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Selbosh [deleted] 11:08pm, 22 December 2008

Yongnuo CTR-301P Receiver
[Edit: original posted image has been replaced with one of my own]

I've just stumbled across a new type of eBay trigger which may be the end to everybody's woes about Gadget Infinity's extra height and weak L-stands.

Reference page on YongNuo web site

Facts so far:
Cheap like traditional triggers -$27.99 US
Receiver can act as optical slave (10m range)
Less height; more stable
4 radio channels (30m range - unconfirmed but probably the same as other triggers)
Tripod screw on receiver
CR2 batteries
L is optical slave mode. W is radio mode.
"TSET" on the picture is actually a test button
NOT compatible with PT-04 TM triggers
Can buy multiple receivers.
Separate receivers can be bought here
Locking pinhole on receiver shoe for SB flashes
Sync speed up to around 1/500 sec

Sold here and here. Any new places please post in this thread.

More product pics taken by fredlau316 here:

Has anybody tried these, and if so, what are they like?
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wangster411 PRO 9 years ago
Ben, sounds like it's gone defective :( How long have you had it? If it's pretty new, contact the seller to see if you can exchange?

The only quirk I've seen is the flash would trigger repeatedly on it's own. It happened to me at a friend's party, but that was the only time. No ideas why...maybe cell phones?

Mike, that is all you need to have two wireless flashes. No need to get anything else.
Ben Webb 9 years ago
Thanks, I contacted the seller and they have offered to replace the item but I think shipping will only be a couple of pounds cheaper than buying a new one...
timropp2 9 years ago
Anyone having trouble with the transmitter side of these?

About a month ago I bought 2 transmitters and 4 receivers. When I got them, 1 trans was dead. The red LED lit up when I pressed the test button or took a photo, but none of the receivers would respond to it. Checked the channels again and replaced the batt in the trans, but still nothing.

Sent it back (hkyongnuophotoequipment asked me to mail it back and they'd send a replacement and refund for my shipping cost) but haven't gotten the replacement yet.

Yesterday was trying to use the other transmitter (which has been working fine in our home studio firing alien bees and my 580exii and my 430exii). Suddenly the flashes quit firing. Transmitter is doing the same thing - red LED lights, but nothing happens at the receivers.
timropp2 9 years ago
Also, anyone using the optical slave part of the receivers?

Tried using that mode when the transmitter failed - was shooting a family group shot outdoors, but under shade. Had my two speedlights on stands in optical, with the sensor side of the receivers turned towards my camera (40D). Put up the on camera flash, but they wouldn't respond to it.

Tried it at home indoors under normal levels of incandescent light. Sometimes it works, but not always. Seems to have a hard time distinguishing a flash from the ambient. If it's turned too much towards a light source, it won't respond to flash.

I bought these to replace a set of the cactus triggers (the original ones, before even the v2) so I could trigger my speedlights and because the cactus triggers were getting more unreliable. When these work, they've been much more reliable - gotten triggering 100% of the time, but then they fail completely. Did I just get unlucky and have a bad batch of units?
timropp2 9 years ago
Oh, mine are the 301P if that matters at all.
wangster411 PRO 9 years ago
I've used my 301s with optical indoors and they were reliable, but I have not tested them outdoors...I've been planing to do some testing with the 301P outdoor with optical, we'll see how they work out.
I am wondering if there are manafacturing issue's with the newer version's?? I have had mine since they were first found, and haven't had a single problem. I have put over 1000 shot's on them, and they have not skipped a beat once. But people seem to be starting to see problem's with them now. I will admit, i am not the most careful person either, that's why i went for the CTR's over Skyport's, i was afraid to break something that cost's a lot more.

Am i the only one thinking the more of these they sell, the worse the product will get???
tangc5 9 years ago
Hi all,

I have recently purchased the CTR-301. Here is my concern, when using the transmitter, unlike the quick lock on my 580EXII, I have to squeeze hard (not light) onto my camera's shoe. Since I will be mounting my transmitter on and off, I am worrying that this will damage my hotshoe surface. Am I worrying too much? How do you guys mount the transmitter on your camara? Or should I purchase another hotshoe with locking system and mount it on my camera as the middle man?

kcmckell 9 years ago
@ tangc5
My transmitter is also a tight fit on my D80. If you are very concerned, you could take a fine file (like for fingernails maybe) and make the transmitter foot slightly less thick.
timropp2 9 years ago
Strange - my transmitter was dead. I changed the battery, checked if anything inside was loose, etc, and it still didn't work. LED lit, but no receivers would respond.

Sat it on a shelf for a couple days and randomly tried it again - now it works! Too weird - anyone else experience this or have any idea why it'd happen?
Ed.Cetera 9 years ago
Have the new 'P' version and so far not many problems. The occasional RARE misfire will happen, and they have good range -even when firing through walls-. Very happy and fire reliably.

Gear: Canon 50D; Sunpak 383 x2
wangster411 PRO 9 years ago
just remembered about the outdoor test I said I'd do. Just went outside and tested the optical trigger and it is useless for me. Any decent amount of light will cause it to disable or something.

I brought the unit in, even when the light is coming through my open door on the optical sensor, it will not work. As soon as closed the door behind me, then it works find, even with my built-in D40 flash set to 1/32, it still triggers optically.

It was just a quick test of one of my 301P. Not a big deal for me, but I said I'd test it :)

just got back from my kid's school where I triggered about 75 shots and no mis-fires.
I tried this trigger(moded) with the Sunpak pz40x flash and it worked fine. Although i believe it would work fine without the mod.
jake14mw 9 years ago
Well, I decided to join the crowd here. Ordered the three receiver set. I hope these turn out more reliable for me than the V2s were.
yalborap 9 years ago
I haven't tried both at once, since I just got my triggers today, but my single light rig works great in my quick tests. I still need to take 'em out and give them a real once over to see stuff like just how high I can get them, but I'm definitely happy with them so far. :)
wangster411 PRO 9 years ago
I don't think the transmitter batt. would make a difference...but I'm no expert. I have shot 2 and 3 flash syncs before. I have a mix of Sunpak 422D, 30DX, Vivitar 285HV. Have not noticed any sync issues. Curious, have you tried the following:

1) Do each flash on their own sync at the rated max sync of the 5D2?

2)Put both flashes about a foot apart and point them up at an angle, set to the same power. Ttake a picture of the flashes going off at the same time. Do you see a big difference in the flash power in the shot?
jake14mw 9 years ago

You realize that thread you linked is over 2 years old, right? There's no way he was using a CTR-301. Please keep us up to date on the issue though.
jake14mw 9 years ago
Hi all,

I'm trying to figure out what cables I'm going to need if I dont want to put these receivers on the hot shoe of my flashes. I have a few flashes with only hotshoe connections, and 2 Sunpak 383s that have a proprietary 2.5mm sych socket. Sooo...the cable that comes with the kit with the big plug on the end is no use to me. Does this mean that I will have to buy their 2.5mm to PC cord, and then connect that to a hotshoe adapter? I guess even for the Sunpaks that would be the easiest thing to do?
PIXIllate Posted 9 years ago. Edited by PIXIllate (member) 9 years ago
I got my set today. Seem to work fine up to 1/200th on my D300 at 3FPS. But there is a very slight band at one edge at 1/250th. I'm not sure if modding them will help with this or not.

Another weird thing is I ordered the 1 transmitter and 3 receiver set. I got 1 transmitter and 2 CTR-301P's and then 1 CTR-301 without the sync port. I emailed the seller to see if they will send me a replacement. I guess we will see.

Anyone else with a D300 getting a faint band at 1/250th? Suggestions?
Zypheruk [deleted] 9 years ago
At 1/250th I get a faint band on both my D300 and D200 so I just sync at 1/200th and no problems at that.
PIXIllate 9 years ago
Thanks for the feedback. My D300 is clean at 1/200th and they seem to have a hit rate of 100% so far even at 6FPS @ 1/8th power.

Since I tested my D300's base ISO to be LO-0.3 I guess the third of a stop won't be a big deal.
sivty 9 years ago
Same transmitter problem for me.
The red light works but none of the receivers fire (they do on the L. i.e. optical mode). Also no light indication that they receive any signal from the transmitter.
Bought a transmitter + 3 receivers set last month (April). Worked fine for a 2-3 times until 2 days ago. As of then... nothing. Changed battery, looked inside, nothing.
Any ideas as to fixing the transmitter? sending it to HK is my last option as I need these for Wednesday :( .
zemlinphoto.com PRO 9 years ago
I shoot a D80. Max sync speed is rated at 1/200 - I get a bit of a shadow at that shutter speed - have to keep it at 1/160 or slower if I plan to use the full frame.
Kurbster_Photography 9 years ago

Pocket Wizard makes a cable that is 2.5mm at one end, and 3.5mm at the other end. That's what I use with my CTR-301P's

Pocket Wizard 804-410 SMM1 16-Inch Straight Subminiphone Male to Miniphone: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001HBIYTK/ref=ox_ya_oh_product
sivty 9 years ago
Any ideas as to how can I fix the transmitter...? common problems etc.?
Kurbster_Photography Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Kurbster_Photography (member) 9 years ago
Did you look to see that you have both receivers, and transmitter on the same channels,
Twice now I had accidently channel channels on my transmitter.

Dam little switches, Hard to see sometime...
jake14mw 9 years ago
Wooo hooo...wife just called to tell me my package from Hong Kong arrived! I'll try to post some initial results later. I don't care if the range is not great, I just want them to be reliable. Kurbster, thanks for the info, but my flashes have either the Sunpak proprietary 2.5 mm input or hot shoes, so how will a 2.5 to 3.5mm cable help me? I might be missing something.
jake14mw 9 years ago
Here is my quick report of results with the first session using the triggers. Summary:
1) Reliability- Excellent
2) Range- Very good
3) Flash compatability- Dissapointing

Received my 3 receiver set today. I am using them with a Pentax K10d. My first impression was great. They seemed to be very reliable. That's my main need. Tried my Sunpak 383s first with no problems. Then I tried a Sunpak 433d, and it would not fire. Pentax 360, nothing. Quantaray PZ-1 DSZ, nothing. Older Pentax AF200S, that worked. When I turned the shutter speed down to 1/30, the Pentax 360 worked. I'll have to try Jason's mod and see if the that helps.

I used the three flashes that worked, and set them up at 10 feet 25 feet and 60 feet from the camera. The results at 1/180 (max synch for Pentax), for 10 tries, the 10 foot and 25 foot distances fired every time. The 60 foot one fired 6 times. I turned the shutter speed down to 1/125, and got five for five on all flashes. At 100 feet, I was getting flashes most of the time, didn't try that many.

So, the bottom line is that two flashes that I have should be reliable at any reasonable range I need, but the other three flashes aren't usable. I heard by reading here that I might have trouble with the Pentax, but the Sunpak 433d not working really surprised me. I will have to try Jason's mod to see if that helps. I'm sick of modding flash triggers!
jake14mw 9 years ago
OK, well, maybe I'm the only one still following this thread, but I wanted to report back that I did Jason's modification, and now my Sunpak 433d, and Quantaray PZ-1 DSZ (Promaster) flashes are working great. The Pentax AF-360FGZ still doesn't synch above 1/30, but that is not critical. I'm very happy with them.

In case anyone else is still reading, has anyone used these triggers to fire two flashes at once, one with the hot shoe, and one via the synch port?
INfernolt 9 years ago
Jake - I think about that... Maybe there are no limitation to use hotshoe and synch port at the same time. Did't made that test at this moment because my sunpaks doesnt have suitable port and I dont have adaptors. But in next week I will try and let you know.
Celerity Photo Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Celerity Photo (member) 9 years ago
Just placed my order for a Tx and two Rx's. Hope these will work with my two Vivitar 2800-D's without modification. They are older Olympus, Pentax and Minolta specific flashes that I am using on my Oly E-510. They are around 7 volts with fresh batteries, so I hope they will work fine. Anyone with a similar setup?
wangster411 PRO 9 years ago
I just did a quick test. No, in my test, with an un-mod'ed 301P, it will not fire from the hotshoe and the sync port with two flashes, which is too bad since I was thinking about making a two flash plate...i guess each flash will need their own rcvr. :(
Celerity Photo 9 years ago

Was that directed at me?

I never intended to fire two flashes from one receiver. Each flash will have its' own. Just curious if anyone has tried my model flashes on these triggers.

Good to know that they cannot fire two at once though. Thanks.
wangster411 PRO 9 years ago
oh sorry stetr24vw, it was for jake, and really just general info for anyone interested.

I have not tried your flash, but from what I understand, at 7v, it should be fine.
Mark Q Photography 9 years ago
Has any one had issues with static electricity causing their receivers to fire the strobe?

Mine started going nuts yesterday when I had my sb-600 inside my apollo 28" softbox.

I think I may have sorted it out by taping over the brass spigot with electrical tape. Time will tell
W.G.W. 9 years ago
do these triggers have the same static on the sensor issue as the PT-04 ones?
igotyofire 9 years ago
syncs at 1/200 with my nikon d90, my d40 appears to sync at 1/640sec tho :)
arn2x 9 years ago
syncs at 1/200 on my 50d.. never faild me so far. :D so happy with it
Kurbster_Photography Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Kurbster_Photography (member) 9 years ago
You can use a 2.5mm mono splitter with 2 sync cables to fire 2 flashes if they have sync sockets on them.

wangster411 PRO 9 years ago
hey Kurbster, great idea and link!

I only tested because someone asked. I personally don't have any need for it right now since I have 4 301 rcvrs already...but you never know later on down the road :)
Well, I ordered both the 301Ps, and teh CT-04TMs
The 04s work perfectly with my sony flashes... but I cant get the 301s to fire the flashes at all... optically or wirelessly???

I get the red light flash on the receivers, but the flash doesnt fire? Odd?

Anyone else had this issue?

I am using hotshoes to convert the Minolta/Sony to ISO shoes... They work fine on the CT-04s, but nothing from the 301s :( Grrrr...

Such a pain...
GNapp Studios 9 years ago
With some flashes you have to use a sync hotshoe (about $15) between the flash and the CTR-301. That did the trick for me.
Dave Reasons PRO 9 years ago
Has anyone tried using these with a Quantaray qtb9500a?. I picked it up on the cheap and want to use it with my 430EXII and Xsi.
Dave Reasons PRO 9 years ago
Bump, anyone using these with a Quantaray qtb9500a?
Dave Reasons PRO 9 years ago
Well, I'll answer my own question, I ordered a set of the 301P's, batteries that came with them I chunked and purchased good ones. Hook every thing up and test fired it. It worked both the Quantaray and the 430 EXII. Then I took a picture and it also flashed both strobes. So I'm good to go. Now have to order a couple of light stands.
Yah Huh... PRO 9 years ago
I had terrible luck with the CTR-301's
Espen D 9 years ago
Has anyone tested these with the Sigma EF-530 DG ST (Canon version)? I read through the post and found nothing mentioned about the Canon version. I did notice that one guy had success with his Nikon version though.

The manufacturer page only lists the Sigma EF-500 DG Super, EF-500 DG ST and the EF-430 as compatible models.
GreyTrilby 9 years ago
I have the 530 DG super, but it only fires about 2 shots in 4 (that's with a skyport rather than CTR-301) - not sure why, because I figure if there was a fundamental incompatibility (i.e. the known centre pin problem) it would fail on every occasion.
johan_wildenius 9 years ago
Will I not be able to have a shutter speed of 1/250 sec (or faster) on my Fullframe D700 with the CTR-301 P? Will a pocket wizard, or Skypport fix that?
Morporkian 9 years ago
I've got a D50 and SB600 and get 1/750 from my CTR-301P triggers
Thom Hayes PRO 8 years ago
i have the same setup as above, and have no problems at 1/640
Joseph Brauer 8 years ago
ugh... My 301s worked perfectly for a few months, but now they're spazzing out on me. They won't fire if they're more than about 15 feet apart, and today they started firing the flash constantly without me taking pictures. Oh well, I guess you get what you pay for.
leon_all_shots 8 years ago
Joseph Brauer:

Have you put a new battery in the receiver, or the transmitter or both?

It seems that the main cause of a lot of frustration with ANY of these ebay triggers is that they can go funky on low power.

I must admit I have suffered 2 misfires with mine since I have been using them. This is out of like 400+ shots though, so I am not complaining. Distance isn't an issue with mine either, and these are all on the stock batteries that came with them (I did buy a flurry of new cells on ebay to keep in the bag just incase).

Hope that helps
Raggedy Anne. 8 years ago
i just ordered a set of these triggers, 1 transmitter with 3 receivers,

i have 2 canon 580 EXIIs and going to maybe buy a 430 EX . looking on Youtube, someone is using the older type EZ canon flashes with it, i have 2-3 of those babies from my film camera days, i didnt realise that i could use those too. has anyone else here used them, and had success?
Selbosh II [deleted] Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Selbosh II (member) 8 years ago
Phottix seem to have their own improved version, the Phottix Aster (PT-V4). Has a better switch for changing channels, and a 2.5mm 3.5mm port on both transmitter & receiver as well.


Review here:

Edit: started a separate thread here so comments don't get lost in this one.
martybugs PRO 8 years ago
@Selbosh: actually, the Aster has a 3.5mm socket on the transmitter and receiver.
Selbosh II [deleted] 8 years ago
Yes, my mistake
rozzberry 8 years ago
has anyone tried the optical trigger setting on these? I've tried mine yet it doesn't seem to sync with my other flash. have you encountered the same problem?
DavidJ Stanley PRO 8 years ago
CTR 301 P new version it is advertise as a under 12v sync voltage safe trigger but I have seen claims of the receiver being 300v safe
can anybody confirm.
zemlinphoto.com PRO 8 years ago
I haven't had any issue with the optical. When I first got mine I did some testing to see if there would be timing differences between optical, radio, etc. Using a few receivers, I triggered one flash with the optical mode. A second receiver set to optical triggered the wireless transmitter. That one triggered a second flash.

I used a fast shutter speed - shorter than sync speed so I'd be sure to catch the shutter in the frame which would give me a feel for the latency of the triggers.

There was no detectable time difference between the two flashes. The shutter shadow was a straight line across both lights.
Dennis Dietz 8 years ago
David j Stanley, I use one of my receivers all the time with a flash having a trigger voltage of 190V. I contacted Yongou (spelling) and they told me the receivers where good to 300V.
bda668 PRO 8 years ago
I use 301's for two old Vivitar 283 flashes, with sync voltages of 240v and 280v. Several months now, and they seem fine!
Thom Hayes PRO 8 years ago

same here, no problems what so ever.
DavidJ Stanley PRO 8 years ago
Great news like many i have a mixture of high and low sync voltage strobes and i also use studio strobes. looks like just what i am looking for
as an upgrade from RD604
MKSAGAR81 [deleted] 8 years ago
which is recommend this RF units or the RF-602?
DavidJ Stanley PRO 8 years ago
I use the RF602 as a carry always flash trigger and shutter release
My interest in the CTR 301p is the different facilities on offer
i have had no problems with the RF602 and would recommend it for
Strobe units with a sync voltage below 12v. The ability to use it as a remote trigger and remote focus/shutter release is very useful.
On the other hand the CTR301P offers the ability to work with mixed strobes with up to 300v safe sync trigger voltage and a slave sensor
It is not so much which, as different horses for different courses.
Another factor is the RF602 uses a higher frequency which has earned a reputation for reliability and a longer range. As both units are i believe made by the same manufacturer quality issues do not come into the equation.
Takmaster 8 years ago
So did anyone ever try using one of these to fire a 550ex?

If not I'll order some, Im also thinking on getting either

1 x Nissin Di866 or 2 x YN-468s and hopefully they will fire them

Takmaster 8 years ago
Anyone still reading this thread????
I e-mailed Yougnuo and the confirmed a CTR-301 will fire a Canon 550ex.

Order being placed today
Takmaster 8 years ago
Yo, yo, motha fuckas.

CTR-301's fire a 550ex - No problem at all.

Got a YN-468 and the b8stard thing isn't working..........

I'll keep you posted
Mark Q Photography 8 years ago
Problem: I want to be able to use my SB-800 on camera (bounced) during wedding receptions and still fire my two SB-600's (manual is fine). CLS works o.k. depending on the venue, but i would love to have a higher fire %.

Question: If I make a cradle for my CTR-301P transmitter and connect it to my D700 via a Female to male PC connector, will this work?

Thoughts? Experiences?

Thanks in advance,

Selbosh II [deleted] 8 years ago
Mark Q Photography: Get a YN-04 II set, or even just the transmitter. They have a hotshoe on the transmitter and are compatible with CTR-301P (i.e. they will trigger your CTR-301P receivers).
Mark Q Photography 8 years ago
@ Selbosh Thanks heaps mate!!
brownie114 8 years ago
Just connect your transmitter to the PC port of the SB-800 that is on the hotshoe.
Mark Q Photography 8 years ago
So I bought the YN-04 II and have used it on camera with the sb-800 on top and the ttl does not work. I have had the 800 on camera with the YN-04 connected via pc and it won't fire it...
It is compatible with the CTR-301's though...

Mud.Starrr 8 years ago
For anyone interested in the volt mod and antenna mod I wrote a how-to.
kyhsmith52 PRO 8 years ago

"So I bought the YN-04 II and have used it on camera with the sb-800 on top and the ttl does not work. I have had the 800 on camera with the YN-04 connected via pc and it won't fire it...
It is compatible with the CTR-301's though...

Thoughts? "

a) The YN-04 II is not a TTL trigger.
b) The PC sync on the YN-04 II is an output... so you can fire two flashes with one receiver, or you can fire two flashes on-camera with one transmitter only, but you cannot trigger the YN-04 II from the sync port on your camera.
msgill59 5 years ago
Quite old thread. I have CTR 301 P with three receivers using with Canon,Pentax. Now I want to use the same with Sony a 330 Which specific adapters is required to convert my transmitter to Sony hot shoe to trigger on camera hot shoe. There are many Sony adapters on eBay but hesitant to pick due to incompatibility issue. Will appreciate if advised a specific adapter.
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