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Yongnuo YN460

fredlau316 5:16pm, 15 February 2009
new manual slave flash from Yongnuo

Features Specifications: Flash SPEEDLITE YN460
Flash index: 33(mine only 24)
Circuit design: IGBT
Up/down ward angle: 0-90 degree
Left/right angle: 0-270 degree
Power Source: 4 X AA size batteries (Alkaline or Ni-MH are usable)
Battery Life: 100 - 1500 times (with alkaline batteries)
Recycle Time: 5 sec(with alkaline batteries)
Color Temperature: 5600K
Flash Duration: 1/800S - 1/20000S
Flash adjustment: "7 difference flash power level ( 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64 )"
Power Saving: " Stand by mode, 30mins to power off mode. 60mins to power off when using the optic mode. "
Dimensions: 72X135X85mm
Weight: 250g
Slave mode S1: Normal optical slave
Slave mode S2: Pre-flash cancel slave
Less than US$40

more photo from here
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(1 to 100 of 384 replies)
David Sr. - 8 years ago
your first link erroed...
maybe you meant ttis one...
igotyofire 8 years ago
dont see it on ebay yet, must be new
CotswoldPhoto Posted 8 years ago. Edited by CotswoldPhoto (member) 8 years ago
GN of 33m = 110 feet, yes? About 10% less than the 285HV.

What does the Pilot button do? Edit: Test flash. Silly me.

Edit. Just got a quote back for $39.50 in singles, better if 10+

No sync cord socket, but bases unscrews with four screws, so I expect it would be easy to add a 3.5mm socket in the side.
Blaise - Mariages 06 8 years ago
Looks fantastic! A pity they "forgot" a port to connect the Skyports or PW...
Do you think they will work with cactus v2s?
petepixxx 8 years ago
They don't have that TOTALLY CRAZY -- 30 seconds into standby mode -- do they?
CotswoldPhoto Posted 8 years ago. Edited by CotswoldPhoto (member) 8 years ago
petepixxx wrote
They don't have that TOTALLY CRAZY -- 30 seconds into standby mode -- do they?

Bakya wrote
Do you think they will work with cactus v2s?
They tell me the V2s and all later ones (Cactus V4, and the various YN ones, like the CTR-301 and YN-16) work with the YN460
CotswoldPhoto Posted 8 years ago. Edited by CotswoldPhoto (member) 8 years ago
Whilst this is partly a repeat of what fredlau316 said, various emails with YN have confirmed these specs and some images ...

Ex-factory prices are said to be sub $40!

This is the spec:
GN: 33m/110 feet (ISO 100) (about 10% more power than the SB600)
Tilt adjust: horizontal to vertical (90 deg)
Swivel: up to 270 deg
Power Source: 4 X AA size batteries (1.2v or 1.5 volt Alkaline, hybrid or NiMH)
Battery Life: up to 100 flashes full power, up to 1500 times at 1/64 using best quality alkaline batteries
Full Power Recycle Time: 5 sec (with fresh best quality alkaline batteries, not sustainable for too long due to heat build up)
Color Temperature of bulb: 5600K
Flash Duration: Full Power 1/800s, 1/64 power 1/20000s
Flash adjustment: 7 manual power levels: 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64
Power Saving: Stand by mode after 30mins of non-use in manual mode, 60 mins to power off when using the S1 optic mode.
Dimensions: 72X135X85mm (approx the same size as the SB600, both measured in flash angled forward mode, of course!)
Weight: 250g (without batteries)
Manual mode
Slave mode S1: Normal optical slave
Slave mode S2: Pre-flash cancel slave
Test/Pilot button
Triggered by hot shoe
No sync cord input :(
Slot above flash head for bounce cards (supplied with diffuser board and bounce card)
Supplied with stand and bag.

Pics (click for bigger pics):

This pic shows how the foot attaches, much better idea than the Vivitar 285 and opens up quite a reasonable hole (to work through for mods maybe?) when removed:

I am waiting for YN to reply to a volume enquiry and if they can add a 3.5mm (PW type) mono socket.
David Sr. - Posted 8 years ago. Edited by David Sr. - (member) 8 years ago
"Flash Index: 33" - Are you sure that is that the same as GN ?

A 285 GN is 37m (120') (Which I believe is exaggerated)

As crappy as the latest 285's have been at 90 bucks, I'd be surprised that a $39.50 strobe would be reliable, but I'll be interested to hear from those that 'test' it.

EDIT: I posted as ClevaTreva was posting... looks like more details.. nice work Treva!
I like the sub- 1/16 settings
Have they confirmed the trigger voltage on this one? I am guessing less than 12volts? Hopefully 6 volts?
CotswoldPhoto Posted 8 years ago. Edited by CotswoldPhoto (member) 8 years ago
David, YN have told me they were trying to make it similar to the SB600 (and I presume earlier incarnations) but stripped down. No aperture settings, zoom. Slightly more power, slower to recharge. They have assumed that Strobist users may trigger the flash many times in succession and have made it more with this in mind, but you, as always, have to be careful not to cook it!

The reasoning is that the simpler it is, the less to go wrong and the cheaper it can be made.

Personally, I don't like the diffuser and bounce card, but you don't have to use them. Taking them off leaves you with a handy slot to attach a better diffuser (like the base of an Ecover detergent bottle, which fits perfectly) or a gel or a snoot or a grid.

As I said, I am waiting for delivery times and pricing, but this is going to be cheap!
CotswoldPhoto 8 years ago
Bakya wrote
Have they confirmed the trigger voltage on this one? I am guessing less than 12volts? Hopefully 6 volts?
Not confirmed, but I think 6 volts.

They have just confirmed that the unit goes into standby after 3 minutes and power down after 30 minutes.

They have also confirmed it DOES have limited TTL functionality, but their English is too poor for me to understand! (quote: support TLL cited pre-flash flash flash primer in S2 mode)

They have also confirmed hat the flash head is the same size as the SB800 so that users can use SB800 domes (their word, not mine) for diffusing. As I said, it fits the ecover bottle end (which cost about $2 in the UK, with the detergent in) from the measurements they gave me.
chemicalpiet [deleted] Posted 8 years ago. Edited by chemicalpiet (member) 8 years ago
where can I order ;)

Can they also add a 'beeb' sound when the flash is recharged?
CotswoldPhoto Posted 8 years ago. Edited by CotswoldPhoto (member) 8 years ago
chemicalpiet wrote
where can I order ;)
As far as I know, they are not yet shipping, but soon.

chemicalpiet wrote
Can they also add a 'beeb' sound when the flash is recharged?
As far as I know, the light shows red when charging and green when ready. If it stays red, change the batteries! No beep, but who knows?

The GN at ISO 200 is 46m, 150feet.
fredlau316 8 years ago
Online shop location similar to ebay, but only in chinese text
reg gordon photo 8 years ago
not to be a nay sayer but am I the only one who has a problem with the photos of the flash?
The buttons have been added, badly, in post, ( look at the letters, they seem to have been mirrored ) and in one of the images the side is scratched to s***. Not a good sign for a production sample.
I dunno.....
CotswoldPhoto 8 years ago
The words are mirorred because the cover plastic is that thick (same effect as using plexiglass for us! The buttons are in holes that have bevelled edges, hence the effect. The back still has the film cover over it, hence the marks.

fredlau316 I too saw that shop, but they have no stock. From what I could read, it seems to be a marketplace for manufacturers to sell to local folk in China. I have no doubt dealextreme will stock it when they ship.
fredlau316 8 years ago
I'm awaiting too, in local(Hong Kong) store that sell China-made photographic stuff haven't stock this item yet.
The address of Yongnuo in Hong Kong is fake, found out was only a chinese traditonal drug store
wangster411 PRO 8 years ago
looking forward to see how this pans out. Wonder how much it will ship for once it is available to the US. If $40 includes shipping, and no high initial DOA/early failure rates, I'd prob. get one just to have a spare.
reg gordon photo 8 years ago
Cleva treva:
fair enough :0 )
If these work out to be good, they could become a good deal for us poor starving cheapo's who can't afford SB900's or keep losing the ebay auctions :-D Seriously, they could be a good option for people who want a cheap, but adjustable unit.
Selbosh [deleted] 8 years ago
YongNuo certainly seem to be bringing out some cool stuff for strobists. I love my set of CTR-301 radio triggers and would happily buy one of these if they turn out OK.
petepixxx 8 years ago
I REALLY LIKE the idiot light manual settings reading!
petepixxx 8 years ago
PLEASE let me know when they are shipping!!!!!
Dave Kee Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Dave Kee (member) 8 years ago
It does not have TTL capability itself, but it can ignore the TTL pre-flash from an on-board flash when it is in slave mode S2 and then fire in synch with the on-board flash.
Selbosh [deleted] 8 years ago
On sale now! I e-mailed the eBay seller hkyongnuophotoequipment and asked them when/if this product was likely to come out, and he responded:

Dear selbosh,

Hi friend,

Thanks very much for your letter.

The price for each one is US$64.99 including the shipping fee.

I listed them in eBay, here is one of link for your reference:


Hope to do the business with you very soon.

Wish you a good day.

Best regards,


- hkyongnuophotoequipment
Gene's Pentax PRO 8 years ago
Looks interesting. I've been looking for something like this. Just plain simple MANUAL flash with power control.

I e-mailed the manufacturer a few days ago and they quoted the price of $31 each. That's not including shipping cost.

I guess all the inquires by strobists have doubled the price. Hope it comes back down once the initial rush to buy these things end.

Has anyone ordered one yet?

Flickr is becoming an advertisement place.
TwomasC 8 years ago
I just ordered one from hkyongnuophotoequipment..
celticview 8 years ago
@TC hope you could give us a review bout your purchase.. thanks! :)
Do you guys think, the price will come down, some one quoted 31 bucks but at hkyongnuophotoequipment. its selling at 60 something. is it because of shipping?
TwomasC 8 years ago
britton_go I'll let you know as soon as I get it.

Bakya Shipping. And the 31us$ price could also be without sales tax and at large volumes. hkyongnuophotoequipment is probably making around 10, maybe 15us$ pcs.
celticview 8 years ago
@TC thanks man :)
At around £45 for the UK, that is not a bad price. Way better than having to get 285's or SB's from EBAY, that are used and cost upto 3 times the price.
Selbosh [deleted] 8 years ago
Also sold by an eBay seller called SmartChoice United but it's slightly more expensive.

Anybody got any idea what the notches on the side (near the front of the flash head) are for?
petepixxx 8 years ago
wangster411 PRO 8 years ago
hmmm...at $65...if there is a problem, you probably need to pay shipping back, which is ?? Can't be too cheap from US to HK. So, now I'm not so sure between new 285 from Adorama @$87 (I suspect if it's DOA, Adorama will pay shipping back and send a replacement) or this....
itsdave 8 years ago
the 285 is probably better built, however, is REALLY huge, a pain to use on camera (cue hushed silence for mentioning that...), and has zoom, which this doesn't.... I'd go for this, smaller and lighter, but I'd want to wait for a review to come through first.
reg gordon photo 8 years ago
@ Selbosh:
notches are for diffusion domes
it appears to be modeled on the nikon sb 800 series
Tim Kamppinen 8 years ago
I was getting a little excited until I caught the part about no zooming... that kills it for me.
budee_lim Posted 8 years ago. Edited by budee_lim (member) 8 years ago
oops you're right Tim ...

No Zoom at all
I'll be waiting til they get the one with 3.5 mm socket and zoom (even manual zoom is enough)

Does anyone know how to buy directly from alibaba in small amount?
elv0000 8 years ago
My Sunpac 383's don't have a zoom and Ive never missed it :)

Hope these are good!
petepixxx Posted 8 years ago. Edited by petepixxx (member) 8 years ago
Just ordered two! I hope they like the SLA batteries like other flashes.

They should go well with the two 383's I got last year just before they were discontinued. I mostly use them at 1/8th power so few battery changes. With these, even fewer, and finer control of area lighting. And - freaking idiot lights for manual power settings!! Oh Boy!

I came "this close" to getting a couple SB600s before I saw this thread. THANKS again! (I take it back if these turn out to be yucky flashes...)
Selbosh [deleted] 8 years ago
You're right:
Hi friend,

Thanks for your explantion.

Yes, there is a purpose for designing the hole, you can attach the flash diffuser cover into it.
I will attach the picture in my ADs, thanks very much for your reminding. : )

Wish you a good day.

Best regards,
TwomasC 8 years ago
Mine has shipped - here's hoping it doesn't get stopped in import-tax-hell. My new light-stand has been there since the 16th...
fredlau316 Posted 8 years ago. Edited by fredlau316 (member) 8 years ago
Hi all, I just buy this flash unit from a local store in Hong Kong
will post more photo and info later.
the price of the YN460 is HK$250(around US$32)
from www.yingkee.hk in shamshupo area
but all other shop in this area sell at HK$350 or more(around US$45)
comment: not as powerful as it's said, I think GN28/m only
perhaps GN24/m
celticview 8 years ago
@fredlau316 : could you give us a brief review about the flash? thanks!
fredlau316 8 years ago
wangster411 PRO 8 years ago
Thanks fred! I hope the quality is good on this flash. Hope to see some reviews soon.
fredlau316 8 years ago
Yongnuo's ebay shop have YN460 on list
but US$30 minimum plus US$30 shipping charge!!!!!!!!!!
Buy-it-now US$65

that is much different from I buy in Hong Kong
fredlau316 Posted 8 years ago. Edited by fredlau316 (member) 8 years ago
no good, no good, the output power of YN460 is low
SB800 VS YN460 in same distance
1/1 f16 VS 1/1 f8.0
1/2 f11 VS 1/2 f5.6
is it fair to compare $31 flash with SB800?
petepixxx 8 years ago
SB600. More like Sunpak 383 manual control.
celticview 8 years ago
so the power is somewhat similar to sb600?
tangc5 8 years ago
Hi Fred,

Do you mind checking the recharge time at full power when you have time? I am interested in getting one of this instead of the vivitar 285.

fredlau316 8 years ago
Normal 1/1 power using GP 4x recyko NIMH AA: 5 sec
1/2 power: 2 sec
1/4 power: 1 sec

I open the flash unit, it have plenty of space adding female miniplug or other things. The front red cover is fake, there is nothing under it, may just add a hole here for the miniplug or pc sync. Optical sync eye may hide inside the flash tube or somewhere near it

there is a VR switch on the circult board, I try to turn it clockwise, the output slightly gain a bit, but longer the recycle time.

after turning the VR, full output power add about one f/stop
1/1 power: 7.5sec
1/2 power:4 sec
1/4 power:2 sec
fredlau316 Posted 8 years ago. Edited by fredlau316 (member) 8 years ago
7 difference flash power level ( 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64 )
that is the reading from my flashmeter:
the output of 1/16, 1/32, 1/64 are very inconsistence
pauluminous 8 years ago
Any1 got any idea since it doesn't have a zoom head, what the standard mm coverage setting is? It seems to have a wide angle adapter thingy :D how does that change the coverage area?
fredlau316 8 years ago
the flash head coverage is bad(maybe good)
if the normal 35mm angle from my SB800 is 3:2
the YN460 ONLY coverage in 16:10
that leave upper and lower part two black stripe
the build-in diffuser may help
Selbosh [deleted] 8 years ago
If you are using it off-camera then I don't think the aspect ratio would be as important as if you were using it on-camera
elv0000 8 years ago
So in its "tweaked" form sounds like its about the same power and recycle as a 383 or 285 etc. Question is how long will it last like that? :)
tangc5 8 years ago
Thanks Fred for reviewing this flash.
Hey fred,
can you put some of the pics of the opened flash unit, circuit board, VR switch etc?

I think we should compare this flash with 285HV in terms of price, output power, recycling time etc, manual settings and other features like auto mode, size, build quality, acessories etc.

I think this looks ok for 30 odd bucks but if you have to pay 30 more bucks for shipping etc then might as well consider 285HV, at least its proven.

Also might aswell wait till feb end when cactus are releasing KF36, its replacement for 285HV. Lets see what price they come up with.

Thanks fred for your review, any updates on the flash are always welcomed.
celticview Posted 8 years ago. Edited by celticview (member) 8 years ago
yeah i agree with Bakya, $30 for shipping is just too much.. gadget infinity only charge $10 for shipping on the vivitar285hv... still waiting for the KF36.. hope they did something new and a lower price

i wonder if dealextreme would stock the YN460?
CotswoldPhoto 8 years ago
I think DealExtreme MAY do them.

If you look at the YN-16 triggers. Volume ex-factory price is $20, DX price is $29 including shipping. That's $9 for profit, handling and shipping. BUT, YN don't sell this one on their eBay site!

YN still haven't provided me with volume pricing for the YN460 (they sent me the price list I already had, and that doesn't have the YN460 on), but the CTR-301 is just $15 a set (pair) in volume. Add the $9 and a bit for the eBay fees, and you get the $26 YN are selling the CTR-301 for.

The best price I can see on Chinese language shops for the YN460 is $32, and that suggests a volume ex-factory price of $29. Because of weight, this flash would cost about $7 more to ship. So, $29 + $19 profit and shipping, suggests someone will blink and this should eventually sell for just under $50, not the $60 YN want right now.

GI have suggested that the KF36 may be more expensive than they sold the 285HV for.

I think $50 for the YN460 including shipping sounds about right.

petepixxx was right, this flash is aimed at the SB600.

Fred, piccies of the inside and that VR (Variable Resistor) would be great. I assume that it is an overall maximum adjustment for the flash power. By turning it (which way, clockwise or anti-clockwise?) you are reducing the resistance. Normally, zero resistance equals full power, high resistance equals low power, which is why low power output is harder to control, especially if cheap but durable resistors have been used to regulate the power level.
GI have suggested that the KF36 may be more expensive than they sold the 285HV for.

For the same specification as 285HV? or something better than it?
CotswoldPhoto 8 years ago
The only hints I have seen are that the folk who bought the 285HV design (Sakar?) were going to make some changes to improve the reliability, but as far as the user sees operating it (varipower settings, batteries, led's) no great change.

The thing is, Vivitar went too far in trying to make it cheaper to build, hence for a while many were unreliable or had components pop (seems to be a period about 18 months ago). In the early days they didn't break, so I suspect Sakar were going to roll the design back a bit to whne it was more reliable, but that may have to cost up $20 more.

Given the brick the 285HV is, I suspect Vivitar were losing money on it (taking into account the returns level they suffered for that period when the quality was poor).

I teach and so I bought quite a few expecting them to go pop and they didn't. Every one I used has been great, so three are still in their boxes. Suppose I ought to put them on eBay for any UK person who wants to get one in these times of non availability. and to avoid the customs and VAT hassle.
Gene's Pentax PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Gene's Pentax (member) 8 years ago
Has anyone tried Kodak P20 zoom flash?

It's only about $110 from Adorama. It's small, has zoom, manual power adjustment & small. Recycle time of 10 sec isn't great, but pretty much same as 285. GN of 40 isn't so great either. But can still be useful in small spaces.
petepixxx 8 years ago
P20? 2 weak, 2 slow.
dwang2010 PRO 8 years ago
Hmmm... P20 looks alot like the Sunpak PZ40X



Back on topic:

I'm very interested in getting one of these flashes. They look good (client aesthetics) and swivel too! The 383 is too slow for me, the SB28 too expensive... So tempted to buy it now. Must...wait...for...others...to...try...out.
dwang2010 PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by dwang2010 (member) 8 years ago
Feck that, I bit. Looks like it's coming to me at $30 plus $29 shipping.

Bid: Minimum $30 and $29 Shipping.
Buy it Now: $65 and free shipping.
wangster411 says:

.....I suspect if it's DOA, Adorama will pay shipping back and send a replacement.....

Of course!


Helen Oster
Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

celticview 8 years ago
ordered one from ebay ... hopefully it's not a big disappointment. even if it's weak... i could use it as a spare flash.
CotswoldPhoto 8 years ago
More eBay options, now down to $62 BIN from a third seller, inc delivery, from dslr-dresser.
petepixxx 8 years ago
The price wars begin!
wangster411 PRO 8 years ago
thanks Helen for confirming. I've had nothing but first rate service from adorama when I needed it.

With my timing, I need to get a flash next week, so I think I will get the 285 first and see how that works out. Will keep an eye on this one because I would like a smaller, backup flash and something that I can stick on a D40 hotshoe as well.
dwang2010 PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by dwang2010 (member) 8 years ago
I'm thinking of using this when I'm really lazy and use on camera flash with a diffuser product. It looks alot like something that rhymes with "very wrong" but at a fraction of the cost (thanks dealextreme!)

The darned thing just doesn't fit onto a 285... I know I know it's a sin. But sometimes I just don't want to get complicated. Please refrain from beaning me with your used AA's and broken DIY contraptions.
Helen Oster Adorama Camera Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Helen Oster Adorama Camera (member) 8 years ago
wangster411 says:
thanks Helen for confirming. I've had nothing but first rate service from adorama when I needed it.

Delighted to hear it! Any problems, let me know.


Helen Oster
Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

morbuto 8 years ago
Just received mine from Yongnuo on ebay... Ordered on 19th, shipped on 20th, delivered in UK on 24th, not bad!

First impressions are good, aside from the flipdown diffuser which is very poorly designed and already broke.
But the user interface is basically perfect... I usually use a Nikon SB-28DX which is nice, and reliable, but the display is not visible in the dark without finding the illumination button (which is hard to find in the dark), and then I still have to remember which button changes the manual setting, and if I'm in the right mode.

On the Yongnuo the current manual settings is always apparent at a glance and changing it is immediately obvious too.
The buttons are easy to operate, and should work fine with gloves too as they stick out plenty.

It's a purely manual flash, there is no "A" mode.
Each of the modes remembers the last power setting selected, but not after the flash is turned off.

Defaults to lowest power setting when turned on (sensible to me).

There are notches on the side of the head for fitting possible future attachments.

Overall I'm very impressed with the design process... It seems they did a lot of brainstorming to come up with the ideal cheap strobist flash. Yongnuo also have a pretty good history of improving their designs with each version (though the flip side of that is the first version can be a bit like a beta product).

I'll do some tests with it and introduce it at some of my shoots in the near future.
petepixxx 8 years ago
@Helen -- FYI - I haven't been a big Adorama buyer. But just after I saw your note above I happened to click on a link to a product on your site. The reviews of the product were good, and I thought of your nice assistance. I purchased.

I had no problem ordering and got good email confirmations. So far so good...

But if I have a problem now I know where to go!
petepixxx Posted 8 years ago. Edited by petepixxx (member) 8 years ago
@morbuto -- nice review! I ordered these 90% for the perfect interface.

But to cover the other 10%... Could you please see if it burns out after say, 6 fast-as-it-recycles full power flashes? Thx! Better to blow yours than mine! ;)

I rarely use more than 1/4 power but I shoot a lot of pix. If I need more light I'll add a monolight, or another flash (got 10+ now).

If you ever hear of a single "hydra" flash with several swirling snapping heads, let me know...
morbuto 8 years ago
thanks... I've also introduced it to the local university photo society when I gave a talk on lighting there... One of the students used to live next to the Yongnuo factory in Shenzhen, small world!

Well I gave it a try, I think I fired about 12 full-power flashes in a row, didn't seem to mind at all... Mind you I was only getting an 8s recycle time as the batteries weren't freshly charged.

I've also used the optical slave today as it was more convenient than setting up all the wireless triggers, and that worked fine too.

BTW I think everyone interested in this flash should put in a product request to Dealextreme: www.dealextreme.com/feedbacks/productrequest.dx
as they tend to be quite good at shipping Chinese products at reasonable prices.
CotswoldPhoto 8 years ago
morbuto Agreed with Dealextreme, here's the thread I started:

DealExtreme YN460 Request

But nobody replied :-(
TwomasC 8 years ago
Just got mine. Looks good. Looks a bit cheap in the control panel, but feels solid enough. Hm.. taking of the protective plastic of the control panel make it look a lot better, but now it's a fingerprint magnet.

Just set it to 1/16 power and pressed the pilot button as fast as I could. Got ten shots before the ready light turned red, for just a second.

Very easy to control. I'll be able to control this without looking really fast...
morbuto 8 years ago
@ClevaTreva: I've responded to your thread... then one of the regulars thought we were aliases since neither of us had participated in their forums in the past, heh ;)

Anyway I've done a quick light output comparison against my SB-28DX using my very crappy flash meter... I got the same light intensity at 2m away with the SB-28DX zoomed to 24mm. I haven't compared the coverage areas though so that's a bit meaningless really...
elv0000 8 years ago
@ morbuto - I just bounce them of the ceiling and measure the light off a wall to do a power comparison. As long as they are set to a similar zoom and in the same spot I find that give a pretty fair indication.
elv0000 8 years ago
Mpex strobe (maybe) comming next week!! -

celticview 8 years ago
@elv0000: im curious... is mpex bringing the YN460? i mean the timing is just right. and they said it's coming this march?.. hmmmm :D
CotswoldPhoto 8 years ago
britton_go wrote
is mpex bringing the YN460? i
The original specs from Moishe didn't sound like it. I wondered whether Sakar (they bought the Vivitar name and designs) were going to make a special. Same power as the 285HV (ish) and 1/8" miniphone mono jack, a PC jack and an optical slave built in was what he said last year.
celticview 8 years ago
@clevatreva - if thats the case then probably the price would be above $100? gadgetinfinity promised the new cactus flash (replacing vivitar 285hv) this weekend i think.. havent seen anything on their site.

oh and for some reasons Dealextreme are taking off some of their camera items... weird..
mostsb 8 years ago
"oh and for some reasons Dealextreme are taking off some of their camera items... weird.. "

There is no diffusers anymore, but are they taking some other equipment off too?
celticview 8 years ago
@mostsb - i think so... last time i checked they took away the umbrella bracket and white umbrella set
mostsb 8 years ago
Okay, I received one umbrella bracket last week. It's design was bitdifferent than ones which I got last summer, so maybe there is some problems to get products.
TwomasC 8 years ago
Took it apart - part of my standard procedure ;-)

There's a couple more shots in the set, including where I broke some of the plastic...


mostsb 8 years ago
How does it feel, do you think it will break in 2 weeks?
TwomasC Posted 8 years ago. Edited by TwomasC (member) 8 years ago
mostsb Feels okay! Not as chunky as a viv285 (or my pentax AF540), but I think it will survive casual usage just fine.

fredlau316 How far did you turn the RV (there's a note in the print close-up photo)? I turned it a quarter clock wise and it never reached a charge level where it allowed me to fire it. I'll experiment with smaller turns tomorrow (and take a photo of it).
Bernt-Inge 8 years ago
Just ordered one myself :)

Thanks for the tip :)


TwomasC Posted 8 years ago. Edited by TwomasC (member) 8 years ago
Here's my tuning results:
YN460 Tuning by TwomasC

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TwomasC Posted 8 years ago. Edited by TwomasC (member) 8 years ago
A few more thoughts about this compared to the viv285:

It's weaker than a vivitar 285HV - not a full stop, but some (when tuned).
It's faster to charge then a viv285.
It's a lot smaller. I think I can pack two of there for the space taken by a viv285.
It's a lot easier to control and the power setting is easier to read then on a viv285.
More flexible settings.
There may be enough space in it, for me to be able to build in a PT04 trigger. I'll have to try that.
I'm guessing that we'll soon be able to order two of these for the price of a viv285 including shipping.
rudy__ Posted 8 years ago. Edited by rudy__ (member) 8 years ago
There may be enough space in it, for me to be able to build in a PT04 trigger.

Make sure you keep the antenna (the thick solid copper wire) as far as you can from other boards (yeah right). At least try to keep the antenna against an outside edge.

It would be a good idea to check the current consumption (when fully charged) with the different trim pot settings. You may be getting more power by putting a higher voltage on the photoflash capacitor but if you go too far the capacitor may be starting to consume power rather than just store it. This will drain you batteries faster when the flash is idling.

I also would check the voltage at CN1. And don't adjust higher than 350 volts (and that might be a little high). Most of these capacitors are rated for 330 volts.
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