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leon_all_shots 12:35pm, 21 July 2009

Anyone seen these before, or used them?

OK, its primarily designed as a wireless shutter release, but it can trigger flashes too. The high frequency may negate 430EX problems.

Some rather interesting connection options?? But 2.5mm socket to PC would make a secondary flash connector.
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Jaroslav Moravec 8 years ago
Anyone tried those? Chinese producers keep improving their products so it might be finally reliable.
wleeb 8 years ago
Looks like the Chinese have finally reversed engineered 2.4ghz triggers. They should do a better job at translating the Chinese to English though, the description is hard to understand.

Questions I have would be "What is the fastest sync speed these can operate at?", and does the statement "It can trigger two flashed at the same time just use one receiver." mean the trigger is limited to only two receivers?

Anyways nice find Leon, I will be following this thread...
CotswoldPhoto 8 years ago
A few answers. Max sync speed is 1/250

Max range is 100m.

Transmitter uses CR2 (claimed up to 20,000 releases)

Receiver uses 2 x AAA (up to 45 hours on standby).

Frequency is 2.4GHz

Many versions for different cameras (for use a remote shutter release).

The package blurb says:

Yong Nuo new 2.4GHz wireless remote controls are the advanced design of CTR-301 and YN-128

I got a blurb picture from China:

chramiJi 8 years ago
too bad already bit the bullet with cactus v4s
wleeb Posted 8 years ago. Edited by wleeb (member) 8 years ago
I also found this link that gives some additional information.
Hong Kong Yong Nuo Photographic Equipment Co. Ltd

This is the first "poverty wizard" radio flash trigger not based on a 433Mhz signal that I have seen. I purchased the ISHOOT IS PT04 system a couple of weeks ago. If I had I known about these I would have purchased them instead given they are 2.4Ghz.

As for cost, the closest 2.4Ghz competitor would be the CyberSyncs but they are three times the price.

It will be interesting to see how these perform.
W.G.W. 8 years ago
sweet, looking forward to a review.

ive been stuck since getting the canon 5d, the triggers i currently have create banding on my sensor. hopefully these work just as well, less the sensor noise.

someone buy them already
Kurbster_Photography 8 years ago
I have a set coming for testing and for a review on my blog
I had to get the one's for my new canon 40D.
Boy I sure do miss my old rebel XTi
sunepedersen 8 years ago
I just ordered a transmitter and 2 recievers from them as well.

Owning af EOS 5D I am hoping these will minimize the sensor noise issue seen with the other ones.
Kris This Is [deleted] 8 years ago
No lock down on the transmitter.

leon_all_shots 8 years ago
I saw them, but couldn't wait any longer, and bought the ctr-301p's. I will be keeping a close eye out though.
Kris This Is [deleted] 8 years ago
Can anybody explain the importance of the 2.4 GHz signal?

Also, the wake up from sleep function may prove very useful, I have several canon guns that are a pain to use when they go to sleep after 5 minutes.

wleeb 7 years ago
Here are some general benefits of 2.4Ghz over 433Mhz.
2.4 GHz uses 7X smaller antenna than 433 MHz because the wavelength is 10 cm vs 69 cm for 433MHz.
2.4 GHz is legal more places worldwide.

I am not sure of any other benefits...
sunepedersen 7 years ago
I'll give a heads up when I recieve mine.

I'll be using them on a Canon EOS 5D and YN460 and Nikon SB-28 flash units
W.G.W. 7 years ago
im going to be keeping a lookout for your review, sunepedersen.
CotswoldPhoto 7 years ago
I have one on the way too. I'll compare them against the Plus II's (yeh, right) on Nikon and Canon flashes.
alohadave 7 years ago
It's interesting how as new models are released, the prices are creeping up. It won't be too long before these cost as much as the name brand triggers.
kenkyee Posted 7 years ago. Edited by kenkyee (member) 7 years ago
"No lock down on the transmitter."

Kris: if this is like their other wireless triggers, what you do is hold the transmitter button down, then wait for the light on the receiver to change color. When it does this, you can release it. The next time you press the transmitter, it'll close the shutter.
I used it that way for long exposures (>30sec)...

The transmitter is kinda ugly though :-)

sune: let us know how well yours work. At these frequencies, they should be a lot more reliable than even the V4 fleabay triggers. And where did you find a way to buy receivers separately? I couldn't find it in the stuff they posted for sale. I need a wireless shutter release anyways, so this looks like a good option for me...
kurt.strecker 7 years ago
Those CR2's are juggernauts. many complain about the ST-E2's use of them, but I've just changed mine for the second time . . . in 2.5 years of heavy use.

I trust that claim of 20,000 shots/battery.
sunepedersen 7 years ago

I bought a transmitter+reciever on ebay and had the hkyoung guy add an additional reciever to my order through email :)
Kris This Is [deleted] 7 years ago
Kenkyee - when I said lockdown I actually meant that there is no nut that can be locked down on to the hotshoe of the camera - the skyport also has this design failing and are prone to falling off the camera.

Sorry, should have made myself clearer.

wleeb 7 years ago
@sunepedersen - How much did you pay for the extra receiver?
sunepedersen 7 years ago
I think it was 20 dollars or was it 18. With cables batteries etc. included.
Kurbster_Photography 7 years ago
This was the email I got from the ebay seller...

Hi friend,

The separated receiver price is US$22.99

Wishing you a good day.

Best regards,
blndcat 7 years ago
I was just about to pull the trigger (no pun intended) on Cybersyncs (1 transmitter, 2 Receivers). I guess I'll wait on a few reviews on these new 2.4G YongNuo ones.

I know the CyberSyncs are rock solid and it almost seems too much to hope that the 1st gen Chinese 2.4G triggers will be problem free but fingers crossed. I have a Cactus V2s set which are failing me badly.

There are 2 reasons why I am waiting, one is that the triggers will be a belated birthday present so if possible I want to reduce the cost to the giver, and two while I don't think the 230USD for the cybersyncs (Intl order) is expensive for what you get, I am thinking of getting more triggers in the future. Adding 2 more triggers would drive the total cost to over 400USD as opposed to 110USD for the YongNuos.
kenkyee 7 years ago
Kris: guess you run Canon gear? I've never needed any sort of locking nut for the hotshoe mount on my Pentax gear.

BTW, I emailed them and asked if they could do a package of one transmitter and 4 receivers and they said they'd put one up for $99. Doesn't sound bad at all if they're reliable and I need a wireless shutter trigger anyways.
When someone gets it, could you confirm that pressing and holding the trigger will lock the shutter open so you can do something else for 5-30min exposures? A 2nd press should release it. That's how it used to work...
Jaroslav Moravec 7 years ago
Any reviews coming any soon? Thanks in advance
CotswoldPhoto 7 years ago
Jaroslav Moravec wrote
Any reviews coming any soon? Thanks in advance
Mine are coming today or tomorrow according to the courier (depends on customs).
sunepedersen 7 years ago
hmm I never got a tracking ID for my order. But it should be any day now.
CotswoldPhoto 7 years ago
sunepedersen wrote
hmm I never got a tracking ID for my order. But it should be any day now.
Mine aren't coming from eBay, but along with a huge order of other gear for my shop - direct from China. UPS have the parcels right now.
W.G.W. 7 years ago
just noticed the non standard sync socket on the reciever. although it comes with adapters, would be pretty screwed if you lost that 3pin converter cable.

as with most of this stuff, a mod is in order.
kulsecko 7 years ago
3pin cable is required for the camera remote controlling feature (GND, focus, shutter)
W.G.W. 7 years ago
take a look at the reciever, there does not appear to be any other type of jack on it. if you are using shoe mount flashes, thats fine you can mount them on the trigger if you want. but for me, i would need to attach them to a strobe pack.
dannyt. 7 years ago
If you look at the ebay page it shows monolight hooked up.....
kenkyee 7 years ago
Yes, WGW, you're correct. And kulsecko said the same thing...he was just explaining why the 3 pins are needed on the receivers...
davidrobinsonphoto [deleted] 7 years ago
Has anyone figured out what the TTL pins are for? Is this purely for the wakeup feature, or are we looking at PW Flex TT5 kind of functionality?

Looking forward to the reviews, even though i think i have my mind set on Cybersyncs.
kenkyee 7 years ago
you're dreaming if you think these have FlexTT functionality ;-)

Cotswold: did they arrive safely or are you just too busy playing with them to tell us how you like them? :-)
p_d_barbs 7 years ago
Ordered a set of these a few days back, I will make sure I let people know how I get on, looking forward to other peoples views.
blndcat 7 years ago

you're dreaming if you think these have FlexTT functionality

Yeah, one weakness of the YongNuo specs are the 1/250th max sync speed. Especially when the CyberSyncs can do 1/4000th syncs.

Looking forward to the reviews trickling in. I might just go for 1 cybersync transmitter/1 receiver since I have 1 580EXII and 2 SB26s.
CotswoldPhoto 7 years ago
kenkyee wrote
Cotswold: did they arrive safely or are you just too busy playing with them to tell us how you like them? :-)
The courier has told me that the truck is currently 50 miles away and closing in! Yeh for satellite tracking.
Jaroslav Moravec 7 years ago
blndcat : This is not true. Pretty much any newer DSLR Xsync is limited by the camera's shutter not the transmitter. Cybersyncs mention the actual delay, not the limitation of camera which is same no matter what transmitter you use.

Me - wants - some - reviews..
sunepedersen 7 years ago
I have a package waiting for me at the post office. Arrived yesterday but forgot to pick it up.
CotswoldPhoto 7 years ago
Mine are here!
CotswoldPhoto 7 years ago
Well, first looks are positive. I didn't want to use this as a camera shutter trigger, so bought the C1 version, as that has shutter cables with the 2.5mm jack for the Canon 400D etc.

The cables you get are:

#1. Coiled Rx to stereo 2.5mm. The Rx end is a little 3 pin female connector with red aluminum screwlock. Stretched length is 1 meter.

#2. Coiled Rx to mono 6.35mm (1/4"). The Rx end is a little 3 pin female connector with red aluminum screwlock. Stretched length is 1 meter.

#3. Straight PC to mono 2.5mm. PC isn't screwlock. Length is 0.25m.

#4. Coiled screwlock PC to screwlock PC. 1 meter.

Battery bays are easy to access.

The Rx hotshoe for the flash is nicely made. My SB-900's fit nicely. The pins all match up and the locking pin works a treat. The mount under the Rx is a plastic coldshoe with metal 1/4" x 20 thread.

The Tx hotshoe for the camera is metal. It fits my D200 nice and snug. It does not have a ring to tighten it, but it seems quite tight. The pop-up flash won't lift. The PC socket is on the front and is screwlock.

As for tests, I wanted to do that outside, but this is Britain, and it is summer, so it is raining - hard.
thanks Cotswoldphoto...i have SB 900's too...so hope ya just do some test w/ them in other rooms ...with walls between until you can get outside...cuz i wanna order some TODAY
CarlaMc 7 years ago
@ Cleva Treva
Wow that was quick. Thanks. I wait in anticipation for your review on how they work.
Јason PRO 7 years ago
On issue I have with the CTR-301s is that when you get a mobile phone too close they go off, also if you get two recivers too close to each other they fire randomly.

Could you test for these problems.
CotswoldPhoto 7 years ago

I'm taking my bits up to my dad's house.

It's a massive 16th century stone farmhouse (once the Earl of Warwick's farm estate house, hence the size). That'll test it!

I'll take my little Kodak P20's too, coz they wouldn't fire with other remotes and have no sync port. Got my cellphone too.

kenkyee Posted 7 years ago. Edited by kenkyee (member) 7 years ago
or just give a flash to a neighbor down the block that you can see from the window, then point your camera and fire to make sure the flashes show up.
I'm curious how the shutter release works as well. I'm fairly certain that if you hold the transmitter down long enough, it'll change color and the shutter will be locked open like their previous version.
Another quick test would be putting the camera w/ transmitter near the flash (e.g., at half arm's length) and see if it still fires (the V2s triggers get pretty flaky when this happens. I hit this occasionally doing product photography w/ the V2s...

p.s., your dad's house sounds like a great location for model shots :-)
CotswoldPhoto 7 years ago

All tests with D200 on manual and 1/250, tested with SB-900 and Kodak P20 flashes on manual. Tests repeated loads of times.

Next to each other (literally 3 inches apart from camera to flash). 100% pass.

Amazingly, it fired the P20 (now these things are cheap on eBay), and I haven't been able to do that before because it was designed for a Kodak camera and the shoe is odd.

20m test (that's the length of my Dad's house. All passed

Next to a cell phone in use. No misfires. Next to a wireless router (same frequency - 2.4GHz). No problem.

Walls. It managed 3 walls (all about 2 feet thick ironstone).

It is still a torrential storm outside, so I'm not up for that! The next door neighbour is too far away across the fields.

One thing that is annoying is the lack of locking wheel on the Rx cold shoe to mount it. You need an adapter/mount with a 1/4" thread top (like the D Type ones in my stream), or a clamp (Stroboframe) type cold shoe.

The on/off switch for the Rx is good.


I'll be back when the rain stops!
CotswoldPhoto 7 years ago
OK, I hope you guys appreciate how wet I now am. LOL

60 meters was as far as I could go and still see the flash. I placed it my dad's house that has a corridor running the whole way (20m) East/West at the West end. Then I walked (under an umbrella) to the bottom of his garden (East), so about 70 meters in total.

No problem.
p_d_barbs 7 years ago
Sounds promising, thanks for the efforts. Looking forward to having a play with mine when they come.

Excellent work
kenkyee 7 years ago
Thanks for trying all that Trev. I was in London in early June for a weekend and it showered slightly only one day...guess I was lucky :-)
I'll probably get mine when they put up a full set (1 tx and 3rx). Sounds promising and I need a wireless shutter release.
W.G.W. 7 years ago
hey, could you go out and buy a canon 5d to try these with. would be a big help to me.

thanks in advance.
W.G.W. 7 years ago
yea, go buy one of the 5d cameras that had the problem. you can keep the camera when you are done. k, thanks.
CotswoldPhoto 7 years ago
OK folks. It stopped raining and I'm back home.

200m and still synching at 1/250 (D200 set to rear curtain). The road I live on is not straight enough after that.

I have a friend down the road with a Canon and 430 and 580's. I'll ring him tomorrow.

I took it into some woods too. About 100 meters with all the trees in the way. It's real dark (10pm here) and spooky with a half moon shining through the fast moving clouds and the water dripping off the trees and wildlife emerging after 12 hours of non-stop rain.

Thanks go to Sarah (my 11 year old daughter) as my human lightstand.
LayerMask 7 years ago
Thank you Sarah!
I'm normally into Canon wireless to 20m - but I'm tempted by these for occasional use.
Thanks Treva too. Don't get flu!
wleeb Posted 7 years ago. Edited by wleeb (member) 7 years ago
Thanks Trev!
blndcat 7 years ago
Thanks Trev and Sarah,
Looking good and we really appreciate your efforts. I'm more concerned that they fire 100% of the time at distances of 5-15m. But 200m is impressive. A few more positive reviews or impressions from others here and I'll probably place an order.

I would be happy enough with 1/250th but this is a strobist forum. Some have D70s, the fairly old but still on sale D40, or cameras like the G10. There are definitely occasions when a trigger capable of faster than 1/250th fire are handy.
elv0000 7 years ago
Thanks Trevor, they certainly sound like something out of the ordinary for ebay triggers!
Brad Dudenhoffer 7 years ago
OK. That's good enough for me. I'm ordering a tx and 4rx set right now. I'll post as soon as they arrive.

Thanks for going out in the rain for us Trevor!
jebx 7 years ago
FWIW, The CTR-301P also lists a 1/250 sync, but I've gotten 1/640 with my D40.
CotswoldPhoto 7 years ago
I'm up and it's nearly 7am here. It's sunny! Woohoo. I'll be out playing with them, and I'll drop by Ed's house and see if he's up for it with his Canon gear.
meiria 7 years ago
@ Cotswold - do you have 2 receivers?
It would be interesting for self portraits to use 1 receiver for the camera and the other one for the flash.
CarlaMc 7 years ago
Thanks Cotswold (and Sarah) for doing this. You rock. I am going to wait until the end of today to see what other news you bring with the Canon gear. Then I will order some tonight. I want to use them with a Canon40D and 580 EXII and I am about to buy an old 540EZ
Jaroslav Moravec 7 years ago
blndcat: I am completely aware about the cameras with electronic shutter with superfast sync times.

I was just explaining that the performance of both triggers (the delay) will be very similiar, those two different times thet were mentioned will probably be the same for both of the cameras.

So far it looks we're saved - they seem to work perfectly. Yesss.
blndcat 7 years ago
thanks, definitely useful to know! I think that one line supports what Jaroslav was saying. :D

Thanks, I guess I was wrong to compare the two different specs but they were presented as the same spec.

I get what you're saying about the theoretical delay/performance being similar, but without testing we don't know if it is. Stated spec from YongNuo Max Range: 100m, tested range: 200m (and so on)

The original Cactus V2 models were never reliable after around 1/250th. And sometimes better with the pc port than the hotshoe, super-fresh batteries etc.

These 2.4GHz seem to be reliable off the bat and across the board. One or two more reviews will be good, if nothing else than to see if there are any quality control issues. Fingers crossed!
Jaroslav Moravec 7 years ago
Could someone hide the receiver behind the car and go really far? How distances and obstacles together are problem.. So far it looks good. Any word on build quality?
JeffR. 7 years ago
Does anyone know if you are able to use the button on the transmiter to test fire the flashes?
sunepedersen 7 years ago
Damn my 2 reciever + transmitter set is stuck in customs..... I hate the danish customs laws.....

I will test on my 5D mk I (not II) to see if there is any interference as soon as I get them.
CotswoldPhoto Posted 7 years ago. Edited by CotswoldPhoto (member) 7 years ago
JeffR. wrote
Does anyone know if you are able to use the button on the transmiter to test fire the flashes?
Yes, it does.

Jaroslav Moravec wrote
Any word on build quality?
I wouldn't take them apart if I were you - I did! The Tx is held together with one tiny screw and the two sides clip together in four places. Inside a really neat and compact circuit board. Looks really good, like PC motherboards. With the I/Cs it is obviously machine populated.

The Rx. Take out the batteries and inside there is a screw. Another two are next to the hot shoe mounting. The two parts come apart easily. The circuit board is fixed to the hotshoe and won't come out and the components are o the other side. Try to take it out and the LED cover and switch cover will come loose. Don't do it!

They ARE well made and nothing like the rubbish you see inside a Cactus type trigger.
Scott D Lafferty 7 years ago
Has anyone had a chance to test these on a Sony F42AM. I got the Cactus V4s and they don't work reliably with the flash. Any word if these work any better?
CotswoldPhoto 7 years ago
ouroboros711 wrote
Has anyone had a chance to test these on a Sony F42AM.
I know the foot on this flash is a Sony design. Does it have a sync port?
Scott D Lafferty 7 years ago
No, but there is an adapter to allow Sony flashes to connect to a standard hot shoe. The V4s will only work if you first fire the flash on camera, and then attach it to the receiver. Not sure if it's something to do with the flash itself or the V4s, but apparently Cybersyncs work fine.

If these Yongnuo triggers work reliably with the Sony flash then I might pick up a set.
Roger Blackwell 7 years ago
Definitely interested in these will keep an eye on this :)
Jaroslav Moravec 7 years ago
Wow, they seem to be really good. Few more reviews and I am sold. Treva, could you do some reliabiliy test having flash behind a car or a wall? Or concrete bloc is usually good barrier for radio signal. Thanks for being Guinea pig.
CotswoldPhoto 7 years ago
Jaroslav Moravec If you read one of my earlier posts, I did that in my dad's house. Through ironstone walls. It had better range than his adsl wireless router! Inevitably the range drops with obstructions.
ching pang. 7 years ago
What if you need to trigger wireless and off camera flash same time?....:)))
Gerard Vong 7 years ago
Thanks CotswoldPhoto for reporting your experiences. Is the performance of the trigger reliable and consistent? Are there misfires? Did you end up doing a comparison with the Plus IIs? And is it possible to remotely fire a camera and an off camera flash simultaneously with the setup?
Noonan Photo & Video 7 years ago
Very interested in these. Much lower profile. Good price.

Is there any conflicts with Canon flashes?
will_hl PRO 7 years ago
ilikeching: you will need to get two. One to trigger the camera and then another on the cameras hotshoe or pc port to trigger the flashes. You can't use the same trigger to set of the camera and the flash, it won't sync.
CarlaMc 7 years ago
Ok I think I am going to buy mine. NOW!!!!!

@ Cotswold - any idea how they compare to the V4s

@ will_hI - excuse my ignorance but by two - do you mean two transmitters (and then a receiver on each flash)
CotswoldPhoto 7 years ago
oneseekinglight wrote
Is there any conflicts with Canon flashes?
I am checking this today.

And no, I did tons (hundreds) of shots. No misfires.

And to the fire shutter and flash.

You need an Rx hooked up to the camera shutter port and one channel. The Tx in your hand ready to fire and the same channel. Another Tx sits in the camera hotshoe and a second channel, and another Rx on the flash set to that second channel.

Oh yes. Versus the PW Plus II's. Much running around yesterday, no helper! In performance I cant tell them apart. In build quality, the PW's are far better. But what would you expect?
quackator2000 7 years ago
No, one transmitter to trigger the camera with the first receiver,
and the camera triggers the second transmitter which in turn
fires the flash. Both transmitter/receiver couples set to different
channels, of course.
CarlaMc 7 years ago
So if I want wireless flash AND shutter release do I need to buy 2 sets?
quackator2000 7 years ago
Yes, exactly. 99 points.
CotswoldPhoto 7 years ago
Well, took a trip up the road to Ed's and tried it on his 430Ex and 530EX. Same result. Passed with flying colours.
kenkyee 7 years ago
Wait a sec...a while back I asked YongNuo about interference problems between their old shutter release and the V2s transmitters when using offcam flash and they released the initial version of this (sold on dealxtreme). AFAIK, this type of design is supposed to allow you to do wireless shutter release and flash at the same time...
Are you guys sure you need two transmitters? i.e., you can't press the one transmitter w/ a receiver on the camera and one under a flash?
CotswoldPhoto 7 years ago
kenkyee I had some of those dealextreme ones. They were the YN-16. Inside they were essentially still cheap and nasty. And you did need two sets to do as you want. If you used one Tx, the shutter would lift as the flash went off. There are timing delays in the shutter which would mean the flash would always fire too early.
kenkyee 7 years ago
I asked the yongnuo folks and they claimed it would work. I've also included my question which I hope was clear enough for them :-)
Hi friend,

Thank you for your letter.

Yes, you can use those function in the same time.
When you press the shutter button in the transmitter, you can take a picture and make the flashes fire.

Wishing you a good day.

Best regards,
I want to use this as a shutter release and wireless trigger at the same time like this:

rf-602 receiver -> camera shutter release
rf-602 receiver -> flash #1
rf-602 receiver -> flash #2

rf-602 transmitter in my hand so when I press the shutter button, the camera takes a picture and the flashes fire.

Is this possible?
elv0000 7 years ago
I'm guessing there would be a delay on the shutter while the flashes fire straight away.

But even if it can work just by using an extra transmitter on the hotshoe on a different channel, thats pretty handy atleast you've got a back up transmitter instead of different gear for a shutter remote.
CotswoldPhoto 7 years ago
In any event, the difference in price between one set plus an extra transmitter and two sets is about $6-8. Not bank breaking.

On a mechanical shutter there will be a delay, maybe not on an electronic shutter.

I did test this on my D200 quite a while ago.
Bike43 7 years ago
I'm starting to get excited...
codyamesphoto Posted 7 years ago. Edited by codyamesphoto (member) 7 years ago
I sent them a message on ebay about purchasing a transmitter and 4 receivers, they got back to me within 5 minutes.. pretty fast. Is $99.99 shipped, am about to pull the trigger on these and ditch the cactus v2s :)

edit -- Went ahead and did it... :) Hopefully the days of wondering if my flashes will actually fire are over.. :)

edit #2 -- To fix my horrible 1am typing :) Thanks Murray!
Murray McMaster 7 years ago
Do you mean a transmitter and 4 receivers?
bluecoaster72 7 years ago
@kenkyee - I got mine Thursday evening and just tested it for you. I only have one receiver right now, but what I did was put the flash in the hotshoe and connected the 3-pin out of the receiver to my 50D shutter release. When i triggered the receiver from the transmitter both the flash and camera would fire but the camera didn't capture the flash output. It appears that the flash is firing before the shutter opens.

I think everyone that ordered these will be pleasantly surprised. I have a set of PT-04s and these are much better then those. The build is pretty good, they don't feel as rugged as CyberSyncs (I have a set of them), but they are pretty close. Only real negative is no lock down wheel on the transmitter or receiver.
Murray McMaster 7 years ago
I think these will be a HUGE improvement over my crappy modded V2S's. Next payday I'm in for 1 tx & 4 rx. Thanks guys.
kenkyee Posted 7 years ago. Edited by kenkyee (member) 7 years ago
thanks for testing bluecoaster. And Treva as well. I guess it's not a bad thing to have a backup transmitter. I was just hoping this would work w/o it.
I'll let that yongnuo rep know.
mostlyaccidental. PRO 7 years ago
bluecoaster72 I am a newbie so please excuse this question; but couldn't you simply have the flash fire "second curtain"?

Be gentle.
Jaroslav Moravec 7 years ago
mostlyaccidental: It depends if you are Canon or Nikon guy. If Canon nope as this is set via ETTL function available only for dedicated flashes.

If you are Nikon guy no problems at all. I think.
JeffR. 7 years ago
What has been the total time to receive from ordering. I leave for vacation in 2 weeks and afraid they may not make it in time.
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