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strobist PRO 2:33pm, 27 May 2008
DVDs Are In...

This thread is the home for ongoing questions and discussion for the Strobist Lighting DVDs.
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Ben J. Boyle [deleted] 10 years ago
*hops up and down waiting to see the "Buy me!" link*
myDefinition 10 years ago
Only need to know:
how much?
ThruDragonEyz [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by ThruDragonEyz (member) 10 years ago
Just ordered it ! I was refreshing the strobist page every five minutes. Even when I was buying my second 580EX, I was refreshing the page on my pda. During dinner it popped up and placed the order right away.
offcameraflash 10 years ago
Ordered. Can't wait to get them. Even if they suck (which they won't)
I'm glad to put some money in your pocket, David.
markusgpl PRO 10 years ago
"Thank you for your order (placed at www.mpex.com)" :)
sunkist4444 10 years ago
I think I was the first one to buy the dvd. I bought it from Mpex before David posted. I should get a special one on one lesson with David just for being the first one. :) Can't wait to get it. I didn't even read the write up... Now that is called trust.

Thanx David for all you do and what I have learned from you and this group. Kudos to you

Ben J. Boyle [deleted] 10 years ago

Although the MPEX order form was showing $0.00 for international shipping, which can't be right, can it?
weathershenker PRO 10 years ago
Ordered!!! Found it via my mpex search that I've been running all night. :D 57 results turned to 58
rxtom2006 10 years ago
I got it!!!! I got it!!!! Waiting with bated breath.....
midwestphotoexchange Posted 10 years ago. Edited by midwestphotoexchange (member) 10 years ago
Here is the link.
International shipping is via UPS and is a flat rate of $35 as noted in the item description.

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery unless expedited shipping is requested.

Dave | daveCphoto.com 10 years ago
ordered mine too! Can't wait to get them! Thanks David for making these for those of us who haven't made it to your seminars.
Beyond my disposable income, skipping this one, sorry.
Ben J. Boyle [deleted] 10 years ago
Hey David, I floated the idea in one of the regional Strobist groups of maybe having a meetup using the DVD as a frame of reference for a "Watch and Try" kind of event, would that be OK with you?
Bill Millios 10 years ago
Ok, so I finally get to talk about The Great Project.

One of the things I do is I make DVDs from workshops. These have typically been business-oriented, or academic in nature.

A while back, I found the Strobist website, and thought to myself, “Here’s a guy in need of some DVDs.” So, I google The Man, and find out he’s only 45 minutes from me by car. Amazing.

So, we get together, and I pitch the idea. “Let’s get your seminar on DVD.” The lightning flashed (4 x SB26, 1/2 power), the heavens smiled, and we got started.

The first shoots were the woman in the pool, and the Kendo guy. We had some help for this one (you’ll hear them chime in here, talking about their experience). This was amazing, because he took what was basically an ugly indoor pool area (well, it wasn’t BAD, but it wasn’t photogenic, either) and turned it into an amazing portrait. Subsequent shoots continued to reveal to me what has become obvious to the world at large over the past year – David Hobby is an amazing photographer and excellent teacher.

The challenge in making this DVD series is not so much capturing lighting diagrams and camera settings. Those are covered, sure, but that’s not the real value in the set. The value is in getting to look over his shoulder, while you watch him tackle problems and create solutions. Think about this – you get a complete seminar, PLUS you get to follow an experienced photographer around as he sets up his lights (in sometimes very challenging conditions), and gets “the shot”. All the while, he’s being prompted (by me) to think out loud, share his thoughts, and talk about what he’s doing. What you end up getting is a stream-of-consciousness voiceover to some really interesting photographs.

You need this DVD set. If you’re a newbie to off-camera lighting, watch the Gear disc first. For those of you ready to get your feet wet, get some popcorn, and sit through the seminar. You’re going to learn something, even if it’s only how to present the information in a new way, so that it’s easier to understand, and remember.

After you understand the basic lighting principles, follow David out into the field (sometimes literally!) as he tackles all the variables that he teaches in the lighting seminar. We actually had a checklist of things from the seminar, and as you watch the shoots, you’ll see him use each principle. Not every shoot covers every principle – so you have to watch them all.

David has put so much time and effort into this – it is as perfect as we could make it. He even proofread the SUBTITLES – to make sure that those following along would not miss anything present in the audio stream. His goal was to make it as informative as possible, with as little fluff as possible. We even discarded some entire shoots that did not add value to the final product. The questions constantly in front of us were, “How can we make this better? How can we make it more clear?”

Some people have expressed reluctance to part with their hard-earned $139. Geez. That’s less than the cost of the seminar, and I personally believe this is more valuable THAN the seminar – because of the bonus shoots. What would it cost you to have a veteran mentor come and sit in your living room, at a time convenient to YOU, and teach you about photography and off-camera lighting – again and again and again? That’s what you’re buying – not just a seminar on DVD.

Others have asked about how this compares to other products by other photographers. This is not a Photoshop DVD. This is not a collection of actions that make you trendy. This is a “come with me, let me share what I know” DVD by someone who can not only do it, but can teach it. This is a photography and lighting toolbox that you are going to come back to again and again.

You won't be disappointed.
I hadn't intended to buy this but I just watched the sample video and I immediately want to go out and shoot! So frustrating that I've nothing booked for today. But that video has reminded me how much inspiration David has given me, so now I want the whole set!
eystein.aarseth 10 years ago
*phew* Looks like I got in on this early enough to get one.
Panascape PRO 10 years ago
Just oprdered mine but mpex's will not allow me to ship to South Africa, so had to call them and hope they get it right...
sunkist4444 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by sunkist4444 (member) 10 years ago
@David. How many copies did you make? Just to give people a sense of urgency... if they already didn't have it
strobist PRO 10 years ago

We printed 1,000 copies, which was all I could afford! Everything was done out of pocket. If these sell out, it will allow me to cover all expenses -- including Bill's many hours, subtitling, DVD printing costs, etc., and fund another round.

cdburgerjr 10 years ago
I ordered mine as fast as I could type in the order.

I want to express a heartfelt *thank you* for the subtitles. I am hearing impaired and have come to rely on CC for enjoying video. I had wondered about subtitles a few months ago and convinced myself that they won't be present. Who would take the inordinate amount of time to put subtitles on a small-time project, I asked myself.

So, *THANK YOU*, *THANK YOU*, *THANK YOU*, for putting in the subtitles. I'm sure you guys got animated with the speaking. You must have had a hard time with the timing and/or scrolling speed.

I'll have to admit that $139 made me take a second thought. I was hoping for the $80 range when I first heard about it. But, for the price of a camera case, I can watch a real professional work and explain his decision process to me? Well, I didn't need a third thought.
Dave | daveCphoto.com 10 years ago
"If these sell out"

Ha, ha, ha. You're a funny guy. :)
sunkist4444 10 years ago
Thanx David... I order this for me especially but my significant other has a hard time reading( no no he can read... he does not like to read) so after i'm done with this I will give it to him as a Birthday present. I mean with the brown wrapping I think I can repackage this.. haha.. just kidding I wont repackage this he will get it used.

wow, 1000 I think you will be sold out before the end of the Day. But I'm glad I got mine. I was up last night (after taking my daughter to the hospital... home at 2am.. I checked the site in hopes of seeing this dvd.

good luck to the rest of you who want it. hope you get it

BTW, I think this tread will be #1 today
sunkist4444 10 years ago
@midwestphoto... how long will the shipping take to get to Canada?
rockhoppermedia 10 years ago
How and where do I order one?

gordonsbuck 10 years ago
Mine's ordered. 1000? Wow, we should start a pool betting on the date that the last one is sold.

I'll bet all DVDs are sold by June 3, 2008.
Ben J. Boyle [deleted] 10 years ago
Hey Rich, order through MPEX here
VibrantPhotographs 10 years ago
"10:43 - Thank you for your order " :-) Hopefully I should get one before they run out the door considering that was a few minutes after your post (by chance).

"We printed 1,000 copies, which was all I could afford! Everything was done out of pocket. If these sell out, it will allow me to cover all expenses -- including Bill's many hours, subtitling, DVD printing costs, etc., and fund another round."

I would wish you luck but I think you will be fine - keep that reorder # handy cause you might need it later this week :-). It tough plonking out that much $ with the uncertainty about sales.

I think it's a decent price point and I think it's something that will sell well - although it's tough to figure how many will plonk $ down.
strobist PRO 10 years ago

Thank Bill. It was his idea -- never would have thought of it myself. (And to Bill, thanks for the kind words above.)
GarethDix 10 years ago
any chance of getting signed copies? I could buy an extra one and then keep it sealed for 50 years and then auction it off at sothebys for $1million!
Canuck Gtrplyr 10 years ago
Bought mine!
strobist PRO 10 years ago

I'll have some of what you are smoking...
tjhole [deleted] 10 years ago
Its here! Hurray.

Much looking forward to it. Bargin price - considering how great the blog is too and its rather minimal access cost !
ahrik [deleted] 10 years ago
Chipotle burritos yum!!

Im sure you have had some burritos from Holy Frijoles in Hamden and Frisco Burrito in Towson! if not YOUR MISSING OUT! haha Classy wrapping job on the dvds they going to be for sale anywhere local?
adam.motherway [deleted] 10 years ago
Thank you David,

I just finished ordering my copy, can not wait to watch it. If we are taking bets I they will be out of stock by 5/29, at the latest. You only need to get 3.5% of the group to actually buy them. I would be looking to plan your second round now...
brianr_001 10 years ago
purchased and looking forward to it!
Ben J. Boyle [deleted] 10 years ago
Free autograph from DH for the first fifty orders? Go on, DH... you know you want to :O
weathershenker PRO 10 years ago
Don't listen to Caterpillar. We want those DVDs ASAP. We'll have them signed when we attend a future workshop! ;)
Jean Labelle PRO 10 years ago
Please sign mine too David! :)
Rafa Barbera 10 years ago
Congratulations Dave, today you have bring blogspot to its knees... currently strobist.blogspot.com is not responding ;-)
Ken Crites 10 years ago
Glad to see this is out! It won't replace the fun we all had in the Paris seminar, but at least I can refer to more than a couple of notes and pictures now!

Cheers David!
strobist PRO 10 years ago

You got me with that one.

Ndever 10 years ago
I bought mine!!! I can't wait! Thanks a million David, for this awesome info you provide! Ive learned a ton from the site, from the forums and now I hope to take it up a few notches with these DVDs.

While I understand the slight sticker shock...I always try to think of it this way..."if I learn 1 technique that I can use at every photoshoot that either simplifies my life or raises the quality of my work, how much is that 1 technique worth?" to me 139 is worth it. And when I figure that I will learn more than 1 technique (probably tons), it makes this a totally worthwhile expenditure over time.

Thanks again David! I hope you get rich off of this project!
ibelieveican 10 years ago
This morning CNBC is giving credit to a David Hobby for the following: The stock market jumped 100 points in the last hour, gas prices just dropped $1.00 and Bush resigned!!! Thanks David!!!
ibelieveican 10 years ago
Apparently, they are saying is was upon the release of his new DVD...
johnnykun 10 years ago
I just ordered at MPEX
scottwyden 10 years ago
Khaled Al-Ebraheem 10 years ago
WOW I'm so gonna order it right now :D thanx David :D
Panascape PRO 10 years ago
There are over 28000 members just of this group so I would assume that MPEX are going to be swamped...

I know when I tried to call them to sort out my shipping problem earlier it took me over 30 minutes to get through as their lines were busy.
ibelieveican 10 years ago
Oh and I ordered mine two minutes after MPEX opened. (I ordered over the phone)
sunkist4444 10 years ago
does anyone know how long shipping takes to Canada? anyone from canada ordered from mpex.
madone550 10 years ago
Ordered! Thanks David!
dave.wolanski 10 years ago
Yeah, I was all over that! $139 for a seminar? I can't get a room for that! I just saw another photographer marketing his DVD for $250. So I was more than happy to jump on it!

Rodney_Alan 10 years ago
WOO HOO! I bought mine at 7:42 am PST. I'm hoping that I receive it before the weekend because it'll be a movie marathon at my house!
Rodney_Alan 10 years ago
@dave.wolanski - yeah when I saw the onelight trailer I was split between that and the Strobist dvd. And to top it off the $250 initial price isn't as complete as the Strobist dvd set.
Catalan in Boston 10 years ago
dave.wolanski 10 years ago
I'm betting the other one will be good too. I'll probably get it as well, since the same logic applies. I'll wait for reviews of that disc first though.
ryansphoto 10 years ago
I just ordered it, however, my cats were sadened to know that I can't afford food for a while. I told them that only the strongest of the two would survive and that the winner of the fight to the death match would have to live off the other for a month or so until I could again buy food.
vulkanino - www.arsmaior.com [deleted] 10 years ago
Subtitles: this idea is great, enormous, huge.
And makes the difference: I'm getting the set.
Jean Labelle PRO 10 years ago
I've ordered lighting equipment from MPEX and the turn around is about a week. I'm in Ottawa.
Langst 10 years ago
@ sunkist4338

I chose the 3 day UPS service. I was looking for UPS World Wide Express option but could not find it. I've used that service in the past and it takes about 3 -4 days with brokerage prepaid. Order has been confirmed but shipping quote has not been updated.


Thanks so much for your work! As you can guess, I can't wait to watch the DVD.
DaPi ♫ 10 years ago
ryansphoto " . . . the fight to the death match . . . "
How do you intend to light it?
DKunin Photography 10 years ago
Dear David!

Many thanx to you, for all the hard work on the DVD, I am absolutely sure, that I'll be a HIT!
I have a question thou - will it be, perhaps, possible to buy DVD and download it, rather than wait for long weeks of shipping(I guess I'll have to wait pretty long, as I am in Russia, so it'll be a long trip for the package)?

Thanks in advance for your answer, and many thanks to you, once again!
VibrantPhotographs 10 years ago
ryansphoto " . . . the fight to the death match . . . "
How do you intend to light it?

Well.... That would be why he is getting the discs in the first place, let him get the disc and then determine :-) Can you post images please... It would be a little different from the norm...
Langst Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Langst (member) 10 years ago
I just got off the phone with MPEX and they are using UPS World Wide Saver for orders outside the States. As David mentioned it is a flat rate of 35 bucks. I was advised that orders from Canada should be delivered sooner than the 2 weeks.

Also, they mentioned that they've been processing about 60 orders per hour!

David, I think you have a hit.
romoman 10 years ago
I can't believe people would worry about the $139 price. It's a complete seminar plus extra footage. The seminar is more money than $139 and you only get to see it once. With the DVD, you can watch it time and time again, until the player breaks or your significant other beats you with the remote....
TheBauerGallery PRO 10 years ago
ordered! now how will this compare to my dean collins dvd set? :)
Avlor [deleted] 10 years ago
Yippee! This couldn't have been timed better. I just had about that amount of $ and was wondering what to save for next - and lo there was what i was to buy! (little angelic choral sounds included)
reg gordon photo 10 years ago
Tom Waits tickets and strobist DVDs.
This is a good day!
very1silent PRO 10 years ago
I'm surprised that MPEX isn't offering to ship via USPS media mail. That's probably the cheapest way to ship the DVDs to destinations inside the United States.
Kayhan Photography PRO 10 years ago
Could you please let me know that these DVDs are compatible with the EU region? I live in Scotland
OddPrime 10 years ago
Am I the only one that seems hesitant to purchase the DVD's based on the video posted to youtube?
For 139.00 I was expecting something along the production quality of a Dean Collins DVD, and what I saw on the pre-view on youtube, I don't think it is going to be of the same quality of production. With all the moving up and down left and right of the video, Only seeing the images at the end of the segment makes me have to stop and think oh wait go back where did that image come from, which click was that? How did that effect the image? which one did he put the snoot on, which image did he back the flash up? which one was it that he reduced the power. It would of made more sense to me to interlace those images into the video. I understand that is how the seminars go in person, but I dont want to buy a documentary of a seminar, i want to buy an educational video from strobist.

I believe it will have educational content for me. But if the majority of the sets are going to be like the one posted on youtube its going to be very frustrating and a pain to follow.
ShadiEideh 10 years ago
ordered placed :

8 DVD's !!! my family will miss me.
Photos By Vincent 10 years ago
Lets see, currently 28,424 members, minus one for David, so 28,423 X $139. = 3,950,797.00 Wow! That's a lot of SB-800's
Terry Moore 10 years ago
All of you using the 28000+ member figure for flickr should bear in mind that the main blog has 200,000+ readers.

Brad--David posted the link at 10:38 and by 10:43 I had my order placed and the receipt printed. so, no I didn't hesitate. I've learned way more than $139.00 worth from the blog and I expect to get many times my money's worth from the DVDs. I find the price quite low. Even if the production quality isn't up to Joe McNally's DVD (or Dean Collins) standards it won't matter to me.
Pashington Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Pashington (member) 10 years ago
$139 from the author of the starving student light kit and from a man who confessed to the papers that he earns 6 figures from advertising revenue...

I love your style, David, but that sort of money isn't for me - especially given the style of the youtube video. Clips that quality are fine on youtube, but I couldn't endure an epic 8 DVD set of bad lighting (ironically) and jerky cameras.
fedorafoto 10 years ago
I’m assuming that today is “all hands on deck” at Midwest. I just got my order confirmation from them by email an hour ago…twice, which was a little odd. Maybe it was because I also ordered a kit. It took them about 2 hours, 15 minutes to process the order, so they were fairly backlogged by 11AM EST.

Thanks, David, Bill and everyone else involved for producing this. I’m going to be shooting a small, immediate family only wedding in mid to late June (assuming my father is fit to travel by then) and I’m sure this will be a big help. I’m no pro photographer and don’t want to be -- I’ll be more than happy if I can take some great portraits on family occasions.

I’ve learned a lot from all of you already, between the various bloggers and posters here. Once I get my kit together, we’ll see what I’ve learned. As for the price of the DVD set, while $139 is a lot, when compared to the price of movies at the theatre, gas and such, it isn’t bad for 10 hours of good content. Knowledge, in the long run, saves me money.

Oh, and Moishe, when you’re shipping this stuff – lift with the legs, not the back. :)

Bert Stephani 10 years ago
I just can't believe those discussions about the price. If you think it's too expensive, just don 't buy the DVD's.

Video production is very time consuming and expensive. Even in my small Youtube video's there's a lot of work. I'm sure David and Bill could have produced a slick 1,5 hour DVD for the same money, but I bet the 8 DVD-box is much more valuable.

And please don't talk about the production quality of the Dean Collins video's. don't get me wrong, they are like an audiovisual bible to me but what may have looked like an okay corporate video in the eighties, looks pretty horrible these days.

Too be honest, I think the DVD's should be more expensive. For that price I would even buy a set of empty DVD's from a man that gave my photography a huge boost.

I'm really looking forward to enjoy a Strobist DVD marathon and I hope it sells like crazy.
The Good Reverend Ogalthorpe [deleted] 10 years ago
Yeah... I couldn't believe the price when he told me. I got a sneaky preview a while back of one of the instructional vids. At the time David said he was pricing them at $159. I recommended he bump that to $199 based the value of the material AND still trying to keep it cheap.

So... how much were those Joey Lawrence vids?? $300?

Now tell me $139 isn't an excellent value for what you get. The admission price to the seminar was $159 so you basically get a $20 discount and 8 extra DVDs for free.

I really want to say quitchyerqwhining. But I'm above such things.
ShadiEideh Posted 10 years ago. Edited by ShadiEideh (member) 10 years ago
i don't understand the argument of the people who say that they expect better production aesthetics for $139 !

I've been reading the blog for over a year, to me, and many others, the knowledge gained there is much more valuable that a lousy $139 , heck I'd pay it if David decides to make his blog paid, or just called for donations, let alone getting 8 DVD that i know is going to be my photographic reference material for a long, long, time.

I've learnt to appreciate educators and mentors, and never put a limit on the amount of appreciation i can give back. that always worked for me. i will continue to do so.

Finally, I don't care also if he makes millions off advertising.

Actually, David, you should consider producing some specialized seminars on DVD; Strobist Lighting Seminar for Fashion Photogs, Strobist Fashion Seminar for Advertising Photogs, ...etc you get the point.

Bill Millios 10 years ago
OddPrime Only seeing the images at the end of the segment makes me have to stop and think oh wait go back where did that image come from, which click was that? How did that effect the image? which one did he put the snoot on, which image did he back the flash up? which one was it that he reduced the power. It would of made more sense to me to interlace those images into the video.

That's how the bonus shoots are edited. Interlaced video, stills, audio, lighting diagrams. The seminar we left "as it went" - so you would get a similar experience to attending the actual seminar.
mortonphotographic Posted 10 years ago. Edited by mortonphotographic (member) 10 years ago
I would say $139 is a bargain... There are a lot of costs involved, people tend to forget that.

I would also much rather have content with decent quality than a glossy high-production value video that babbles of nothing. Besides, the more money spent to make the DVDs, the more they would cost. It seems to me that stuff like this goes for $300 plus.

The point of this DVD is the content. Based on what I have learned so far I will say it again: $139 is a bargain.

And please don't whine about DH making money. He and his family deserve every penny and more. Besides, it doesn't come out of your pocket. To all the whiners, tell me, what do you do for free?
rpsip Posted 10 years ago. Edited by rpsip (member) 10 years ago
I agree with Bert. $139 is a ridiculously low price.

Imagine what you'd spend for similar knowledge at a community college or other place. What you're getting is the ability to watch a pro as he makes many adjustments to get the shot he wants. I've attended one of DH's live weekend seminars and that was definitely worth doing even though much of the content is repeated from his blog.

According to today's strobist blog entry, the DVDs duplicate much of the seminar and then add some "on-location" shooting. Whether at the live seminar or on DVD -- the real value is learning by watching what he is doing. Contrary to @OddPrime's comment (above), I don't think the value is in seeing how each adjustment (strobe position, umbrella position, strobe power, etc.) altered the image -- those are things most of us already know or can learn ourselves through simple experimentation.

The knowledge DH has shared has improved my lighting tremendously. (Don't check my photostream -- I only upload photos that I use in discussion threads.)

It doesn't matter how much DH earns from advertisements or other channels -- would you pay a professional photographer less to share his knowledge just because he earns 6 figures (or more) from his photography?? Why should earning money some other way be less respectable?
Panascape PRO 10 years ago
Is it worth $139, well all I can say is that just the youtube preview already gave me an idea that will more than cover the $139 in what it will save me on my next shoot.
Mike Lichtenwalner 10 years ago
Why not knock off a few bucks for us broke strobists and offer up a download version?
jasosmith 10 years ago
I have been monitoring the time in Baltimore (from Sydney Australia) so as to catch these as they went on sale. Got up at 3am to check the Strobist site and have placed an order with MPEX. I have been reading Strobist since the beginning (I even had to duck into a few Internet cafes on my honeymoon in Italy last year) and cant wait to get my hands on it.

Cmon Moishe - process that order buddy!!
Andy Brooks 10 years ago
having been to a seminar (London last year), I had no hesitation in stumping up for a set - the info in the seminar alone has got to be worth its weight in gold - and if it is presented in the same style as the seminar then it will be a very easy process to watch and learn (with the added highlight of being able to re-wind and go over bits you didnt quite catch).

(the only hesitation I actually had was whether I could afford a set with the impending loss of job and possible change in career - but I see it as an investment - strobist (the blog) has improved my photography and thinking so much)
RenMireles 10 years ago
Awesome. Thanks Dave for putting this together.

Just purchased one woohoo.
skyviewtim 10 years ago
Happy to hear of your project, and even happier to order!

The information on your site has provided inspiration beyond what you could imagine, as well as educating me on the use of flash... all for free. I am more than happy to support your work (and site) through the purchase of the DVDs, let alone the value of the DVDs for my education which will be a bonus to the support! Thank you very much for your site, continued updates, and now the DVDs (even though Ive yet to see them).
Ndever 10 years ago
I have no problems paying 139 for this. Its worth more than twice if the info is anything luke this site...and I have no doubt it will be. To all those who think its too much, dont buy it and keep your opinions to youself. No need to contact the author through a message board post to kick him in the pills as a thank you for his hard work.
sunkist4444 10 years ago
Come on... stop all the Bickering . If you don't like the price go to the Library it's free, i'm sure they other dvd's on photography. Heck ,ask the librarian to order the DVD set. Most likely they will and you can watch it for free.
prophotolife [deleted] 10 years ago
This is great news! I think it's smart that a number of episodes are bundled together as a comprehensive collection, I'll be sure to let my readers know. Hopefully mpex won't be cleared out...hmmm, I can hear the scrambling in Columbus from here....
Roger Overall 10 years ago
This is tremendous news - and tremendous value for money. I paid £100 (sterling) plus flights to London to attend one of David's seminars. It changed my life. And I'd happily do it again, and again. I'd fly to the US to attend one of David's seminars.

$139 plus shipping is a good deal for so much "David", believe me.

Just think of it this way: how much do you spend on photographic magazines and books annually? Most likely more than $139. How about photo gear?

These DVDs will give you more than any book or magazine, and they'll teach you how to get the most out of your expensive investment.

Thanks David - I can't wait to see if I can get the DVDs to run on my PC here in Ireland.

Any you only got 1,000 copies done? They'll be gone in the blink of an eye.
David Byrne 10 years ago
Just ordered mine. Can't wait to get it. Thanks David I would have paid the money twice over just to read your blog over the last year or two. I was hoping to attend your seminar in Paris but the dates didn't suit. And now I get to attend the seminar and go out on shoots with you for such a low price! No paying for flights and accommodation... What a bargain... I think you will be running off another batch pretty soon, the 1000 copies will not last long.

Thanks again David you're a star.
It's just Mark PRO 10 years ago
139 dollars is a fair price, I think Mr. Hobby and the others involved carefully considered the value of the product,and the price reflects the maximum/minimum price to sell as many as possible. It's better to make a little each time and sell in volume. A little multiplied by a lot equals a lot. Any "first year" business student knows this...
mike_London [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by mike_London (member) 10 years ago
NTSC!?!?!?!?! ****! Dont you realise that us poor UK folks can only do PAL, DH!?!

Ohhh, the humanity.... I hope you all enjoy your strobist octology while my lighting tuition continues to get served up exclusively by web servers!

*EDIT* - looks like the PS3 (my player of choice) can handle some Region 0 NTSC discs.
{Thank you for your Order} (((GRIN)))
It's just Mark PRO 10 years ago
@ mike_London......don't despair! There's probably a factory in China cranking out bootleg copies as I type this!
brianr_001 10 years ago
mike, would you be able to play it in a computer?
ericr2zz 10 years ago
Very happy to support you and all the free advice, time, and effort you've put into Strobist! THANK YOU... -Eric R. Mercer Island, WA
I've ordered 800 and will be selling them on ebay for $400 each. Kerching!

Quit whining, its cheaper than the London seminar and you can rewind and replay the important bits you would have missed in the real seminar.

Plus you don't have to see the man's knees in closup or humiliate yourself when your new mobile goes off and you just sit there looking round and tutting like everyone else because you don't recognise the ringtone.

Kurt Sowers 10 years ago
I placed my order. In and of itself, the DVD set is a tremendous value and a small price to pay considering all that David has done for me (us all). David, congratulations on the DVD set. It sounds even better than I had hoped. I'm sure you'll be burning the 2nd addition soon. I've always been envious of those who attended one of your seminars. Since you'll not likely get to my neck of the woods anytime soon, this is just what I've been waiting for.

And a sincere thank you for all that you've given to me and the community. Because of your blog I have gone from a "frustrated with lighting" amateur to a semi-pro earning money from photogrpahy. I wish you much success in all you do!!
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