Janaka Rodrigue 10:29am, 4 July 2008
I find it really quite curious going through old backup DVD's/CD's of the first photos I took and comparing and contrasting them with photo's I take now.

Now of course I'm not saying that I take brilliant photos now or anything like that, but comparatively, it's interesting to see how one's style evoles over the years - and how a photo that - at the time - you thought was brilliant - you would now dismiss straight away as being terrible.

How curiously our ability to 'see' evolves. Composition stars to come much more naturally (vs putting everything dead centre when you first started out), you pay much more attention to lighting, posing, etc.

I'd be curious to see 2 photos from everyone - the first one - being a photo you took at least a year ago (maybe before you discovered strobist?) - which at the time - you felt was your best shot and hadn't taken anything better ever - and number two, your current favourite photo which you feel is the best of your work so far.
thirsty grape [deleted] 10 years ago
Within a Shady Ravine

jasohill PRO 10 years ago
Free Spirit (by jasohill)

Portrait of Akira (by jasohill)
Hugh Beauchamp 10 years ago

LTT - Dice
furtive weather [deleted] 10 years ago
Summer 2000, Peru:

Peruvian Kid

Recent self portrait:

Copper Toning
annalucylle 10 years ago
Last week:

Almost two years ago, when I first started taking portrait pictures:
orbityellow PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by orbityellow (member) 10 years ago

John Leonard 10 years ago
Me on film when I started taking some classes at night, and first got bit by the bug. Lit with 3 work lights with color light bulbs and black poster board barn doors held on with binder clamps.

The Want of Man

Me after some Strobist style

Smokey Noir
Leviticus Web 10 years ago

Funkmania 10 years ago
My 53rd picture with an slr
Cannonpics 053
Roughly 8,000 pictures later
Noah's Eyes
Ben Helton PRO 10 years ago
one of my first off camera flash photos
one of my most recent
My Bride to be
Same girl . . . big difference :)
rebel memory [deleted] 10 years ago
Rats! I like the older pics better.

Anybody else noticing that (sometimes way too much) HIGH CONTRAST seems to be the current IN thing?
Ed Roper Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Ed Roper (member) 10 years ago
Hm. How do I say this without sounding egotistical?

I think I've always been kind of "good" and had an eye, for composition and light. My earlier stuff, not much of it makes me grimmace.

However, I definitely am evolving. The whole live music thing is forcing me to see the same situations over and over and do them in different ways. Considering I've been hitting the same venues, it's not like the lighting situation changes that much. Also the strobist thing has pretty much taken the chains off and I'm just exploding with possibilities now.

Also the biggest thing that helped me was carrying around a tiny point and shoot, as well as my camera phone. Break it down to the essential elements, and take away all the other equipment that gives us an advantage over most people..

..however i'll play along..

2004 ::
OBX Horsie Friend

2006 ::
my new friend
Ed Roper 10 years ago
Anybody else noticing that (sometimes way too much) HIGH CONTRAST seems to be the current IN thing?

...considering that i used to shoot almost exclusively with Velvia..

um...no :)

but i think the current style may be a rebellion to separate people from the masses with crappy low res/contrast camera phones and point-n-shoots invading the scene.
tim-johnson 10 years ago
Over a year ago:
First (self) portrait with AlienBees

Last month:
Rise Phoenix Rise
blindmike 10 years ago
I learned how to make it not about me, and I leaned that I'm only as good as the team I work with.
weathershenker PRO 10 years ago
Kitty hasn't changed much:

Kitty resting on the most comfortable paper

My photography of him has:

Bert and the Blue Feather

(Thank you, Pocket Wizards, Softbox, strobist.com)
Alyn_Smith आलिन_स्मिथ PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Alyn_Smith आलिन_स्मिथ (member) 10 years ago
"Rats! I like the older pics better.

Anybody else noticing that (sometimes way too much) HIGH CONTRAST seems to be the current IN thing?"

With some I'd agree with you, Jasohill & Hugh Beauchamp's first photos feel much more natural and intriguing to me compared to their second ones. And I'd say that although both of annalucylle's are fantastically brilliant, at a push I'd choose the older one.

But for the most part I think there is a noticable improvement in most peoples photos.

Here's a couple of mine. Going to go for still life instead of portraits, mix it up a bit.
Guitar & Amp

Steve.Korn 10 years ago
I think my dance pictures have improved:

Birthday Dance

PJ Olson 10 years ago
One of the first photos ever taken on my D40X

And Now with my d2xs 10 months later

Monica Sign
Rod MacPherson 10 years ago
alyn, I disagree with you on jasohill's photos.

The second is much better lit and composed than the first.
The second looks to me like it was shot with an ad in mind. The first looks like it would fit in nicely in a personal photo album.
Where I agree that jasohill's second photo is technically better, I find myself more interested in the person in the first, the second feels less personal, much more generic, to me. Not that it's a bad photo, but less eye catching to me. But I guess it's all about context too.
Julius Koivistoinen 10 years ago
I can't really tell is that first one a dance picture but the second one really is a stunning image!

I really like the whole concept of this thread by the way and I encourage more people to take part in this. So here's my evolution of portraiture from a snapshot to the real thing. (The circumstances while taking these photos were practically the same.)

March 31, 2007

Portrait of a US army soldier
June 29, 2008
fumbling ear [deleted] 10 years ago
I shoot alot of models. The first one I shot looked like this:

But after reading strobist, my model shots look like this:

Thank you strobist, for helping to make my models shots look so awesome!
cumbersome front [deleted] 10 years ago
Anthony Mitchell of Hidden Amoong Heroes 2007

Meghan Snyder 2008
NewfoundlandShooter PRO 10 years ago
Janaka: Many thanks for a stimulating question! I have thought long and hard about this and have blogged an answer in much more detail here

The executive summary for this thread would be this:

The Laugh, 1978
The Laugh
Responding to events around me and trying to capture the "decisive moment"

Dawn Light Off of the Old House, 2006
Dawn Light off of the Old Light House
Still responding to the world around me, trying to compose for emotion.

The Shoe on the Other Foot, 2008
The Shoe On the Other Foot
I am no longer just interpreting the world around me, but trying to create a story to tell my viewers. This is a huge change in approach; no longer "reactive", but "proactive".
geruge 10 years ago
I've gone from this:
HS Lagoon "M"

To this in less than a year:
Jeremy McNamara 10 years ago


of course ive only been into photography for 6 months now :/
urb256 10 years ago
From "pure available light":
Eye of Anja
To "kill all the available light":

Perhaps, next jear will be: balance everything? :-D
Luc Deveault 10 years ago
not that long ago
Petite couleuvre 1

leprechaun947 10 years ago
It seems that I have gone from making product shots:


to setup shots


My setup pictures always seem to get way more views than the "finished product" - go figure!
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