -Flushing Michigan (member) 7 years ago


Thanks for posting the half press trick I was not aware of it..
jeanclaudephoto 7 years ago
Nikon D90
Nikon SB-900
Nikon SB-800
Nikon SB-600
Vivitar 285HV

Max Sync: 1/200

Fired all 4 flashes simultaneously without flaws. After a month, one of the transmitters just stopped working. A little while later one of the receivers stopped working after I tested it with a flash I was thinking of purchasing. These aren't the toughest units around, I guess.

Not that happy with these, honestly. Seriously considering PW's.
Dave_Au 7 years ago
Canon EOS 40D
550EX, 580EX,
Max sync 1/200th
No problems as a remote for the camera
Issues: can't get 1/250 without a little banding at the bottom of the frame.
Gary Lanigan 7 years ago
Can someone explain the half-press trick? What is happeniing with the tx/rx to allow me to get a sync speed of 1/200 as apposed to the 1/100 without half-press trick?

Canon 450D
Sigma EF-530DG Super
Yongnuo RF-602
X-sync 1/200 as per 450D manual
Actual x-sync 1/100

If I push and hold the button on top of the tranmitter then press the shutter release I can get a x-sync of 1/250
Stratoknight 7 years ago
Camera - Nikon D70
Flashes - SB-600, SB-25 x 2, PZ5000AF
Max Sync - 1/800
Remote - Not tested
Issues: None so far. Will post a follow up in 1 month.
*Notes* - Tested underneath power lines and around several wifi hot spots.
Marsh Rabbit 7 years ago
citytrader2000 7 years ago
On the 5DMKII could you tell me is the sync speed of 200 is fully supported!^--- Thanks!
DefJux921 7 years ago
canon 450d
580exii and lumopro lp120
max sync - 1/200 (which is also what the manual states)

strange problem? (its not really a problem) - these are "have" branded rf-602's and when the transmitter is attached to the hotshoe it won't let me go above the cameras max sync speed. however, with a trigger purchased from the same seller one month earlier (i first bought rf-602's as a gift for someone, liked them so much i purchased a set for myself to replace my cactus v4), i can use any shutter speed i want (although i'll get banding above 1/200)
I have 2 receivers and one transmitter. Can i put a receiver on my camera, and one on the flash and use the transmitter as a remote shutter and flash trigger? I noticed when i did hook it up like that, the flash and the camera would both go off at the same time, but i guess the timing was off and the picture wouldn't capture the flash. Anyway to make it work for self portraits or somethin like that.
Barani K Srinivasan 7 years ago
Canon 400D
Canon 580EX II
Yongnuo RF-602
X-sync -1/200 as per 400D manual
Max x-sync with RF-602 - 1/250
No misfire, tested till 50Mts only.
DefJux921 7 years ago
@conklin66 - nope, you gotta get another trigger and use both sets on different channels.
DigiYooper 7 years ago
Nikon D50 ???

I don't think I saw a post for the D50
Will the RF602 work on it?

I sent an email to Yongnuo and they replied:
"I'm very sorry it is not compaible with Nikon D50."

Thank you
FishiPhoto Posted 7 years ago. Edited by FishiPhoto (member) 7 years ago
Nikon D300 , RF-602 , SB28 and SB26
max sync is 1/250th

D80 , RF-602 , SB28 and SB26
max sync is 1/200th
altorono 7 years ago
Pentax K100D, SB-900 (2), Pentax AF540 FGZ.

The banding (a dark stripe or band at the bottom of the image) has occurred with sync faster than 1/125 AND FULL FLASH POWER (at full power, the flash duration is the longest: 1.1ms for SB-900, for example). The banding has not occurred with sync up to 1/180 at lower flash power, or at full power when the flash has been fired directly from the hotshoe.

The banding occurs as the first shutter curtain is fully opened and the flash fires when the second shutter had already started to close, blocking part of the sensor. So the dark strip is underexposed due not being exposed to the flash.

It occurs because of a serious delay in propagating the wireless signal from the RF-602 transmitter to RF-602 receivers.

If there is the need to shoot at full power faster than 1/1/25 with RF-602, there is no solution rather than use another remote control (at least I can't thing of any at the moment).
Malowz 7 years ago
Canon 50D with 580EXii and YN-460. using RF-602

max sync speed: 1/250, but when flashes are with half-power or full-power, i got a dark area on the bottom, so must use 1/200.

anyone got the same problems with half and full power?
Richard Cocks 7 years ago
Canon 400D
Miranda C AF 32
Yongnuo RF-602
X-sync -1/250
Max x-sync with RF-602 - 1/200 (to be 100% reliable)
Issues: at 1/250 I sometimes get a slight banding at bottom, doesn't happen every shot.
DefJux921 7 years ago
Richard Cocks wrote
Canon 400D
Miranda C AF 32
Yongnuo RF-602
X-sync -1/250
Max x-sync with RF-602 - 1/200 (to be 100% reliable)
Issues: at 1/250 I sometimes get a slight banding at bottom, doesn't happen every shot.
your canon 400d's max sync is actually 1/200th - thats why you get banding at 1/250th.
Jano Myburgh Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Jano Myburgh (member) 7 years ago
Nikon D700
SB900, SB800, SB28, SB80DX, Elinchrom Classic 3000 Pack and Elinchrom EL Mono's
No problems at all
Range: 220 meters reliably, further than that and it gets iffy

Canon 40D with Nikon Tx ( Only bought the Nikon version and tested it on my GF's camera)
SB900, SB800, SB28, SB80DX, Elinchrom Classic 3000 Pack and Mono's
No problems at all
1/250 with half press trick
SeedyBee2008 Posted 7 years ago. Edited by SeedyBee2008 (member) 7 years ago
I have just received a pair of RF-602 TX and RX, to add to my year-old TX and 2x RX.

There was a manual wih the new ones! And the 6.5mm connector is replaced with a 3.5mm one - much more useful. The Shutter Release cable for 50D etc did not have a clutch, as my two earlier ones have, and the plug sits very loose in the camera as a result. Not well done.

I tried an old RX with the new shutter release cable, and found that it would not activate the shutter. The second old RX did not work either. Both had been fine during the last year, used mainly for shutter operation. A flash would not fire using the cable, but would on the RX shoe, in both cases.

Inspection revealed that on one, the YN 3-pin socket had one pin (Earth) pushed back into the plastic. There was also suspect soldering on the wires. I reworked the soldering and moved the pin back into position and applied superglue. Then I inspected the new cables - the shutter release one had one of the three holes in the YN 3-pin plug only partly formed. That is what pushed the pin through to the back! Cleaned up the hole, and all worked well.

The second RX had the pins ok, but suspect soldering. When reworking, the earth wire revealed only one strand left - careless wire-stripping probably. Reworked the insulation stripping and resoldered. Problem fixed.

Apart from the blocked plug hole, the new units worked fine.

Now that I have two TX, I will use these more. I like to have a spare TX for emergencies, and to have in the pocket for testing. I also want to test interference using one channel for shutter an another for flashes. My Cactus RF616 series triggers interfered too much with each other to be practical in that configuration.

Canon 50D, 3x 550EX, 1x 580EXII. No banding at Shutter 1/250th.
Bippa1 7 years ago
Canon 5D
580 EX

No problems at 1/90th sec
some intermittent banding at 1/125th sec

I have two cameras, three flashes, four transmitters and eight receivers.
Obviously I have not tested all combinations.

I just play it safe and shoot at 1/90th, I will use PWII's for high sync work
HardcoreFX Photography [deleted] 7 years ago
I received mine today and I did a little testing.

Camera: Nikon D80
Flashes: Two Quantaray QDC-900WA's, Two Quantaray DSZ PZ-1's and One Vivitar 333
Max sync: 1/200th - Banding at 1/250th
No problems as a remote for the camera
Issues: none - Tested 100% reliable @ 100 Yards outside with cars and light poles in the path.

I purchased a 1 transmitter with 4 receivers, plus I also have a extra transmitter and receiver on the way so I will have a total of 2 transmitters and 5 receivers. That will give me a backup transmitter and a receiver for each flash.

It took almost 1 month for them to arrive, so a little slower than normal. They were purchased from mr.studio01 on eBay.

jsv_foto 7 years ago
Camera: D40x, FE
Flashes: YN-460, SB-25
Max Sync: 1/200th (D40x) and 1/125th (FE)
Issues: None on the receivers. The transmitter gave me some issues with the button.
Range: I tested them through three concrete walls (at a school). By the fourth wall it was hit and miss. Am still testing them outside, and have been waiting for some clear skies (will post those results later).
SaltGeorge 7 years ago
Camera: Canon 40D
Flash: Minolta 4000AF
Trigger: RF602

Minolta 4000AF will not wake from sleep using the RF-602.
SeedyBee2008 7 years ago
SaltGeorge - do you have the correct Canon foot on the transmiiter? Are you mounting the 4000AF on the shoe of the receiver?
vtince 7 years ago
Nikon D50
Max Sync @ 1/800th
dwbell 7 years ago
Canon EOS 5D MkII
580EX, 430EX (3x), Metz 32-Z1
Max sync 1/160th

Issues: Very slight banding at 1/200th, range >100m

(All with supplied batteries)
☣ cUKi Posted 7 years ago. Edited by ☣ cUKi (member) 7 years ago
Canon PowerShot Pro1
Yongnuo 460-II at 1/2 power
Max sync 1/4000 (the camera's max shutter speed)
Tested five minutes ago from about 20m, through a double-glazed window

I still can't believe my eyes, even if I have the shot in front of me. I'll have to do more testing. I'll have to try all the receivers, at bigger distances, at lower flash power settings, etc. Now that I have something to compare against, I'll also re-check the speed of my old PT04TMs (dunno why, I never bothered until now to test the sync speed on this camera).

EDIT: Well, I was quite wise not to believe my eyes after just that sloppy test. I did some more tests today. Got confusing results, so I've started a new thread to discuss the issue.

As a side note, my older Jianisi PT04-TM syncs at 1/640 then, at higher speeds, catches some of the flash burst's tail (up to 1/1600 for a YN 460-II at full power, 1/800 at 1/4). Tested at about 1m of distance.
Kaouthia 7 years ago
Bodies : Nikon D300s, D200, D100
Flashes : Nikon SB 900, SB 600, Yongnuo YN460-II speedlights (as well as Bowens, Interfit and Elinchrom studio strobes).
Max sync1/250th
No problems as a remote for the camera

Issues: None. Tested to about 100ft underground through a couple of thick concrete walls, no issues. Shot up to 8fps with 6 speedlights going for 20-24 image bursts, not a single misfire.

No problems using the transmitter on the hotshoe of one camera to trigger a receiver hooked up to another Nikon body for simultaneous shooting.

Have yet to hook up my sound trigger to the RF-602 transmitter, but have positive expectations. :)
parv. Posted 7 years ago. Edited by parv. (member) 7 years ago
Slightly disappointed due to loss of 1/50 s speed ...

camera: Sony A700
flash: Minolta 5400 HS
  1/200 s : ok
  1/250 s : half frame black
  1/320 s : almost whole frame black

... tried one trigger (meant for Nikon) set (with included batteries) with Minolta hot shoe adapters from Flash Zebra. Got same results with transmitter connected via Yongnou PC-PC sync cable (instead of being mounted on the camera shoe with adapter). Use of SSS did not make any difference.

I will update with results with Minolta 5600 HS D, two other receivers, & another trigger.
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